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    Brandon Hantz

    Coach may have made the single worst game play move of his current Survivor game - voting out Brandon. I mean, HOW in the world after that speech do you vote out a guy? Now I don't love Brandon by any means, he's creepy and strange, especially in regards to the whole Mikaela thing. His game play is non-existent. But I gotta say, the guy is 100% loyal to a fault. I think the guy struggles with a lot of issues but to stay calm in the face of something like this going on, I gotta admit would take a lot. The look he gave Coach and Albert this episode, it's like a little kid wanting to gain the love of a father, like a puppy wanting to please his human. And Coach, wow. First he flies off the handle at Brandon, saying he's bullying him like Russell. Dude!? The guy just calmly asked you what was the talk about. I get that Coach is trying to push Brandon away, that internally he feels guilty for what he's about to do to Brandon. And then Brandon gives him a hug and apologizes to Coach, brings him a freaking piece of coconut and tells Coach he needs to let it go. Now that FOR SURE isn't something Russell would do. This episode was so gut-wrenching / painful to watch and it got even worse when Coach "prayed" to God to give him an answer. I'm sorry, Coach got the answer HE wanted, not that God wanted. Sometimes you hear what you want to hear, Coach. Then, Brandon recants the story of his "younger years" where he was in a gang and was the last man standing and everyone abandoned him and he's the last man standing AGAIN. That made it SO much more painful to watch and the look on the jury's faces, like a car stuck on the train tracks, you just KNOW collision is inevitable. Of course if Albert wanted to take advantage of this situation when put in the position of giving the Immunity Idol back to Brandon, he should've said "I don't feel Brandon is in trouble. Is he guys? Does he have a reason to be worried?" Put it back all on them. Of course, these guys aren't masterminds by any means - we've got a choice between Coach, Ozzy, Brandon, Rick the Unknown Cowboy and Sophie. I personally would like to see a showdown between Coach, Ozzy and Brandon (although that won't happen now) and personally, the way I feel about all of who is left, for entertainment value, wouldn't it be so damn funny to see the look on Coach's face if a Hanz won (sorry, when there's nobody left I like, I get bored and want mischief to ensue)?! The jury seemingly isn't fooled by Coach's cult mentality and Coach is just as delusional about himself, like hugging Edna when he kicked her out. Next Coach will say they should be THANKING him for voting them out. Coach & Ozzy have the worst things going for them - they are return competitors and they have bigger egos than can fit on the island. The only way the other cult members have a chance of winning is because they're NOT Ozzy and Coach. Sophie, Albert and Rick can't claim they did anything spectacular except follow Coach. Coach can't even claim the victory in getting Ozzy voted out - that was Cochrane's move really.
  2. First Song: best 1. James 2. Haley 3. Scotty 4. Lauren worst Second Song: best 1. James 2. Haley 3. Lauren 4. Scotty worst Morty's cheesecake game 1.Which two idol contestants will make up bottom two? Scotty and Lauren 2.Who will be first contestant to be place in bottom two? Lauren 3.Which idol contestant from your bottom two above will received lowest amount of votes? Scotty Tiebreaker System: 1.Who will be last person to find out they will be competing the next week? Lauren Yes, I'm going for the idol shock value of having Scotty voted off tonight. Why? Because everyone knows who Scotty is and where he's going so there's no more surprise in it for me personally. Everyone knows he'll get scooped up either way, so quite possibly not enough votes for him tonight. He's slipping into the same haziness that made us stop voting for Melinda Doolittle and let Jordan Sparks win. Having said that, I love Scotty and think he's a big talent. Don't think I'm a hater - it just would be a bigger shocker for AI to have Scotty get voted out tonight.
  3. Weazlegirl

