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  1. I think the problem with Christie is the same with the last few seasons cast members. They were cast to play a role instead of being a player. I think the only reason she's on the show is due to knowing someone in casting. She might have been told it was going to be easy to win. It appears that production is helping these cast members out by sharing information in DR sessions. Several of them said that DR is giving them lines to say for the show. I feel the crying is fake like Vanessa did in her season. She will be fine after the show because of her big paycheck. I wish BB would go back to having more players than cast members. I feel the only game players this season are Nicole, David, Ovi and Cliff. All the others are there just for the money and fame.
  2. I hope she wins the prankster vote. Everyone is always making deals and leaving her out. Hopefully she would put up Tommy or Jackson.
  3. Cliff is suppose to be the smart one in the house. Cliff, Nicole and Jess are all on the same side. During Tommy HOH week, everyone knew Tommy would risk his game to save Christie. This would have been a great time for Cliff to get Nick and Sis on his side. With Nick, Jess and Nicole, the four of them could vote out Christie. Christie makes a deal with the devil and now he wants to save Christie. Now is the time to start counting jury votes and get out big targets. For being this dumb, Ciff and his two angels need to go to the jury.
  4. I feel that this is 100 percent DR doing this for drama. I can see Christie getting the next HOH and putting up Jackson and Holly.
  5. Christie blew up Nick’s game and I love every minute of it. He has been making deals with everyone. It reminded them of all the crazy things he did with Bella. Nicole needs to remember how bad he treated her.
  6. She has just threw Sis under the bus to Jackson. She called Sis a floater and stated that Sis has not done anything in this game. Good job Christie.
  7. It’s time for her to go. The swearing on her sister’s life is a new low for her. Christie and Sis threw Nick, Nicole and Jess under the bus to save themselves. I’m surprised that she’s not making Tommy do more of her dirty work. Not only is her gameplay becoming sloppy, it’s becoming sad to watch. I’m waiting for her to turn on Sis so that she can truly hit rock bottom.
  8. The smart move would be to use the veto on Sis and get rid of Tommy. With Tommy gone, Christie becomes a huge target.
  9. Why is she crying? She's the one that said Kat had to go because Kat/Holly/Jackson was a group of three. It got back to Jackson that he's her number one target. She talked crap about Jackson and Holly all last week (he listen at the door). She did not try to make a deal with Jackson last week. Now she is stating that Kat was her best friend. Every time she cries is gonna make her eviction that much sweeter.
  10. Poor stupid Sis wants to use the veto on Christie if she wins it. She thinks no one will vote her out. If she does this, Jackson needs to put up Tommy on the block.
  11. I agree. Two people knowing each other is totally unfair. It like the season with Vanessa and the twins. The only way Vanessa made it to the final three was due to the twins. I hate it when Tommy and Christie talk bad about Kat and Holly while they are like family. The only thing that could save this season for me is seeing Tommy and Christie losing the game.
  12. Tommy going to save Christie with the veto this week. Tommy's reason for wanting Kat out is because of the Kat/Holly/Jackson trio. The part he don't understand is that he's in a trio with Christie and Sis. If Christie or Sis do not win next week, he is going on the block. Jess will not put a girl on the block. Cliff will put him on the block as payback. Jackson and Holly will put him on the block for trying to vote him out last week. Nicole is smart enough to know that he's a big threat. Deep down inside Nick is still pissed about Bella being evicted. By winning the HOH and Veto, he is now the house biggest target.
  13. He is playing really stupid this week. He's doing everything he can to save Christie.
  14. This is going to be a crazy week. How many people will she throw under the bus this week?
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