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  1. 10:15PM BBT Jess, Nicole, Sam are looking at the picture on the memory wall commenting on them Nick from the KT says, "Isabella does not look like that at all. She literally looks like she f'ng runs a fortune 500 company makes $250,000 a year." Kat and someone else says she might. Nick says, "She will, but not right now." They say she could be lying,.. Jess, Sam and Nicole stopped talking while he interrupts them and for a while after. Eventually Jess starts the conversation up again. They talk about how the pictures are cropped making some heads look smaller. Nicole mostly just sits and nods and grins. [rms - shame what the overpowering by some people has down to some of the HG] Nicole and Jess make a comment about Jess' fingernail polish. They both keep saying Gorgeous with an accent like New JOYSEY, and Oh, my gawd. Jess talking to Kemi now and Nicole just listening. 10:19PM BBT Sis talking to Christie on another side of the DT. Would be nice to hear but too much noise around as they whisper. Then louder, Christie says she likes Sis' ear rings. Sis says she can borrow them anytime. [rms- hire real AUDIO/SOUND ENGINEERS!!!!!!! heard of a mixing board? Faders to adjust each HG's input? ARRRGGGHHHHHH!!!] Sis says it hurts to swallow. Christie asks if she gargled salt water, Yes. Then Tommy shows up and asks the same. Jackson on the couch in the KT/DT sings "You don't have to be lonely at Farmer's only dot com" Back to Christie, Tommy and Sis with Orwell. Tommy says he really does want to cuddle with him. 10:26PM BBT Hoh bathroom. Sam in shower and Nick talking to him about questions he asks people. Sam brings up that he thought he heard Nick say Greatful and sam's ears popped up. Nick returns to talking about some Therapy techniques he uses. Brings up a book but can't remember the person's name, assume the author's. He then offers some examples of how it would be used. Gives an example of challenging them. Says that you need to build the rapport before you do. Says an example where you would ask someone, I know you are trying to stop smoking but what are you doing to accomplish it,... Ovi comforting Nicole as she cry in the WA for a while, Sis comes in and apologizes. Nicole leaves saying she needs to pull her s together. Ovi then stands at the sink tapping his finger on it a while. Says "it's never easy" Sis apparently got a to wipe her makeup off and sat there. You see her sitting on the WA couch as Ovi leaves. Ovi gets called out by Bob to move his mic up higher. 10:32PM BBT KT Bella is smashing apples in the skillet apparently. Holly says they were like really, they kept being like trust like they were like really pushing a showmance on me. I was like why, and then like yeah, they kept saying stuff they were like just wait, just wait. So i'm like i don't know who they were thinking but they were like just wait. Michie replies, "Yeah, I was told i was f'd." Holly replied, "You were told what?" Michie, "I was f'd. Like i stood no chance like it was gonna happen." [rms - please learn how to speak, this is impossible to follow] HoH Bathroom. Sam&Nick Sam says when she was down there and got teary eyed, you and I being the outlet. Jack gets up and hugs her. Nick says she wasn't teary-eyed until Jack hugged her. Sam, Jack picked up on something they should've. Nick says, he was right there, trust him, Nick disagreed and said she got teary eyed after Jack hugged her and she got emotional. KT Bella chopping up/smashing the apples in a sauce(?) Michie asked if they put them on full. Holly says no we greased the pan but, whatever. Michie, you're putting white bread on it, white and wheat bread, it's gonna stick. Holly, "Shut up" She turns back to Bella and adds some water to the pan. Ovi yells over that theirs is better than Arby's. (apple turnovers) Ovi loves them but. Bella says she likes the ones from like McDonalds' Michie loudly says "Wow, congratulations girls, y'all are better than Arby's" Bella, "I've never had that, that's like honestly catching on, right?" Holly, "Aim for the stars" Ovi starts asking if they can say the slogan, Michie says "We have the meats." Ovi, "A lot of girls around me don't know the slogan, it's weird." Holly and Bella mock it being weird or shocking... why would they know... David tells Michie he pulled some fish out of freezer and put in the fridge and he is not sure how to cook it. They show up in the SR, was obvious he wanted to talk. They dig in fridge, leaving the doors open as they stand there talking. Michie even opens