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  1. Hello SugarB. Just messing around with my phone to see if I can access this site. Hell our TV is so many seasons behind that simply coming here serves to be a spoiler. Not that we watch that much tv. All is relatively well here in Africa, besides the staggering crime and corruption. However we carry on as best we can. Hope all is well with you and your family. Regards, Fleurette

    1. SugarB


      Miss you! So glad when you check in from time to time! Life is good !

  2. SugarB

    Where ya been, Flo? Haven't seen you around for awhile!

  3. Flo

    Hi SugarB Nice to see you around!

  4. SugarB

    Waving HI!!!!

  5. where's da cat?

  6. Hiiiii Crackers...

    Can't think of any clever comment today!!

    Maybe another day!

  7. That's SCRebel's modus operandi.
  8. Must be birth control in Kentucky!!!
  9. I'm 90% sure it is a special episode. I think I may have seen that preview during The Amazing Race
  10. Good for a second chuckle is right. That one he has used before.......it is getting tired.
  11. I expected more from Cristina. Just goes to show that one can't be "bossy" in group of strangers. I wonder in this case, whether it was perhaps a culture difference or simply the fact that she is a cop. By cultural I mean Latino. I quite admire that fiery aspect of the Latino ladies.
  12. Flo

    The Duel

    I watched it too. I'm trying to get to watch it from the beginning this time. I also think the Diem looked just great with her short hair. I reckon Tyler was a bit stupid to pick his Key West buddy John. He is quite strong and could possibly have beat somebody else leaving the two of them in. Strangely enough I don't mind Beth all that much. In fact I quite like her. But then again if I like Carvin and sometimes CM.........There must be something drastically wrong with me!
  13. True! One can tell that I come from a third world country!
  14. If disabled people don't get off first.... I am going to guess that Sarah's disability suddenly was not so much of a handicap and that she was the first out of that door when the plane landed. She probably boarded first so that they could get the best seat for quick exit when they landed.
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