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  1. Thanks for the updates !!! Hopefully , someone will at least post the shows for us.
  2. The twists always flops!!!!! Nothing new there! lol However , two more weeks just means more time to see whatever they have planned .... flop!!! LOL I am looking forward , however , to two more weeks of BB... I am an BB addidict .... I confess!!! lolol
  3. Rylan was the best overall winner going in & comiing out!!!!
  4. Thank You sooo much for the BB UK links!! I am here soo much more often than is known!!! Love, Love., Love

  5. cajunpug

    9/16 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1:00PM BBT - 3:00PM BBT 1:03- Dani & Dan are in the KT @ the table. Dani is really being hateful towards Ian. She wants to go off on him again to his face but is doing a good job going off behind his back! Ian is outside on the hammock. 1:07-Dan tells Dani that he has never seen this side of her & it is kinda scary. Dani says that if Ian says anything to her , she is going to snap his neck. Dan clarifies that she wont really snap his neck. Dani replies that she wont touch him but she will go off on him. Feeds go to FoTH & come back to Ian swinging in the hammock. He is mumbling to himself but cant make out what he is saying. 1:20- Feeds have been on Ian outside in the hammock for about 15 minutes. He has mumbled something about a final 2 deal , waved @ planes as they pass over the house. 1:27- Dan is outside folding laundry & plans to get into the pool when he is done. Ian plans to get in the pool soon too. Dani is ? 1:42- Dan went in to put his laundry up & went to lay down on the couch in the LR about 10 min. ago. Ian is still outside in the hammock. Lots of mumbling from both. Still no Dani. 1:50- Ian seems to be going over jury votes. He also brings up the name of the last endurance comp. Maybe going over final 2 speech? Dan is laying on the couch in the LR. He has not said too much. He is just laying there . 1:53- Ian goes into the KT to get something to drink. Dan & Ian figure out that they have 3 more nights in the BB house & then they are done & out. They dont know where Dani is . Ian checks the HNR & confirms that she is not in there. 2:00-Ian is back in the hammock. He keeps saying that he is a good person & says over & over " interesting,interesting,interesting....I trust you....I trust you". 2:05-Ian'Family, family, family....You shall stab me in the front". He makes some high pitch sounds & goes back to swinging in the hammock mumbling to himself. Dan is still in the LR & they both assume Dani is in the DR. 2:11 Ian in the hammock "Dan, Dan...my mentor in this game" He then says that he isnt dealing w this & repeats "Mentor, mentor". Ian then tells the camera in the center of the BY " No love, No love". Dan comes out & they both decide its pool time. 2:15- Ian feels bad for Dani but says it was a very fair comp & she had a chance. He wishes that 3rd place got something & compares Dani's actions to season 10's Keesha when she knew Dan & Memphis would go to the final 2 together.Dan agrees. 2:23-Dani is out of the DR & in the KT. She looks out the window & see's Dan & Ian in the pool together & then tells the camera's to stop. ( The camera's are following her around & making lots of noises as they do) 2:30- Dani has put her swim suit on & is headed out to the back yard. She seems more calm since coming out of the DR. Outside in the pool, Dan & Ian talk about how boring the final 3 is , nobody in the house, & @ least they are not on LD. Ian feels if he didnt win the comp last night , the house wouldnt be like it is now...tense. 2:35- Ian & Dan are wondering what the jury house is doing. What JoJo & Boogie are doing, & Ian looks forward to seeing Willie in Vegas. Dani is saying nothing, She did repond to Ian when she first came out ... she actually said "Hi". (LOL) 2:46-Dan & Ian are going over the different comps this season. Dan asks Ian which costumhe tought was worse. Ian says the carrot costume was aweful but went to the right person. Earlier, they were laughing @ Frank benching himself for 2wks w no friends in the house. 2:56-Dani is tanning & not talking to anyone. Dan & Ian are talking about all the former HGs. Ian says when he saw Frank he didnt know if he wanted to be in an alliance w him or get him out. He laughs & says " How funny is it that I did both"!
  6. cajunpug

