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  1. Well Dan has been actively posting on his twitter..and wouldn't he be in sequester already?
  2. I don't like that list. Most of my favorite BB players aren't on that list. And I already know a few who wont be returning on that list that I like .. so bleh ...
  3. I'm a geek at heart so want to love him but he seems ever so slightly too smug.. on the fence.
  4. Well Evel Dick has confirmed he's doing his recaps this year (for a fee.. so wont be watching, can't afford feeds, can't afford his recaps either), with Jun BB4 and James BB6 .. so those 3 are off the list. He said Rachel has been wavering so she may have been replaced. Will has said he's done with BB so wont be him. Only real mystery to me seems to be the 4th mentor spot if Rachel doesn't fill it.
  5. she seems hippy-dippy-peace and love and not my cup of tea.
  6. Wasn't their a rumor about Janelle, Dan, Rachel and Boogie coming back? Might prove to be true. In any rate, not really excited to have ANOTHER season with returning house guests right after the last one. And as much as I like Rachel I think someone will sue CBS for emotional distress having to see her 3 summer's in a row.
  7. My point about the bullying/thing wasn't just about Rachel, it was about any person who goes on these shows. And in specific is the reason why I feel like NO PERSON should do BB 3 seasons in a row. I worried about the season 6 cast who did all-stars right after the same way I worried about Rachel. Regardless of whether or not a person signs up for this or not, they have no way of knowing the true extent of what they are getting themselves into. Shelly and her family got DEATH THREATS. People called and tried to get Maggie fired from her job where she worked. Some of these screen-caps of them in all their naked glory which were caught by accident even though they tried to change discreetly exist .. pretty much forever on the internet. Some of the stuff people post about these house guests (not so much here although some stuff does cross the line in my eyes, but on other boards) is the most vile stuff you can imagine. There is a difference between wanting to be part of BB, because maybe you were a fan of the show, or you think it might help launch and wanting videos of you stuffing your face made and circulated about you. They know they will get some flack, but some of it goes to a very personal level for some of these house-guests, and in my eyes is in line with cyber-bullying. This is my own opinion and not one which is maybe shared by others and that is fine. But every single big brother season there comes a point where I can not go to any news sites or read any threads because the hate-mongering is just so bad I can't stand it any more. If it's that bad for me and I am just a reader/participant of these shows I can't imagine how bad it must be to realize they're talking about -me-. It's like getting picked on in school, and having mean girls write notes about you, but instead of it being a few girls you go to school with who make your life hell it's half of America. And to some degree (part of why I would never do reality tv) it's a self-defeating/fulfilling prophecy. You go on these shows, and the editing, and your over the top-ness becomes this character. It taints you ability to get real work outside of the show if you were a reality-tv villan, because that's now all people see you as. Not being able to work = needing to do something to make an income in order to survive, live. The motivation to come back from season one to season 2 then is dual purpose - redeem your villian status and hopefully win the second time to survive. The invitation to do TAR I'm not sure what that was all about for them. She had won the money from BB. Perhaps they were just shocked they were even given the offer to do the show and honored or humbled by it .. I'm not really sure. I'm not trying to justify her actions .. my original point was that some of the stuff that happens to some BB contestants does cross the line and become bullying, and that it is not emotionally healthy for ANY contestant to do BB for 3 seasons in a row (2 is bad enough).
  8. With all of these people being related to former survivor or reality tv show people who could serve as their natural (mentors), and the rumors of the mentors from past seasons, I am even more scared now for this season. =(
  9. Don't know who you all are talking about, so can only judge him for him, but he has that "enzo" vibe rip-roaring off of him. Enzo was funny, but that was his only redeeming quality. The rest of the time he came across as cocky, slimy, and too self-satisfied with himself for me to truly like him. That's the ick vibe I get from this guy. Just seems cocky .. and me no likey cocky house-guests.
  10. I was a closet Maggie like-er. I just hated Maggie's alliance, April and Jenn were the worst, with Ivette a close follow up to that season. Not really getting any vibes for or against this one yet. Just kinda "meh".
