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  1. 6:45 PM BBT All the "couples" in the Target Room reviewing their plan and just hanging out. Jack jumps on Sis in Michie/Holly's bed Kat comes in and they begin talking about her ADD. Kat talks about the severity of her ADD and that her friends call her "squirrel". Earlier, when Kat was just passing through collecting dirty cups/mugs, the group was talking about Kat's perfect body. Christie said she is "toned but not hard, curvy but soft, thin but not skinny, and natural looking" even though she had a boob job. Tommy- it's like.....curvy Christie- her body is insane....'f'ing sick Jack- not for me Christie- prettiest body ever....I love it 7:00 PM BBT Kemi curled her hair and is now chatting with Sam in the backyard about previous BB seasons then focus on Andy Herren from BB15. Kemi- if there was someone like the redhead in here who would that be? Sam- I don't really know Kemi- maybe there isn't someone like that in here.....but there is someone tight with the showmances Sam- who ......Tommy, maybe Kemi agrees 7:10 PM BBT Sam is telling Kemi about the snake competition. He talks about how he put the wrong snake in the box then closed the door and could have killed it; she chimes in, "wait, do you mean Bella or Nick?"....Sam replies, "no I'm talking about the comp" Kemi- and I was just making a joke [dry humor] Sam- oh yeah, maybe Kemi shrugs to the camera
  2. Production told Christie the only one allowed to use the laundry bag is the current HOH. 6:30 PM BBT Bella and Nick in the backyard on the couch; Bella comments to Nick that she wants to be friends with Nicole again. He says "it isn't worth it" and suggests she say it in her goodbye message. When they remember that they aren't doing goodbye messages yet, he suggests she talk to her after BB or at least wait until she's in Camp Comeback.
  3. 5:29 PM BBT Tommy, Sis, Holly, and Christie are in the Target bedroom talking about Christie's dirty laundry being mysteriously dumped out of her laundry bag and on to the floor. They have no idea who or why...then they talk about Michie being called to the DR to wrap his ankle. Michie was confused as to why the would want to wrap it, so they are now suspecting that something may be happening soon (unexpected competition) *feeds switch at this comment 5:34 PM The feeds turned back to Christie in the Target bedroom. Jack walks in and when she mentions Michie's ankle, the camera switches again. Christie asked David if he was the one who dumped her laundry. He denies it saying he would never do that especially after she mentioned she didn't like people touching her stuff. 5:50 PM BBT Christy has located her missing laundry bag, when asked where she found it, she replied, "I can't say"
  4. 4:30 PM BBT Ovi and David in the Camp Comeback Room discussing how disrespectful Jack and Jackson are and how they treat the Comeback Campers so badly. They then give a tour of the room. We are introduced to one of their room "pets" a tarantula they named Robby; shown the broken beds; and given a close up of their moldy pillows. They are so tired of the banishment but are taking it in stride the best they can.
  5. 3:25 PM BBT Jack tells Christie that despite their warnings, she saved herself. Jack- but I do need you to realize that you were freaking out Christie- I spoke to the universe and I knew I had the votes and I did not want to waste the power but *feeds switch to Ovi and David then back to Target room* Tommy- we need to get rid of Cliff Jack- get rid of Cliff so it's all part of the plan....Kat doesn't want to win HOH this week because she doesn't want to be involved in a double eviction Christie says she was the one who planted that in Kat's head Jack- so I was gassing up Nicole....that Cliff has a higher chance of winning HOH Tommy- and maybe tell her that Ovi definitely has the power and that would be bad (Ovi working with Cliff) *Tommy decides to leave the room to keep up appearances Christie summarizes that Nickella is more reckless than smart [YES] Jack- Bella cannot read people at ALL (she doesn't remember details about people and their lives or character that have been openly discussed) Christie- well, they did find her drunk at a house party (production) Christie and Jack talk about how they will be disarmed and they'll take them out during double eviction 3:30 PM BBT Ovi and David are in the Camp COmeback room discussing today's events and conversations. David has figured out that it seems the bros are going to target Nickella.
  6. 2:45 PM BBT Cliff has been sharing a lot of stories with Ovi and Nicole in the kitchen about his career travels. It's been very interesting listening to some details about the oil industry. Jess has gotten way too much sun on her face and has come in for a break. The rest of the HGs are enjoying time in the backyard knowing it will likely be unavailable soon. 3:15 PM BBT Target Bedroom: Jack tells Tommy that he has figured out that Nickella isn't as sly as they thought. He discovered through conversation around the pool that Bella doesn't actually listen to people because she is too self absorbed [true]. Tommy tells Jack that if he gets HOH he plans to put up Nickella and tell them that they have been put up because of the way they have treated Nicole. They discuss that Christie telling them about her power was crazy stupid. Christy joins them and they share their thoughts and plan with her.
  7. 1:48 PM BBT Now that the lockdown is over, the HGs are beginning to prep lunch
  8. Tommy and Nicole have now come over Tommy- shit! are we interrupting something Christie/Bella- yeah Tommy- but I feel like you're faking
  9. 1:09 PM BBT Bella and Christie are trying to play a prank on Tommy with a pretend fight. But, Tommy isn't coming near enough to them [they are so bored] Christie- like, I am still PMSing (they are blowing it by continually laughing) Christie- Tommy, come on.....take the bait
  10. 12:35 PM BBT Don (production) "This is a lockdown. Please go outside and close the sliding glass door" Michie- Okay, just let me get my coffee
  11. 12:15 PM BBT Tommy and Sis in the backyard sunning and talking about what they would be doing at home if they were there Sis- I'd go to the beach then help my mom make dinner Tommy- Aw! Sis- then we would watch tv Tommy- oh y'all watch tv together Sis- yeah, because we watch the same things Tommy- that's so good...my family does not do that....my mom literally doesn't ever sit down Cliff asks about the shows Tommy watches Tommy- Big Brother, American Horror Story, lots of Netflix shows like Stranger Things, Glow, Orange is the new Black, San Clarita Diet....How to Get Away with Murder Sis- Oh, have you seen Scandal....it's so good Tommy- no I haven't seen that one Tommy- Grey's Anatomy
  12. 11:50 AM BBT The kitchen sink has water again (false alarm....they have a leak) 12:00 PM BBT Kemi and Nicole are walking the backyard talking about Kemi's job (she quit the job to play BB) 12:01 PM BBT Jessica and Christie talk about this morning's music and production waking them up for DR sessions in the middle of their sleep. They say they try to be so sweet and gentle... the "voice of God" and we get warnings "you are not allowed to talk about production". Production shut off the sink water in the kitchen again because there is apparently a leak. There may be a lockdown today to fix the sink. 12:06 PM BBT The feeds cut for a minute and when they come back we hear Christie and Jess talking about Hobby Lobby and how they won't carry any symbols other than Christian symbols in their store. David and Kat are in the bathroom area. David mentions they are about to have an outdoor lockdown (to fix sink) and Kat says it's only for an hour. Kat is talking about the lock on the potty door being flipped to occupied when it wasn't David- Sorry....I didn't hear anything you just said because you are looking sooooo gooood Kat- stop Kat- you are gorgeous...you know you're gorgeous, right Kat- I can't hear you
  13. 11:30 AM BBT The houseguests lost water in the kitchen, so they have to use the bathroom sink for everything Tommy has been singing his new song, "Sink Water....in my belly....down my throat...sink water" Cliff tells him the water is actually pretty good for sink water and is probably safe Production keeps calling to Kat to wake up [much like a cat, she sleeps a lot]
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