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  1. 8:19pm Camera returns to house guests serving themselves the chicken, rice/broccoli meal. Christie says the meal was Tommy's invention. Tommy says he will make brown rice. Nick is in in line getting food, David steps back and let's Bella go ahead of him. David, “I am a gentleman.” Bella flirtatious smile. (Obvious: David is saying that HE is a gentleman, and NICK, who did not allow Bella to go ahead of him is not.--had to watch it to catch it. Pretty sure Bella got it and Nick was oblivious. 8:21pm Camera 1) House guests are taking turns telling their happiest moments in the house. After the circle is completed house guests begin leaving the table, still talking about their happy times. 8:44pm Tommy has come into the target bedroom, Christie comes into the room, asks if he wants to be alone, Tommy tells her “you are always a part of my alone.” Jack follows them in. They talk about the competition coming tomorrow. Christie wishes for an alone place. Jack says Michie is okay with not telling Kat about the vote. Tommy says they can discuss more, Jack says Michie and Holly wondered if they should tell her, and to keep her vote the same so they don't lose Kat later. Jack says he told Nick today that Cliff “scares me.” Christie says they could tell Kat what they are doing, and she can vote however she wants. Tommy says tell her it was a last minute decision, and feels better. Christie is counting votes after this eviction. Tommy says Kat knows the 8 and she named them to Holly. Jack says he will let Michie and Holly know how they are handling Kat in this vote. Tommy hopes Ovi comes back, Christie tells them she wants to tell everyone about Ovi's power. Tommy says they need to pull Ovi into the group, that he fears the unknown with David. Cliff comes into the room and talk stops he doesn't stay long. FISH 8:53pm
  2. 8:01pm BBT Jack is telling Holly about his dad dropping him off in the woods and he had to find his way to a certain place before his dad got there (I saw that movie..) Holly says she is afraid of snakes, Jack says he doesn't like the dark or being startled. When he starts to say he has fears of fake things in his mind we get FISH Meanwhile Kat and David are cuddling in the comeback bedroom, she has been questioning him about his real job. 8:03pm Camera moves to Ovi and Cliff in the tree house Cliff, “If something happens it will be because of the two of them.” Ovi says it has been hard to be motivated to come back in the game, “and for what?” he says. The backgammon game continues. Noise from the kitchen is filtering upstairs. FISH returns 8:06pm Camera still on backgammon game. Christie can be heard yelling for Jessica from the kitchen. 8:08pm Jessica is leaving the HOH, Nick and Bella are listening to the headphones. Camera moves to comeback bedroom. Kat and David are still cuddled on the bed, Kat wonders why the cameras come and go. David says maybe they are trying to follow interesting conversation. They are saying that the house is very boring, there is nothing to do. Kat is surprised that no one talks game to David. She tells him whatever she knows she tells him. David says he came back into the game with no alliance and will not tell anyone what she tells him, even Kemi. Kat says she hopes he comes back but if he wants the two of them will hang out after. Kat thinks she will never see Ovi, Kemi or Nicole again. She says her feelings are usually right (We shall see tomorrow). 8:13pm Movement increasing in the kitchen while house guests get ready to eat. Some horsing around with Jack and Tommy, then Tommy helping Christie finish the rice with what looks like a sweet soy sauce. FISH again (this might be another intermittent night).