    I think Russell's main downfall is that he's playing this like a complete game and he thinks that everyone else should. When you play any game, from Clue to Volleyball, you reward those who are most skilled at the game. And people may get upset that they lost the game - they call those sore losers - but you lost because you weren't fast enough, quick enough, smart enough, strong enough (whatever the reason). I really believe he thought that these pansies who played the game at least once before, could see beyond the lies, deceit, manipulation, etc. and see that he played hard from beginning right up to the point when he talked to the jury. Unfortunately, the part that Russell was lacking was that he didn't figure out the last piece - the jury. Yeah, if America voted I have no doubt that either he or Parvati - the BEST PLAYERS - would've won and not the coaster, Sandra. But as Jeff put, that is NOT Survivor. And if you want to get the title, you gotta play even that part of the game. You gotta play it up until the end. The prize or title isn't given to you because you make it to the end. And Russell lied and manipulated, but stopped short of the jury. I don't even care if Russell was sorry for what he did. He really had no reason to be. He played a good game and that should've stood for something. Lie and manipulate the jury, tell them what they wanted to hear to appease their bleeding hearts and their boo-booed egos. But I know that Russell can't do that and that's why, even though I loved seeing him maneuver throughout the game, I don't think he should have won. Despite what he THINKS should've been the deciding vote, it wasn't and therefore he didn't win. My disappointment wasn't that Russell didn't win, it's that someone who did absolutely nothing to get themselves to the end won. Russell and Parvati kept her around because she sucked at competitions and because she had very little interpersonal skills herself. I think the girls in the jury didn't want Parvati to win and everyone didn't want Russell to win, so it was process of elimination, not anything that Sandra did. If that had been ANYONE there beside Parvati and Russell, that person would've won and not the best player.
  4. Weazlegirl

    Sandra Diaz

    No, we watched the same show, just different perspective on people. Okay, maybe "floater" isn't the term I'm thinking of. Coaster, maybe? Well she certainly wasn't aggressive in campaigning. Not at least for herself anyway. She was barely aggressive in campaigning to get rid of Russell, which all in all, wasn't a bad move for her , although she failed miserably at that. That's not to say that it mattered because Russell was his own undoing. It would've been interesting to see, if Russell had been voted out early on, what her strategy would've been. I couldn't see one beyond that and in my mind, just having a "no BS" attitude and a husband who serves in the military (Oh! And that she's NOT Russell) doesn't mean she should win. And it's not just because I liked Russell's gameplay either. I would've rather seen a LOT of people win over her. Feelings aside and as much as I hate to admit it, Parvati should've won this. She outwitted, outplayed and outlasted ALL of them, even Russell.
  5. Weazlegirl

    Sandra Diaz

    Sandra was a floater, even in her own alliance. Being in an alliance doesn't make you NOT a floater. She didn't make any big moves, she didn't win challenges, she didn't really have any social alliances other than Courtney (enough said), she did crap around the camps - just like she had in her season. Being a floater means that you did nothing but hang in the background, letting other people make the bigger moves and bigger plays. Sure she tried to make alliances with the "Heroes" side (the word makes me throw up a little in my mouth because most of these are anything BUT), but she was not persuasive enough to these bumbling idiots...and let me tell you, judging from past decisions they made w/o Sandra, it really shouldn't have been THAT hard to persuade them to do anything. THAT is a floater. Nothing to do with alliances. Yes, I'm a Russell fan but NO I don't think Russell deserved to win. In the scheme of the game, he played great in everything - except interpersonal relationships. Heck, he lied and manipulated throughout the whole game and fell flat in the jury questioning. His ego got the best of him and he wouldn't humble himself enough to at least PRETEND like he was sorry for what he did. I don't even care if he was ACTUALLY sorry for anything he did. He played a hell of a game, but didn't play the WHOLE game - the end game. I think Parvati deserved to win (and THAT makes me throw up a little in my mouth as well because I detest her gameplay strategy). And I think she deserved to win despite the fact I didn't like her because she was a strong competitor, she was smart, she manipulated and lied but she also managed lay low and not outright ruffle anyone's feathers and she won challenges when she needed to most. Sandra got it, not because she was actually the Ultimate Survivor, but because they didn't want to give it to Parvati and because she wasn't Russell.
  6. Weazlegirl

