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  1. Hi All, I'm now sufficiently decompressed from the last season of BB and ready to start OTT. I have CBS all access but im confused how to watch OTT from the beginning. Is there only 6 episodes total so far? Do I just scroll to the bottom of the list at http://www.cbs.com/shows/big-brother-over-the-top/video/ and start watching these videos in order? I just want to make sure im getting the right experience Can someone direct me to the correct order? svirf
  2. http://www.prowrestling.net/artman/publish/WWE/article10019004.shtml I look at this as totally awsome news. Lets get some interesting storys going in the house.
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    As someone with truely diagnosed OCD, not just someone who says "oh im OCD" I'm actually very intrigued to watch her over the feeds. OCD is a very lonlely and shameful feeling condition and I think it will be really neat to see someone and how she handles the condition and the anxiety in the presence of other people. The way OCD works is is people get a completely irrational thought which is *incredibly* axiety provoking (This is the obession), and then to release the anxiety the person performs some irrational ritual (the compulsion).. So for example.. Her brain may flash this crazy irrational thought like "Oh my god everyone I know is going to sick and maybe die" which is a false belief and completely irrational but to the OCD brain is VERY real.. To relieve the anxiety she has to line up items in the fridge just so and maybe check all the appliances several times (again totally irrational). It's horribly embarasing and shameful to the person doing who has it, and often they try to hide the rituals from people so it should be REALLY interesting so see how she does it with people in the how and a million people watching, or if she can control it. The other thing is that people with OCD are not stupid, in fact often just the oposite. They are type A personalities often very well educated which makes the condition that much more frustrating. The people realize what they are doing makes no sense and they want to stop, they just can't over come the anxiety. Anxiety so bad it can keep you awake all night, or make you feel like your heart is going to explode.. Hmm I didnt mean to write this much. Anyways, Im rooting for her :> and cant wait to watch! svirf, the deep gnome. #87 / 3,000,000 in the world in SETI @ HOME
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    The Best Final 2

    Oh come on.. dick and dani? puhlease. Will and nicole ANYDAY. svirf
  5. svirfnebli

    Friday, April 25th

    Can someone explain the circumstances and story behind it? i've been reading about it all season and i missed the day they talked about it... it's driving me nuts! svirf
  6. svirfnebli

    If You Had To Pick

    Ryan is my pick this season of the remaining. I didnt want to like parker but I did. All time fav, is without a doubt Dr. Will.. I mean come on! He's half man - Half amazing!
  7. svirfnebli

    The Website Is Live!!

    I would guess once the houseguests are actually in the house they will release the site .. Maybe a day or two before.. I think they are in for 5 days before the first show
  8. svirfnebli

    The Twist For Bb9

    I would like to see a plain old veto again, not the gold one. I also think they should stop the veto competitions at Final 4. It gives WAY to much power to the veto holder, and strips it from the HOH. The Goal of the Veto is to save yourself or someone. At Final four its used to Evict someone. I too would like strangers with no links.
  9. svirfnebli

    If Eric Leaves...

    Im in a tailspin from reading the live updates.. Who the heck is going home at this point? I'm hoping not eric. :<
  10. First off: this is NOT a flame post :> Since Season 5 (I believe) I have been coming to this forum for great discussion during BB.. In fact the link in my favorites still says "Big Brother 6 Daily Coverage" but I know i've been coming here longer than that. I find that alot of my opinions of what goes on in the house has been jaded by this forum (Thats not a bad thing) This season i've been purposely avoiding it until now to see how my opinion of the show has matched up here. Its interesting to see what people are thinking. So far: 1) I started off HATING Jen, now I cant get enough. I love the way she stands up for her self, and I think there is more there than she is letting on. That girl is CRAZY strong, and I would not be surprised to she her win the game. There is almost an element of Doctor Will's "Put me up, it's ok if I go home" attitude. 2) I didnt give a rat's ass about eric, or this "america's player twist" at the begining but its really grown on me now. Though america picked poorly with 'I'd do that for a dollar'. 3) I started off wanting Mike or Dick to win, now I want nothing more than for Dick to leave. 4) Loved Danielle at the beginning, thought she'd be a good player. Though she figured out the eric thing (with help) I dont think shes cut out for this game. All this being said, I have a new kid and dont have the luxury of watching the live feeds so I'm only being fed the show. I'm loving this season, so far its my third fav season behind 2,7, and 3. Thanks for listening :> Svirf
  11. So far, after watching 7 big brothers in a row I'm ready to make an early prediction.. Mike will be the winner of BB8. I say this based on these basic ideas: 1) He's got zero baggage in the house (Emotional). 2) He's calm and level headed. 3) You can tell he's thinking about the game, and planning moves ahead. 4) He's currently sitting back and trying not to get noticed. Very smart for this stage of the game. 5) He doesnt have an abrasive personalility like some other houseguests. So I hereby predict him as the winner :> Svirf.
  12. svirfnebli

    BB Air In HD Or Not?

    This post is officially a rant. You know, I really hope CBS gets it act together and starts offering peoples favorite reality shows in HD. Survivor, TAR, and BB are all broadcast all in standard definition. They are the ONLY major network primetime shows that are not in hi-def .. All other broadcasts on CBS, NBC, ABC, and FOX between 8-10pm are all in HD now - just not these three shows. Why CBS, WHY?!? There is no good reason for that IMO. Cmon, CBS - Get your act together and let us see BB in HD! svirf
  13. While I did like kaysar alot, and his mistake of letting go of the button (which he had to make un-informed) was big .. I still think the biggest mistake of all was Hardy trusting Dr. Will even after everything that he did. That trust cost him $500000. Hardy would have won over Nicole. Kaysar, likely would not have won big brother anyways. svirf
  14. svirfnebli

    Big Brother 8

    we're only 60 some odd days till BB. We all know that to us the BB season is upon is .. From here on out we're all pretty much checking mortys all the time, and dreaming of BB.. Please, give us something on the Mortys main page; updates, rumors, link, ANYTHING! I need more BB content badly, and mortys is the ONLY place to come for that. Give us something to drool over! Last update was Jan 18th almost 5 months ago :> svirf