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  1. 2:52 AM BBT Earlier, JC and Tyler talked some with Tyler trying to reassure JC he will be good if Tyler is final 3. KC supposedly told Tyler she would save him earlier. Lots of Tyler and Angela in BBR time on the feeds making noises under covers the past hour or so. [BB chat has been fun speculating who KC should evict - rms] All feeds are are night vision
  2. 12:56 AM BBT Ugh, s-word comp still going on JC and Kaycee in BBR
  3. 12:01 AM BBT Well, as we roll into another day, Sam has joined Kaycee and Jc in the KT with the S word game. 12:30 AM BBT Ugh, the game has moved into the BBR (Sam left about 5 after midnight). JC and Kaycee still playing.
  4. 11:57 PM BBT Kaycee and JC have been doing a word game in the KT for quite a long time. I think they are just saying any words that start with S. They alternate who has to say a word and can't repeat any. If they say one that's already been said, they just have to say something else.
  5. Rmichaelsm

    General Discussion

    You may like her but she likely has more of the jury willing to give her their vote. Since Tyler was HOH and Angela had POV, Sam was on block and JC saved, left Brett and Kaycee exposed. Kaycee was the biggest competitor and most likely to beat the others so that should’ve been wha was put up and out. Kaycee winning today’s POV confirms her as main competitor. Believe me, I hope this bites Tyler in the rear and anyone but he wins it now.
  6. Rmichaelsm

    General Discussion

    3:05 PM BBT still reruns. [sorry Goldylucks, but Double eviction sucked life outta me. Perfect time for Tyler to make a real move for the win and backdoor Kaycee, the major real competitor who wins comps and jury would vote for to win over him. Sam and JC don’t win comps and jury hates Angela and likely Brett too. Even still Brett has only won a POV. Too boring now. Praying for a JC POV win to shack it up! - rms]
  7. 8:58 PM BBT reruns still on but, ... [Just now watching the Eviction show. I hear that haleigh voted out, then Tyler won HoH and then put up JC and Sam. Angela won the PoV and took off JC and then they voted Brett out. Currently, they are setting up and testing the next HoH for the week. Should be on live feeds pretty soon i think. - rms]
  8. 0:37 AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee are in the HoHR and Tyler spills to Kaycee that Brett came up to him and asked who they would beat easier, Sam and JC or Angela and Kaycee. [So much for Brett and Tyler,... WOW, amazing Tyler exposed it so fast without even thinking about it. - rms]
  9. 10:34 PM BBT Tyler and Angela in HoHR Tyler is letting Angela know Haleigh told Brett she heard them making noises like Swaggy and Bayleigh did. Conversations continue like that a short while. 10:50 PM BBT Brett and Kaycee have joined Tyler and Angela in the HoHR and they are discussing who to put up if its a double eviction. Also, they discuss who amongst themselves would go up if Sam or JC got PoV (?). [This assumes Haleigh is voted out, then one of the Lvl6 wins HoH and they put up Sam and JC. - rms ]
  10. 8:40 PM BBT Brett and Tyler in SR - important convo! [Camera 4 - This may be one of the more important ones, unless Tyler is just getting Brett to spill. They both are admitting they don't stand a chance in final 2 with Sam or KayCee. Brett has been struggling with the end game a lot from early morning and now. Tyler may be sincere in this conversation, will see as time goes along. Worth flashback to- rms ]
  11. 2:00 AM BBT Haleigh and Brett still in BY speculating on how far Tyler and Angela are going under the covers. Brett is expressing his concern that every way this goes, he will be screwed. He wonders if Tyler can restrain himself or if this will affect his game Haleigh, of course, is saying he won't have the restraint and it will affect his game.
  12. 1:14 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh in BY talking about what they expect for GBMs. Also, what they thought of each other early. Sam is in WA taking her a really long shower (told Brett earlier that she is spoiling herself after HN cold showers) Everyone else apparently asleep. Ty holding angela's hand last they showed. 1:27 AM BBT Brett and Haleigh talking about how they would have to convince Kaycee that Tyler and Angela are too close so she gets worried. They both know she is too close to angela and trusts her. Haleigh also believes Tyler/Kaycee/Angela are together. They also rehashed when Tyler didn't take the PoV but instead took Brett's trip when he should have taken the PoV. Haleigh said she's trying to convince Angela that she can be controlled better than Sam so Sam should go home.
  13. 0:26 AM BBT Sam, JC, and Tyler are discussing the word Yatus (the way JC was saying hiatus) and sam started describing a word that is Yatus [pretty sure was Sam saying was saying Yatus meaning the hypotenuse! - rms]