  3. 8:308pm Sam and Sis are in the hammock. Sam is talking about conversations he has had with Kemi and the questions asks her about his game plan. Sam yells across the yard to Jack about Cliff and Jess talking in front of Kemi about a power that (they believe) Jess made up. Sam says he thinks the conversation was a red herring of some kind. Jack tries to swing the hammock but Sis tells him to stop. Sis and Jack tell Sam that Cliff annoys them Bella and Ovi are tossing the bean bags in the back yard. Bob says: Knock it off. After they stop, Bob says: Thank you. Jack says the cameras are on rails behind the window, Sis wonders if people hold them and walk with them. FISH while Bob tells them to stop talking about production. Jack goes back to the topic of Jess, Cliff and the story of Jess's supposed power. Jack tells them that Cliff has mentioned that he would get rid of some of the 9 and Nicole has not. Sam insists that he wants Nicole out regardless. Cliff joins them and talk stops. Kemi and Nicole are in the kitchen, Kemi says she wants to stay indoors so her hair will stay the way she has styled it until her DR. Jackson says her hair looks great. Kemi says she wants to do one session with her hair like this because her mom asked her to. Jackson asks her how often she can wash her hair, she tells him motivated once a week, when she is lazy once a month. She says she washed it yesterday. Jackson tells her maybe that is why it is affected so much by the humidity. Jackson asks her if she uses oils, he says he really wants to know about it. Kemi explains her hair care to him, he says it seems like a lot of work. People walk by and general comments are made back and forth, nothing notable. Nicole and Kemi go to the bathroom lounge area and join house guests already in there. General talk, nothing game related. Tommy is singing.' Bob says: :”lease stop singing” and Tommy sings again, saying it is fake. Bob says, “That is really annoying.” the whole group laughs. Camera moves to back yard. General talk, Bean bag game being played. Cameras move to kitchen Michie is asking Kat if she trusts Jess. She says she trusts her but not completely. Michie tells her Jessica runs to Nick and Bella a lot. Kat says most of her talk with Jessica is just “girl talk.” Most of her confidences are with Michie and Holly. Michie wonders again if Jessica is trustworthy, and Kat is in good hands with him and Holly, even though she is not in an alliance. When she mentions getting “picked off”, Michie says she is “well taken care of.” Kat apologies for “everything that went down”, Michie apologizes too. Bob says twice. “Shut it down.” They think it doesn't mean them, and keep talking. Jack and Tommy come in, general talk resumes and cameras move to bathroom lounge for more general talk.
  4. 8:41pm BBT Kat and Holy are in the rv bedroom talking about their relationship in the game. Kat tells Holly she would like to be with her in the final two, that there is no other person she would rather go to the end of the game with. They wonder if they could do a DR together to shout out with their friends. Kat says, “Hello Brett.” then giggles. Holly tells Kat that Kemi dropped cortisone cream on Christie's face towel then rubbed it in, that Kemi doesn't do dishes because she doesn't like to get her hands wet. Kat says she will make herself look bad to America. Kat is showing sincere happiness at the agreement with Holly, she tells Holly, “I am not gonna win HOH”. We get FISH When feeds come back, it seems like they are saying that Bella 1000% needs to be sent out. They leave the rv as Jessica comes in. Holly goes to the kitchen and sees David eating cereal. She tells him it is HOH cereal, he is not bothered at all, h just goes to get milk for it, calling it Royal Cereal. David has thrown out Kemi and Nicole's sun, he apologizes, saying it was laying around upstairs and he assumed it was trash. They tell him they are not bothered, they know he is always cleaning. Nicole rescues it from the bin. 8:50pm Christie, Jessica and Bella are in the HOH room, the topic of conversation seems to be about Kemi. Christie says Kemi showed no concern earlier for Christie, and mentioned her own troubles like they were more important. Bella says Kemi is going around like a little rat. Christie tells the story about the cortisone medicine on the towel, Bella adds a story about how in the beginning she was quiet. Christie continues the cortisone cream story, saying Kemi was already into her (Christie's) bag before asking. Christie says a “huge blob” went onto the towel and Kemi stepped on the towel, rubbed it in. Jack noticed it and called her out. Christie says Kemi offered to go get a new towel. Jessica reacts by saying “ohhhh my God.... ahhhhhh.” (earlier when Kat and Holly were talking about the incident Holly said it was a “tiny bit” of cream.) The girls continues to talk about all the irritating things Kemi has done. Sweaters in drawers, wearing shorts, using towels, etc.. Christie says she “Just didn't give a s**t” Bella claims the shorts were a brand, Lulu, that cost 80 dollars. (I don't know where Bella shops, but the black shorts she wears cost about 18.00 on Amazon.