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  1. gusgus

    The Black Family

    My boyfriend is black, and we were both dying!
  2. gusgus

    The Black Family

    I agree, I really like the Black family too. The mistake was made when the mother chose to build instead of buggy....with those little boys, they should've buggied it!
  3. Since when is insanity and made up sh*t bringing out the "dark side of the force"? Back and forth works when both sides have valid points.....NOT ANY conversations with Shock. Actually, Jen said she "didn't think for herself"....not an appology, but she actually did fess up (somewhat).
  4. gusgus

    Fishbowl Interviews

    THANKS! That was great
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    The way maggie talks about her profession, my money is on her being an LVN, if not then an aide.
  8. gusgus

    America's Choice Discussion

    I can see that you're not actually reading my posts, just trying to make your point. I NEVER said Janelle was a good person, if you've ever read any of my posts, you would know what I think: 1. I respect people that tell it like it is, to their face. 2. I respect people that are NOT fake (actions, what they say). 3. I do NOT respect people who sit around, talking about why THEY're wonderful, while spending the majority talking about what a horrible person the other one is. 4. Finally, I've like Janelle the entire game because she has made alliances with other players that I found a couple of reasons to have some respect for and did NOT become an alliance with those I could not find a single positive quality about. (In general). Thanks and good luck with conversations where you don't listen!
  9. I'm sick of people thinking they know what the majority thinks, and hope a poll will show where the majority's opinion lies. Thanks
  10. gusgus

    America's Choice Discussion

    What I am saying is that when a majority (voting looks about 90 something percent likes Janelle the best), then it's ok to say "America likes Janelle" BUT it's NOT ok to go on and say "America thinks she's a slut" , that's NOT what the poll said, get it now? It has nothing to do with a Janelle cult. Maybe you should re-read Shok's messages and then maybe you'll get my point.
  11. gusgus

    America's Choice Discussion

    I think it's great that you have your own opinion, but you need to realize that your opinion IS the MINORITY opinion of viewers. THIS MEANS that people who agree with the MAJORITY have the right to generalize, YOU DON'T! Plug in
  12. gusgus

    America's Choice

    Wow, that's funny! That'll be awesome for the rest of America to see the REAL way those ladies acted on the show.
  13. gusgus

    June 39th????????????

    Part of the problem you're having is because people identify with these characters because they have the same qualities that they themselves already possess or wish to possess. So it does become personal, hence the personal attacks. Are you really suprised?
  14. gusgus

    America's Choice

    Crazy idea for you, DON'T WATCH! Life must be really difficult for you...
  15. gusgus

    Live Feed Discussion

    I vote for her to crawl under a rock. But her crawling under anything and staying there is good too!