    Final 5 I believe.
  7. Weazlegirl

    I loved the head to head with Boston Rob but Boston Rob was stupid too this season. First of all, he aligned with Sandra and Courtney. Sure, they were followers but they can't deliver when it comes to challenges. He got too cocky as well and even said he thought Russell didn't know who he was playing with. Apparently, Boston Rob underestimated Russell. Boston Rob was old school Survivor and apparently didn't study too much when it came to recent seasons. He also told Russell his gameplay right away - you're either with me or against me. Russell was on the offensive right away. Russell and Rob were going to butt heads - they're too much alike. I wished that they would team up together. MAN! That would've been awesome! But I found I liked Russell even more for knocking out BR. And about Parvo - I never said she had people manipulate FOR her. When I said she got people to do things FOR her - I meant by manipulating men. It thought it summed her up great when she said she had 2 green men protecting her (when she had both HII's). She thought she had Russell around her finger too. Now she's got Sandra and Jerri. Right. Unless you find a lesbian, that trick ain't working where she can just smile and act all shy and get people to do things for her. It was super smart to get rid of Danielle. Wonder how long it's going to take Parvo to hit on Colby or try that with Rupert. Well, I don't like her but at least she's not lying there like a dead fish (i.e. Sandra, Courtney) and doing nothing. If Russell leaves, I think completely Parvo deserves to win this. But again, I don't know she will since she's won twice now. Amanda will be pretty pissed at her, too. LOL. So glad Amanda's gone!
  8. Weazlegirl

    The thing I don't understand is that these people - James, Rupert, Amanda, Colby - have ALL played this game before so they should know how it works. I don't care if you play with your heart or your head. None of these people are morally irreproachable in the game and if they have been it's only because they got someone else to do the dirty work or they didn't get very far in the game. Even the ever-so-humble Rupert has said or done things in this game that weren't 100% truthful or innocent. Remember when he STOLE the other tribe's shoes to barter with in his first season? I don't mind, even understand why he did that and that's all well and good within the game. But then don't sit back and act all innocent and honest. THAT is what I cannot stand. This game, you HAVE to be deceiptful, you HAVE to lie. Name one person that ever got to end w/o telling a single lie or doing something somewhat immoral. And you're sort of right about the social game. Last season, Russell played more of a social game. He was always in a tight alliance with Natalie. Now it might not have been a social thing for Russell, but Natalie stuck to him and was loyal to him to the end. I think in this game, he felt since these weren't first-timers, they had "been around the block" so to speak, they wouldn't fall for the same thing that Natalie, Shambo, etc. fell for. They wouldn't buy the Hurricane Katrina thing and feel sorry for him. THEY should know better. I firmly believe he thought these people are big-timers and as such, they would have the same respect for the game that he would so he wouldn't need it. Most of them have come back for the 3rd time already so if they're not playing hard and strategically, why are they back at all??? And he got put on the Villians tribe - so, if you were Russell, wouldn't you automatically assume they've already got his number either way? If Rupert, Amanda, Colby, Coach, James, etc. didn't expect that, then they're dumber than Russell thought and they deserve to be on the jury. Again, since Russell has seemed to brush up on his Survivor history, he KNOWS what kind of game each of them play and stupidly, almost NONE Of them have changed their strategy except for JT.
  9. Weazlegirl

    See, I think you're wrong about Russell playing with his heart. He plays completely on strategy - what will get him further in the game. What happened with Sandra telling Russell that Coach was out to get him was strategy. He didn't vote Coach out because of what Sandra told him. He voted Coach out because Coach was a wild card and he knew Coach was turning on him. He just let Sandra think she got the best of him - let's face it, she would've thought that anyway, she's so delusional. The thing last night with Danielle also. He got rid of Danielle because she was getting close to Parvati AND because Parvati decided to get rid of his only tie to the Hero's side, Candice. So he let them have that because that's what the girls wanted. Danielle sealed her own fate by opening her big mouth but I really think that she was gone in Russell's mind before that even. It was a good move for him to get rid of Danielle and it was a good move for Jeri as well because in the 3 person alliance, she wasn't moving on and least of all with Parvati and Danielle. So Parvati has the choice to go with either Sandra, who TOTALLY plays with no strategy, no skill, no social game...NOTHING to offer in the game. Or she's got Jeri who has pretty much been with Russell since the whole stupid Coach/Jeri fiasco. Parvati, I don't believe, can manipulate Sandra OR Jeri. Jeri's never liked Parvati because her game is always manipulate the guys by flirting and getting her way. Sandra will only be mainpulated to get out Russell and who knows where she'll go after that. Then her game falls apart. So Russell is very smart - and really it's his only choice - to go with the Hero side and get Parvati out. Or maybe get Sandra out and Parvati will have nobody else BUT Russell to go back to. I can't remember who's blog it was, but one of the heroes said that Russell doesn't think he's super smart or anything, but there are people in the game that play stupidly and with emotion and he takes advantage of that. The way I see it, Russell is the ONLY player in all the seasons to take emotion out of the game. I respect that he's studied this game, figured out what's the best way to do things. I think Russell is way better than even Boston Rob, as evidenced that he got Rob out so soon. He's better than Parvo because of the fact that he doesn't need someone to do things FOR him. He makes it happen himself. I will give her credit though - she's a master manipulator but she thought she had Russell doing her bidding and that just wasn't happening. LOL. Unless Parvo has a change or heart or realizes that she's out on her butt if she doesn't align with Russell again at some point, I think Russell will chose Jeri to go to the end with. He could choose Sandra, which I think will be a better choice as far as the win goes - who really wants to vote for Sandra???? But then again, they may just vote AGAINST Russell again just to spite him. I think this bunch of whiny babies will do that regardless but I could be surprised.
  10. Weazlegirl

