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  1. I think you misinterpreted what 3 hours earlier means. It meant for the West Coast Folks who had to wait till 9 PM there time to watch. You can't actually watch 3 hours before it airs 9 PPM EST.
  2. Hope she either puts up Elissa and Helen or Amanda and Mcrae.
  3. Can only hope GM can finally win something!
  4. Thank you Big Brother Gods!
  5. Yes! This will probably make it the most interesting week. GM is locked but the other two spots are up for grabs.
  6. TML

    America - Week 4 - MVP

    Stupid Big Brother, should have let fans vote the top 3 they wanted to see. Can't believe they screwed up their own manipulation.
  7. But wouldn't the shock of everything that happened to her be bigger if she's sitting in the final 2 chair and then is told everything,rather than a regular eviction week!
  8. Seems like it would be smarter for a houseguest to get her on their side and bring her to the end. Who the hell would vote for her to win 500K?
  9. Why not just say we'll put Aaryn on the block...what a waste of a twist.
  10. TML

    Helen - Week 3 - HOH

    Yeah smart move here nominate Kait/Aaryn/GM and then backdoor Jeremy.
  11. TML

    GinaMarie - Week 3

    Watching the feeds. LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL.
  12. Don't watch the feeds. Who was the real mastermind here? Amanda?