  11. This sounds mean (and I am seldom mean) but if she truly is a model, she isn't a very pretty one. Argo, I could see her going far in the game. The females in the house typically only get mean and jealous of the "pretty" models. I'm not saying she's not a good model, I've seen America's next top model with totally normal girls get transformed into like zomg amazingly beautiful .. and she could have that kind of chameleon like quality to her. Am hoping she's not another Porsche like girl who thinks she's hotter than she is. Edit: Just realized that she wasn't the type of "model" I was thinking of. http://en.wikipedia....iki/Kara_Monaco So yeah .. girls in the house will totally hate on her, if she is single and casts her eyes towards one of the guys they want to showmance with. I see her and that Jojo girl going at it.
  12. I hope this girl eats like a bird, or I fear people will make a follow up to Kalia is Hungry video in her honor .. =/
  13. Nakomis and Lydia had a lovechild... 0.o
  14. He reminds me of a mix between Hayden (BB12) and Dan (BB10).
  15. I think the reason they are doing this is similar to what Loudmouth is saying but for different reasons. Casting is such hit or miss for BB. They try to go off of a formula, dumber blonde, muscle-head, closeted gay person, up tight republican/religious/anti-gay person, etc to get the same results as they've had in previous seasons which were successful, but it's such a strange thing what happens chemistry wise when you mix different people together, and sometimes there is fireworks, and other times nothing happens. I think they go for these "stars" as HG's because they know that there is a guaranteed abrasiveness going to be there. Either because they know how the person acts in the BB house already, or because they know many of the new cast are fans of the old show. I also feel like on some level they try to do what the fans of the show want. People have been saying for years the house would be so much better if real big brother fans were on the show. Well last season, minus the vets, we had a whole house of true BB fans on the show. The trouble is, when you put a fan of a series on the show, they stop acting in a way to please the fans because suddenly for them it's very real, and very much about how they should play to get the money, or it totally destroys their game trying to appeal to the fans (which never works to actually win fans) since people always mistakenly think that fans will love them on the show. In their real lives they have people that love them, they don't consider themselves bad people, so they don't for the life of them think that anyone will hate them. It's natural to think that way, but in the game setting that doesn't always translate. As dumb as some of the things they've done on BB is, I don't think it would truly be any better if someone like me were behind the helm. Trying to keep an aging reality television show with a corny format/competitions going year after year can not be easy, especially because keeping those feeds running 24/7 isn't as easy as we like to think, since they have to censor stuff for things not on a release, and have to go to fish any time they sing, etc it requires a lot of moderating, in addition they have so much footage from the show they have to try to find the best footage to show the storyline of that particular show as sometimes things happen so fast in the BB house, or for reasons they can't show on television they have to work to craft it, in such a way that the general theme of what happens gets explained. I worked on a video recruitment project for school once, to explain what our alternative school was all about. We shot a number of interviews with the student body, we had hours of different footage from various events, etc and it was incredibly hard work to get just the right soundbites, and piece everything together in a way which made sense. While I realize these people are professionals and not amateurs like the people who worked on the project and I am, but it was still harder than it looks. The larger volume of stuff you have to sift through, the harder it is to get just the right stuff. All of that is a round about way of saying I think that creating the show BB takes far more work than any other network television show at present, and certainly more involved than many current reality tv shows (except for maybe glass house), so while I don't like all the lame twists, or the game interference, the interference is there to make the game more interesting as there were a few seasons where all the truly interesting people got evicted first and the rest of the season was a total snooze factory.
  16. Every year UVP I love your bouncy smiley faces, I keep looking for your kitty avatar for added bounce, not quite use to this new south park one yet. But the 2 more day count down has me going too!!!
