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  1. 2:21 PM BBT Nicole tells Michie that another thing Cliff did before he left was to leave just one ice cube in every tray.
  2. 12:40 PM BBT For your viewing pleasure, an image of the two houseguests that have complained the most all season about "not getting any sleep", especially the last few days. 12:50 PM BBT Michie heads into the kitchen and sees the dishes in the sink, "That's annoying" He begins to wash the dishes, but he's making more noise than necessary. He breaks a wine glass off its stem in the process.
  3. 3:30 AM BBT The house is dark and silent. The final 3 are all sleeping in the target bedroom. Nicole is in the round bed.
  4. 2:22 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are in the bathroom area. Michie helps Nicole apply ointment and an ace bandage to her knee. They talk about how they are exhausted all day, but then at night they can't go to sleep. Nicole- it's not like jury votes having anything to do with it (sarcasm)....it will be like, wow, wait a minute Michie- that's fucking haunting me....."fucking Michie...that piece of shit"...if the jury gets pissed at all three of us. It's necessarily...you know it's like the old saying about running from the bear. You don't have to be the fastest running from the bear; you just can't be the slowest. You don't have to be the most liked by the jury. You just can't be the most disliked. Nicole- who is the least disliked Michie- probably Holly or you....and is sure not me. I take the cake for being the most disliked. I like on a game and personal gave the shaft to 4 or 5 people. The only ones I didn't were Jack, Kat, and Nick. There are still 5 other people. All 5 I either sent out the door or had a strong hand... Nicole- they might respect that, you don't know Michie- I know when Tommy and Cliff get there, they are gonna have some things to say Nicole- yeah, but Tommy could also say me and Cliff were the ones voting Michie- Well, that's the thing. We don't know. 2:49 AM BBT Nicole fixes herself a wine glass full of chocolate milk. She notices the glass is crooked Michie- it is a little cattywampus Nicole- cattywonkus? Michie- cattywampus....a little crooked Nicole- askew? Michie- yeah Nicole- I should have gotten a brownie Michie goes to get her a brownie from her HOH Basket stash Michie comes back with her brownie and she thanks him for flattening the sprinkles into the brownie for her. He says that he notices she does that Nicole- yeah, because otherwise they fall out. What good is a brownie without the sprinkles? That's just bullshit. She then teases him that she will not vote for him because he squished the sprinkles. Michie- I figured you wouldn't mind. I took a little of the legwork out for you. Nicole- I do mind. And that was a half million dollar decision Michie- Shut up.... (He then pretends to be Nicole and deliver ... with sarcasm) 'You know Michie, I was gonna take you to the final two but the other night when you got out of your game of solitaire and went out of your way to go and get me a Little Debbie brownie while I sat there on my butt and waited and drank my cattywampus chocolate milk. You came back with said brownie, however you took the pleasure away from me of smooshing the sprinkles. For that...Sorry, but I cast the sole vote to evict to you.' Nicole is laughing 3:10 AM BBT Michie and Nicole are still up chatting in the kitchen Nicole- Weeks ago I was asking myself who would you sit next to in the final 2...(she tells Michie it was him) Michie- that would be cool Nicole- 'Nicole, don't fuck it up....don't fuck it up' Michie- could you imagine the two of us going toe to toe in the final HOH....heart palpitations....I'll need a defibrillator
  5. 7:05 PM BBT [Well, my first question is... Did Cliff follow through and hide Orwell with the backgammon dice and a few playing cards like he was planning? I do hope so. -MamaLong] 7:52 PM BBT [The feeds are still out and rumor has it that there was a second audience brought in around 5 PM, likely to film Part 1. I don't expect feeds back any time soon. I'm out for the night -MamaLong]
  6. 2:10 PM BBT We may not get the feeds back before the live show (rumor has it production had a 2 hour earlier than usual set call) 2:40 PM BBT With a 2 PM call time, they could begin filming at 3. For all we know, they could be filming right now. Tonight's show should be very interesting.
