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  1. 2:07AM BBT Kandi, Tom and Dina left the HoH room hoping Kandi could bump into Lolo to talk but she was likely asleep. 2:15AM BBT The three split to go to bed. Tom went to the HoH room, took Orville, and talked to the cameras recapping what they had talked about. 2:18AM BBT Tom welcomed us to the snack club where he was eating some sweet and salty trail mix. (do people not learn to chew with their mouth closed? GRRR). He finally decided he was too tired so he would go to bed.
  2. 0:54AM BBT: Tom, Dina, Kandi have been talking in the HoH room for a while about strategy. Tom is trying to get Kandi to talk to Tamar or get her up with them in the HoH to all talk. They are debating if it's smart to tell Lolo what's going on. (Dina is tough to deal with in the conversation. She interrupts Tom and Kandi a lot.) 1:02AM BBT: Tom and Dina asked if Kandi would go get Tamar. She says, No, Tamar doesn't like Tom. Then they discuss who put Tamar up, and it wasn't Tom. Kandi never explained why. Tom keeps pushing that Kandi or Dina needs to win HoH. This continues a long while. Then they wonder if they should instead try to bring Ricky in instead of Lolo. Some back and forth about pros/cons basically.
  3. 11:45PM BBT: Dina and Tom in BCNY playing pool. Tom says he feels like he should have gone home a while ago and he's on borrowed time anyway. Dina says she wishes they would have aligned with her a while ago but they figure that may have made her a target earlier too. Tom shoots in Dina's ball, oops. She then knocks in one of hers and his, oops. Pool sharks they aren't. They keep looking for Kandi hoping she isn't in the bedroom with the rest of the cast. Just then she appears and a break,... 11:53PM BBT: Natalie just got out of DR and Lolo was called in. Kandi is with Tom and Dina in BCNY while they play pool. Kandi equated Tom to Gallum in Lord of the rings with the ring when he got the HoH Key. 11:58PM BBT BBAD ended as Tom, Kandi and Dina were trying to figure out when the next live show is.
  4. 10:40PM BBT: They started talking about Lindsay's movies, mentioned Mean Girls. Her other daughter's charity of choice against bullying. She says BB has strategic bullying in it. 10:50PM BBT (or so) Dina and Tom talk about Kato leaving a potato under her pillow often calling them Kato Potatoes. They recap the past couple of days and how Kato left, Tom thought he was leaving. He mentioned how his alliances blew up. Dina brings up that he had all these alliances without her. She does a quick fashion show as Tom rambles on. Dina continues about her kids. Dakota will be modeling with IMG in NY and then LA. One of her daughters is recording an album when she gets out. Dina tells the cameras Tom has a beer and moonshine coming out. He gave out the link to the brewer in Canada. The beer is Tom Green Beer which is a milk stout. didn't look up the other... more sales pitches from them about these. 11:05PM BBT Tom and Dina discuss the angry celebs in the house and how after 2 weeks of him being HoH, plenty are mad at him. They also are surprised that people aren't better sports about the game. He then describes how after the eviction, the one staying "will be fighting to win that(HoH) with such fire and vigor in their eyes with determination in their eyes, not because they are having fun playing a game, but because they want to get me out of this place. They want to get me out of this place more than anything in the world. If they could wish for any one thing in the world, they would wish to get me out the door of this house." They say the tension is real and exciting, but people have really gone cuckoo
  5. 10:25PM BBT: (estimated as i recorded) on BBAD, Dina was in 5BR with Tamar and said she ran into Eddie Murphy and was excited hoping Lindsay or Dakota would could be in a movie with him. Just before this Tom was called into the SR and POP gave Tom some chocolates that have caffeine in them called Awake. He figures it was because he walks around with Orwell a lot doing stuff late night. 10:38PM BBT: Tom and Dina headed outside (BY) to the fire. Tom started doing a Tom and Dina fireside chat to the cameras. He started a game with her doing celebrity name dropping.
  6. 2:52 AM BBT Earlier, JC and Tyler talked some with Tyler trying to reassure JC he will be good if Tyler is final 3. KC supposedly told Tyler she would save him earlier. Lots of Tyler and Angela in BBR time on the feeds making noises under covers the past hour or so. [BB chat has been fun speculating who KC should evict - rms] All feeds are are night vision
  7. 12:56 AM BBT Ugh, s-word comp still going on JC and Kaycee in BBR
  8. 12:01 AM BBT Well, as we roll into another day, Sam has joined Kaycee and Jc in the KT with the S word game. 12:30 AM BBT Ugh, the game has moved into the BBR (Sam left about 5 after midnight). JC and Kaycee still playing.
  9. 11:57 PM BBT Kaycee and JC have been doing a word game in the KT for quite a long time. I think they are just saying any words that start with S. They alternate who has to say a word and can't repeat any. If they say one that's already been said, they just have to say something else.
  10. You may like her but she likely has more of the jury willing to give her their vote. Since Tyler was HOH and Angela had POV, Sam was on block and JC saved, left Brett and Kaycee exposed. Kaycee was the biggest competitor and most likely to beat the others so that should’ve been wha was put up and out. Kaycee winning today’s POV confirms her as main competitor. Believe me, I hope this bites Tyler in the rear and anyone but he wins it now.
  11. 3:05 PM BBT still reruns. [sorry Goldylucks, but Double eviction sucked life outta me. Perfect time for Tyler to make a real move for the win and backdoor Kaycee, the major real competitor who wins comps and jury would vote for to win over him. Sam and JC don’t win comps and jury hates Angela and likely Brett too. Even still Brett has only won a POV. Too boring now. Praying for a JC POV win to shack it up! - rms]
  12. 8:58 PM BBT reruns still on but, ... [Just now watching the Eviction show. I hear that haleigh voted out, then Tyler won HoH and then put up JC and Sam. Angela won the PoV and took off JC and then they voted Brett out. Currently, they are setting up and testing the next HoH for the week. Should be on live feeds pretty soon i think. - rms]
  13. 0:37 AM BBT Tyler and Kaycee are in the HoHR and Tyler spills to Kaycee that Brett came up to him and asked who they would beat easier, Sam and JC or Angela and Kaycee. [So much for Brett and Tyler,... WOW, amazing Tyler exposed it so fast without even thinking about it. - rms]
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