    9/15 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1:00PM BBT - 3:00PM BBT 1:01-Dan is cleaning the kitchen & throwing away food that the ants have gotten into. Ian is sitting @ the table while Dani cleans it off. Dani changes the trash & finds a whole in the wall that the ants are coming in through. 1:15- Dan is standing on the counters in the KT cleaning the top shelves. Dani is doing dishes & Ian is taking a shower. Lots of cleaning from Dan & Dani. Dan is leading the charge to try & get the ant problem under control. 1:31- Dan & Dani are still cleaning the KT & finding out that the ants are coming through the walls. They are going through everything & moving apppliances to try & get the ants under control 1:35-Dani seems really irratated that Ian hasent helped clean the KT or anywhere else.Dan has not said much. Ian has just got out of the shower. 1:45-Ian's clothes & towels are in the LR. Dan has to ask him to get them & put them in one of the bedrooms. 1:54-Dan & Dani are playing cards @ the KT table. Ian joins them & Dan notices his new shirt from his HOH basket. Dan likes it & would wear it himself. 2:15-Dan & Dani are playing rummy @ the KT table. Ian is @ the table watching them. 2:23-Dan & Dani start another game of rummy. Dani wants Dan to hurry & deal the cards so she can put her make up on before their IN&OUT meal comes. Ian is randomly talking about friends from home. 2:31-No talking @ all. Dan & Dani playing cards & Ian is rocking in a chair watching them. 2:42- Dani is putting on her make up. Dan & Ian are going to play chess. Dan gets very excited when he is let into the SR. They have got their IN & OUT Burgers & games. 2:45- Dan is very excited over his burgers & keeps yelling for Dani to forget her face & come & eat. Dani has to take the lettuce off her burger & it is driving Dan crazy. He wont let anyone eat until they all take the first bite together. Ian & Dani have never had an IN & OUT Burger. 2:55- Dani cant finish all of her food & goes & gets the games from the SR. They got connect 4, Jenga, & Backgammon. She then goes to fix her make up . BB send s them the instructions for backgammon & Ian & Dan are excited to play. Dan says this is the best day in the house ever & Ian & Dan both promise to be good from now on , even when BB tells them to.
  7. cajunpug

    9/14 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1:00PM BBT-2:00PM BBT 1:04- Dani is in the SBR w her BBbag packing random things. Sh e decides to quit packin & goes back to bed. She is reading letters from home. Dan is out of DR. Ian is in the WA. 1:10-Dan is reading his HOH letter from his wife out loud to Dani. Dani then starts reading her HOH letters out loud. Ian comes in & Dan tells him they are reading their HOH letters for the live feed viewers. Ian says that sounds fun & he is going to join them for a nap. 1:21- All remaining three HGs are in the SBR taking naps. Dani & Ian keep tossing around a little, while Dan seems to be sleeping soundly. 1:45-Dan is in the AR. He is going over jury votes & who would vote for him & how he will convince others to vote for him. He gives credit to Joe for being the only one to know what he was doing after the funeral. 1:53- In the AR, Dan knows he cant convice Ian to throw the 2ND part of HOH to Dani, but thinks Dani might be able to get him to throw it to her. Ian & Dani are asleep in the SBR. 1:58-Dan says that he needs to just get this game over with. He has come to far to not end up in the final 2 & Win. Dan sends out his e-mail for those that want to send hate mail. He apoligizes to his wife & family if he hurt their feelings. He says that he had to play a ruthless game this time & please dont send out threats to his wife.
  8. cajunpug

