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  1. She looks greats. IF you have any questions about the pictures, go to fishbowl.com. She talks openly and honest about the pictures. U GO Janie!!!! (sorry I attach this upon your quote it was an accident ladybev58). Janie for President!!!!!!!!!
  2. Hey I was on HCs today. It was real short. Tracie from NC Lost my composer But still had a blast Any way I kind of feed disappointed that there is only going to be 4 HG. I guess we had to wait and see. Maybe it will be Eric, Maggie, Kaysar will be talking live to people tommrrow, so I believe he wont be there. but just incase Kaysar and Janelle or Michael and Janelle. It also might be Sarah and James, Beau and Eric. You never know. It could be 3 of friendship and 1 Sov6. They are going to make it interesting because they know how much we want them to hear our opinion.
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    I dont know Survivor did it That is how Rupert won the money
  4. I want to thank everyone for reporting the live feeds. I have watched all the BBs and never knew there eas a ite like this. I will be tuning in. I cant leave my computer. This season has been the most intense except for BB3. GO JANIE... As I stated in the live chats rooms JANIE FOR PRESIDENT.... Thanks again Morty and your team.