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  1. What are warning points? I looked through posts, but I don't know what it means.
  2. Peterican

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    I love this picture!! They do kind of look this way, though, lol.
  3. Peterican

    Aaryn - Week 2 (HoH)

    That is such and UGLY way to spell her name too. "Aaryn"??? Really. It's spelled like my name (Aaron), except.. Wrong. It's just another thing that really irks me about her.
  4. Peterican

    HOH Cheating - Week 2

    LOL. Yeah. BB USA seems so underhanded. After watching BB Canada, I knew it would be hard to watch USA again. I haven't liked the past few seasons, but they really took the cake with this cast. Almost no diversity, and this whole bigotry thing, I don't know. Then again, the last really good season of BB USA to me was Season 3; I've managed to watch all seasons with the exception of the winter one. I'll give this season a few more episodes before I bail.
  5. Peterican

    Season 2 confirmed

    Cool. The 1st season of BB Canada was better than any of the US seasons of the last 10 years IMO. I wish BB USA would pick a more diverse cast. This season is SO Boring already!!
  6. Peterican

    Kelly And Christy

    yeah. cougars have to be a bit older than the males to be considered cougars. these ladies aren't even old enough. they look kinda old in that picture, but in the video, appear to be much younger.
  7. Peterican

    Anthony And Stephanie

    i don't remember thsese two from cbs. saw all the other vids...
  8. Peterican

    Marisa And Brooke

    i actually like them too. they seemed to have the most personality out of the bunch from the videos i watched. they seemed pretty funny. who's "team cougar"??
  9. Peterican

    Kelly And Christy

    wow. they seemed okay to me. you guys are kind of brutal...
  10. Peterican

    Amazing Race 13

  11. Peterican

    Mike "Boogie"

    we, all do what - we - can.
  12. Peterican

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    ooohh, sounds yummy. lol
  13. Peterican

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    nobody from bb4 or bb5 should come back. except for maybe alison. i'd be happy if they just brought back the whole cast from bb3. that was by far the best season.