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  1. Yep. And this is teaching the youth of Florida.
  2. Never gonna work out for them. She's not the 17y/o Packi virgin that his parent would accept and she sure isn't the type to follow three steps behind him and follow every work or command he bellows. They both needed to play their own games weeks ago. Now it's too late for them both.
  3. First she pushes Fessy away, then is all over him for the veto, then pushes him away again, and then is crawling all over him in bed ???. Might be game on her part, but I'm not a fan. She could leave at any time soon...
  4. He has his head in the game, but it's the one between his legs ( and I really wish he'd stop 'adjusting' it all the time under the covers). He might be an ok player if he'd ever grow a pair and start thinking for himself.
  5. Sort of agree, Don't really feel sorry for the Wacky Rockett, but would love her royal lowness to see the other side of the door. Too bad she's made the jury.
  6. I'm confused.. Brett was on the block against each of them.. What was he supposed to do, just sit back and not campaign for himself?
  7. She when to pieces and fell apart at the first sign of pressure. Not suited for this game.
  8. I could just do without Swagless. Period - exclamation point..
  9. I'd vote for her for the 'most annoying house slut' ever.....
  10. That would be the greatest ever. I'm so over her 'princess' routine. First she's not that attractive and she definitely isn't that bright. And her minion Hayley is a close second for unsupported attitude.
  11. Everything about this psycho is disgusting. Let's just hope her spirit guides guide her right out of the house for good. Enough with her phony visions and whining!!!
  12. Is she displaying her psychic abilities or she psycho tendencies. She's doing a much better job at the latter. Here's hoping she tanks on the veto and her continued meltdown sends her out this week. And that Sam's power app doesn't save her. If she is saved ( please god NO ) you know she'll try to claim she knew it all along.
  13. Seems all Paul is doing is marking a target for next week.. He trying to gather his flock of protection for two week hence when he no longer is under the protection. He needs to feel that all are bowing to his great wisdom and kneeling in his presence. He wasn't a good player last season and I can't stand him now. His play and bullying is ugly and can only hope the others see this and act as soon as they can.
  14. Yep !!!! or I'd hang myself.. The only actor he reminds me of is Grandpa Munster. and Grandpa Munster dressed better..........
  15. Completely agree.!!! Never liked him last season and not happy to see him back. Safe for three weeks ?????? looks like the producers are putting in the fix again. So far not really liking anyone of these new house guests. Several could go right now as far as I'm concerned, buy we'll have to see how things develop.
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