    Yeah, not going to happen. I think the only person at this point he has a shot of winning against is Sandra and I hate Sandra. Sandra plays with no logic, no real gameplan, no social game, she's made no lasting friendships or alliances - nothing really going for her. AND Russell can use that she has won already against her. In that scenario, you've got Mr. High and Mighty Rupert who's throwing stones in glass houses. You've got Baby Amanda who tries to put you in a trance with those big puppy dog eyes she makes. You've got bitchy Courtney who is the only person who apparently likes Sandra. Parvati and JT might see Russell as a good player, but that's shaky. Danielle and Candace - who knows. They'd probably just go with the majority. Coach - enough said. Jerri - I think she'd likely go w/ who was a better player but everyone seems to have ignored her this season. Colby is the guy who plays with "integrity" so whatever. I think the jury is a bunch of whiny babies and if they don't know how the game is played and they don't think that lying is a part of it, then they deserve to be in the jury. It'll be interesting in the upcoming weeks to see if Rupert and Colby decided to put their morality to the wayside for the $1million or just keep letting Russell be the bad guy and taking the heat for it. It's very easy to say you have morality and played a clean game when you're just going along with what Russell says. Russel is the BEST SURVIVOR EVER. Tonight's episode was wacked out - he should've kept his cool but I think he's just running scared and trying to be in control so much, he's lost sight that he needs these people, too. Ugh. Chill out Russell!!!!!
  11. To all the people that think that Natalie's some master strategist, let me pose this question: Is it really strategy if a person is just acting the way they normally do? She did some stuff that was clearly WAY outside the realms of the game to make me give her credit for ANY gameplay. She lied when she didn't need to - this is because lying comes naturally to the woman. She cheated on games of pool, on games of chess. These were clearly outside of the game of BB. This means she's a cheater. She didn't do it for the GAME. She was cruel to Michele almost NON-STOP, stealing her things, pestering her and saying some awful things about her. This tells me that she's not doing it for the game as well. She's just not a good person. PERIOD! My point is, if they make a movie about me and I'm playing myself...I'm not going to call myself an actor because of it. I'm just getting paid to play MYSELF. No acting skills involved there. I don't mind lying, mind games, manipulation for the sake of the game. It's why I liked people like Dan, ED, Dr. Will, Danielle (BB3), etc. THAT is 100% gameplay. Nat did it because she's Nat not because she had some brilliant gameplay strategy. And IMO, it wasn't that she was particularly smart in her gameplay...it was the other HG's were so freakin gullible!!! I like Jeff and Jordan a LOT as people. I think they did some despicable things while around Natalie because of the lies she was feeding them, but I think outside the game, they are decent people. It's not enough to make me want to vote for AC Juror prize for them. Jeff is a good looking guy but he made some DUMB moves. BIG dumb moves that I think that cost him the game - believing Nat major of his big dumb moves. Listening to Jordan was another. She was pissed because he called her FAT, not because he was a threat to her. Tell her to buck up and get over it for ONE freakin' week. Don't get me wrong, getting Russell out would've been a great move but big dumb Jeff played his card too soon. He needed Russell that week and I think if he had waited another week to get rid of Russ, he would've had this in the bag. Oh well, coulda shoulda. Hindsight being what it is...he would've been no worse keeping Russ than he did by keeping Nat, but at least we wouldn't have to endure Nastylie any more. But I do believe that Jeff cost himself and Michele the game. Quite possibly even Jordan. We'll see. I can't give it to Jordan either because she's the cute, dumb blonde girl. Sorry. She did NOTHING throughout the game. NOTHING. Michele is my pick because she was ALWAYS 100% with Jeff and Jordan. She lied to people that were opposed to Jeff & Jordan - Ronnie, Chima, Lydia, etc. She always voted with J&J. But because of her social awkwardness, she was ALWAYS alone. So every move she made was not only to help J&J, it was to further herself along. She lied to Ronnie, voted to keep Casey. She totally conned Chima - not that she didn't like Chima - but Chima NEVER saw it coming. Neither did Nat. I think that's ultimately why Nat was pissed about Chima's eviction. Michele screwed up Nat's game royally at that point...so she thought. I don't believe any of the crap she said about Michele being the devil and getting Chima evicted. She doesn't like looking like a fool...one of Jessie's personality traits. She doesn't like being made the idiot of the joke. Then it was icing on the cake when Chima left because not only did she get duped, Chima left, making her feel even more vulnerable. Michele was almost always civil, always cordial, she made some intelligent moves even though we didn't always "get" her actions. I like her as a person AND as a game player. Anyway, that's my 99 cents on the AC juror prize.
  12. Weazlegirl