it fully open both sides leaving it open as he walks over to the far end of the cabinets to very slowly get a pill. [rms- do they buy stock in the power company before they move in?] David closes the doors. David talks about how Jack felt no need to talk to him but Michie has and David tries to campaign to not be put out immediately if he gets back in. David says he would be safe if it is the best case scenario for the whole house. Michie says a bunch of different ways that it only matters if its the best case scenario where the power lie, where the numbers are,... Michie says just worry about doing your part by coming back. Michie says he always believed he would be back. convo repeats again and again. Then Michie moves back to drink form the soy milk carton to take a pill and then complain he doesn't even like soy milk. CBR Kemi and Nicole talking about trying to dial it down... Separating Game from personal... 10:48PM BBT KT Michie, Jess, Holly, Bella, Nicole, Kemi, Cliff, David Michie says "Bulking season is over" repeats this to several attempts by people to get him to eat what they made. Holly licks her fingers, we watch as Bella dips her finger into the sauce on the pan with the turnovers, then licks, again in the food, licks, ... [rms - Sis is likely sick and they all do this, how long till all HG are sick?] Holly asks Michie if he wants to lick the spoon. He repeats, "Bulking season is over" then people get on him for it just being a lick. David says, so you put him down when he is in the most control, terrible. Michie chimes in, "how backasswards is this rationale" Bella picks up a bowl or something David has mixed food up in and asks, Oh are you using this?" She had already dipped her finger in it and licked it once and was doing it again as he asked, "is it good" she says yes and asks what's in it. He makes her keep guessing as he gets a goofy smirk on his face and starts doing some weird dorky shoulder sway thing until he tells her, Peanut Butter, Cream Cheese and sugar Bella then says her head hurts, David says you need to lay down, take an advil. Then she shows people where her head hurts. [rms - may end up watching BB infirmary soon as unsanitary as they are] Michie tells Christie if she has kids she has to let him babysit. ... People are coming in to get more apple turnovers. HoH Bella delivers one to Nick. BRL - Tommy tells Sis she would go offer up to Jack that she knows it is weird but if he ever needs to talk. Back to pressuring Michie to eat what Holly made. He repeats,... then gives Holly a long look as she walks away and says David picks up what i'm throwing down,... well, NO HE DIDN'T, David starts talking about being one bad day way from .. diet related,... Michie, "no I thought you picked up on what i was.." then he got him to understand he was implying holly was the desert he wanted... He warns David the top of the toaster oven gets really hot. Holly and Michie talk about how tanning stuff smells, should she shower with live tomorrow,... Michie says he hates doritos and has never had Taco Bell. Cliff asks if he spilled the beans. Holly says if someone had told her before, they might not have been friends. Cliff says, "That's just this close to being a Communist!" Michie says that's gonna be his out form the relationship and "Dodged a bullet with that one". Cliff says, "I know who's not gonna be a sponsor for Taco Bell!" Holly says her friends DM Taco Bell for her,... 11:00PM BBT KY Michie and Nicole talk about making s'mores. Nicole says use graham crackers with Hershey's spread and marshmallow fluff. Michie says that's where you are going wrong, use hershey's with almonds and a marshmallow torched, flame ball, then the other half with the blown out marshmallow smashed in the middle. Nicole said she likes her's smooth and flat. He says, "I like mine thick (thicc) with 2 cs." Kat says, "just like you like you're women." ... Michie, "thick hot and ..." kat, "no i'm kidding, actually, not like your women" Michie, "noooo, I stopped myself on that one, Face." Nicole "Face" Michie, "Thick and hot exactly, Thick hot with a little bit of fire inside" Kat, "Wait, had you ever heard Thick with 2 cs until I said it?" Michie, yeah, Kat, "aw, i thought maybe i made that up" Michie, "I said it a lot" Kat, "Sucks" ..... Kat, "really, i could've sworn i made that up" [rms - WOW seriously! How long has THICC been out there?!!! early 2000s. website in 2004 at least - umm, MENSA????] [rms - Pop TV code word is CLIFF] 11:04PM BBT KT discussion turns to PBJ sandwiches. Nicole and David are eating them.