--Grannysue) Bella says she has now learned that “I don't know everything.” after her time in the house. Jessica says she understands. 9:00pm BBT Kat and Tommy are cooking and David is asking them to participate in a Big Brother 21 activity, but it is not specified before we get FISH. Several house guests are in the kitchen, either sitting or cooking or snacking. Cameras change to other parts of the house, Nicole is looking for her cup, Cliff is talking about making eggs, David is eating pizza covered in ranch and hot sauce, Bella is hanging on Nick.--just general chatter. In the background David is singing what sounds like a blues song, (his voice is very good). Cameras move to the back yard, Christie, Sis, Holly and Michie are on the hammock. Michie says “In the past 24 hours, since Nicole blew up Bella and Nick we have caught her talking to three outsiders.” Michie says that makes six for them, and “we only have six if no one goes on the block.” Holly says Kat was crying because of things Jessica said when Christie mentions it. Christie said the talk she heard was not anything new. Sis wants to know why they are even doing this, Michie offers to tell Kat not to use the veto. Holly says she is worried about Kat being the deciding vote. Michie says they are making moves, plotting and even going to Camp Comeback. Sis asks why they are not talking to David, Michie says he is trying to be on good terms with David just in case. Michie says they are building an army to take us down, he says we cannot give them any reason. Sis says someone asks her if she was hanging on Nick to make Bella mad. Michie says Bella is the bite behind the bark and he will do anything she says. If Bella says she wants someone on the block, he will do it. Maybe Nick does have a thing for Sis, and this is a possibility that it could happen. Holly tells her not to be weird to Nick, and Sis tells them that Nick asked her if she was being weird now. Michie says he loves having girls fight over him, he likes female attention, he needs to feed his ego. Michie says as a guy he is calling it as it is. Sis continues to whisper to Christie but I can't hear it. Michie leaves to use the loo, then put chicken in the oven. Holly wonders if they should have Kat not use the veto, Christie wonders if there is another solution. Holly says she can talk to Kat and ask her if she would vote Cliff out. Sis says she could lie if she is working with that side of the house, but Holly insists she can trust Kat, Holly continues to say Kat will do what she promises, and she does not believe Kat would put up any of them (assuming the 6). Holly says that Kat wants Bella out bad, but she doesn't want to win HOH. Holly says unless she is a really good liar, but she trusts her, that the two of them have quite a few mutual friends and that would look bad in real life. Christie says she is going inside and leaves Holly and Sis on the hammock. Sis tells Holly to watch and see who follows Christie into the house, Holly seems not real into doing that. Holly tells Sis that Jess brought up Kat and Michie (somehow David was involved in this, because he made a snide remark about it), Holly says it was annoying. There were words between Michie and Kat about it. Holly tells Sis that Michie told her (Holly) that if she wanted to pull away earlier in the day, then the topic of Kat and Michie was brought up later. She calls it bad timing. Cameras move to rv bedroom. Kemi and Nicole are in the rv room. Nicole says Kat is acting weird, and Michie said something about Kemi in the kitchen. Sounds like they were making fun of Kemi's fall when she came out of the DR with her uniform and the eviction. Nicole is talking about the house and how the couples fall for level of trust. Nicole says Bella mentioned Kemi's name to her, Jack did not. Nicole says they are in together in some way and she cannot afford to have “this” happen all over again. Nicole says because Nick is HOH she has to appeal to him first, then follow through with the others if she is on the block. She is mad at herself, she wonders if Sam is a better option. Nicole says “this is a game, everybody is talking about everybody.” Someone comes in, camera wasn't on them, left quickly after Kemi was snarky. 9:30pm BBT Kat, Tommy, Jessica and Christie are in the target bedroom. Kat is telling them about something that happened but it is full of “he” with no name. (we get this with Kat, it takes 10 minutes to figure out who or what, God love her—Grannysue) what we can assume it that this is about her early “friendship” with Michie and his reaction to it being mentioned by someone (possibly David) last night. She is concerned that it affected what people think. Christie tells her that neither Michie or Holly are upset and are glad to have talked. Kat says tossing out jokes about it is just her “sense of humor”, she does care very much for Michie. Christie tells her lots of people in the house love her and she would go “to the death for you.” Kat is concerned that people think she is running her mouth, (Kat is having a hard time talking about this awkward pile of feelings she has about Michie, herself and Holly in this situation.) [Kat is trying so hard to keep her dignity in this and is worried about how her mother will react--Grannysue]
