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  1. Miss ya. Are you still having trouble getting in Morty's?

  2. Hey chicky!! It's good to see you back on the boards! It's starting to look like old times around here! I hope all is well for you. How's the family?

  3. The sheriff is either lying like crazy...maybe Wakefield is his family member...he confuses me dont' know wether to believe what he tells Abby or not. Loved how they got the engagement ring back at the bar to funny
  4. Hey stranger...hope all is well with you...Laura

  5. Which houseguest will bring up past houseguests by name? Which will lie about what their occupation is? Who will be the first to tease julie about her pregnancy..asking her if she is going into labor or something stupid..? Which houseguest will be the first to mention a forum by name? Which houseguest will be caught hiding behind or inside an object to easedrop on the others? Which houseguests will play the first game of chess together?
  6. This breaks my heart..so sad. My prayers go out to the family. The poor brother who found her imagine that vision for the rest of his life. People say we overdo it with my grandson but I'll tell you what I'd rather have every cord wrapped and plugged out of reach, blockers for empty electric outlets, cabinets all baby proofed and draws tapped closed, plus gates all over the house and the new alarm things for the doors if the doors open without us knowing...we will hear it now it's a very loud alarm noise...but if it keeps him safe and me from worrying that's all that matters.
  7. I love this show I hope it didnt' get axed..
  8. Stopping in to say hi...BB coming soon we are all coming out of the woodwork it looks like...lol
  9. Hey Girl,

    Good to see you, just trying to get by each day lately,playdate with kids sound great, talk to ya soon.

  10. Hmmmm that sounds like a really wild show...lol Hey Jedi nice to see you again too.. ( couldnt' resist the smilie ) Your welcome Azovie I hope you find some video or something but if Yana came up with what she did doesnt' look like they have one. Maybe write to Nick and ask if they have one or can tell you how to get one.
  11. Hey ole friend, just wanted to say Im thinking about you.



  12. It was on in Australia I believe but had a short run on Nickelodeon. I just googled it and found a few things on it this is one of them. Zoo Family Credits David "Mitch" Mitchell.......Peter Curtain Nicholas Mitchell............Steven Jacobson Susie Mitchell...............Kate Gorman Julie Davis..................Rebecca Gibney Ken Bennett..................John Orcsik One of the lesser remembered shows of Classic Nick is Zoo Family. It was originally produced in Australia, and aired there in 1985-1986. It appeared on the First Network for Kids in 1987. I believe it did not air long on Nick, and that may have been the only time it aired in the states. It was filmed on location in the Royal Melbourne Zoo, in Melbourne, Australia.
  13. I think it was " Zoo Family " the kids names are Nick and Susie..it was filmed at the Austalian zoo. Hope this is what you are looking for.
  14. I heart ya bunches....lol Hope you are having large amounts of health, wealth, and happiness

  15. Howdy...Howdy...how have you been doing? Hope all is well in health, wealth, and happiness.

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