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    Angie "Rockstar" Lantry

    12:52pm : Kaycee is in the backyard talking to herself that day is the day she goes on the block, and she will start her morning by playing some pool. Sam just walked back outside w/her coffee and sitting on the floor.
  2. 12:37pm Kaycee and Scott talking in the blue room about his bandanas. Kaycee talking about some cup they received. and saying it's about time we received. Scott said yeah because they saw us drinking about of jelly and peanut butter jars.
  3. 12:35 BBT - Brett saying it felt so good when Bay went home after the week he was put up. Tyler said he didn't feel bad sending Bay to jury because she put him on blast. They are just repeating the same things that's already been said (Brett, Tyler and Angela). Talking about what Hayleigh said to them each. They are just laughing about it like they are in control.
  4. 12:31pm Brett, Tyler and Angela are outside talking. Brett telling Angela that RS keeps calling her a "B" and that she calls her a princess. Angela says a princess gets what a princess wants.
  5. 12:29PM RS and Fessy in bathroom area talking. He is consoling her, she is sad. JC walks into the bathroom area and ask them a question but they don't understand him, He is asking "are you guys evacuating the bathroom. (it's pretty funny)
  6. 10:00am - Sam and Rockstar just talking about how it's Monday just another manic Monday. Rockstar is also smoking. Sam says she slept like a baby. She asked Rockstar if she set the coffee pot she said no and Sam wonders who set the coffee pot. Rockstar ask Sam if Sam is paying attention to the days. Sam says no and Rockstar tells her she needs to go over those days with Fessy because it's a competition and she needs to know the dates. And Fessy is a great at the days to study with him.
  7. 9:56am - Tyler just sat up in bed. Kaycee, Angela and Rockstar in the kitchen. Rockstar walked outside and Sam says "Good morning" to her. She tells her she looks beautiful. Sam tells her the couch is all messed up.
  8. 9:55am BBT- Sam is outside drinking her coffee and smoking , Rockstar is in the pink room getting ready for the day she put on her bandana and microphone.
  9. 8:10 BBT: All house guest are asleep