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  1. NYC84

    New Treat?

    ugh....I like Tuna, but I dont think I could eat it every day like they would if they have to. I would prefer the PB&J instead!
  2. Yes Will did throw all those competitions, but whose to say he could not win them just as easy if he actually tried??
  3. NYC84

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    Will, Howie, Bunky, Jase, James, Kaysar Alison, Diane, Lisa, Erika, Monica, Ivette
  4. NYC84


    The 12 I want GUYS - Will, Bunky, Kaysar, Jase, Howie, James GIRLS - Alison, Diane, Erika, Lisa, Monica, Ivette
  5. I think having Monica & Ivette in the same house would be fun to watch. If they fought it would be hilarious!
  6. My perfect 12 - GUYS - Will, Marcellas, Kaysar, Jase, Howie, Bunky GIRLS - Allison, Diane, Erika, Lisa, Monica, Ivette
  7. Me to. I dont want either of them in the house
  8. I think Allison is a lock to get in the house.
  9. I wonder if both Bunky and Marcellas will both make it in?
  10. If thats the list and you are only allowed to vote for one person, my vote is going to WILL
  11. Marcellas is a nominee!
  12. Oh yea!!! WILL is a nominee! He is DEF back in the house!!! I would love to see Bunky back in the house to.
  13. NYC84

    Allison from BB4

    Figured I would post that Alison from Big Brother 4 is now a Cheerleader for the Arena Football Leagus Columbus Destroyers. http://www.arenafootball.com/ViewArticle.d...0&ATCLID=235325
  14. NYC84

    Who would you like to see on BB7?

    Will is THE GREATEST Big Brother HouseGuest EVER!!!!