    Well, maybe God can forgive me since it's Sunday. Maybe I'll have to pray. LOL
  13. Weazlegirl


    For awhile I was kind of contemplating whether or not I thought Natalie is the most hated person in BB history. Now I think she tops even Maggot. I cannot stand anything about this girl. The reason why is this: people do crazy stuff on this show because of the game. I get that the game makes you do things you wouldn't normally do. However, this girl does things because she is mean, cocky, spiteful and egotistical. I firmly believe after seeing her throughout on the live feeds this entire season that THIS is the real Natalie. She cheats when she doesn't have to. She is a sore winner and a sore loser. She makes up lies when she doesn't have to. She steals people's things and thinks it's funny. She likes to be hateful and rude toward people - no sense of empathy or thoughtfulness toward anyone. THAT is why I can't give Natalie ANY credit whatsoever for playing a good game. She is not playing a game. This is Natalie 100%. The only reason why I'd vote for Kevin if there were a tie is to keep HER from winning the money and to show her what a great friend Chima was to her that she deserved any kind of "vengeance" for what Michele supposedly made Chima do. Maybe it's because I've never been around someone who seems so vile and nasty. I shouldn't think thoughts about her, but I hope nobody claps for her when she comes out. If she wins, I fully expect her to go to Vegas and gamble all the money away. And if the BF proposal thing is true, he's probably just trying to cash in. If it's not true, it further cements my disdain for the child...she is Jessie and Johnny Fairplay all wrapped into one small boy package. Karma's a bitch either way. Sorry about that nasty rant. She brings out the worst in everyone who hears her. If Michele does leave after this week, I'm canceling my feeds because I don't care to hear her AT ALL and she'll get even worse after Michele leaves...
  14. Weazlegirl

    Friday, July 17th

    Lydia did some deed w/ Jessie under the covers but Gnat just jokes around with him. I don't know that Gnat finds him attractive. Of course, I don't know why anyone would find Jessie attractive. I had high hopes for Lydia but BLECH. Her stock w/ me plummeted as soon as I found out her and Jessie...(uh oh, threw up a bit in my mouth).
  15. Weazlegirl

    * Ronnie *

    Well, Michelle can't take him out as of now since they are on the same clique. Hopefully BB will stay true to usual form and implement some kind of interesting spin (like the Clique teams) and then quickly get rid of it, leaving it wide open for anyone to get rid of any person they wish to. That's the problem with having someone like Jeff win HOH - his meathead clique is safe too. That's why Casey got rid of Jeff instead of Lydia or Ronnie when he had the chance to during the HOH competition. They discussed it beforehand that if Casey had the chance, he would eliminate Jeff. Of course, in hindsight, it would've been better to get rid of Ronnie, but oh well. I agree w/ the social aspect of the game. If you've seen the SNL comedy skits where Jimmy Fallon plays the Tech Guy that comes in and says "Get out of the way, I'll do it!" Or heck, anyone who's dealt with a rude PC support guy. GREAT with computers, not always great with people relationships. Now if the rest of the group were dressed up as warlocks, trolls or elves, Ronnie might PWN them! I personally laughed when he told all the meatheads that he has a great poker face. Poker players don't cry when they've screwed over the other poker players. Reminds me of Tom Hanks in A League of Their Own, but instead "THERE'S NO CRYING IN POKER!" Hehehehe.