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    Dr Will

    I don't care for Mike Boogie at all but I was wondering why someone said he looks like Ellen Degeneras. I don't think he does at all and I also think that is an insult to Ellen. If Will had it in his contract to let Boogie on the show with him, then they shouldn't have picked either one of them and picked 2 other people. I don't understand why some people think Will is such a good player. I can't stand him and I think he is so conceited. Both Will & Boogie need to go real soon! Go Janelle!!
  2. beagle

    fear factor

    I was rooting for Tana/Craig but knew that Miz/Trishelle would wind up winning. I can't believe they only caught one ball. I think they shoud have let Craig catch and Tana throw. Does anyone know if it would have ended in a tie what would have happened? Other than that, I thought the show was pretty good. I also like to know why is it always the females that wind up with the bugs all over them and not the men? I like when they have these celebrities shows, they should do more of them.
  3. beagle

    Avatar Questions

    I finally got a chance to come back on this and I uploaded the photo and it worked. Thank you very much.
  4. beagle

    Avatar Questions

    I don't know if I am in the right place but can anyone help me on how to add a photo? If I am in the wrong place, please direct me in the right direction. Thank you.
  5. beagle

    GSN Obtain TAR repeats

    Yeah I know, I didn't like that they did that. I wonder if they will show the episode that was supposed to be aired? I can't wait until AR3 and AR4 are over, so this way I wll be all caught up with all the seasons, since I came in on season 5.
  6. beagle

    GSN Obtain TAR repeats

    Thanks for letting me know. They should have said something on Saturday night when they were showing clips for Sunday that it would be a 2 hour show. I hope it doesn't happen again and I wind up missing another episode of one of the other seasons. Usually the last show is 2 hours but I didn't think they would have two shows being 2 hours. I liked Danny/Oswald, they were very laid back and still did good on some of the tasks. They were having fun instead of worrying about everyone else. More teams should be like that and not worry what everyone else is doing.
  7. beagle

    GSN Obtain TAR repeats

    Thanks, I figured that is how I missed it with the show being two hours. I thought only the last show would have been 2 hours but I guess Monday's show was also 2 hours and I only taped it for an hour. Oh well! If I would have known, I would have taped it again at midnight. But thanks again. I figured season 3 was going to start tonight. I guess they are just going to continue showing it until they are up to date with all the seasons. Season 2 was good and my favorite team was Paige/Blake and I really wanted them to win. I agree with Paige that Tara was no better and she shouldn't have kept hanging all over Alex but Will was just so stupid and always had problems when he had to do the road blocks. I can't wait to see the next 2 seasons because then I will be all caught up with all the seasons as I started watching AR staring with Season 5.
  8. beagle

    GSN Obtain TAR repeats

    As far as I know, Blake and Paige were a well liked team. The other teams were well liked too except for Will, didn't seem like too many people liked him. I didn't care for him myself. I can't wait to for season 3 to start, which I think is tonight.
  9. beagle

    GSN Obtain TAR repeats

    I have been taping the AR on GSN and was wondering if anyone can help me out with a question? I watched last Sunday's (7/31) episode and when it was time for me to watch Monday's (8/1) episode, I noticed that they had skipped a show. They never showed the episode where Gary/Dave got eliminated. They did show some previews of that show but I never got to see the whole thing. The next episode was where Oswald/Danny got eliminated. Did I somehow miss it or was Sunday's show 2 hours for some reason? If they didn't show it, any particular reason why? If anyone can help me out, I would appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. beagle

    How does the voting for the finale work

    First off, CONGRATULATIONS CARRIE!! I like them both but was hoping Bo would win. But I am sure he will be just as successful as Carrie. They both are great!! Does anyone know how close the votes were? 8)
  11. beagle

    jury votes

    Does anyone know which jury member voted for Tom or Katie? I know Colby voted for Katie and Janu voted for Tom, but what about the rest?