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  1. Over rated and boring IMO
  2. MissMorales

    Keesha - Week 8

    I agree uvp. Go Home Keesha.
  3. MissMorales

    Thursday's Live Show 8/28

    I hope Keesha goes home. I was hoping she would have went in the second eviction.
  4. MissMorales

    Sunday, April 20th

    Thank, I want Sharon to go can't stand her voice any longer.
  5. MissMorales

    Sunday, April 20th

    If Sharon would have screamed one more time grrrr. Who is going home anyone know?
  6. MissMorales

    Tuesday, April 15th

    Thanks, I kinda hope she stays I can't stand Sharons voice any longer.
  7. MissMorales

    Tuesday, April 15th

    So is Nat still going home this week?
  8. I am so mad also. I think I am done with this show. Why give us a chance to vote and then screw us over? What a wasted week. I am so mad.
  9. MissMorales


    Ugh I hate this guy. I hope he is gone soon.
  10. MissMorales

    Kail Week 4

    Oh please get this women out of the house. She drives me nuts.
  11. Trots in..licks a star and sticks it to your forehead. ta daaaaa

  12. MissMorales

    Young and the Restless

    I just read that JT and Victoria were recently married in real life and are expecting a baby. I wonder if they will have them get together on the show.
  13. I could have done without Taylor Hicks.