    9/9 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:00AM BBT-2:00PM BBT 11:03-Ian is swinging in the swing, Shane is sitting in the WA, Dani is talking to Dan as he puts his contacts in.He is giving her a hard time about which one is left or right. Jenn is in the KT making a protien shake. 11:14-Jenn & Dan meet up in the LR & Jenn tells Dan she hopes he didnt throw her under the bus. Dan assures her that he has never done that. Jenn then says that if they are all ganging up on her to get her out that it would suck but good luck. 11:34-Feeds went to Trivia about 10 minutes ago. 11:44-Feeds have been on Trivia for 20 minutes now. 11:46- Feeds are back. Dani & Jenn are in the WA putting on make up. Shane & Dan are getting dressed. Seems like they are waiting on BB to announce something.(possibly the surprise that shane won in yesturday's Veto comp.?) 11:53- Dani & Jenn are in the WA speculating on what the big surprise is. Jenn says she is excited for Dani, so it seems Dani will be part of whatever is going to happen. 11:56- Dan is ironing in the SR. Jenn is helping Dani pick out an outfit. Dani seems really nervous. She is wearing a pretty summer dress w wedges. Dani thanks her for helping her get dressed. Jenn says she knows how to dress the ladies. 12:03-Shane is apart of whatever is going on. They have no idea of what is going on . May have something to do w the prize he won in the Veto comp yesturday. 12:05-They will be leaving the house & possibly staying overnite. Its def. Shane & Dani going. They have 10 minutes before they find out whats happening. 12:13- It is def. Shane & Dani who are leaving the house. Dani is in panic mode trying to get her hair done. Dan wants them to check out gas prices & remember the songs they get to hear. 12:18- BB has given them 30 minutes before they find out whats going on. BB told them its a once in a lifetime opprotunity. 12:34- Dan wants to know if this is Shane & Dani's first date. He keeps teasing Dani & making her more nervous. Shane says that while they are gone, Dan & Ian can get drunk on 2 beers each. Jenn says she will make fun of them to their faces. Dan keeps teasing Dani. 12:40-Ian has been outside swinging in the hammock since the feeds came back on.Dan is non stop teasing Dani. He is having a really good time w it. Night w the Stars is the only clue BB gave them about what is going on. 12:43- Only a few minutes left until they find out what A Night w the Stars mean. 12:48- Dani & Shane are in the WA putting final touches on. Jenn , Dan & Ian are waiting in the LR for BB to announce whats happening. 12:51-All HGs are in the LR waiting on BB to announce what is happening & where Shane & Dani are going. Lots of laughing & joking about Ian's antic's on last Thursday;s show. 12:58-Feeds have gone to FoTH. 1:00- Feeds are back.No Dani & Shane. 1:02- Ian, Dan, & Shane have gone out to the pool area. Just general chit chat. They dont seem to know where Dani & Shane have gone. 1:22- Talk by the pool is about the double evictions & the comp that went w them. 1:27- Ian asks Jenn what her favorite meal by Joe was. She says his salmon w dion mustard. They all liked his turkey burgers. 1:38- Jenn is tanning by the pool, Dan is in the pool, Ian is swinging in the hammock. Talk, at the moment, is of different riots & protests. 1:50- Talk in the BY has been about the death of Bin Ladden & seeing it on You Tube, sports teams, & movies. 1:55-Jenn says she is trying to get her mind set around going home soon , if she leaves w the next eviction or not , they dont have but a week & half left. Today is day 65.
  9. cajunpug

    9/8 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    1:00PM BBT - 3:00PM BBT 1:03-Ian is in HOH listening to his cd. All other HGs are asleep. 1:23-Ian is still in HOH listening to his cd. All other HGs are still asleep. 1:33-Shane has got up & gone to the WC & then to the WA to wash his hands & is now taking a shower. Ian is still in HOH listening to his cd & all other HGs are still asleep. 1:45- Ian was called to DR & the feeds went to Trivia. Shane was still in the shower & the other HGs were all still asleep. 1:55-Feeds still on Trivia. POV comp happening? Maybe... 2:15-Feeds on Trivia for 30 minutes. 2:40-Feeds on Trivia for one hour. Safe to say that the POV comp. is happennig. Who do you think is going to win?(I hope Jenn, just for the scramble of the other HGs) 2:58- POV comp is still going on. Feeds have been on Trivia for 1hour & 20 minutes. Should not be too much longer before we all know who won. Keep your fingers crossed for your favorite HG left.
  10. cajunpug

