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  1. I had thought they would give them a nice dinner tonight or something special from POPS, since it’s the last night. Anyone else think this? 12:02 am BBT - JC tells Tyler it’s OK if he wins for him to pick Kaycee. I’m not sure if he really means it as he still feels he has a final two with both of them. Kaycee andTyler have talked about when and what and how much to tell JC tomorrow so he isn’t too hurt or blindsided. It should be a good finale. I thought they would all catch on that Tyler and Natalie were in a showmance. I think they might make it~~
  2. Morty thanks for all the hard work you have put in this summer for BB20. Most don’t realize all the hours it takes to set up blogs, live feeds, recruit people to post almost around the clock. I’m sorry I wasn’t able to contribute more this summer. Maybe for AMazing Race if you have the same type of postings - it’s my absolute favorite reality show! I love to people watch, see what makes them tick, choose how to play or decide moves in the game. I don’t like the constant swearing and every other word being the ‘f’ word, it seems childish. I have been disappointed in JC sexually harassing so many in the BB house and production not stopping it or kicking him out. I do enjoy the updates and minute by minute playbacks~~ Again thanks!!
  3. Anyone else notice the quick ‘screenshot’ of Haleigh during Big Brother After Dark? It’s about 41 minutes into the show. I don’t know if it’s a still picture, but she is sitting staring at something with greenery around her on white picket type fence. It was while Tyler was fixing their salmon on the stove and getting dinner ready. Very strange. Here’s the shot right in the middle of Tyler cooking dinner Friday night - at the 45:38 mark into BBAD. Anyone else notice it?
  4. 12:35 BBT. Kaycee is talking in the HOH room with Angela who is very emotional and upset over something she discussed with Kaycee. She tells Angela is isn’t always you can talk with someone for 2 hours about things deep in their life. Kaycee says Angela must have a huge relief in finally talking about (whatever it is). They discuss JC and think he might be jealous Brett gave Angela the massage. Angela doesn’t want JC to know it bothered her when he told everyone about her and Brett. Kaycee asks Angela is she needs any food, or is there anything she can bring her to eat. Angela says no. They are very glad the POV competition is over and the noms stayed the same. They are emotionally drained. Kaycee hugs her and tells her it will all be OK. Kaycee, “You are amazing...” Hayleigh is called to the DR. Sam is telling everyone it looks like there will be leftovers, Brett says he will keep eating. Hayleigh walks through the kitchen and Brett tells her she looks beautiful, looks like a girl. The girls tell Brett he is realy good at compliments. Kaycee thanks Sam for cooking such a good meal. JC and Brett try to get some singing in. The guys talk about where one of the guys had gotten a shirt he’s wearing. Maybe Tilly’s? They begin talking about a movie (Baywatch?) and being filmed in Hilton Head. {COMMERCIAL BREAK} 12:50 a.m. BBT. Sam is cleaning the kitchen, Brett is washing some dishes, Tyler is putting food away. Sam thinks Brett ate an insane amount of food. Sam says “I love cooking!”. JC and Kaycee are talking about Angela having an emotional day. Kaycee says Angela had a diary session and it was very difficult for her. She doesn’t say why (I’m not sure she knows). Kaycee talks about how difficult it was to talk about her coming out story she had told JC last week. Kaycee says it made the whole day emotional when she told her story and even crying on national TV. They keep talking. — 12:58 a.m. BBT — Tyler and Angela are in the HOH bed. Tyler has his arm around her, comforting her. Angela “The cameras are always in my face, I hate it...”. She tries to block the camera and light with a blanket over part of her face. Tyler tells Angela the cameras are looking away, don’t worry about it. After some silence, Tyler asks, “Who’s bothering you today?” Angela “Not anyone in particular”. Tyler tells her she can say it ‘no one is listening’... Angela talks about today being a very emotinal day and she can’t be in the HOH room without people barging in. “It’s just frustrating”. Tyler, “24/7”. Angela talks about JC coming and seeing Brett giving her a back massage and runs downstairs and makes a huge scene about it. She feels everything is intentional. Angela said she told JC she felt like throwing him off the balcony, for her it was the last straw. Tyler says they were doing it to make Sam mad in front of Tyler by JC making a big deal out of what he ‘saw’. When Kaycee came into the room Angela told her it didn’t really bother her because she didn’t want them to know. Tyler listens and understands. Tyler - “JC knew exactly what he wanted to do.” {COMMERCIAL BREAK}
  5. 11:42 p.m. BBT Kaycee, Je, Brett and Tyler are in the WA talking. They are wondering who the toothbrushes belong to. Brett says he’s been grabbig a new one everday and they said no, they are other people’s toothbrushes. JC says he tries so hard to not fight in the house but all this week Haleigh has snapped has been stomping on him all week. Brett says she does snap at JC says she never acts like this to Brett when they are sitting next to each other. JC once again recounts Hayleigh being sitting on the toilet and him knocking and goign on in but ‘she had all her clothes on; and thought she could scare JC. JC said he left the WC door open and she couldn’t do anything as her pants were down. Sam had come in and didn’t realize it was a joke Hayleigh was playing and got upset with JC for opening the door and bawled him out. JC says if she doesn’t like it she needs to walk away - it’s what he does. JC says Fessy came in and talked about how he had been a bully earlier in his life and JC says he is a bully