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  1. Hey Everybody havent really posted much since big brother 6 i believe it was but sure miss it here! feels nice seeing some familiar names and here's to a great season in a little over a month!
  2. kayman

    Best and worst 1st week

    Best: Jeff - he's actually lucky for his team to be turning on him... he gets the best of both worlds.. all worlds actually. His teammates hate him but they can't do anything about it since he's in their clique while everyone else who can actually nominate him won't be putting him on the block since they probably feel sorry for him and thinking they can recruit him onto their side. Plus he's getting lucky with some showmance starting with Jordan. Worst Ronnie - thinking he's too smart for his own good... time to lay low dude Russ - he's gotta be going on the block next week for sure if the athletes don't win HOH...at least i hope he does
  3. i gotta agree with realityfan on this one...that chess game veto episode was one of the best moments of big brother with the music playing in the background and everything in the house turned against the nerdherd
  4. kayman

    Was Howie on the Early Show???

    i think howie knew a long time ago that james was double crossing their alliance. Even though howie seems pretty stupid and silly at times, he knows who his true friends/allies are. Man i wish howie was able to survive just one more week to wreak havoc on chilltown. Those no good s.o.bs.
  5. kayman

    Best Week Ever?

    i actually thought this was gonna be an amazing week with chicken george winning the hoh out of nowhere. i was so happy seeing him win and seeing him get to eat again too. but then out of nowhere, he turns on howie, the one person that has been there this whole time. wtf!
  6. kayman

    "Chicken" George

    i thought chicken george was really playing the game for himself and really didnt care about what the others thought about him but i was just completely wrong. howie, of all people, the only person that was nice to him throughout the whole game was the one evicted by the chicken man. he's the one that always says crap like "i'll remember you for doing this deed." pretty short term memory huh? howie never even did anything to him what so ever. why the hell did he want to save erika in the first place anyway. she never even talks to him unless its asking him to vote for her. cg really is only a people pleaser and nothing more. deep down inside, i still think he's truly a good person and probably nicer than anyone else in that house but that is no way to treat someone who looked out for you this whole time.
  7. kayman

    Howie - Evicted Week 7

    i hope howie really got into boogies face good. boogies just an obnoxious jerk that does not belong in allstars whatsoever.... would of been so happy if howie just took a swing at boogie on his way out. gonna miss you lots jedi!
  8. kayman

    POV - George

    thanks. i was about to think it was really stupid for kaysar to give up every single veto competition here after for this one veto when he didnt even need it at all.
  9. kayman

    POV - George

    does anybody know for sure if kaysar and chicken george cant compete for any more vetos throughout the entire season or just for next week?
  10. kayman

    "Chicken" George

    i cant believe how much james and janelle hate poor georgie. i'm a big sov fan but it's unnecessary for them to hate chicken george so bad. I never even seen george talk smack about anyone not even in the diary room where your true colors are suppose to come out. Every time he's in the diary room he's just laughing and smiling and talking about random stuff unlike all the others being cocky or saying how much they hate somebody. And plus why would you wanna evict george since he's the one doing all the housework and making sure the house doesnt burn down with all their filth. You're more than okay in my book Georgieeeeeeeeeee!!
  11. kayman

    "Chicken" George

    If George eats something and no one sees him does it still count as a penalty nomination? -cindyannie yea it doesnt matter if no one catches him. once he eats he gets that penalty nomination.
  12. kayman

    IF Big Brother was a soap opera....

    "The Old One Out" poor georgiee.....
  13. kayman

    "Chicken" George

    im beginning to like chicken george more and more everyday. makes me wanna watch his season of big brother. he really seems like this real person that can also have fun even if he is a little older than the other houseguests. i felt really good for him when they showed him joining the others in that slip and slide game and mounting howie. lol that was hilarious. usually hes like just sitting their in the pool or somewhere by himself not really getting involved into serious conversations with the other guests.
  14. kayman

    sov hate chicken george?

    i just hope kaysar is smart enough not to waste this week on chicken george.
  15. kayman

    sov hate chicken george?

    i feel like they are targeting the wrong person again just like they did last season. Even though Chicken George can't be trusted, its not like he's straight out gunning for them. wouldnt it be alot smarter for them to take out the people who have a real alliance like the diane, nakomis thing or the dr will, boogie thing? i mean the coasters are a little dangerous but they're only dangerous in the end game. i dont think they even have to worry about him at this point.