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    Natalie - BB 11 Runner-up

    Nat didn't win BB. And all is right with the world.
  2. meandmysis

    Jordan - BB 11 Winner

    I guess it just goes to show that you can play BB and win BB and not be a total a$$. Congrats to Jordan!
  3. meandmysis

    Post-Season Interviews, Videos, Pictures

    Thanks for the link!
  4. meandmysis

    Jordan - Part 2

    I have lots of respect for what you do...and am sure that most people here do. I have been with my stylist almost as long as I have been with my husband. I have watched him go from the corner shop to upscale salons to owning his own very successful shop. Not only is he incredibly talented but has more business/marketing savvy and smarts than most people I know.
  5. meandmysis

    Natalie - Part 2

    Please Please Please! Someone...anyone get rid of her. At this point I am willing to accept any explantation that BB may have to keeping Jeff and getting rid of this Gnasty little creature. Any explanation at all. So manipulate away BB.
  6. meandmysis

    Tuesday, Sept. 1st

    Anything won unfairly isn't really worth winning at all. Is your reputation worth half a mil? She's brought play to whole new low...and considering some of the past seasons, that's says a lot. That's a lot of crap to carry around, forever being known as the lying, cheating skank from BB 11. ITA! It takes the fun out of it for me.
  7. meandmysis

    Mystery Door Twist

    I love the thought of that!!! Can you imagine the looks on their faces when he walked back in. Well...a girl can hope!
  8. meandmysis

    The Biggest Loser: Families

    I would loooooooove to see the grusome twosome (well, threesome with Ed) turn on each other and self destruct. The morons that make up the blue team (Amy aside) are an embarrassment to the show. Every other season i have watched and been inspired by the players and cheered them on. Even though they competed with each other they also supported each other. Remember the final four in the "triathalon" last year. Even though Mark won they all supported each other and the first three ran back to finish the race with Kelly and cheer her on, all of them crossing the finish line together. This year they seem to just want to sabatog and heckle each other. I take a great deal of comfort in the fact that karma's a b*tch (not unlike Vicky and Heba) Every Wednesday those two have to get up and face their famlies, friends and co-workers who are now seeing their true colors!! I'm guessing those two are not the most popular kids on the block right now!
  9. meandmysis

    Last Comic Standing

    Just saw this season for the last two weeks. It looks like there are some funny comics this year. I wasn't suprised to see Esther Ku go. I didn't even think she should have made it in the first place...there were a lot of funnier comics who deserved to go through. I have to agree about God's Pottery. They were pretty amusing in the Yo Mama round (overall there some funny stuff) but their act would get tired really fast. I've been a fan of Sean Cullen's for years (Corky and the Juice Pigs anyone?) and it's nice to see him get some exposure in the states. I have to wonder how far he'll go because his comedy has always been a little different, without as much of a broader appeal.
  10. meandmysis

    Limited Votes?

    I agree! But I dont think it could ever happen...they LOVE being able to say that "36 million votes" or what ever the number was that week. They can't say that there were that many people who voted but they try to imply it...and it just sound better for them
  11. meandmysis

    Carly Smithson

    She was never one of my faves but there was no way she deserved to go yesterday. The love affair with her seemed to cool off in the last few weeks...i think her tattoos (and her hubby with the face tats!) scared middle America. It's hilarious because almost every show the judges try to make a point of pompously saying "This isn't a popularity contest, this is a talent contest". Uh...no. And this week proved it.
  12. meandmysis

    Biggest Loser: Couples

    As of the last show this is where each contestant stands Mark started at 285 lbs, and is now at 169 lbs having lost 116 lbs, meaning he has lost 40.7% of his starting weight Roger started at 363 lbs, and is now at 219 lbs having lost 144 lbs, meaning he has lost 39.7% of his starting weight Kelly started at 271 lbs, and is now at 178 lbs having lost 93 lbs, meaning she has lost 34.3% of her starting weight Ali started at 234 lbs, and is now at 135 lbs having lost 99 lbs, meaning she has lost 42.5% of her starting weight So if the final weigh in had been on Tuesday Ali would have won. If America votes Roger in, as he still hasa the potential to lose the most at home, he will win. Otherwise Kelly and Ali really have a chance against Mark, although Mark and Ali don't really have anything to lose at home...they just have to maintain!
  13. meandmysis

    David Archuleta

    Not to echo what everyone else has said but...the kid has a great voice but does absolutely nothing for me. What I am getting sick of though is the misrepresentation. This last show the way he was talking was like he had never even heard of the song that he was going to sing (Angels I think it was called). It was just like oh yeah...cruising the net for lyrics...la...la
  14. meandmysis

    Carly Smithson

    When ever I see Carly I have to laugh. The girl never wears sleeves and loves to display the huge biker style tattoo on her arm. I think she's looking at it like free advertsing for her husband's tattoo parlour!
  15. meandmysis

    Kristy Lee Cook

    Totally NOT one of my favourites HOWEVER she seems to be learning and growing more than anyone in this contest. And she is damn smart in her song choice.