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  1. CrazyBBFan

    JC Monduix

    I don't think getting rid of JC will be best for Tyler's game. He has a final two with JC, Sam and KC. If Tyler wins the veto and not use it on JC, JC will become another bitter jury member. JC will whine about Tyler in the jury house and blame him for everything. If Angela was smart, she would backdoor Tyler.
  2. CrazyBBFan

    Kaycee Clark

    The smartest showmance or fakemance to get someone to take you to the end. Sam was trying to tell him this during the time before nominations. It was weird last night that CBS kept blocking out parts of Tyler's one on one talks. It's like they were trying to give him the good edit.
  3. CrazyBBFan

    Brett Robinson

    What goes around comes around. Bye Felicia.
  4. CrazyBBFan

    General Discussion

    Tyler is doing the one thing that I hate most in the house. He takes information from others and use it against them as a reason to vote them out. I don't like L6 but, I feel that they were loyal to each other to a certain point. Angela and Tyler said bad things about L6 when Fessy was HOH. Tyler has said bad things about everyone in the house. Tyler should have told Brett that he could not beat him in the end and gave him a heads up about the nomination. Everyone knows it's a game and jury votes are needed to win the game. Tyler just made another bitter jury member. Tyler has been saying all season that KC is his number 1. I think Tyler is going to do the same thing to KC. JC, Sam and Angela will do anything that Tyler wants done. KC has never said anything bad about Tyler. She's going to be another bitter jury member unless DR tries to help her out. DR and JC tried to help Brett but he was too stupid to put the pieces together.
  5. CrazyBBFan

    Kaycee Clark

    KC may be on the chopping block during the DE. It look like Tyler was not really happy about KC winning the VETO. She the only person right now that can beat him. It's like KC was laying low until she needed to win things. Anybody that wins too much early in game always become a target. This will also prove if Angela is a true friend or just in it for the money.
  6. CrazyBBFan

    General Discussion

    I don't think that Julie hates Angela. I feel tons of people feel that Angela is cold and mean. Angela knows people think of her this way and, she talked about it on the show. Julie has been a great host for 20 seasons. Even with the Aaryn thing, she has always been professional.
  7. CrazyBBFan

    General Discussion

    If Haleigh is voted out, I want Sam to win. It will be just like last season with Josh. Paul major mistake last season was not securing all the jury votes and, this is the problem with all members of L6. Every houseguests during this season watched the past two years of BB. If they are not smart enough to understand how the winner is picked, they deserve to lose the game.
  8. CrazyBBFan

    Kaycee Clark

    it's an unspoken rule. Like Brett would have never put up Winston, Like Rachel would have never put up Angela and Bay would have never put up Swaggy. JC wants Angela out because he like Tyler. He always says he wants to break up the trio because of Angela. JC and KC had private personal talks about each other lives outside the house.
  9. CrazyBBFan

    Kaycee Clark

    Only one member of L6 gets to win. Now that she has won somethings, all the other members of L6 knows that she will get the money. I can see them letting Sam win to put her on the block and voting her out. Next week she can not play for HOH. JC would never put her on the block.
  10. CrazyBBFan

    Brett Robinson

    He's going to be playing double agent for Tyler in the jury house after Tyler votes him out. I was expecting him to be smarter because of his job. He made too many rookie mistakes during the game. He told L6 that he works in cyber security. He worked as a double agent and told L6 everything. He left bitter messages to evicted houseguests. When Winston was in the house, he did not have a social game. Even after JC tells him about Tyler, he goes and make a final two deal with Tyler. Most important is that DR has been giving him hints about shaking things up.
  11. CrazyBBFan

    General Discussion

    This is why I'm voting for Steve. He really did not get a chance to play the game. He's the only person that I can't say one thing bad about him.
  12. CrazyBBFan

    Haleigh Broucher

    I do hope she win the veto but, I think her spirt is broken. If I was her, I would just want to goto the jury house. She's very smart and knows that the four of them are working together. Most people in the house treat the next person for eviction very bad all the time. They don't make eye contact and they quit being seen talking to them.
  13. CrazyBBFan

    Sam Bledsoe

    If Sam wins the veto, will Tyler tell her to not use it? She was very different person during her HOH. Some houseguests change during the game but never like her gameplay.
  14. CrazyBBFan

    Tyler Crispen

    Are they in a real showmance or is it a storyline for the show? Past seasons showmances were real and natural. It's like they are playing a childish game. Hilton Head is not a big place and they both live there and never met. btw the bleep word that Scottie used during his eviction speech was Hilton Head.
  15. CrazyBBFan

    Kaycee Clark

    I agree with the JC part. Why would she send out Sam instead of Tyler/Angela? Anybody that can send Tyler home and make it to the end will win the game.