    9/5 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    12:00PM BBT-2:00PM BBT 12:02-Frank & jenn are the only HGs up. They are sitting on the couches outside talking about what a throw away society we all live in. It has been rainy today & they want to work out when the BY dries us some. 12:15-Dan & Dani have gotten up & started moving around. Dani goes outside & tells Frank & Jenn good morning & then goes to the WA where Dan tells her good morning. 12:20-Dan & Dani in the WA. Dan tells her that last night, he told Jenn he was 50/50 on keeping Frank.They wonder if she has told him. The start talking about how they think BB has edited them on the show. 12:41- Frank is in the WA talking to Dani while she puts make-up on. Outside on the couches, Jenn & dan are talking about Joe wanting to talk to Dan about his vote. Jenn does not think Dani will vote for Frank & does not think she really likes Frank. She tells Dan if Joe stays , they are both in trouble. 12:56- All HGs are finally up & moving around. The HGs were told to get ready for a OLD soon. 1:03-Dan comes throught the KT where Dani is alone eating, & lets her know Jenn is trying to get votes for Frank. Jenn wants it to be Frank, Jenn, Dan ,& Dani at the final 4. 1:17-The HGs are on OLD. Joe, Shane, Ian, & Jenn are chatting on the couches. Frank has been working out. Dan & Dani are sitting by the pool. 1:37- OLD is over. Dan is inside in the KT washing dishes. Shane is @ the counter talking to him. Ian has gone to get Joe up. He was sleeping in the hammock. Frank is working out & Dani is laying out by the pool. Jenn cannot be seen on the feeds. 1:44- Dan & Joe are in the SBR. Joe says Shane is the one person that he tells everything to & they have been together since the beginning. He is promising Dan complete saftey & he wont go up if he wins HOH. 1:49- Joe knows he has Shane & Dani's vote & all he needs is one more. He knows that Jenn is going to vote for Frank. Joe thinks it will be a tie vote & if it comes back 3-1 he will know Dan voted for him. 1:55-Jenn is out by the pool talking to Dani about her vote. She is going over things that happened earlier in the game & why she feels like she does. She is trying to get Dani to be friends & trust Dan again. 1:57-Jenn does not want to lose Frank this week. Jenn tells her that this morning Frank said he wanted to get rid of Dan next. She is letting Jenn know that she does not trust Frank & he does not have her vote. 1:59- Jenn says if Frank does leave this week, then she needs a solid w Dani & Dan. Dani assures her they are a solid three.
  11. cajunpug

    9/4 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    7:00PM BBT - 9:00PM BBT 7:02-Frank is in the BY in the hammock, Dani is working out, Shane & Ian are in HOH. Shane cant wait to see the video of Britany seeing Frank arrive to the jury house & then relize that Ian sent him there. Ian thinks that Joe has played a better game than Jenn. 7:09-Ian is telling Shane about what Britany said about getting the quack pack back together. She told him to stick w Shane & Dani. They are talking about how Ian won the last HOH. They think if Joe or Jenn win the next HOH, they can dupe them into doing what they want. 7:24- Ian & Dan are going to play chess. Joe & Dani are working out. Frank is in the hammock. Frank says he doesnt have the energy to work out tonight. 7:36- Dan & Ian are playing chess. Ian doesnt like this years big chess set. Dan thinks it is probably easier for live feeders to see & watch. Frank is playin the bag toss, Joe is still walking laps around the BY, Dani is laying on a towel watching, Shane has just got out of the shower, & Jenn is sitting alone in the MBR. 7:48-Dan tells Ian that he is all for making fake final 2 deals w people as long as they are honest w each other. They move on to the different wall paper upstairs for the former seasons. They wonder what Boogie is doing. Dan thinks that Ian has had the best one liners this season. Shane & Jenn are sitting by the hottube outside watching Frank play the bag toss. Joe is still walking laps in the BY. 8:08-Dani & Frank are sitting @ the hot tube. He says he hates Mon-Wed in the house & its worse if your on the block. He tells Dani that she understands. Dani says "yeah, you put me up twice." She is a little snippy w him. 8:15- Ian is @ the stove cooking, Shane is chopping up veggies, Jenn is watching @ the bar. Dan dropped a mug behind the memory wall turning off Wil's picture. Wil's picture is black. 8:21-Dan was called into the DR about dropping the mug behind the memory wall. He cant talk about it but says that they can just put it on his tab. Joe laughs & says he is going to leave owe ing BB money. The HGs are sitting down to fried chicken, mashed potatoes, & veggies. Jenn goes outside & plays a game of bag toss & then works out while they eat. 8:41-The HGs get free live feeds for life after they have been on the show. Dan says that they will have a special icon or their picture will be in a different color so people will know its them. ( Bit of information I didnt know.) 8:54- Jenn is outside working out, Ian is swinging in the hammock, Joe, Frank, & Dani stting @ the table while Shane finishes eating. Dan is making cinnamon& sugar apples. When Shane came out of DR a few minutes ago, he told the other HGs that they would be on OLD in about 30 minutes so BB can fix the memory wall.
  12. cajunpug