  5. 10:12pm Nicole and Kemi are in the Camp Comeback Room, they have moved so Kemi can change her clothes. They continue to go over points, it sounds like Kemi is supposed to talk to Nick, not Kat as I earlier said.(sorry for confusion) The two of them move back to the tree house. Kemi tells Nicole she will go up, they need to work to keep her there if she does. The two of them are assuming powers will be used that remove both people on the block. Kemi is covering a worst case scenario. Kemi says she is hoping to come back, and it will be with a vengeance. Nicole tells her not to put her own future game in jeopardy. 10:21pm Michie and Kat go into the storage room. Kat tells Michie she is using the veto on Jessica, and he agrees. Kat says using it on Cliff is not as good a move, since she is closer to Jessica. Kat is complaining about Nicole, saying Nicole nearly brought down her game. Michie says her plan to use the veto on Jessica is a good one. He praises her win. Kat continues to vaguely throw Nicole under the bus. Jack comes into the storage room, Kat tells them that Nicole told her (Kat) was next. Kat says Nicole mentioned outsiders, but she doesn't believer her. Jack and Michie confirm that she is taking Jessica off and they tell her she is smart and that is a good plan, she should do what she wants. They all hug and Jack and Kat stop at the fridge to look for snacks. 10:27pm Tommy, Nick and Sis are in the HOH. Tommy says David watches everyone from the kitchen, Tommy believes David tracks movement. Nick says whoever comes in is going right back out unless they have some sort of safety. They think if it is a wall comp Sis will win because she is strong and tiny. Sis is concerned that if Ovi comes back and joins Cliff in the house they will be a power team. Nick says regardless if Nicole did “it” on purpose or not.....He continues to go over the uproar with Nicole. 10:31pm Christie and Jessica are talking about who has “the power”. Christie tells Jessica that she would rather have Nicole and Jessica here over Cliff. Christie thinks Nicole will go after people, that Bella is a snake and is playing every person in the game. Christie thinks Nicole could win the wall competition. Christie says Bella is the bully, not Nicole, and she wants Cliff to go home and get Jessica off the block as well. 10:37pm In the HOH room Nick is talking about the situation with Jack, he says he would not put Jack up until 8 people were left. Nick says Nicole and Sam are people to worry about winning physical or endurance competitions. Nick asks who will they vote back if they have to do that. Tommy says he would vote for Nicole to come back, Nick says he would send her right back out. Holly, Tommy, and Sis are discussing Nicole (again). Holly thinks Nicole was not being malicious. Nick is upset that Nicole said some things about Bella. Tommy sympathizes. Michie comes in and talk moves to whether or not Jessica would work with them. Michie confirms that Kat will take Jessica off the block. 10:45pm Kat is still celebrating her veto win, she is almost euphoric (and very sweet—Grannysue) Christie and Jessica are helping her celebrate and lifting her up and Kat is giggling and so receptive. Christie is asking for details about the rv conversation, she says she has no idea what happened in there. Kat says somehow she became the mediator and was awkward. Kat says Nicole did say Bella was uneducated, but by then she was just “fed up”. Jessica says Nicole has a hard time separating game play from personal. Christie says Kat was unbiased, so it was good she was there, and that probably reduced tension. Jack comes into the room and lands on a bed, they fill him in about Kat's mediation. Jack asks questions and makes jokes Kat about what happened before the others came into the room. Intermittent FISH...so the gist is a rehash of the conversation. Kat says Nicole seemed crushed, Christie mentions in passing that no one seemed to confront Bella for lying, but it will come to light in the next few days. Christie plans to keep her ears open for all options, whether they should decide to keep Cliff or Nicole. Christie encourages Kat to use the veto on Jessica, she tells Kat she is really happy that Kat is using it on Jessica. 10:57pm Nicole and Kemi are in the rv bedroom Nicole says everything she said was validated, telling Kemi that Tommy and Holly clarified her statements. Kemi makes her dislike of Bella obvious. Nicole says as an educator she sees something missing from Bella, Kemi says she has not pity for Bella, she has her own life to correct and she has no time for that. Nicole mentions pity, Kemi says she feels sorry for Nick, who fell for it. Bella whispers so low the microphones don't pick it up. Nicole says that Nick questioned her about so many things, and Jessica comes into the room. Jessica says it is nearly 11pm, and she is very tired. Jessica tells Nicole not to just accept her fate, to not accept that. Jessica tells Nicole to lay low and stay quiet. Kemi goes to get them some ice cream so Nicole and Jessica can talk alone. Nicole tells Jessica that she thinks Nick accepted what she said, but told her that he would not have conversations with her unless there are two or three other people in the room.
