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  1. 9:16 pm - feeds are up after the episode, Kyra and Este talking about how it is going to be a tie... 9:17 pm Dane and Adam talking , Adam won HOH Dane and Adam are talking about Mark. Mark put up Adam saying that it matches with the storyline. Anthony doesn't look too happy tonight 9:20 pm Anthony is complaining that everyone is walking around all cocky, and he is complaining that Kyra is a snake, and has been snaking this whole game Anthony: "scared. No backbone" 9:28 pm Dane talking to Este in Have-Not room. Dane is talking about how Adam should not have won that. He has too many wins. Dane talking about how Adam's social game isn't that great but a lot of people would vote for him.
  2. 8:45 pm Someone found a secret power in the archive room and nominated a third nominee. The third nominee is Cory
  3. 11:44 AM Kyra talking to Anthony in the BBR trying to convince him that Cory should not put up Sam as a replacement nominee. (Having a strong couple like Sam and Adam will help keep eyes off of Anthony and Cory) 11:46 Anthony, I know for a fact that Cory would have been a replacement nominee when Sam was HOH Anthony: Cory and I don't follow each other around and suck farts out of eachother's asses Anthony: You are just trying to protect Sam Anthony: Do you think Adam makes decisions on his own? Kyra: Yes Anthony: Do you think Adam influences Sam as much as Sam influences Adam Kyra: Yes Anthony: (skeptically) Okay... Anthony: It is easy to see who wears the pants in the relationship
  4. 10:36 pm - feeds are back, Adam and Dane are talking in Leon's lounge, Dane thinks he is going on the block Adam: I'm pissed off because I should have won that fucking thing Corey Won! It was up to her Adam and Dane
  5. 9:10 PM - Waiting for the feeds to come up, hoping to catch a glimpse of the HOH competition
  6. Sam & Keira talking about what happens if someone gets pulled off the block. Sam: I know one thing for sure, I am not putting up another female Sam: No one wants this house to be run by a bunch of fucking dudes 6:05: Adam tells Sam that Dane has an idea and he wants to talk to both of us about it. 6:10 pm Dane, Sam, Keira, Adam all talking in Leon's secret lounge. They try to encourage Sam and Adam to kiss. Sam: That would be our first kiss They are talking about Mark Sam: He is unpredictable Keira leaves. It also seems like they are getting a movie after the noms 6:13 pm Now that those three are alone, Adam says "What are we talking about again?" Dane: We were talking about my idea to.. - feeds cut [with some comedic timing, as I was curious to see the plan!]
  7. 5:26 pm Corey: (talking about being HOH) people are going to try to pass you around. Like a cookie. Wait- cookies aren't something you pass around. Sam: A joint Corey: Yes- exactly, like a joint. I was like "this is my classroom" Big brother: Samantha, Corey please go to the living room Sam: Is it time? Corey: Maybe everyone else is already down there 5:23 pm Anthony is telling a story about a mathematician who was being nominated for a nobel peace prize. It is a pretty impressive story, and it seems that the mathematician also is schizophrenic. "I've learned that there isn't always an answer, sometimes problems are left unsolved." 5:36 pm The story is done, and I found out that he is describing a beautiful mind from the beginning to the end to Kyra. Some of the other houseguests joined to listen as they are starting to gather in the living room. 5:38 pm Sam and Kyra sneak off to the Blood Veto room Sam to Kyra: I need you to be my eyes Kyra: I have been. Mark, Dane, Damian, Adam- all went to the pantry. They were consoling him. Kyra: I talked to Dane. I told him I am fine with either nominee, and asked him what he thought. I said I am not going to campaign this week, and he said "me neither". But he also said that Mark has a lot of power... so maybe Dane really is more loyal to the girls. [ha] 5:40 Adam joins the conversation. They are talking about Corey Sam: The conversation with Corey was great. She is really good at saying a lot and saying nothing. Kyra mentions that one of them should leave, it is too obvious if all three of them are in the same room, when so many people are in the living room *Adam leaves Kyra: Have you noticed that he doesn't want us to be alone together? He always comes in right after me. *Keira comes in Sam: Hi, I was going to come find you Keira: I feel like I am interrupting... Sam: No, it's totally fine Kyra: It's just that I haven't talked to Sam alone like all day... But it's fine I'll go Keira: Are you sure? I don't want to feel like I am bothering you guys Kyra leaves 5:47 pm Keira: (to Sam) The biggest thing that is bothering me is that people are saying that I was flat out targeting you which is a complete lie. Adam is a threat- but I