    9/2 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    11:00AM BBT-1:00PM BBT 11:02-Ian is swinging in the hammoch, Dan is in the pool, Shane is sitting on the couches outside, & Dani is laying on the big chair in the WA. Noone is really saying much. 11:12-Dan & Dani are sitting outside on the couches talking about how the interviews go on the last night. Dan had a dream w people from the real world, former HGs, & people from his real life in the BY during the interviews. 11:24- Frank is walking laps across the BY, Jenn is doing laundry, Shane just got out of the shower, Joe, Dan & Dani are sitting on the couches outside. Dan is warning them to be careful if they go to Vegas after the show. Earlier, Dan & Dani were wondering how their actions in the house have effected their families. 11:26- BB announces " HGs , did u know that it takes approximatley 19 & 1/4 laps around the BY to equal a mile?" The HGs laugh & Frank , who is now running laps, says thank you. 11:42-Frank is still working out, Ian has moved from the hammoch to the HOH room. Joe, Dan, Dani, & Shane are sitting outside on the couches. Dani just told a story of a stage 5 stalker who found her through facebook. 12:00-Ian is back swinging in the hammoch, Frank still working out, Dan, Dani ,Joe, & Shane are sitting outside on the couches. Dani thinks there might be another double eviction this week . Dan doesnt se it happening. 12:10-Dan & Dani have been talking about college football for a while now. Dan says that several of the coaches for Alabama came from Michigan & he knows & worked w them. Joe is headed out to the pool & Jenn is still doing laundry. 12:25- Dani thinks she is going to have a hard time getting back to real life & not seeing the HGs everyday. Dan said in season 10, he did not even want to leave the BB house. It took him a while to get back to normal. 12:42-Frank is still working out, Ian is still in the hammoch, Joe is out by the pool, Dani is in the KT getting lunch, & Shane is sleeping on the couches outside. 12:55- Jenn & Joe are tanning by the pool, Ian is still swinging in the hammoch, Frank is in the KT getting a protien shake, Dan & Dani are getting ready to go to the pool. Frank stops Dan in the KT & asks what he has told Dani about using the Veto. Dan says he has told her he will probably use it to take Jenn down. 7
  13. cajunpug

