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  1. crs

    House Guest Likeness

    YEA!! You photoshop wizards...could you do that?? A side by side picture of both Will and James, both with Will's hair this time?? I'm glad I'm not the only one that sees this.. I think there could be a twist here!
  2. crs

    House Guest Likeness

    THANKS!!!! Yes, I still think they look alike.
  3. crs

    House Guest Likeness

    Yea--I posted that request back then, but then when I went back to look to see if anyone replied, the James post had been deleted!! (It was back when it was James/Chelsia post....) Bummer! I wanted to see it!!!
  4. crs

    House Guest Likeness

    I totally agree with the Natalie/Cheri Oteri one, I've said that so many times while watching the show! I also think that if someone could photo-shop a picture of Dr.Will - transport James' hair on to it - you'd see that they look like twins!! (I don't know how to do it, otherwise I would!)
  5. crs


    Can somebody get a picture of Dr.Will (Kirby) and "Photo Shop" James' hair on to it, and then post it next to a picture of James. I think they look A LOT alike in the face!!!!!!!! (I would do it, but I don't know how.)
  6. crs

    Friday, July 27th

    You know what's annoying???? UVP's red/white/black flags or whatever they are.....
  7. WHY ISN'T JEN ON THAT LIST?????????????????????????????????????
  8. crs

    Jen Or Joe?

    I agree with Jessica haters... I'd like to see them go this way: 1.Jessica 2.Jen 3.Joe What would be even better...double elimination...Jess & Jen same night!!!
  9. crs

    Houseguest Tattoos

    If you look at the pictures from today, there's a picture of Nick doing push-ups or something (he has a bandana around his head), and they show this tat from behind...it looks like STAR to me. (I don't know how to post pictures, or I would! Sorry!)
  10. crs

    Bb Twists.

    My twist guess..... I think they're all gay or bi.
  11. crs

    Nick Week 1

    Hey Cajun... Have you maybe seen him in a little film called "Next Door Male"??? There's a little clip on towleroad.com about our little Nick from MN (before the tatoos)!! I think there just may be a little "GAY" twist on this year's BB!!!! (I googled "Nick Big Brother 8" and it brought me to that site...)
  12. crs

    Fuskie's Big Brother Play-by-play

    Please add me to the list as well! I have to work every-other Thursday night, so I count on play-by-plays here!!! THANKS IN ADVANCE, FUSKIE!!!!
  13. crs

    Shrek The Third

    I too was pretty let down. LOVED the first two, but thought this one was rather boring and just kinda drug on. My 4 year old even asked if we could go home half way thru it and she is a HUGE Shrek fan. Watches the other two over and over and over. (Although, after the movie, she did say that she liked it and her favorite part was the babies.) Luckily, our theater is only $3.00 -- otherwise it would have been a total waste of money. I do know that we won't be buying this one on DVD....
  14. crs

    Rescue Me

    FX website says June 12th - season premier! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  15. crs

    Ozzy Lusth

    Just cathcing up on Survivor reading here....wow......had no idea what a "bad boy" Ozzy is!! Had to look at the pictures too ! (Looks as if the young lad was never circumcized!!)