  2. 10:09PM BBT Christie comforting Jack in his bad. Jack cries and says, "Yeah, it's probably the best play because I can't talk about it, I can't, I legally can not." Christie says, No, i know, No, I know, and I wish you can cus i know you would talk about it. Love you, love you, love you so much, I really love you,... [rms - these people throw that around so much it's obvious they don't know the meaning of the word] ... Christie says, "But the only way you can think of it is they are both a part of who we are, our story,..." KT/DT rest of house are in there making food as Holly and Bella are making the apple dish, maybe apple turnovers
  3. 10:00PM BBT TBR Cliff, Nicole, Tommy, Sam, Christie, Nick talking about who the gay people are in the house and how they came out to the houseguests. Cliff says they are making desert cooking down the apples. Sam says they told him in the DR once "that's great, but lets bring it down a little bit." Nick says he could think of the emotion but not feel it. He says Tommy fixed him (in the DR) and told him to not think about the emotion, feel the emotion. Tommy says he does bullet points. I say I have to go 1,2,3,4 Then says ok, i will hit on all of those bullet points. Sam say he just rips through it and we can direct it later. Tommy says when you watch the DR it's not even like they are part of the show, they all disagree. They saw when you see them on the show, it appears all effortless but no, it was like 3 days of changes. BBAD FINALLY flips off of that feed and in the background you hear Bob tell the HG, "You are not allowed to talk about your Diary room sessions with other houseguests." That was after a long discussion. [rms - WAY too late BOB, LOL] 10:06PM BBT DT Jess, Kat, Ovi, Michie, Sis Michie asks if Jess will pop her back. She does after he directs her where to place her hands. Fairly loud pop. Ovi then wants his, and she does with a pretty loud pop. He says he never had it that deep. Laughs break out. Kat is up next. Hers didn't pop.
  4. 11:21PM BBT Kat and Nicole. Kat says Christie wouldn't put her up because she has a crush on Kat. Kat, "But honestly, there's a lot of pressure now because I don't know what to do when a girl has a crush on me, do i flirt back?" Christie had her feet ou and she felt awkward. She wonders about touching. She doesn't want her to think that, like... Me laying on David is different than me laying on Nick, for instance, because he, it, like,... do you know what i mean. ... "It's hard being such a hot commodity up in here" ... Kat, maybe we can evict Sis so I can have Jack... I'm kidding, I'm kidding, .. I'll save it for the Jury house. Holly, oh my gosh, ... Kat, "We have to get a hot guy up in here, Brett come quick." Holly, yeah, it's really pitiful this season, like 2 hot guys... Kat, I'm surprised that they have both Cliff and Sam, the married, older guy.... Holly, he's not older he's my age, .. Kat, he's older than like a 24 year old. Off the market. Holly, yeah it's usually a lot ore single guys and the showmances took longer to ramp up. They go on talking about last season's showmances. [rms - and why are you playing BB again? for showmances?] Holly goes leaves room to the bathroom, returns, ... Kat, "Do you think Brett will come host the next veto comp? ...giggle.... Do you think they will let me make out with him?" Holly says I think they will but he won't. Kat, you don't think he's into me? Holly asks, doesn't he have a girlfriend, .. Kat, "I don't know?!" Holly, "I guess we will find out." Kat, "What if he is so into me and he breaks up with his girlfriend for me?" Kat, sings "Break up with your girlfriend, cuz i'm bored" She says she's so bored she created a whole showmance in her head. That's literally the anthem of my summer. Holly says, "Wait, are you gonna try to split me and Jackson up?" Kat, "Jack, break up with Sis because I'm bored." Holly, "what if you stole Jackson back?" Kat, "We can stage it if need to save you"... 11:40PM BY Cliff, Kat, David, Nick and Bella talking about the moon moving. Bella, Sam in the hammock. Sam won't eat cookies from Jess so she can't say she gave him cookies he ate. He said he will save one to step on when gives his eviction speech. Someone yells out do they want peanut butter cookies. Bella says this is the first day she wasn't stressed and had a great day in the house. She was chilling. Sam's been in a Santa hoodie for hours. 11:45PM BBT KT Everyone but Ovi Jack, David, Michie all start mixing up one of their challenge food drinks. Egg, Cottage Cheese, "tuna juice", Thousand Island dressing for their odds are competition. BY Ovi running, Cliff comes out later to gather drying [rms - PopTV code word is boat]