  7. 10:09 AM BBT Cliff is in the shower. Holly and Michie are cuddling in bed in the campsite area. 10:25 AM BBT The feeds cut for HoHR lockdown
  8. 9:07 AM BBT Cliff is the only one awake. He settles in the boat room to deliver what is possibly his last BB CLiff Notes. Cliff- Good Morning to the live feeders out there and to my amazing, wonderful family who I could not do without. 9 o'clock pacific time; Day 93 here in the Big Brother House and likely my last morning in this house. I spent so many of my early days in the mornings in here talking that I almost hurt my game....maybe it did hurt my game. But, I learned. It was all about trying to communicate with people out there. As a fan, I love this game so much and I wanted to share it. So, if this is the last morning, I want to spend it here for awhile.........ugh, so close, so close. I know I have said it a thousand times, but one more time...it's not so much the difference between 4th and 3rd..it's that I could have had my family here in the finale and a part of the Big Brother process. And now it looks like it won't happen. I'm sorry. I wanted to share it with you Kelly, Daniel and Sharon. I fought hard this whole season. In the end, apparently, obviously, I was too trustworthy of people making promises....one person in particular, and maybe I pushed one too many deals and that's what caused my downfall. Those last deals, I was worried about having a duo in the final 4 and I was worried about Tommy in the final 4. I though I figured out a way to craft a deal that would put myself and Nicole in the final 3. That's where being too trusting of someone else bit me in the ass. I've watched plenty of Big Brother. I should have known. It's the name of the game, and I'm paying the price. I accept that. 9:13 AM BBT Cliff talks about how before he came in the house he said he would play dirty if he had to. Once here, there were many chances that he could, but he just didn't want to. Cliff admits to trying to have it both ways, and it didn't work out. If Holly had not thrown the HoH I could be final 3, but Holly acted honorably and Michie did not. It is what it is. Yesterday, I hit Michie pretty hard with some observations: how it's gonna look with jury management if he breaks the deal and didn't take me. He was upset. I get it. But, jury management is part of this game. I don't owe my vote to anyone, especially someone who breaks a deal to take his girlfriend to the finals. Not saying I won't vote for him, but he hasn't earned it yet. I will have to do some thinking...talk to the other jurors. It hurts me that I may have lost a friend in saying it. I try to keep personal from game. I don't think it was personal. It's game related to try and get him to keep me here. I don't know if he will see it that way. I don't want to lose a friendship. As upset as he is now, I hope it changes later. The problem is, if I don't vote for him to get the money, he may make it personal. I hope not. God, I hope not. But, I will vote the way my conscience tells me I need to vote. I love the Big Brother game and the Big Brother experience. I don't want it to end today but I accept that it probably will. Knowing that there's only 6 days left and that I'll see my wife and kids soon helps. It's time to move on and find the next adventure. There will be additional adventures. I'm not through living life. I'm 54. I've got a lot of years left. Just like this game, I swore I wouldn't go out quietly. I would go out fighting to the end. That's what I'm gonna do in my real life as well. 9:30 AM BBT The feeds cut to fish and WBRB for "Good Morning Houseguests! It's time to get up for the day." [Miracles can happen. I'm keeping the faith -MamaLong]
  9. Michie teases the girls that they won't be able to sleep tonight because they are so hyper Michie to Holly- Don't blame me if you don't get any sleep Nicole responds that he will beat them in the HOH Comp because they won't have any energy left Nicole- nah, this will wear her out and she'll sleep great The thought of not having enough energy for the comp sends Michie to bed at 1:00 AM 2:00 AM BBT The lights are off and everyone is sleeping in the Big Brother House 2:20 AM BBT Cliff is back up and talking to the cameras "I'm not the type of guy they ask back, so this is it for me. I'm not here to cry. I'm here to embrace the Big Brother experience. How amazing it is that out of every person that tried out, they picked me. I'm just a regular guy." 2:30 AM BBT Nicole is up too in the HOHR practicing the days and wins with the checkerboard and her clever rhyming. 3:00 AM BBT Nicole finishes her late night study session and Cliff finishes his late night chat to the cameras (same sentiments he's been repeating all week) 3:15 AM BBT The house is dark and silent again
  10. 12:10 AM BBT Holly and Nicole have painted their nails, and now they are doing silly dances in an effort to get them to dry. Holly is rapping and Nicole is following along. Michie tries to help her rhyme the lyrics. He then begins rapping an actual song and the feeds cut Holly- Big Brother, how was our dance...she responds as Big Brother, "Pretty......Shitty!" Holly tries a new rap- Tweedledee, Tweedledum....dry your nails, this is fun Nicole- wait, why am I Tweedledum? Holly- because you're over there..(she sings again) Tweedledee Tweedledum Michie interjects- Dry your pinky, Dry your thumb The girls are laughing and having a good time Nicole- Dry your fingers, dry your toes...why are we running, nobody knows 12:45 AM BBT Cliff and Nicole are chatting in the HOHR about the latest drama. Cliff- if he wins I am okay with it. I will shake his hand and say good game; but yeah, I'm gonna use a threat to try Cliff says that it likely won't work, but if anything it will cause Michie to be unnerved the next 6 days. Nicole says she is not giving up hope until Michie casts that vote. She tells Cliff that if he goes, to please tell her friends she misses them. Nicole says maybe what Cliff said to Michie will make him want to take Nicole to final 2 over Holly given he may feel he needs to secure Holly's vote in jury. Nicole asks Cliff to be a good word in for her in the jury. They hug and say goodnight. When Cliff leaves, Nicole tells the cameras, "I love that man. I really love that man." She then sings...."he's my best friend...my best friend..this house is gonna be awkward....really awkward."
