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  1. I'm still cheering for the 4, but they made a really stupid move tonight. They kept 2 people who are far better at challenges in the game AND who are still 2 people strong & very loyal to eachother and have the ability to pull someone else over to their side. It was just stupid gameplay on the 4's part. Who gives a crap if the jury isn't gonna like you. You're gonna be in the finals so not like it matters.. they're gonna have to vote for one of ya anyway! Just.... grrrrrr... I don't wanna have to see freaking Adumb and Skanky baby teeth scheming next week. By the previews... I'm gonna be screaming at my tv next week. They just made such a bad move. I can't believe that they voted out a nonthreat in every way. Jonathan would not have won a challenge (unless it was a fluke).. and would have been a very easy win if he was in final 2 since this jury seems like it's going to be filled with emotional votes instead of "who did the best". I really hope no one is going to fall for Skank and Adumbs persuasions next week.
  2. Gosh it sucked to see Jon go. I really thought it was going to be Adam once Ozzy won the immunity. But as soon as Becky and whatsherfaceidontcareabout gave him the silent treatment... I knew things were gonna go all wrong. Sure Jonathan put his foot in his mouth sometimes and was a little annoying, but I didn't see the problem with him. He just had a more outspoken personality and was playing the game as best he could. It just makes me sick when Adumb and Skank want to blame Jonathan for everything.. NM that THEY were the ones that decided to keep him around instead of people that definetly would not have betrayed them.
  3. WOOT! So happy Caridee ended up winning!! I was just happy to see Eugena finally gone though. And WTH was up with the judges evaluating the photos the girls have taken? When they came upon Caridee's bull one... they were saying how they loved it, etc etc.. but uhm... during that episode... weren't they saying how she look too hoochified, and how they didn't like it?? Seriously.... WTF? I just wish someone would smack Tyra down a few hundred pegs she's climbed her bloating butt up.
  4. I'm a woman and think she's pretty cute. She's an idiot and I hate her personality (from what we've seen on the show).. but all that aside, I think most men would find her very attractive.
  5. I just couldn't believe the idiocy of the old Raro tribe. How on earth are they going to sit there and get mad at Jonathen when they knew damn well that he wasn't to be trusted AND had numerous oppurtunities to get rid of him, but decided that they needed to use him. Now who's fault is it that that plan pretty much turned around and bit them on their spoiled asses? It sure as hell wasn't Jon's fault. He was being threatened with elimination and took his chance to get further in the game. Good for him! He is the one out there working the hardest to make sure he's gonna go further. Yeah his personality is a bit irritating, but no one can deny that he's working it 110%. Poverty, Adumb can go suck on an egg. Freaking spoiled brats expecting to be handed everything while everyone else does the work. I don't think I ever heard a comeback when that was stated. They just wanted to keep pointing their fingers at Jon hoping he would leave..... but once again totally forgetting that they had their chance and blew it. I can already tell that this jury is going to suck b/c there are going to be way too many people voting on emotion instead of their head.. and I really can't stand that. Even if they do end up voting for someone I like (if they make it to final 2 that is)...you just know emotions are going to be running high and although it will be interesting to watch, the whining finger pointing is going to suck. And pls tell me I wasn't the only one who wanted to punch out Nate when he was making a fool out of himself in the jury... they really need to put some sort of 2 way mirror or something inbetween them so the people still in the game can't see the jury's stupid ass reactions.
  6. I was clapping and hopping on my couch like a mad woman when she was sent packing... until she decided to stick her tongue down Adam's throat... that just made me gag. I'm sorry but I didn't need to see that.. specially from those 2 with the way they did it. It was just stank.
  7. Ugh I wanted to see Eugena go home and was UBER PO'd when she was freaking called 2nd. Their excuses to keeping her are just lame as hell. There's only so much potential a girl can have. I mean god damn... she's taken ONE GOOD PHOTO so far. Their "has potential" BS they keep spewing on and on about her is just grating on my last nerve. AJ showed more potential AND took alot better photos. So did alot of the other girls for that matter. Eugena better be gone next. I'd like it if Caridee won it all. She has the best look and photographs really well. She just needs to.. I dunno... listen a bit more maybe. And I wanted to punch Tyra out when she kept bringing up how models should speak up if they're not feeling right or whatever during a shoot. Uhm... isn't that what Caridee did? She spoke up when she couldn't take it anymore. What more did you want from the girl.. to say something as soon as her lip started shaking?? I swear Tyra is just trying to find something to criticise her about. I just wanna rip that nasty hair out of Tyra's head and cut up every single one of her girdles so she can't hide her gut anymore. Oh and Melrose... meh.... I actually wouldn't mind it if she won. She's worked really hard and most of the time has a decent outcome. She does photograph weird sometimes though. Like last week with the bull and all that. Her face just looked funky in that picture.