  6. 9:45pm BBT Feeds have returned and Kat has the veto in her hand. Jessica and Kat go to the storage room and celebrate. Nicole goes to the rv bedroom, she says, “I don't know what that means but maybe it will be positive.” House guests are in the bathroom lounge talking about the competition. They mention colored pieces, and that someone told them to talk talking s**t about them because they hear everything. In the kitchen: Sam says the veto meeting will be a s**t show, and it will be great. Holly thinks it will be tomorrow. They are sharing melon and Sam is taking it to the bathroom lounge area to share. Nicole is in the kitchen, sitting at the counter, no one is talking to her. Christie takes Sis to the target bedroom. She tells Sis that she was excited to play, but not really wanting to win. Holly comes into the room. Christie tells them that getting rid of Nicole is not good for their game. Christie tells them she is not voting to evict Nicole, she is not voting anyone out who is willing to vote Nick or Bella out. Holly and Sis, say they want the six to talk about it. Christie says they can tell Nicole after that they saved her. Christie says things are not sitting right with her. Michie and Kat come in and Christie continues to talk, but it changes to the competition. Christie talks about her “angel number”, and the signs were that she wasn't supposed to win. She says she asked for a “weird sign.”, Kat laughs and says “you call me weird, I am your weird sign.” Christie tells Kat that she is proud of her for winning. Cliff comes in during this and asks when the competition will air, he says people may know she won, but will have no idea how she dominated. 10:01pm Jack and Michie are in the boat bed lounge. Michie questions Jack about the plan to keep Nicole. Season 20 house guests must have been involved in the competition, I have heard Tyler and Kaitlyn mentioned. Jack explains to Michie that Bella refused to listen to Nicole, and that Nicole was pushed around. He tells them that Christie and Tommy brought up saving Nicole, that Cliff needs to go. Michie says “okay, done deal, I just hope we can trust Nicole.” Jack says, “Well she's not Nick and Bella.” Michie, “Can she keep her mouth shut?” Jack, “We don't tell her until after the vote. ….Kat needs to use the veto on Jessica or not use it.” Michie says he can work it by telling Kat that Cliff wants to work with them...Jack tells him to wait. Jack says Nick and Bella did all that bad stuff, but so did the six. He says they will talk to Holly and Sis about this later.” He says it was good that Michie threw the competition, he saw him do it. Jack says they need to try and save Nicole this week, at least try. Michie, “Try and execute.” They leave the boat bed lounge. Kat is so excited about winning, everyone is congratulating her, telling her she killed it. (Sounds like both Christie and Michie threw it— Even as disingenuous as the congratulations are, it is nice to see her being so proud of herself. Grannysue) 10:10pm Nicole and Kemi are in the tree house. Nicole is asking her to advocate for her, (assuming Kat to not use the veto). FISH
  7. 9:04pm Kemi and Nicole are still in the rv bedroom sharing information. Kemi is telling Nicole about the connections in the house. Kemi tells Nicole that if someone comes down Nicole would go up, but that wasn't intentional. She tells Nicole that if she strokes Bella's ego it will put it in her (Bella's) good graces. She says Bella is easily manipulated. Nicole tells Kemi she would love to know what happened in that room, and Kemi says she would too. Kemi seems surprised that Christie and Tommy do not have the integrity she had given them credit for. FISH again....for a few seconds. Nicole calls Bella erratic, Nick didn't seem to be. She heard them in the kitchen saying. “another one bites the dust.” but isn't sure where it was directed. Kemi says some people have an anxious nature and some people in this house have a lack of ability to restrain their emotions, she mentions Bella believing she is running the game. She wonders why Bella tells so much. Kemi says Nicole did the right thing, and Nicole says she would be flattered if they used the back door on her. She tells Kemi they don't realize what an asset her vote would be. While they continue to discuss the events of the day, Sam is telling Bella that he is the number 9 in the group, and that he would never tell anyone that Bella told him about gr8ful. (Bella doing damage control here?). She says she can cover what she has told him. Bella says Nick and Jack are “like this.”, and she doesn't trust Jack. Sam says he doesn't want gr8ful to know he knows, he will play the part. He says he doesn't care that they feel sorry for him. Bella, “Sometimes I trust you more than Nick.” She adds “I never talk s**t about you....or Nick.” (okay, didn't she just do that????