  5. 10:56PM BBT KT Nicole, Tommy, Jess trying to bake cookies and Mitchie eating PB out of the jar using crackers. [rms- based on his past efforts, likely unsanitary for sure] Michie and Jess say they have never been good at baking. Nicole said she never baked but she likes to be part of things so she's learning. Nicole is rolling up the dough into balls and Tommy rolls them in crushed corn flakes. Michie asks if Tommy is allergic to Walnuts, Yes, all nuts, Yes. Jess acts like she has come up with an earth shattering idea - putting a dollop of jelly on top. Michie says Jelly or Cinnamon. Michie says they should do some with and some without since he isn't a big fan of jelly. Tommy asked if they are out of M&Ms. They believe there is some in the freezer. 10:57PM BBT BY Sam and Ovi playing pool. Sam says he will get his kid to say everyone's name and send each of them the recoding of their name. 11:10PM BBT HoH Kat, Nicole both complaining about having to clean up after people in the Kitchen because the people are animals. With 16 people, the amount of dishes is nuts. Kat said right after she finished cleaning the toaster oven someone used it an immediately got it messy again. Food getting on it burning. Someone asked if she cleaned this much at her apartment, no because... (she doesn't make a mess). They start talking about the next HoH. Kat says she doesn't want to win HoH. She hopes it's one people drop off one by one because you can throw it. Holly says Bella and Sam can not win. Kat says she doesn't mind if Sam would win because she thinks he would target people she wouldn't care if they went home, at least it would not be you (Holly) or Jackson. Holly doesn't think he would target Jess, that he would be talked out of it by Nick and Bella because there are bigger fish to fry. Kat hopes that people say that about her, bigger fish to fry. Holly says nobody cares about Jess in terms of threats. Kat says here's the thing, nobody is going after the big fish right now. Holly says nick and bella will the second they get the balls. The big fish are all on our side, so we need to keep the big fish in the pond. Jack does have out back so we need to keep him in the game. Kat says, I don't want him to leave at all plus he's so hot. Holly says, though he's the one i trust the least but, ... yeah and he's hot so you want to look at him. [rms- says it all about their gameplay] Kat looks around trying to think of some insightful gameplay statement and comes up with, ... ummmm... mmmmm ... no ... fck, What are we ev..., WTF are we even doing, this is so crazy, we are playing Big Brother. Holly says, we are up here scheming like we even know what we are doing. Kat but i am scared about, like here's the thing, .. i don't know,... like, ... to have like a good game,.. like i mean i don't know. i feel like the way to win is....i don't know like... you should always in a weird way and i don't know how to make this happen, but i feel like that alliances should always be kept equal so their always like goin',... but it's hard because you're afraid of him targeting you. Holly, who Jack or Nick, Kat, Nick. But here is the thing, once nick and bella are all gone, what's gonna happen.... I think Christie is gonna eventually rub people the wrong way... [rms - i give, their convo is a beating of broken thoughts]
  6. 10:04PM BBT BY Ovi, Tommy, Cliff, Jess, Christie, Bella, Jack. Ovi is running around trying to hide in the backyard under the bed, then behind a couch. He rolls a while, they yell there is a fire as he rolls, then he rolls under the pool table then dives behind couches that are against the wall. They ask how tired he is. He says on a scale of 1-10 Ron Burgundy. He was glad he could fit in behind the couch. Ovi said he probably felt a lot more graceful than he looked. He says he gained about 30 pounds in the past year. 10:10PM BBT BY Christie and Ovi are talking about how they didn't get to look up anyone here's social media accounts. He says when you go on dates you look up their social media and start to pre-judge people. In here, they can't. [rms- welcome to how REAL relationships work, not internet ones] Sis shows up and says she put the fake spider in Michie's bed. 10:23PM BBT BY on hammock, SIs, Christie, Tommy talking to Nick Nick is still mad about Kemi still throwing him under the bus. He keeps talking about how he has apologized to here. He admits to a few things he called her. Christie says she keeps bringing up a 6 person alliance week one that didn't exist [rms - but it did and you were in it - well, you may be able to split hairs on the "week 1"]
  7. 9:06PM BBT KT Michie opens the fridge,... open for a while. open again as Kat looks for stuff,... opens again looks for a while, Kemi opens,... [rms- CBS please get a door in door fridge or some see through front so they will STOP LEAVING IT OPEN] Michie, Jack, Kat are in the KT. Michie getting Yogurt i believe, pulls out whatever Kat was looking for and forgets to give it to her. He finally does and then grabs the PB. 9:24PM BBT Sis is dragging the fake spider behind her heading towards KT. Cliff says get Kat. Everyone else is in BY playing, chatting. 9:44PM BBT HoH michie is showering and nick is talking with him about who they think may come back from camp comeback depending on the type of challenge. 9:58PM BBT HoH Nick, Kat, Sis, Holly, Sam, Michie. Nick tells about when he was going 80 in Jersey and cop came up with his lights on but he pulled over and cop went past and turned his lights off. Sam tells about seeing a 'Statie" (state trooper) on side of the road in the rain changing his tire. They both echo that SUCKS. Michie tells Nick he got nuked. Michie is telling Sam all he asked for if he gets HoH is a large watermelon each day and a big fat knife to cut it. He mentioned a couple of cereals and some bars. He said he told them to disregard all alcohol, cereals, everything, .... Sam said, what about your boys, we're parched!