  11. 7:53 PM BBT Holly is out of DR and she passes through the bathroom where Nicole is laying on the "poop particle couch". Holly asks about the guys and Nicole said she isn't sure but she thinks Cliff is in the RV. SHe hasn't seen Michie. Nicole then goes in the kitchen and yells back to Holly, "Found one." It's Michie in the kitchen. Michie takes Holly to the Have Not room and tells her about Cliff's campaign Holly- I thought he might try that as a last-ditch effort....I still think he is going to vote for you, as a lover of this game Michie- Well, we will find it.......he just made it fucking easy....threatens me with jury votes? Holly- yeah, and you say that in your speech Michie- oh yeah, I will They leave and head to the kitchen to make dinner Michie-I'm sorry, but I'm not hungry 8:00 PM BBT Michie is privately raging in the living room with a deck of cards. Holly joins him Holly- I'm sorry Michie- inaudible mumbling...talking fast...very heated Holly- so he tries strong-arming you and Michie- he wants to threaten someone that has had his ass...respect the game...respect the game... my actions show I deserve to be there...what have your actions done? Go fuck yourself. That's bullshit.....over my family?....that is insinuating.... Holly- I'm sorry Michie is killing the deck of cards with his aggressive shuffling. [And on this stewing hatred and attitude minus gratitude, I'm out for the night -MamaLong]
  12. Michie- you and Nicole are very much together, so it goes in a circle Cliff- but once it got down to it and we confirmed that we were still good you could have gone back, but you didn't Michie- I didn't....everything changed for me six days ago. Agreements and handshakes I thought were locked in solid, but they were not Cliff keeps repeating that the man-to-man handshake and timing is what bothers him. "I was still not breaking that bond. You would have gone to final 3 without hesitation." Michie- I wish you could have given a vote Cliff- but remember, I had already promised she would have my vote....we ended up with the four because primarily of me doing a lot of pushing Michie- I know.... it just sucks Cliff- I'm going to throw one more out and I don't want you to get pissed...have you thought about those final seats?...The jury votes in both directions. If I got sent home and it was you and Nicole, Nicole would get my vote. Holly honored her promise, you didn't and that's going to affect my decision in the way I vote. It's going to affect Nicole, too. I'm being careful about the way I say it because I consider you a friend, and I don't want to screw that up. If you and Holly are up there and word has been broken, you will need 5 members of that jury house. If Holly is over there, you would have that plus whoever (Cliff or Nicole) else ends up over there. I'm fighting to stay in this game Michie. I think it's an easier path. I think if it goes down this way, Nicole and myself, Nick as well......it would just be tough for your game. It would be a lot easier if Holly was over there...as opposed to me being there and getting to talk for a couple of days. I'm a fighter Michie. I will do what I have to do. I know you want to be at the top of this one. It's going to be a lot easier if Holly was over there championing your cause. I'm just making the observation. With all that said, whichever way you go, I respect you. We are fighters. We don't quit. And now you can throw me over the balcony. Michie- nah, I'm just thinking Cliff- I want to enjoy my time. I wanted to wait until after dinner, but wIth Holly in the DR, I knew this was the time to talk Michie- I'm gonna take a shower...do some thinking Cliff- alright, love ya man Michie- love you too...I really do They hug and Cliff leaves Michie- are you fucking kidding me? Fucking kidding me? By threatening me with jury votes. So by doing what's best for my game I'm going to lose jury votes. Sick! Thanks Cliff. You just made my job a lot easier. [Michie is internally raging....scary time -MamaLong] 7:15 PM BBT Cliff goes to Nicole in the Washroom Area and fills her in on the talk Cliff- so now just prepare for an awkward dinner