  8. OOOO I can't wait for tonight's episode! I wanna see what Hiro's been up to and why on earth did he leave Charlie? a few weeks before her death. Apparently she still does die though? Gosh.. who knows!
  9. I actually wouldn't be mad if Melrose won it. Sure her personality isn't the best, but she knows what she's doing most of the time. Of course I'd be happier if Caridee won it all though. I just don't wanna see Eugena go further. I just can't stand her. She's so dull and just ugly to me.
  10. I didn't read through the thread. From reading the last page though seems like it's nothing but mindless bickering back and forth by those who like her and those who don't Anywho... She's a pretty girl, but I don't like her mainly b/c of her crappy flirting skills. It was just absolutly painful watching her lame attempts. I just hope the stuff that was shown was more joking around than anything.
  11. I'm just glad Jaeda is gone gong gone gone goooonnnee Good god was she annoying as hell. AS for CariDee... Doesn't it seem like the judges just have it out for her? Like a few weeks ago, they tryed to say she's too desperate or some such nonsense. And then they tryed to come up with some other lame crit.... and this time... yeah her commercial did suck ass, but they tryed to say that b/c she won the challenge is the reason she did so poorly? B/c she was getting a big head? What? Did ANYONE get that from her when she was doing the commercial? I know I sure didn't. And then I just wanted to beat the crap out of Nigel when he was actually fighting for Jaeda to stay. I mean COME ON.. you've gotta be freaking kidding me!! This girl hasn't taken a single good picture and he wants her to stay??? She's shown time and time again that no matter how much she SAYS she wants to be there.. her actions clearly show that she wouldn't be willing to commit to it 110%. Anywho That commercial was stupid as hell anyway. They should've judged them on the english one they had to do instead of some stupid "we're gonna make you speak another language.. oh no.. it's not gonna be awkward at all!" bullcrap. It's not like these girls are going to be speaking that over here in the US. Blahblahblah.. I hope Eugena is next. She may be lively doing challenges.. but she still hasn't taken a decent picture IMO. She has the personality of a rock and skin as bumpy as a gravel road.
  12. Of course I'm cheering for Puka!! Go go Asians! WOOO! My fav ppl so far are Cao Boi... he just seems like such a weird cool guy. And Yul.. b/c I like the strong intelligent guys as well. Was SO happy when he got that idol too! Go Yul go! WOO!
  13. Couldn't have said it better myself. I freaking hate HAAAATE her. Everything she does irritates the hell out of me & I just wanna punch her face in whenever I see it.
  14. Awww I'm sad that that one breaker didn't make it. The one that just did flips and twists and all that crazy stuff. I could watch him do that for hours. I really liked that poplock guy near the end and uhm.... yeah... I'm actually just really happy that I don't have to look at the plastic surgery nightmare host from the first season. Good god she looked horrible.
  15. Good god.... that finale was just... AWESOME!!!!! Ok first up... what was up with the weirdo pterodactyl looking bird? Was I the only one who thought that's what it looked like? Just smaller? And then, what the hell was up with the humongoid foot with 4 toes? Where IS the rest of the statue?? It was obviously huge... so there would be pieces of it visible somewhere. And did something happen when they let the timer run out? Besides the noise and the light... what else happened? And why the hell do these people not freak out when this stuff does happen!!! And when the quarantine door fell from the sky... did anyone else think of the Truman Show when that happened? Remember the part when the big spotlight thing falls? That's what the door falling reminded me of.. plus with what Desmond said about there not being anything out there or whatever. And if it was the door that was blow off the hatch... how the heck was it propelled so high into the sky? And what was the noise and the bright light? The Others didn't seem too fazed by it... And what was up with the end? Those guys were speaking Russian? And apparently working for Desmond's woman and I guess looking for him? But how would she know what to look for? And is the asshole Mike and Walt really gonna be rescued? I have my doubts on that. I don't think they'd give up Walt so easily. And and and *faints* I don't want this to be the season finale damnit! Oh yeah.. and was I the only one that got teary eyed when Desmond went down into that thing with the key and there was that whole heroic kinda moment going on... Man oh man... I'm getting teary eyed just thinking about it lol.
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