  8. 10:05PM BBT Christie and Kat in the BY doing laundry, Kemi comes out. Christie is wondering why the dryer isn't drying She checks the lint trap and it's LOADED. Then they notice ants all over the dryer and then Christie's hands. She freaks. Tommy comes out. She thinks a napkin on top of it may have been the problem but Tommy points out ants all over the place. Tommy is wondering why it still shows an hour. He debates if he should re-use his sheets instead now. He leaves. Kat says Nick has been telling Kat he has her back. He told Jackson he has her in his back pocket (she does air quotes). Christie says kat is a number for us, but not in a nice way, in an i am running this game way. Kat if he thinks he is running her he isn't,... She wants him to think that, though. Kat keeps wondering if she should use the fact that Nick supposedly said he was thinking about putting her up but realized he couldn't because she won the veto. [rms-this seems like someone trying to play the game but grasping for straws to use anything] Jack comes out and Kat says you were there, Jack says "7 inches" [rms- again wow, still in high school?] Kat asks him about it and Jack explains that in the case someone uses a power,... 10:19PM BBT HoH Sam and Bella discuss nick going straight to gra8tful and he is still pissed but doesn't want to drive him away. Just wants him to calm down. Bella thinks Nick forgets Bella has a brain and game too. He seems to go to Christie right away when she wants him to come to her first. Sam thinks he looks like he has a huge mouth in front of Jack, Christie and Tommy as well as Kemi and Jess because that info went around so fast. He really thinks Nick burned him bad. Sam describes how Jack and Christie asked what's the 411 so he describes what he was told Jess's power was. Bella asks if Christie told him her power. Sam says, no Jack did. They both think that is messed up. They then discuss when Nick told Sam about Gr8tful. Sam says it scares him that Nick may be jumping to conclusions too fast. Sam then references when Devon brought 2 people into an alliance. Bella confesses that she didn't watch BB until a week before they came in. She thinks that would put a target on her back. She says that is why her and Jack bonded is because he didn't know much about BB. Sam says Jack says that but he talks about old past seasons and who was the best. Bella says she is trying to get closer to Jack. Sam doesn't know why if she isn't feeling Jack, why is she staying close to him. Bella believes she can't leave because she is in the solid 4. She thinks she has to stay close to Jack or he will pull in Christie instead. 10:30PM BBT HoH Bella and Sam still talking about Jack and Christie. Sam says Christie tells him Jack's got to go. He believes she has Jack on her radar unless she is playing the field. Sam says I know we are fleshing out the bottom feeders but do we need the bottom feeders. Otherwise it is all trust and what if they decide to keep 2 bottom feeders, what happened to trust, well it's big brother. Bella says that's why we are in trouble is because we talk to the bottom feeders. He says otherwise he's wasting his time talk gin to them if we aren't ever gonna work with them. Sam is curious about when camp comeback finishes, he wants to see what's up. He believes David likes him and he would be on their side. Bella says the showman's are stressing her out since they have 2 and its just her and Nick. Sam suggest getting SIs and Jack to break up. Bella doesn't trust that Sis wouldn't go straight to Jack. [rms- Sam is finally having the discussions I don't know why hasn't already happened.] 10:37PM BBT TBR Sis, Holly, Michie Michie says "he" drew that line in the sand today and we could've completely counteracted it and also made them look stupid and it would have been us versus them going into this. But now it's not used and they can sit and wait on it and they are gonna plan around it. Sis says how can they plan around it. We are gonna win HoH this week and they are gonna go up. Sis asks but why use it now if we are gonna win HoH. Holly says, no we didn't have to use it now and we couldn't have used it. Sis says, yes if they put her up. Holly says no, it has to be a Veto ceremony [rms - HELLOOOOOOO, Holly, there WAS ONE!] They both point out there was one. Holly says yea, she could've used it on herself. Holly says she wouldn't have need to use it, ummmm Sis says if she went up she would've had to use it and Kat would've put 2 people back up. [rms - wow, are they having the same conversation? think i got dumber listening to that.] Sis grills Michie as to who has the other power and as they go around back and forth, she now believes Jack must have it. [rms - Sam/Bella good discussion continues but i have to go... ]