  13. Michie tells Cliff that he knows he has had him in his corner Cliff- always Michie- and Holly has had me in her corner, too. If you had won HOH and I was on the block, Nicole was safe and Holly won veto. It's then Nicole and you're HOH. Holly and I tell you no funny business and the Holly starts murmuring to me that it's best to evict Nicole. It's best for my game to keep Nicole but I'm going to keep Holly ... Cliff- so essentially you are saying that Holly is your #1 Michie- she is my number 1 in the sense that she has always had my back and I've had hers. I wish we could go back to that HOH week because everything changed when there was a decision to keep Tommy Cliff- but ultimately, we did not keep Tommy. If she was your #1 why did we have so many conversations about it being me and you and Nicole. Michie- I just wanted us to duke it out. But that happened and now Holly and I are all we got. Up to that point about wanting to be there with fighters, I wanted the three to be people that have scrapped. But when it came down to it, it became clear that it was now me and Holly Cliff- you had said so many times that you wanted Nicole and me in final three. I know that you could be concerned about how it would look sending Holly home. But, at the end of the day, if she's #1 and I'm #2 then it is what it is Michie- I know you have been in my corner, but that week made a shift. Michie brings up how Nicole made the comment that she meant her word when she said it. Nicole going back on that after what we had planned for three weeks. You know you have to adapt. Holly is all I've got, and I have to protect her. Cliff- I have always had your back. SHe is not the only one. Holly is not the only one Michie- it breaks my heart that this is potentially taking something away from you, and it isn't right and it isn't fair...but it wouldn't be fair to Holly....it breaks my heart Cliff- so you think it's the right decision to go back on your word with me for Holly Michie- I don't know but I have to follow my gut and make a decision that I don't want to have to make Cliff- if Holly stays there are no agreements. Maybe you get to F2. But, with us, you would get to final 2. Michie- I know Cliff- at this point I just want to get to that three and get the family out here. If you would trust me and do it...from a game point it seems like that would be the guarantee to get you there Michie- Cliff, this is all game aside, I am really struggling here. Because I am taking someone's chance away...someone's opportunity to change someone's life away. Cliff- but I know you have to do what's best for your game Michie- it's not that easy. We have become family. As much as I want to strictly make a game decision, it's hard. This is hands down the hardest decision someone has had to make in the game. I'm having to pick one...and it is miserable Cliff- so you are leaning to Holly Michie- yeah Cliff- but our agreement was just man to man. For it to then not be broken only after we had reached that point. There are some things that I could have been good at. I feel like once the veto competition took place, that locked it in. If I had won the veto, you would have expected me to honor it. Michie- I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, but my perception was that for the past 4 weeks we were together and then in the bathroom I discovered that it really was just me and Holly. That's where it became in my mind that I had to agree with anyone Cliff- You could have said so before. You said you had my back and then you break it ...it only happened after the veto. Michie- as much as it kills me Nicole is not on the block next to you Cliff- I was pushing to honor the agreement...it happened only after the deal was made Michie- I hope you can understand where my mind was at the time. I didn't know if I could trust..and even though it wasn't just you, it was you and Nicole. Up to that point I wouldn't have taken a deal that I wouldn't have honored Cliff- it's the timing after the veto that is really troubling me. If you can live with it, then Michie sighs really loudly- that the ..... Cliff- look we are cut from the same cloth. I may have been making more deals and I know this goes against your character Michie- against every fiber Cliff- I was pushing Nicole a lot; and it's funny but she told me that she doesn't get this idea of handshakes and such Michie- yeah it's shoot or be shot in New York...I told Holly on paper they would backdoor you but I also told her they won't do it. But then it became cutthroat and I had to adapt. It's not the way I operate. I just had no choice. Cliff- It's the timing that bothers me; it got broken after you knew you were safe and that troubles me. I just wanted to point that out Michie- my mind is still thinking about what to do. No matter the decision, it will be gut wrenching Michie- it truly did stem from Nicole wanting to keep Tommy...my willingness to break a deal is not because of your action but because of Nicole's
  14. 5:56 PM BBT The houseguests are just hanging out. Holly and Nicole were dancing earlier, and it was pretty cute to watch. 6:25 PM BBT Cliff is talking with Michie in the HOHR Cliff tells Michie that the only time he ever turned his back on Michie was when his back was against the wall. But, he confessed about it and offered himself up Michie- I know....I have the burden of what feels like the world on my shoulders
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