am not coming for you. Sam is worried that people will keep Adam around as a shield and she will be voted out first. Keira says that she wouldn't vote Sam out first- she would vote Adam instead. Keira: I can't tell you enough that you weren't my target Sam: Whenever I told people that you said you didn't throw out my name they all said bullshit. Keira: Well it makes sense that they would say that- because they wouldn't want me to get closer to you... Keira is telling Sam that she wants to work with her. She says that people are trying to keep them apart Sam: I am trying to build relationships outside of Adam- because he has his numbers Sam: Let's just be legit, you haven't talked game to me once since we've been here. Most people haven't- and it's because people just see me as me and Adam. Keira is saying that talking to Mark feels like work. He is always fiddling around and not making eye contact. Keira: So who is he close too? I thought he was close with you Sam: No. Keira: If I stay this week, if I win HOH you are safe. No back door, I want you here. Sam: For me- I would rather take a number from the guys. Sam: Corey is not going to vote to keep Mark- get closer to Corey. Get closer to her on a personal level- that's how she works Sam: I feel like you and Anthony are tight. Keira: Yeah, but I don't know how close he is to Mark 5:59 Keira & Sam: Dane is playing a really good game. Sam: Watch Dane, learn what he does. He takes a truth and wraps it in a lie
  8. Waiting for the feeds to come back to find out who won HOH!! Stay tuned 9:41 pm
  9. Tuning into the feeds here at 11:10 PM after a beauty of a day. 11:11 pm Chelsea and Dane whispering in the bathroom, they are talking about Kyra- and being frustrated that they (Kyra) over-crowd the HOH. They don't really give people space Chelsea: It's Kyra or me Chelsea: You still get a number out (by evicting Kyra), and you get to keep someone in this game who is going to be honest Chelsea: They (Kyra) are going to lie to your face Dane: I know they are. They are a terrible liar Chelsea: Think of somebody that you want around you, who will put in the work. 11:17 pm Chelsea: "It's impossible to have any freedom (with Kyra) It's nice to have somebody who cares about you, but I didn't come into this house for a like "psudo-relationship." Like, when I was HOH we had to have conversations about how we handle our emotions." Dane: Holy fuck
  10. 10:52 Anthony telling Adam in have not room to stop playing the nice guy to Sam. You have to remind her that you have been protecting her since day one. Put all this into her head.
  11. 10:33 pm and the feeds are back on! Sam Chelsea, and Kyra are whispering in the bathroom. Chelsea leaves, Adam comes in, and Kyra storms out Adam (to Sam): Are they mad at me? Sam: Dane has said a lot of stuff to Kyra, about all the guys working together Sam and Chelsea are saying that there was no girl alliance, it didn't go anywhere, it wasn't a thing. This 'girls alliance' rumour is falling on Chelsea, and she feels like a lot of blame is being put on her "I F**ked up" Chelsea "there was a chatter of this 7... but did it ever happen? no. Sam "I think he is also saying that becuase it was your HOH Adam: He was saying that you guys had to go, and you were saying he had to go. I wanted everyone to work together 10:14 PM Sam (to Adam and Chels in the bathroom): We have to be really carefull what we say to Dane Adam: I'm trying to get him to be good with you guys Chelsea (to Adam): I feel like a lot of what I have told you has been brought to other people. I have been looking out for you Dane called out Chelsea for having a girls alliance, and a final two with Eddie 10:17 pm Kyra (to Adam): If you knew that Dane was going after them (Chelsea and Sam), why would you tell Dane that they (Chelsea and Sam) were questioning him? Adam: I'm working with him, I tell him things Kyra: Do you trust him more than these two? Are you closer with him than these two? Adam: No Kyra: Then why tell Dane something that could mess up their game? Adam: Are you coming at me right now? It feels like you are coming at me right now Dane to Adam in the Have-not room 10:22PM: They (Kyra) are not the problem. We have to get rid of Chelsea 10:25 Dane talking to Anthony and Damien in the Have not room Dane: Adam is freaking out because Sam and Chelsea are mad at him Shout-out to Anthony and what looks like a full velvet purple outfit.
  12. 3:18 PM Este is dancing in the HOH room 3:20 pm Adam talking to Mark about how he is not sure if he trusts Dane. He has been telling the girls some things Adam told him in confidence. Adam says he is stressed out. 3:40 PM - I missed most of the conversation between Adam and Mark, but they ended it- hugged, and Adam says he feels better (about Dane and pretty boys)
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