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    Terry Deitz

    Echo, I hope you are right! I think you made some really good points but I have watched movie endings that did not go the way I expertly thought they should!! lol I know I will be on the edge of my seat come 8:00 tonight!! Get the popcorn popped and the phone turned off and sit back and enjoy tonight everyone!
  2. dawnelle

    Terry Deitz

    It was Aras that told told them to call 911 about Terry's whining. I definatly think Terry needs an attitude adjustment as he is a SORE LOSER!!! I hope Cirie wins the whole thing and if she can't, then I hope its Aras. I would hate to think I had wasted months watching the show just to see one of 2 snots win the money as in Terry or Danielle!!!
  3. dawnelle

    Terry vs Cerie in the final two?

    I hope that Cirie WINS!!!! I am a little concerned about her making it to the next level but my tivo showed that Cirie's fire was higher than Danielle's on the last shot Thursday. I think Cirie would get the votes needed if she gets to the final 2 as people on the island have to see what a hotheaded arrogant man Terry is and that he has just been hiding it to win!
  4. dawnelle

    Cirie Fields

    I hope Cirie gets to go on to the final 3! I used my tivo and it looks to me that Cirie's fire was higher up than Danelle"s. I want to Cirie to win as she stands for all of us at home that are couch potatos!!! She is a wonderful person it seems. I hope Terry is the next to go after Danelle as I can't stand him or Danelle!!