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  1. Camper

    This is how it looks to me.....

    I remember the magic of season one when the concept was so new (live feeds on the computer, wow!) and we "expected the unexpected" (airplane banners, wow!) and fun with friends in all the chat rooms. I played that game for many years and loved it, eventually quitting the live feeds but continuing to watch the show, and now this year, finally, none of the above. Been there done that. Has it really been that long ago?... Veteran to Veteran ... What a good time that was! Salute my friend!
  2. I watched the last BB/AU several years ago and bow to greatness, for that moment of time, that the US version will never be...
  3. Mike - After watching your manner and comments after your boot, you leave the game in perfect style, a class act. My hat off to you.
  4. Camper

    General Questions (Part 2)

    "I was the first in the history of Big Brother to get a warning for a bad finger lick" That could turn into bragging rights there...
  5. Camper

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    It was a good bottle of wine! LOL!
  6. Camper

    General Chit-Chat / Questions / Venting

    I wish I could have my youth back too, but those days are gone... So, adjust to the conditions... My adjustments exclude the live feeds anymore that would engulf my entire summer with the fun of "playing" the game in so many ways. I miss my family of friends that developed in the chats, in certain rooms, over the years. I miss the house of hampsters that didn`t know what to expect or how to really play the game. They just learned as they went and never even considered forming an alliance until later, not the first ten seconds they were in the door... I miss not expecting the unexpected when airplane banners would fly over the house with encrypted messages... I miss when the entire house would practice together all week to win a challange for live tv at the end of the week, to benefit them all... I miss the simple days when we didn`t have twists, pov`s, pandora boxes or returning past players... I miss the days that I would run to my computer to turn on the live feeds to watch, chat with friends, and engross myself in a house that I was completely vested in... But those were the good old days like the days of my youth that will never return. When our ship eventually sails out to our final golden sunset, the precious cargo we carry will be our memories. One of my favorites will be of Big Brother long ago, the good old days...
  7. Camper

    Aussie BB

    2012 Big Brother house blueprint: http://anony.ws/i/2012/07/13/nAfZE.jpg
  8. Camper

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    My impression for some time now has been WAY DOWN and VERY NEGATIVE.
  9. My interest in this type of game is totally dependent on a 24/7 live feed option to "play" the game and not just watch it hit or miss. My L/F interaction here is limited to one hour Monday (work schedule) and none of the other three DAYS (work schedule). What is the demographic targert for their live feeds? Certainly not the work force. Soap boxers?... No, it is not intended to be BB and it is a stand-alone. It is just not the type of game I want to invest my time in because I cannot "play" it on my schedule.
  10. Camper

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    Blackberry phones use to own the land. What ever happened to RIM? Oh, they didn`t move forward and rested on their paycheck...
  11. BB1 comes to mind with "Race to Paris"... "Dominoes"... "Jump Rope"... All of these forced the hampsters to work together to win a challenge that took time, team effort and execution to win. It gave LF viewers something to watch and root for along the way. We sat on the edge of our seats when the time came for the live TV test. They practiced jump rope all week to get it right and then on TV they were so close to winning, when Chicken George missed. Anticipation build-up we all felt because we watched them all week work for it... Race to Paris was a tag team event that they gave effort 24/7 to win and we watched the team effort all the way, day and night... Dominoes was nerve racking to watch as they built the pieces together... But that was the good ol days when "alliance" was not even considered in the first two minutes upon entering the house, and airplane banners flew across the sky... The good `ol days...
  12. Camper

    BB 14 excitement level, 1-10

    But use to happen last month? Must be a global warming thing...
  13. Looks like lots of time spent on visual design. That works well for TV but has little interest for the LF viewer. I am more interested in new places where hampsters have something to do. Looks like the chicken coup is back? Chicken George will be proud. BB/AU had small farm animals they had to take care of and bond with. That was cool...
  14. I started with BB1 so when I stumbled on this show as it started I was curious to watch. I must say it was very forgettable. It did not leave an impression that would give me something to think about, or ever want to remember for a week.
  15. Camper

    Aussie BB

    Thank you Brekkie Boy! They know how to do BB right. The entertainment starts right from the promo get-go. I am looking forward to this! Their down time from this show could make this restart very special.