    9/1 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    10:00AM BBT - 12:00PM BBT 10:03- Shane & Dan are asleep in the SBR, Ian is cuddled up to his teddy bear in HOH. Jenn & Frank are sitting @ the KT table talking about Dan's key coming out last. Ian has said that Joe will go up as a replacement nom. 10:07- Jenn is stressing about one of them winning the Veto & one of them coming down.They feel that they have the votes to save one of them as long as one comes down. Dani has been called to the DR. Jenn decides to go back to bed. Everyone sleeping except Dani , 10:16- Dani is in the WA putting on make-up before she goes to the DR. 10:33- Ian has been called to the DR. Dani is still putting make-up on in the WA & has not gone to DR yet. Everyone else still asleep. 10:40- Dani is making funny smiley faces in the mirror as she decides if she is done w her make- up. She even does it as she brushes her teeth. 10:43- Ian is out of DR. BB calls Frank into DR. Dani tells BB she is ready for her DR as she puts on more lip gloss & waits. 10:59- Frank is out of the DR & Ian is called back into the DR. Dani wants BB to hurry so she can do her DR & go back to bed. Frank tells her she cant go to bed w all her make-up on. 11:03- Ian is out of DR & BB calls Jenn, who was sleeping into DR. Dani tells BB they are just being mean. In the WA, Frank is talking w Dani about what the Vto comp. might be. Shane is hosting the comp. 11:08- BB has now called Dan into DR. Dani tells BB that she is so mad. Dani wants to staighten Franks hair. He says no, maybe someday. 11:12- Dan come through the WA to do ADLs before going to DR. Frank tells him he looks skinny. Dan says he has lost 25lbs while in the house. He is down to 140lbs. 11:16- Jenn is up & drinking coffee @ the KT table. Shane is up & talking w Frank & Dani in the WA about former season's comp's. Ian & Joe are asleep. 11:25 -Frank says he does not have to worry about Shane beating him in todays veto comp. They all laugh about Joe thinking he has every comp in the bag & then is usually the first one out. Frank says he doesnt think Joe made it around even once in the last HOH. 11:39- Dani has finally been called into DR. Shane, Dan, & Frank are chatting in the WA & Jenn is sitting alone in the MBR. She seems to be in deep thought. 11:43- Dan went back to bed. Frank & Shane think that the next couple of weeks could be fast forward weeks since they dont have much time left & still have too many people. 11:58- Joe is sleeping in the SBR, Ian is sleeping in HOH, Jenn is still sitting alone in the MBR thinking, Dan, Shane, Frank, & Dani are in the KT eating. Dan went to the HOH earlier to get the only box of cereal in the house. Ian had told the HGs yesterday, that they could have his box of Chex cereal when Jesse took all of the BAD food out of the house .
  14. cajunpug

    8/31 - Live Feeds / BB After Dark

    4:00PM BBT-6:00PM BBT 4:00- Frank & Dan are sitting outside on the couches talking about where they stand this week. Frank knows he is going up. Joe just got through doing his hula hoop punishment. Shane is asleep in the SBR. 4:06-Frank hopes the viewers like him. Dan asks" If they dont , will it affect your life negativly?". Frank says " No". They discuss the food that Jesse took & the food he replaced it with. They dont know what most of the food is & Ian can be heard off camera commenting on what some of it is. ( I cant pronounce it , so wont even try to spell it) 4:12-Seems the HGs were made to get up. Jenn is drying her hair in the WA. Ian & Jenn are in the KT. Ian moves outside & talks to Dan about what Veto comp might be. 4:22-I was wrong about the HGs being made to get up. Ian is swinging away on the hammock, Dan & Frank are outside on the couches eating jerky, Shane just got called to DR, Jenn drying hair, Jenn making slop, & Joe ia asleep. 4:31- Dan & Frank are outside on the couches. Dan thinks that if they could have kept Boogie in the game they would be in beast mode now. Frank says he should have told them about Ian. Dan thinks as long as Frank & him dont go against each other, he might have a good chance to stay. Dan gets called to the DR by BB. 4:36- Frank is outside talking to the cameras. He wants to know why he has to keep going on the block & how many lives he has left. He says the game has not been easy for him & he is soo tired of having to hustle every week for votes. Frank thinks most people in the house have not had to work as hard as him to stay in the house. He gets up & goes innside to the SR for more healthy snacks. 4:42-Shane is in the WA w Dani. He says he cant sleep in the same room as Joe Because of his siren that goes off for his hula hoop punishment. Frank comes in to take a shower & says Jesse missed their secret stach od M&Ms. Dani is listening in the WA while putting on her make-up. Jenn is in the KT cooking. 4:50- Ian has a pair of shorts he has never washed while in the house. He wears them for nomination ceremonies only. Shane says they are really dirty. 5:03- Ian was just called to DR & the feeds have gone to Trivia...Nominations maybe? 5:13-Feeds have been on Trivia for 10 minutes now. I think its Nomiantion time!! 5:32-Feeds still on Trivia. 5:56-We still have Trivia on the feeds. ( U would think ,by now, they could just get in there & do it .. right?)
  15. cajunpug

    Frank, Week 8 (Nominee) Evicted 9/6

    I like Frank. Hope somehow Dan & Frank stay just so feeds wont be so boring. Ian , Jenn, Joe , & Dani alone in the house is just so boring. Ohh, I forgot Shane. lol