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  1. I think that they are a perfect pick for all-stars!! Well Charla is an all-star, I guess Mirna is along for the ride. I will never forget how tough she was, carrying that slab of meat when Mirna could/would not, going into the water under the pyrimid when it was over her head and Mirna could have walked through it, how she ate all that awful food and had to work so much harder than everyone else because of her size. Charla is a definate all-star.
  2. I love this couple, I am so happy they were selected as all stars. Maybe they were not all-star racers but they are all-star people and many tv viewers like knowing there are still people like David and Mary in this world. Goooooo KY.
  3. I love this couple, they put the "real" in reality. I love the fact that this is all new to them and that the whole game will be a huge challenge. Go David & Mary!!!!!
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