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    Is BB fixed/manipulated?

    Fixed, manilpulated, call it whatever, the answer is hell yeah! Latest example (IMHO) was the start of todays HoH. Julie says the first two were picked ealier in the day and on the first question, Kalia chimes in after hear four non-descript words. Maaaaaaaaaaaaybe she already knew or was clued in to what the answer may have been and just jumped the gun a bit...
  2. SoothSayer


    Ronnie?!?!? Now THAT hurts! I would rather get flamed! {Still funny A_BB_Aholic!}
  3. SoothSayer

    Big Brother 11 TV Ratings

    Valid point. Without an antagonist in the house, things could get boring very quickly. I think a Jeff, Russell, Michelle and Kevin final four would be interesting to watch from a gamesmanship standpoint.
  4. SoothSayer


    At the risk of getting flamed...I think jOOrdan and Kevin are competing for the most boring houseguest award of this season's BB. Oh well, flame on.
  5. IMHO. recent events may be Big Brothers "jump the shark" moment and may signal the beginning of the end. Only time will tell. CBS and the Big Brother production crew (CBS/BB) changed the course of BB11 with the Coup de'tat power. Sure, Jessie and his crew were picking off the others one-by-one, but Jeff/Jordan could've put an end to it by doing one simple thing...win HoH. Buuuuuut, since that was not happening, CBS/BB saw that their popular twosome was soon to be a jury-house-love-duo, they tossed in a timely coup de'tat power. Then CBS/BB gave the illusion of a "America's Choice" vote (come on, who REALLY thought anyone but Jeff or Jordan was going to be awarded the power) and presto, instant game-changer! Obviously, I was not a fan of the "phenomenal cosmic coup de'tat power" (one for the Alladin fans ). Like Chima or not (for the record, I am not a fan of hers), she won HoH through a competition, not as a gift. Little did she know her reign as HoH was doomed to fail from the start. Had the Coup de'tat power been limited to the holder being allowed to remove/add only one nominee, I would have been more receptive. That way the HoH and the coup de'tat holder each have a chance to evict who they want. I still wish the coup de'tat had been won in a competition, but then again, I am the audience and not producing for ratings. One more per peeve, and I will hush. ALL houseguests should be able to play for the PoV! I have hated this rule since CBS/BB made the change. Jessie (again, not a fan) had a right to be pissed off without a chance to save himself. If he had played in the PoV and then got evicted...good bye...do not let the door hit you on the way out! With $500,000 on the line, all houseguests should have an equal chance. Oh well, enough ranting. I am still watching BB, but if the show is going to turn into a popularity contest and any more *coughcough* fixing goes on, I think I'll find something else to watch.
  6. Sugar and Kenny played the best strategic game and made key moves while Bob played the best in challenges. Although I like Bob, I don't think it was Sugar's best shot a the million to tie the vote. Oh well, still enjoyed the show...
  7. SoothSayer

    Corinne Kaplan

    My two-cents... Glad I am not a relative, co-worker or friend of Corinnes, I would be so dissappointed.
  8. SoothSayer


    Nat may be Queen B this week, but after that, hopefully she is D.U.N.
  9. SoothSayer

    Rules Of The Big Brother Game

    To all the legal eagles out there calling for Dick to be arrested or sued....let me know how that works out... My bet is that the agreement the houseguests signed will let Dick keep his $$$ and his @$$ outta jail!
  10. SoothSayer

    Zach - Week 12 Evicted

    Zach, I was pulling for Donato finale, but I give you a big tip of the hat. You have class!
  11. SoothSayer

    The Blue Ball Controversy

    To all the Dick-haters out there, show us a screenshot or footage of Dick putting the blue ball in Jameka's tube. Then we will listen to the cheatin' talk. Until that happens, open your eyes to the possibility that there is another explanation...
  12. SoothSayer

    These Producers Are Sick

    By no means am I an Amber fan, but even I found that a little cold.
  13. Sorry Depeche221, gotta disagree. This is the "Big Brother House," not Little House on the Prairie. If someone cannot handle all the lyin', conivin',back-stabbin', beratin', over-the-top antics and whateverelseyoucanthink of behavior, then they should not not have signed up to be a contestant. While I may not agree with everything that is said and done in the house, I just wait around a bit, something else shocking will happen...
  14. SoothSayer

    Dick Week 7

    Ya got me. I just think they look alike sometimes. LOL Yana, maybe that's where the connection came from!
  15. SoothSayer

    Dick Week 7

    Sometimes I wonder if Dick and Keith Richards of "The Rolling Stones" are related somehow.