-Grannysue) Cliff is sitting at the kitchen table. Nicole and Kemi are still going over old information and thoughts Sam has come into the boat bed lounge where there is loud conversation. Sam may have mentioned seeing a production person, the camera went to FISH before he defined who “he” was. 9:27pm Jessica has joined Nicole and Kemi in the rv bedroom. Nicole is upset about her treatment at the HOH door, and Jessica defends it by saying that Jack and Michie are aggressive. Kemi says it is his responsibility to apologize to Nicole, he should not be sending Jessica. Jessica immediately says she was not sent, and she does it quickly. Kemi says again that “he” should apologize. (not sure who met Nicole at the door, and shut it in her face earlier, maybe Michie) Jessica makes more excuses for “he”. Kemi says Nick approached her at dinner and asked to sit by her, she said “you can sit where ever you want.” Nick,”i was just asking.” Kemi says, “Did yesterday not happen??” Jessica says men just forget, that's why they win the game. Kemi says she is aware of how she is portrayed on tv, and tries to remove herself from a situation. She says when Nick said something about 15 friends, she took a long sip of water and thought, “the 14 of you and Orwell.” but she didn't say it aloud. Jessica says she isn't sure if he is lying or he really thinks he didn't do anything wrong. Nicole agrees with Jessica, and assuming Kemi comes back, and moving forward they need to be aware of where they fall. Jessica says if I go this week and don't come back, it will be you, Cliff, etc. Ovi comes into the room, says he wants to stop by. He asks Nicole how she is doing, she says she still has no idea what is going on, and she is out of the loop. Ovi says he has no idea Nicole says she feels disrespected and ostracized, and she will not accept that. She says they could have come to the balcony and clarify. She says that slamming a door is personal and no one should be treated like that. She calls it “sh**ty and rude” 9:40pm Christie, Tommy and Holly (it could be Sis, I can only see her hair and am going by voice only, so I will refer to her as Holly with the understanding that it is for the sake of her participation) are in the target bedroom discussing Ovi, his cookies, and Christie says she misses the old Ovi. AND in walks Ovi!! Tommy, “we were talking about your cookies.” Ovi says he hopes he hopes he didn't offend anyone. Tommy pretends he has trouble remembering what he could possibly done, then offers Ovi the opportunity to work with them if he returns to the game. They try to sell Ovi on their offer, saying they only don't talk game because they worry about David. Tommy says “s**t hit the fan today and we did a gratitude circle later...” (that did not include Nicole, just sayin'--Grannysue) Christie denies personal game play or comments. Ovi tells them cookies will be out soon. He asks them to give Cliff a nice word, that he is feeling down. When he leaves, Tommy rolls his eyes, and says “he is scared to s**t”. Christie giggles. Tommy, “now we have a maid.” Holy says over the next few days Nick and Bella are gonna want information and they need to know what to say so it is not random.. Tommy says Cliff was after everyone but Nick and Bella, that he was conspiring to not send them home. AND...Cliff walks in. He asks if they mind if he hangs out, of course they do not. Cliff lays on his bed, Tommy leaves the room. 9:55pm BBT Jack comes into the target bedroom with Christie and Cliff, and Tommy comes with him. Christie is telling Cliff she doesn't know specifics, just random facts. Cliff tells them he does not play “He said, she said.”, (regarding the rogue vote). Jack and Christie say the vote was not a big thing, Cliff said Nicole was upset about being blamed for the vote. Christie is steering the conversation, she says she has no problem with alliances. She is telling Cliff that she heard her name, wrong place, wrong time. Cliff says that Ovi, Nicole and him (Cliff) talked and decided to work together to try and stay longer in the game. He says he is being dragged along, and he has no personal anything. Christie says people will listen to him. Cliff says he doesn't think he has done anything personal or wrong while in the house. Holly comes into the room while Cliff tells them that this game is a diversion, a small part of his life, and he wants to have no regrets. He wishes someone had come to him and said what they were thinking. Cliff says she destroyed his game (Kemi?? and the eviction speech). Nick, Sam, Michie and Bella come in, followed by David. (Michie passed gas and it was cringe-worthy).
  8. 8:22pm BBT House guests with the exception of Nicole are sitting around the table telling what they are grateful for. Earlier gr8ful plus Sam were in the HOH room having a meeting that excluded Cliff, Jessica, Nicole, Kat, and the Comeback Campers. In that meeting the group compared information received from Nicole. Everyone denied all deed doing and comment making. It quickly became a bashing session with Nicole as the target of said bashing. Ovi (bless his heart) took exception and called them out for being rude to the other people in the house. Cliff was the voice of reason and put the whole thing in perspective. And that brings us to the current time, when the house guests are surrounding the table, getting along famously, and certainly none of them allowing themselves to show worry at being “caught out.”