  17. I think Rachel is an easy person for people to hate. If you have a loud laugh and a loud voice with an inability to use an inside voice, most fans almost from the word go are going to dislike you. Add in a natural tendency to cry when you are upset about something, and more fans are going to dislike you, add in what seems like a superficial, ultra "girly" persona whose into makeup, sprinkles, sequins etc, and even more will dislike you, add in an element of "trashy" and those who were still in your corner walked out the door. Rachel unfortunately has all of that going for her. But Rachel is much more than that. True Rachel fans, love how open and vulnerable she is. There is no subterfuge with her, what you see is pretty much what you get. You see her every emotion, she is a terrible liar, and she puts her heart into everything she does (whether that is a smart idea or not). When the chips are down, she pulls through. On the skills of life, she somehow has "lame BB contests" as one of her defining skills. She has overcome incredible odds many times on both her seasons, and thus she makes a perfect "love to hate, and hate to love" house guest. I am glad she got to come back for a second season, she got to redeem herself, against many of her critics from the first season. But it is time for her to move on. On a psychological level, no person should go through the BB experience 3 years running. The intense stress, and pressure cooker environment demands a lot from house guests emotionally. We all like to poke at the house guests and hate on or love on the people that we love, and we ALL find some people annoying, but the fact of the matter is most if not all of the house guests have talked about how stressful and emotionally draining the experience is, to be stripped of all the comforts of home, the support of your friends and family, and the ability to have any degree of privacy. Then you add the added element of having to live with people whom either don't like you or out right hate you, and are determined to make your stay in the house utterly miserable, deprived of sleep (people complain about the lights in the BB house / people walking behind the walls preventing sleep/never mind the house guests whichs snore), food to eat (I am a bigger girl, I wouldn't survive more than 2 minutes on slop without wanting to kill someone) ... and then you are finally released from that, and walk out into the real world, where you get to read all the mean and nasty things people said about you. Think for a minute about cyber-bullying and the effect that has on a lot of people. Think about what feeling hated by people and reading mean stuff about yourself on the internet would do to you. Think about how, if you acted in a way outside your normal character in the house you would feel embarrassed, and how those things might make it hard for you to get a job (as you no doubt lost your old job to take 3 months off to be on BB), and you start to understand why the BB experience while it has many positive aspects has quite a lot of negative drawbacks/consequences. And I just don't think it would be healthy for anyone to go through that. Not a third time.
  18. In season 10 he had a few moments where he seemed genuinely compassionate towards Michelle. He kind of reminds me of a jerkier version of my older brother, in the days before my brother met his now wife. My brother use to be into body building, and had a cocky, I think I rock, and everyone should worship me, outward persona. He had a lot of girlfriends, and never really settled down. In all honesty my brother didn't treat a lot of girls right at all. He simply didn't value them, and used them in some rather deplorable ways, to avoid having to get serious or invest his heart in anyone, as he'd been hurt pretty badly in the past. Most of that outward cockiness was just bluffing / fake. If you were a true friend/family to him, he would often take that bluffing stuff down, and show you the power of his heart. My brother wore that kind of fake macho stuff as a bluff, to hide a person whom had gone through a painful childhood (we didn't have an easy time of things growing up, wont go into details here). But in the end, my brother was the sort of person who would do anything for the people that he loved, and was a truly special person. His wife has brought out his true self, and they have been happy for five years of marriage thus far, and just welcomed their first child, my first nephew 2 weeks ago! =) Given the stuff Jesse's mom said about him, and those few moments of genuine goodness, I kind of think that the reason everyone dislikes Jesse is two-fold. 1) They don't see past his outward bluff/find him so obnoxious annoying with his outward bluff they can't seem to like him and 2) they kept shoving him down our throats on BB. I think in real life Jesse is probably a decent person/friend to those he cares about. I wish him luck in his future endeavors. I simply do not wish to watch him on BB any longer. Thanks for sharing the link.
  19. Just wanted to provide this link http://www.bigbrotherarchives.com/ on the fourms, to Quirky-Dude's uploads of the last 13 seasons. He keeps putting 'em on You-Tube and they keep taking 'em off. Once in a while you will find a missed episode but virtually everything is there for you, in a neat little play list so all you have to do is hit play on your computer and lay back and watch. I believe he even has season 1 on there. For those of you in BB withdrawal re-watching a favorite season definitely helps kill time!
  20. I updated my previous comment to show all the videos in the right order, as the clips play list is kind of out of order. It was just the press tour/press event mock BB game. Rachel and Brenden were just there for the event, so I doubt they're house guests this season, as they wouldn't let them see the house and bed configurations before the live show. And you will be releaved to know Rachel got evicted on the mock game.
  21. http://www.cbs.com/s...ering-the-house http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252403329/big-brother-press-day-introductions http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252404903/big-brother-press-day-hoh-winner http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252407249/big-brother-press-day-strategy-starts http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252407830/big-brother-press-day-nominations http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252414877/big-brother-press-day-power-of-veto http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252407848/big-brother-press-day-veto-meeting http://www.cbs.com/shows/big_brother/video/2252411383/big-brother-press-day-eviction New funny clip of the press day, and a more moving look a the house in action.
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