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  1. When do we think they will be doing their house walkthrough with Julie? I am about a 8/9, very ready for Big Brother lol. Tv in the summer is boring so look forward to when this comes on.
  2. is there any word yet on the cast .. I know with bb we usually know a week or so before hand whos going to be in the house... was wondering if there is any such news with this new show or not
  3. I don't know how legit this is however a friend of mine who has some inside info said his girlfriend is in the hospital and thats why he left the house. Don't know if this has been posted elsewhere lol but figured id share. Like I said don't know how legit it is but thought id share what id been told.
  4. hello everyone. I don't post often but do lurk and read lol. Looking forward to the bb season and hope its better this year and we have some shocking twists and surprises!
  5. waitin for bb

  6. I hope they release house pictures soon.. it helps with the waiting to get tid bits here and there lol
  7. lol I admit im one of those lurkers, but I will come out and say hello
  8. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! go Dick and Danni..im so freakin happy woohooo
  9. Zach just swallowed some pills. Looks like he is swallowing a fish tho as he makes a big show of swallowing them lol.
  10. Zach is cooking something to eat. Danni is still asleep. Dick is laying in round bed moaning, looks to be so sore he can hardly move.
  11. Dick still in round room, stretches out and looks like his legs are really sore. Both Zach and Dick keep looking at their hand that was holding the key, must be sore.ok Zach out of shower and he put on the same clothes he took off(can anyone say ewww). He is now brushing his teeth.
  12. Dick yelling at the people in the walls lol, he said they woke him up twice. Zach is taking a shower, Dick is playing cards with himself in the round room
  13. Dick is up and not happy. Keeps mumbling something about stairs. Couldn't quite catch what he was saying. Hes now taking some aspirin it looks like. Dick in the SR and now back out in the Kitchen. Zach is up (looks like the hamsters are waking up)
  14. hope its ok if I post some of the goings on too all are sleeping, Dick keeps tossing and turning. Just cracked his neck and now back to sleep it looks like.
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