. The house guests are not showing any concern or animosity at being excluded from the “cool kids” meeting. On the surface this is a very happy, very friendly group. The talk is general chatter and all cameras are recording different angles of the room. We hear Christie tell the group that the eviction is on Thursday. Someone asks how she knows, Christie says, “Because I asked.” Bob: You are not allowed to talk about production. Background conversation moves to David giving his theory of the Comeback Camp Room not having enough cots for four people, so the competition being directly after the eviction. Tommy says the four Comeback Campers may compete in the HOH, last one down comes back in and continues for a chance to win and return as HOH. Jackson mentions to Bella that Jessica does not seemed concerned about being on the block this week, even though last week she was very worried. Christie shares her PMS woes with the others. In the storage room Bella and Sam are checking out the freezer. They find ice cream and Bella screams. Kat comes in with the trash bag ans says it will be a good night. They leave the room and Jack comes in to look for a little snack. Camera moves to the bathroom lounge, where Nick is telling Christie and Jack that Nicole will want to talk to him. They tell him to have one guy and one girl there. Nick, “okay.” Christie says, “that was some s**t.” Jack shakes his head now, and says “wow.” Nick comes out of the water closet (could be why Jack shook his head at Christie). Sam walks in to share the mirror with Christie. Cameras move to the HOH room. Nick and Sis are talking about who needs to be in the room when Nick talks to Nicole. Bella comes out of the room, Jack comes into the room, followed by Jack. Bella is bragging about how they have placed the group of 9 into such a good position. The girls want to hide in the shower if Nicole and Nick talk, he says no. Jack keeps offering to be there, “no matter who you want here.” 8:47pm Kat and Jessica are in the bathroom lounge, Jessica says the vibe in the house is off. Kat says she feels it too. Kat asks Jessica if she knows what happened in the HOH room, Jessica says no. She says Nicole is playing a very dangerous game, that the group found out that Nicole was playing both sides of the house. Jessica says she was being pulled by both sides of the house. Kat says she was not pulled by Holly and Sis, that Nicole went to them. Kemi comes in, they tell her she is welcome when she asks. 8:50pm David, Holly, Tommy and Christie are in the boat bed lounge. Christie asks if he is still here with a plan to “f**k s**t up.” David denies, and they laugh because all them heard him say it. David says he came here to catch up, he was in Mexico and missed all of it. (Mexico is a code word for sequester). Christie asks if he wanted to ask them something, David says he did not, but if they have questions he will answer them. General questions about what David's badges mean and he makes up reasons. Kat comes into the room and bounces onto the bed. In the kitchen Cliff is at the table, Kemi comes by and tells him she is going to check on Nicole. The camera follows Kemi. Kemi says she has no idea what is going on. She tells Nicole to start from the beginning. Nicole tells her that no one has been making eye contact with her all day. She says that Bella told her to take it in stride, but that Jack and Michie were pushing Nick to put her on the block because she had “the power.” Bella told her she was being accused of the “rogue vote”, and asked Nicole to trust her. Nicole says she told Bella about the plan to put her and Nick on the block if any of the 6 won HOH. Nicole says she also told Bella and Nick more things, and Nick went to the DR to lock in his nominations, then when Nick came out of the DR they all ran upstairs. Kemi says “I bet Bella told them.” Nicole says she approached Holly, but found out later that Michie was pushing for her (Nicole) to be nominated. Nicole says they are going to pick off everyone else one by one. Kemi says that Bella told her that the “couples” have an alliance, and agrees. Kemi says that at dinner when someone says Nicole was missing and Bella said, “who's that?”. FISH keep popping up..
  9. 9:20pm BBT Nick and Michie are in the bedroom. Michie asks if he is thinking Cliff and Nicole, Nick says yes he is. Michie asks about using the shower this week, Nick tells him yes. Michie asks if Kat is a possibility, Nick says he is not putting her up. Michie says Jessica is stressing. They wonder if the vote was a job given to Cliff to complete. Nicole comes in while they are telling Sam about the pasta in the kitchen Nicole denies making the sympathy vote. Michie says if Kemi thinks it is Nicole, then they need to find out. Nicole says there would be no purpose to finding out. When someone says it could have been a messed up vote by Kat, Nicole says Kat asked if it was her.(Nicole). Michie continues to talk about the vote, tossing out ideas (Michie did the vote). Every time the subject changes Michie comes back to who did the vote. Nick tells them that everything Kemi says is lies. Kat walks in as he says this, followed by Cliff. 9:31pm BBT Bella is in the bathroom lounge area doing damage control with Jessica. She is telling her that she blew up the alliance because Kemi told it and she was trying to escape the consequences. When Bella takes a breath Jessica tells her she is confused, since she (Jessica) never talked to Kat. Bella comes up with more excuses, saying Ovi may have done it. Bella talks for a few minutes more. When she takes a breath Jessica tells her she is still confused. She interrupts Bella to say that Kat was paranoid the whole week she was up. Bella continues to make excuses, she mentions half the house at one time or another, talking fast, adding “and also” “and then” as she talks. She says, “And now that I know..” several times.
