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  1. Hello everybody I just stop by to say hi! I haven't really been watching big brother this year occasionally I might come to the page or or watch a little bit on TV. seems like it's an interesting class this year I had to stop by and say hello! This is the first I like all the cast. That's probably because I haven't really been watching. Nice to see Frankie on there but I think Derek is going to win.
  2. She thought it would be fun! And let's not forget she is in the history books as the first African American to win miss Louisiana! Oh she was also miss teen Louisiana! Now she's a speech pathologist and that's very hard word! That's in the medical field! 1 miss diagnose and she can be sued! Plus alot of hard work and studying to get that degree! And they get paid real well! That is a field if you have the patient and LIKE Doing ALOT of paperwork than its for u!
  3. sparklet

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    I hope so but I'm afraid not! He hasn't told Elissa that an was playing them! I don't think they are working together again becuz of the exterminator alliance! But the alliance is already crumpling because spen and Andy are already flip flopping! They decided they were going to throw the next challenge to Amanda and Mccrae to stay in the middle! Smh idiots!!!!
  4. sparklet

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    If aryan stays it will be Amanda Mccrae GM and aryan vs Judd and Elissa with spencer floating! Andy and spencer said they are going to feeds Amanda what she wants to hear and next week her but is going up! Andy and spen have a f2 deal! Elissa is in a good spot but she just doesn't know it! I do know this! He has a change of heart and wants to tell Judd about that plan before Amanda and Mccrae get to him! Go back to the feeds around 3:00 am est he is now trying to flip on Amanda.
  5. sparklet

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    Amanda doesn't want aryan to go home!!! Read the feeds! She told Mccrae that they need to keep aryan for 2 more weeks because she can win comps! She said no matter what! But Andy is part of 3 am alliance and she wants numbers! Andy is disposable! I'm going to have to agree with you if she doesn't see GM flipping back to Amanda's side! See Elissa wants a new Helen and she sees that in GM becuz GM tried to save Helen. And this is Andy's fault because he has been a snake! This is biting him in the buttocks!! I don't get why she is not trusting Judd? If morty doesn't have all this on their update the go to other websites so y'all can see for yourself! ALOT HAPPEN LAST NIGHT AND EARLY THIS MORNING! The good thing about all this THANKS TO JUDD!!! That Andy spencer want Amanda and Mccrae out! And if aryan goes GM will follow suite! But only if ARYAN GOES! If Andy goes on the block them Mccrae will be the swing vote!
  6. sparklet

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    They are being real!!! Read the feeds or watch the feeds! I was up until 4:30 this morning watching! Andy is not playing her he was until the conversation they had! Elissa is about to be on her own! GM is going to try and get her to put up Judd as the replacement! She and aryan have a plan! And since she thinks Judd is playing her it might work! They are not going to vote out aryan! Amanda told Mccrae that they needs her 2 more weeks be cause she can win things! If Andy goes up Aryan is not going home!!!! It WAS a scam the reverse psychology until spencer also worked on Andy!!! Andy finally saw the light!!!! Amanda's reverse psychology plan has backfired on her!!!
  7. sparklet

    Elissa - Week 9 HOH

    no late last night he change his mind! After Judd and Elissa spoke to him and spencer! Andy and spencer are align with one another! And when Elissa and Judd left sown and Andy had a heart to heart and realized they have been playing for the wrong side! And now want mcamanda out! It really bug him what zingbot said and now he knows what America's perception of him is! Him and spencer trust Judd over Mccrae! And said they are looking out for themselves! All this went down early this morning! They plan on telling Judd about the reverse psychology plan when Andy gets hoh! Andy and spencer believes a aryan is a threat! And they want her gone! But Elissa thinks Judd is lying to her because GM is now Elissa's new Helen! Elissa wants Ayran to go! She thinks GM wants the same thing! She doesn't know GM has flip back to Amanda's side!