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  1. I have been saying it all along, and Clive Davis brought it home last night when he made comment about Vonzell exuding happiness during a song that called for a melancholy soulfulness (I Know I'll Never Love This Way Again). She laughs and "hics" and generally has too good a time during every song she sings, no matter how happy or sad! Not to say that you shouldn't have a good time, but get your persona straight with the emotion of the song, for the love of pete! I know we'll be seeing her CD's in the stores really soon, and they are selling tickets to the Final 12 concert here in my hometown already. Now! It's Bo or Carrie. What a dilemma! I love Carrie so much, and she has such an awesome voice. I love Bo such and he sings great and entertains me. I plan to buy both of their CD's and I just don't know who will be THE American Idol!! :x :x OH!!! :wink:
  2. And the one going home is... Vonzell.
  3. Who will it be when they finally announce the Final 2... at 8:29 CST???... :shock:
  4. tabitha

    jury votes

    I usually have an... "I agree with you so and so..." This time, I agree with everyone so far! Ian, dumbass. What a way to not be able to afford anything else ever again!
  5. Thank you, ranster! It is nice to know that efforts are appreciated. Thanks to all of the writers, to Gaytor for his work from the beginning, to cappy for his work, as well, and ranster for coming in and wrapping it up. Jem, you astound me with your tenacity. :shock: You rock!!! This has been a great season! And a big thank you to Morty for the opportunity to write for his site! Whew! What a long, strange trip it's been!
  6. Number 1 reporting to the bridge. Set and ready to fire, I mean to write tonight! Oh how exciting! I'm just so excited, I'm nearly sick about it!! :wink:
  7. Was that a lump in your throat? (((hugs to Jackie)))
  8. tabitha

    Genders and Alliances

    Well, as Spooky says... some just aren't equipped with the right stuff... Steph just doesn't have what I'm looking for! But I can still appreciate the beauty of a woman. I think a lot of women either won't admit or get all freaked out about homophobism when asked to describe what they think about women as far as looks go. So afraid people are going to take it the wrong way. It's the 21st century for crying out loud. :?
  9. tabitha

    Genders and Alliances

    The look of "gush" between Grennifer was almost sweet at TC last night. Maybe their love is real. Guess we will find out at the finale!
  10. tabitha

    Genders and Alliances

    As a woman trying to be objective in this regard, I'm going with Steph to be the most attractive of all the female survivors this season. I base my judgement on these attributes: Looks Extremely in-shape body Sports savvy (best player of all women) Team player No other woman on the show can compare to her in these respects. So, she is my number one pick. Otherwise, I'd take Bobby Jon to bed the first chance I got!!! :twisted:
  11. tabitha

    General Discussion

    Dont watch the Donald. :?
  12. tabitha

    Genders and Alliances

    Spooky, you do have a good point. But, why oh why can't it work, just ONE TIME??? It just slays me that shite happens and things never pan out as planned, be it the women's plan or the men's. What is the deal? Is it cosmic? I don't get it either. :roll:
  13. tabitha

    Genders and Alliances

    Here, here! XS!! All for one and one for all!!!
  14. tabitha

    Genders and Alliances

    I totally loved that! I was a little pissed that yet another opportunity for the girls to come together and RULE got the shaft, but that biotch just put her foot in it that time! The lawyer in her just shines through like the sun, does it not? She just can't stand it that both sides of the story don't come out in the wash. :x
  15. Do you people have closed captioning? Jeez!