  9. 9:30PM BBT KT Holly, Cliff, David, Kat David and Holly are eating chips and dip and they are talking about all the email they may have. 9:32 PM BBT TBR Tommy, Jack, Christie, Sam They are talking about CB 10 codes (used on radios/CBs). Christie leaves. Sam grills Jack as to what if Jess has the power. Jack says, now and eventually tells Sam because Christie has the power and he says its the ability to switch out a Veto. Diamond Veto Power. Sam says is it only used on her or anybody. He says she can use it anytime. Sam asked why she didn't tell him about it. Jack claims she's just telling them. Sam clarifies, the Undenineable? Sam then again asks why Kemi would say this. Then Sam says it exposed Sam to Kemi, then he admits he told Nick and Bella then Nick says i gotta go pee,... Then they are move ",.... wait, wait, wait.. this sucks, .. and he didn't go pee..." Christie comes in and Sam asks if he should go ask if that is a penalty. Sam asks what the rule is. You can decide to not tell people but if you tell them you have to be clear and tell them the truth about it. You can't make one up. Kat and Bella came in and they kept clarifying and then small talk. Kat and Christie leave Bella and Jack try to explain to Sam what her power it and Jack said she left it very broad and that's not how the rule works. Bella tries to clarify to Sam and she gets it right. [rms- i looked it up]. Bella says when Christie activates her power, the Person who has the Veto is the one who takes someone off and puts the new person up. So you have to trust the person who's the Veto power. Jack then says Bella probably could have said it in 70 less words but he gets it. [rms- wow, jerk - you didn't explain to Sam AT ALL.] They continue to try to figure out what the benefit of Kemi telling people Jess has the power.
  10. 9:00PM BBT TBR Nick, Christie, Jack, Tommy discuss whether or not Jess has a power. Nick leaves and then Christie says she wishes she didn't have to tell them (Nick and Bella apparently). She also says she had to make sure all the details were exactly right [rms - BB must require that]. Christie still wants cliff out because now he's giving her the creeps. Jack says "and stay gone." They discuss some interaction between Nicole and Holly where Nicole seems confident they have her back but Christie doesn't want her to feel too confident. 9:06PM BBT BY Sam, Nick, Bella Sam wants Bella to not get mad at Christie. Sam is warning Nick to just not go running to Jack/Christie and others before Sam, Bella and Nick talk it out. Bella says they want to get Christie with them but there are too many people left in the house. Sam said he hopes it doesn't get back to Kemi that Sam went and told others. They keep mentioning Jess. They discuss how long some of the powers may work. Bella thinks Ovi's may be 8 weeks. Sam says Kemi told Sam Jess has a power and then he went to Nick who then went to Christie/Jack. They all agree Christie seems like she is floating back and forth and can do that a long time. 9:11PM BBT TBR Tommy, Jack, Christie Christie said someone was using every moment that she was upstairs with them to try to get Christie against Jack. They bring up that Sam already knows about Gr8tful because Jack told them... Jack says it was in the SR when they tried to get the vote flipped to Jess. 9:16PM BBT BY Sam, Nick, Bella Nick says Christie said Nick could tell Sam (she has the power) but Nick said, no that's not my business. Sam complains Kemi caused chaos and now that Sam ran straight to Nick and Bella and that sucks. Sam says he wants to keep Cliff then the next week to get rid of Jess. Sam say he would put up Jess and Kat and "say" if anything we will backdoor cliff. He refers to everyone, undeniable, gr8tful, whatever,... Bella tries to hug him and he says no