now. JC says he ust walks away but Sam is talking about how people shouldn’t be bullies. Sam then she had drank all this coffee and is not able to sleep. Sam was cooking and JC walked out with 3 boxes of grapes. She tells JC he can wait until she finishes cooking. Brett and JC talk about the small things getting people down at this point. Brett says to just let it go and let Sam say what she wants about cooking and them snacking. JC says you remember her screaming for about five days over things? Kaycee brings up again that Sam said to JC can you wait until I’m done cooking in here. Brett tells JC to not worry about it as he is venting and Brett will be venting tomorrow. JC says again he does a lot of things in the house, but he’s not going to give his opinion to the women {yet I feel he does anyway}. They all talk about the table being smaller but full of spiders and things and “who fed Charlotte today (FISH?) ”?? One of the other guys said “Who DID feed Charlotte today”.... It seems the table has been moved to the hallway and JC says it’s where he wants it. Brett says he hopes they get the clippers tomorrow because of the live show Thursday night. {COMMERCIAL BREAK} 12:13 A.M. BBT. Angela is now in the WA with the guys and says she wishes she had something to make her teeth brighter. Brett - “JC do you think I should shave the whole beard or clean it up?”. They all say “clean it up”. Brett, Tyler and JC are at the kitchen counter eating something with mushrooms. JC AGAIN brings up Brett giving Angela a massage and says how it will make great TV. They discuss about whether this is why Angela is mad - JC says ”Definitely 100%”. JC says he won’t mention it (call me skeptical). JC says do you think Angela will want some mushrooms, Brett and Tyler don’t think so and Brett says he will finish them. The guys are talking about adding hot sauce to what they are eating, JC puts the chips away. JC is back to discussing walking in on Brett and Angela’s massage and how he wasn’t expecting it. {COMMERCIAL BREAK}
  6. 11:18 BBT - Fessy and Haleigh are on the bed in the blue bedroom. They are talking about Fessy going to miss kissing Haleigh when one of them is gone. Haleigh goes from laughing to crying - JC and Tyler are in the kitchen. Tyler listens as JC spells out what he thinks will happen and who should go when. JC brings up Brett giving Angela a message and wants to give details - Tyler doesn’t want to hear it. Tyler says, “New Topic...”. Of course, JC keeps on talking. Tyler tells JC he doesn’t care that Brett gave Angela a massage. Tyler wants to know why JC walked in the HOH room and said what he did to them and the other houseguests. Fessy and Hayleigh are still talking about what is going to happen tomorrow. {COMMERCIAL BREAK} 11:27 BBT. Fessy and Hayleigh still talking in the have not room. Whispering. Fessy says to talk to Sam about things and how it will benefit Fessy. He seems to be talking about what their speeches will be and how he needs to shave tomorrow. Hayleigh tells Fessy he needs a haircut. He says he will get one. Hayleigh says “it’s so stupid”, Fessy says “What”. He tells her she has done a lot of good things. She tells him she has gotten him out of the ‘mood’ he’s been in as he’s spent most of the week in the bed and not around others. Fessy now doesn’t want to speculate on what will happen. They hold hands and are close together not wanting to think about being apart. WA - Tyler, Brett and JC are brushing teeth and talking about JC opening the door of the WC and Hayleigh was sitting in there with her bikini on. I’m not sure what all happened - she told JC she was trying to be the hero. Jc says sometimes he keeps his mouth shut but at times doesn’t feel like dealing with Hayleigh. Tyler is fixing his hair, Brett is brushing his teeth and JC keeps talking. HN Room - Fessy and Hayleigh are talking about hair products and what one of them is called ‘Moroccan Oil’. Hayleigh is now upset with Fessy and saying she isn’t about to fight with him. {Commercial Break}
  7. 11:29 a.m.BBT. (Saturday After Dark) Haleigh is still in the bathtub - now talking to Fessie. They are still hashing over and over about their relationship and who is helping who. 11:30 a.m. BBT. H & F still don’t know if they are telling the truth to each or or trust the other one. 11:31 a.m BBT. F&H agree they each make each other mad. Fessie threatens to leave the HOH room 11:34. BBT. Rockstar comes back into the HOH room and wants to tell H&F unfortunate news. Those downstairs were ‘giggling’ and it doesn’t sound good. She didn’t hear what they said, though. Rockstar goes back down stairs to try and ‘listen’. Arguments continue between Fessie and Haleigh - WBRB 11:40 a.m. BBT Tyler and Rockstar downstairs in a room playing Jinga and talking about the POV and whether anyone threw the game. Rockstar likes the DR as they make her feel better - most of the time. Tyler thinks he’s to be called to the DR also. Rockstar says she didn’t do anything super stupid in the POV game. She says she will check in on Tyler often as she has given him some good **** to consider. 11:50 a.m. BBT Haleigh is still in the tub, about 4 hours now - Fessie is still trying to understand what is going on in the house.Fessie continues to tell Haleigh he didn’t flip on the vote. She doesn’t believe him. WBRB 11:56. BBT Haleigh doesn’t trust people out of the house so tells Fessie she can’t trust anyone in the house. 11:58. BBT H&F are now in the HOH bed, still going over the same issues - is Fessie trustworthy or isn’t he. Fessie feels after 53 days they should know him by now. He says Brett and others are saying things about him that he didnt say. “{Fessie} - Do you want me to stand on the railling and say how I feel about you?” Haleigh says he wouldn’t do it. 12:01. BBT. Fessie thinks Haliegh admits they are in a showmance — Big Brother After Dark is over ~ .
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