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  1. TK809

    Chat Room Q & A

    Having the same problem singing into to the chat room to!!
  2. TK809


    i like her so fur hope she do well i guess we will find out ones the game start.......
  3. TK809


  4. TK809

    I Love Money

    why no new on I love money 4 it on
  5. TK809

    Nat and Kat

    i like this team hope they go all the way i also like the other gril team two hope they both me it to the end
  6. TK809

    NaOnka Mixon

    i like her lol
  7. TK809

    Monet -Week 1

    i like her she one of my fav so far
  8. TK809

    Big Brother Countdown

    Happy BB Day!!
  9. happy bb day!!

  10. TK809

    Monet Stunson - Preseason

    i like her hope she do well
  11. lOVE Mya!!!! she should have WON!!!!! i dont care what ppl say she should have won thats all i have to say just like my others girls should have won this is fk up
  12. TK809

    Chima - BB 11

    Still like her go Chima
  13. TK809

    * Braden * - BB 11

    When they first announces the hgs and i seen his interview i had post in here that he was going to get BD wow was i right lol i feel sorry for the guy he seem cool and i kind of likeing him know bast on to nite show he was funny as hell LOL i thought him and russ would be in and alli to boy was i worng there lol i also said in russ thread that he was going to get BD tooo so hope that come true i'll be 2-0 but for now i'm 1-0 lol
  14. TK809

    Chima - BB 11

    wow i still like her am glad she told the her story and it was not to play the victim roll i hope she stays
  15. TK809

    Pov Discussion

    i hope Chima wins pov and someone other then Lyida gose home