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  1. ramblnroxy

    Zach - Week 6

    Zach is going to Geek his way to final 2, and I'm going to laugh my A$$ off.
  2. ramblnroxy

    Jonathan Penner

    I must say, he cleans up nicely. Those blue eyes do make a mark. Besides, that he played the game and I liked him. He made no excuses.
  3. ramblnroxy

    Jonathan Penner

    Is anyone besides myself, voting for Jon to win the car on the Survivor website? I think he deserves it for how he kept his composure while having to emdure a bunch of hypocrytical B.S. from Adumb and Candass.
  4. ramblnroxy

    Jonathan Penner

    Jonboy is gone, and now the rest of the show is going to be a borefest.
  5. ramblnroxy

    Rob Diaz and Kimberly Chabolla

    These two were not my favorite, but as much as these two scream at each other, they are totally in love, and they get the job done. Honestly, from what I've observed about long lasting relationships, it's always the ones who argue the most. I couldn't stand them at first, but they have grown on me. I'm probably talking from personal experience(Ten years with a Jackass, and I wouldn't trade it for the world) Anyway, I like them(even though Mary and David were my favorite), and dispite the bickering, they have done very well.
  6. ramblnroxy

    Candice Woodcock

    What's really freaky, is that this chick is Pre-Med. Yikes!
  7. ramblnroxy

    Jonathan Penner

    He didn't start out as my favorite, but he has definately grown on me. I would like to see him and Yul in the final two, and it would be a good move for Yul to take him there. On the other hand, if the jury puts emotion aside, they might vote for Jonathan because he is a good player, but I doubt it; he is really disliked.
  8. ramblnroxy

    Adam Gentry

    He's like the big stupid jock in High School that liked to torture anybody different and has this sense of self-entitlement. Yuck! I'll take Yul anyday.
  9. ramblnroxy

    Jenny Guzon-Bae

    I couldn't stand her. Bye bye!
  10. ramblnroxy

    Jonathan Penner

    But he is growing on me. Go figure? Sorry guy's new at this. Ment to add under Jonathan blog
  11. ramblnroxy

    Bruce Kanegai

    Bruce is my pick, all the way! He seems cool, and he reminds me of Mr. Myagi
  12. ramblnroxy

    Stephenie LaGrossa

    Yah, she's a pretty good player, but her arrogant attitude stinks. She has this whole sense self-entitlement that is really getting on my nerves. I wasn't a fan of hers last year either. Is it just me, or does anyone else here find her as annoying as I do?
  13. ramblnroxy

    Stephenie LaGrossa

    Thank God! I thought I was the only person on the planet that is annoyed by that woman. I was annoyed with her last time around. Great player? Yes. Great personality? Too much arrogance and whining.
  14. ramblnroxy

    Who is your favorite so far

    Lydia, Judd, Gary