don't hug me you are in an alliance without me. Sam says Christie is the only one who is afraid of Cliff. Nick was mad Christie was making him out to be a liar. They all discuss why and when they need to go #2[rms - wow, such class] 9:21 PM BBT TBR Tommy, Jack, Christie Christie discusses her period and they bring up how ZIngbot will go after her period. [rms- again, i'm from another planet i guess. seriously?] Sam joins them. Christie asks who gave him the information Kemi or Jessica and who is telling the truth. Sam says Kemi asked him, "Do you like Jess" and he says yes, ... Kemi says I know who has the power, Jess. Then she says don't tell anyone, especially Nick and Bella. She claims that Jess can pull herself off even after the Veto is used. Christie asked if she said its a whactivity power or just a power? He said, whactivity, Christie laughs and says, "So what the fuck?" as she laughs Then she asks why she would tell him that? Sam asks why would she say that anyway if she likes Jess, it would put a target on her back. Christie says Nick should go into the DR. Then they try to send Sam in to ask because they think you can't lie about the powers and it may get Kemi kicked out. They joke about in a surprise kicked out eviction,...
  11. 9:44PM BBT SR Jass and Kat are celebrating and Kat tells Jess she is taking Jess of for sure. 9:55PM BBT TBR Christie, Sis and Holly - Christie says she wants to keep Nicole around because it didn't sit right with her the way everyone is treating Nicole. They won't tell her until after the vote. Holly says she loves her headspace. Christie says Jack asked if no one was eating dinner. Sis says she felt awkward She says i think they are ... and Jack interrupts her, what are they babysitting Nicole the crybaby? Sis burps [rms - such class, wow] 10:01PM BBT BRL Jack and Michie - both agree they should keep Nicole. They don't trust Nick and Bella and said Sam was gonna flip the vote too.
  12. 11:45PM BBT TBR Sis and Tommy talk about Sis, Jack and Christie. Sis doesnt see her and Jack together after this. She wants to just be friends that hook up sometimes. They try to figure pit if Jack does stuff to try to make Sis jealous on purpose to put distance between them for the game. Tommy keeps trying to plant this wedge into Sis pushing her towards Christie. 11:52 PM BBT CBR Nicole goes to bed and is crying TBR Tommy explains his and Christie’s conversation with Nicole to Holly, Michie, Sis including their suggestion for her to get together with a few of the people to talk about it. [rms - this whole thing feels like teenage stupidity ugh. So immature ]
  13. 10:00PM BBT TBR - Tommy, Christie, Jack and Cliff are discussing some of what was said. Cliff discusses some of what he had said. They all spend bunch of time going through some of what was said. Cliff said he dent like the he said she said and says he is being drug along becomes someone he was working with did that... goes on a while of back and forth affirmations. Holly comes in and it continues. Cliff says he wished someone had come to him and discussed what she had done [rms - assuming Nicole] Michie comes in. Soon after David, Nick, Bella, Sam all come in complaining about the smell. Michie yuks it up [rms- more sophomoric stuff just like the Nicole bashing]
  14. 9:34PM BBT Tommy, Christie, Sis are in the TBL and Cliff walks in and talks to them trying to clear the air about anything he said or allegedly said and he still wants to be friends with everyone,... Christie says she doesn't have a personal problem with him at all. Tommy and Christie say give it a day a lot has gone on today,... (... Cliff leaves) Sis says Bella told Nicole that Christie heard Cliff talking about stuff (Cliff Notes). Christie then jumps up and asks if he should go tell Cliff she heard him doing his morning (Cliff Notes). They discuss this a while. Tommy and Christie confer on how to discuss it with him. Christie practices her speech to him. ... "But I did happen to wake up early one morning about four days ago and I went to the bathroom and on my way back i heard you talking and UNFORTUNATELY I kept it there,.." [rms - wow, UNFORTUNATELY, you mean purposefully eavesdropped] and more discussion of what she should say
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