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    Chris Richardson

    The judges seem to be pimping this kid, for reasons i don't really understand. He's barely better than the people they routinely destroy, and in Haley's case, absolutely refuse to say ANYTHING about, except for snarky comments on her wardrobe. I think they consider him "marketable, and want him to last a few more weeks, to increase his exposure. They're backing the wrong horse, imo. He's no Timberlake. Timberlake at least has a good voice, dances, and can entertain. Chris is more like Timberfake.
  2. Tarman12

    Sanjaya Malakar

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eG0KvsbVy4c Thought some of you might enjoy this, i haven't seen it linked yet. This is the extended studio version of Sanjaya singing "Besame Mucho." Even haters will have to admit that the kid sounds really good with the Protools working for him. Whether he even comes close to winning or not, he's sure to get a recording contract. If it's not with the E19 group, Marc Anthony, J-Los husband, is on record as saying he wants to produce his first album. There's also a record contract waiting for him in Seattle -, from what I read a few weeks ago. And, in what may turn out to be one of those happy coincidences that sometimes happens in life, apparently Sanjaya ran into Billy Ray Cyrus at the Idol set a few days ago {Billy Ray is on "Dancing With The Stars, which shares studio space with AI.} To make a long story short, Billy Ray invited him to guest star on "Hannah Montana", where he plays the father to his real-life daughter Miley Cyrus. Sanjaya said "write me in after the tour". If Disney ends up signing this kid, we can expect an album a year until he's about 25. Never underestimate the buying power of the Disney tweens, which seem to be a large part of his fanbase. If only one third of them end up buying his albums as bought the "High School Musical" soundtrack, he'll STILL top 1 million copies.
  3. Tarman12

    Sanjaya Malakar

    I understand the CLG {Crying Little Girl}. Sanjaya has that effect on people with ears. And VFTW didn't matter when they picked Sundance and Antonella and they got voted off the next week, so I have to assume they're no more powerful now they they ever were, which is not powerful at all. But Sanjaya , according to dialidol, has placed a consistent 3-4 since the beginning. so between the Stern fans {except Gary the Retard, who hasn't quite mastered the telephone yet} , crazy-in-love teenyboppers, VFTW, people who backlash-vote because of the beating he's taking, and strangely enough, people who actually like him{The age range of the Sanjaya fans in his folder on the AI boards is from 13-62)-----well, that's quite a large bloc of voters. He may be around for a while. But look at it this way. If he were sent home, the AI season would be even more deadly dull than it is now. Last year spoiled us.
  4. Frenchy was paid for the pics, and they were put on the web with her prior knowledge and consent. Antonella had some private pictures taken that were only supposed to be viewed only by her and her friends. Somebody leaked them without her prior knowledge or approval. As far as the pole-waxing pics, I'll wager that at this minute AI's techs are testing them for any photoshop evidence. If they find none, then they'd have to determine if the girl in the pics is Antonella. I've seen them, and the quality is such that they could have been found on a cheap porn site with a girl that resembled Antonella. There's about a billion of those. AI is between a rock and a hard place. Since they were private pictures, the morality clause wouldn't kick in. None of them show her doing anything illegal or even immoral, unless you consider giving a boyfriend a BJ immoral. They can't even prove she was underage drinking, only that she was holding a glass with something in it. Yet the pics are very embarrassing to them and they probably hope she quietly goes away, and I think she may do that. She showed horrible judgment in having the pics taken, and horrible decision-making in her choice of friends, but I guess that's what 20-year-olds are noted for. Besides, I don't think her voice is good enough top get her much further in the competition. She probably won't even make the top 12. Sure is cute, though-----
  5. Tarman12

    American Idol 6

    I'm hoping I'm wrong, but I'm bracing for a big letdown this year with AI. There was so much talent last year. For instance, 8 of the final 12 from last year have signed legitimate recording contracts. That won't come close to happening this year. Taylor, Katharine, and Chris have all debuted at #2 on the Billboard album charts. Those 3 all sold over 100,000 copies their first week. In fact, Chris sold 340,000 in his first week. Kat's album just came out last week, and it's a great listen if you like pop/r&b. RIAA certified Kellie Pickler gold, and she's had two hit singles.Elliott's album is due out in March. Even Bucky has been signed and he's working on an album. Mandisa signed with Sony's gospel division.Katharine is gorgeous and is all over the tube. She's done everything from the Internet soap Lonelygirl15 to hosting TRL. She's doing TRL again next week.Hell, Kellie's even got a sitcom in development for Fox. These people aren't going away anytime soon. That type of success hasn't happened in any other year of AI, and I doubt it will happen this year. Based on what I've heard so far, it's hard to pick anybody that really stands out from the rest. I'm hoping a couple of them will develop during the competition, but I've set the bar lower this year so I won't be disappointed.
  6. Tarman12

    Beauty and the Geek

    heh-heh-----boy, was that ever poetic justice. All of the people that Ceci bullied and made fun of coming back to sit in judgment of her to the tune of a quarter of a million. And to see the look on her face when she realized that all of her meanness was gonna cost her. And then to find out when she saw the tape that her own partner had turned against her. It was priceless. I'm just wondering if that was the original final show, or if the actual competition was cobbled together by Kutcher because he realized that it would be completely not within the spirit of the show if Ceci won. He may have decided that a Ceci win would just turn the show into another mean-spirited manipulative reality show instead of his vision for it, which was so evident in the first two years. If so, I applaud him. He saved the season as far as I'm concerned. Not that Scooter and Andrea were my favorite couple. But compared to Ceci, they were Pope Benedict and Mother Theresa.