  10. 8:15pm BBT Kemi and Nicole are having a conversation in the boat bed lounge. The two of them are discussing Bella and the things she has told them (mainly Kemi) over the past two weeks. Kemi is ready to begin sharing the information she has. Nicole wonders if Nick and Bella have been trying to set her up with their talks. They are trying to figure out if the single vote was a sympathy vote or rogue vote. They leave the room after a few minutes of sharing confidences and advice. Kemi goes to the kitchen where several house guests are cleaning up. She gets food and sits at the table but does not speak. **Earlier at 725 Kemi and Bella had a confrontation that got loud. At one point Bella tried to push Kemi from the room and Kemi said, “don't touch me.” The confrontation ended quickly. During the aftermath David came into the room and was watching them as he munched on popcorn (I don't know if it was on purpose, but I hope so.) ** Camera moves to the living room with Jack and Michie. Michie told Jack he was the single vote to keep Kemi. They chuckle about it and agree to keep it a secret. Camera moves to rv bedroom, Nicole is alone in the room. She is talking to the cameras. She keeps repeating “Oh my God, I watch this show. Why am I such an idiot? Oh my God.” She says she was so caught up in her own head that she did not stop to look at the main picture, and it is “so obvious.” She names the 8 members of the alliance. She follows up with the names of the people who are not in that alliance. “Yesterday I said I didn't have to win the HOH, the two sides would go against each other. As soon as the rogue vote happened...” She says she was shaking so hard when throwing the arrow that she “spazzed out.” She says the rogue vote will probably be used to target her. “Why am I so stupid?” She says she needs to find a way to turn the alliance against itself. She says she failed to look at other people instead of focusing on herself. She says she is one of the dumbest people ever, “But I can fix this.” She says it is Camp Comeback week, so if she can survive the week someone will come back to the game, hopefully Kemi of Ovi. She says she should have thrown straight. She doesn't want them to put up Jessica and Kat, they are her people. “I can fix this, I can friggin' fix this.” She continues to berate herself while the camera flashes back and forth on her memory wall picture. She says Bella's role was to get them into something then put them up after blowing it up. She says the mentality is that everyone ropes in little side people, she is in a catch 22, if she tells people what Nick told her/or if she doesn't the result will be the same. She wonders why they tried to flip the vote, unless it was to get the upper hand on Jack in the future or to see who would align with them. Nicole says there needs to be anger and animosity between the couples, and Nick's HOH could be a good thing. She realizes it could backfire on her,and she tells the cameras she loved Kemi's speech. Camera moves to Sis and Tommy Sis is worried that she will be back doored, but she thinks it would be stupid because she is good at competitions. (Really???). She feels like she is at the bottom of the totem pole. Camera moves to the target bedroom where Jack, Michie and Christie are discussing Sis. Christie tells Jack that he did it, and he can't go back. (His closeness to Sis). Christie tells him they will touch base, she tells him to stop saying things about getting married to her. He tells her he is stupid, she says, “Yep, but you did the thing so..” They leave the room. Cameras move back to Tommy and Sis in the boat bed lounge. Sis is swearing Tommy to secrecy about something, and he agrees that he will. Sis mentions the rogue vote, she wonders if someone close to them did it. She does not think it was Cliff or Nicole. Tommy calls it a bold move, and it doesn't fit with Nicole. He tells her that it doesn't matter anyway, someone was just doing it to f**k with them. He says if someone tries to place blame on someone else, they will know it was done for that purpose. He thinks the person who did it will try to place blame. He plans to not discuss it so no one will think he was the one who did it. He tells her not to say anything about it to keep suspicion off them. Bella is in the bathroom lounge area talking to Sam. Jessica comes into the room and joins Cliff, who is on one end of the sofa. Bella wonders what the strategy is when players are nice to each other in Camp Comeback. She wonders why they are not being friendly with the house. Jessica says she does not see it that way, she thinks they all care about each other, and there is only one person who is coming back. Jessica says they can be comparing notes so whoever comes back has information. She says that is why they are all asking questions. Jessica asks Nick what happened with Kemi (eviction speech), she thought Nick and Kemi were close. Nick says he was surprised too, but it fired him up. Cliff says his arrow bent when he tossed it. The others are talking about their arrow tosses, Jessica is just happy she hit the board. Kat is laughing, she says she did better in practice, but it was so bad and embarrassing. Nicole, Kemi and Christie are talking in the bedroom hallway. Christie is telling Kemi that if she comes back she will know where she stands in the game. Christie insists she did not want to win HOH, but she did learn a lot about quite a few people in the game. 8:55pm BBT In the bedroom hallway the conversation continues, Christie tells Kemi not to be petty. She tells her to be quiet this week. Kemi seems to push that advice aside to continue to talk about possible competitions in the Camp Comeback. Christie tells Kemi if it had been a solid 6 or 7 votes things would have been different. They are talking about the rogue vote, Kemi believes it was done to be pinned on Nicole later. The group separates. Kemi goes into the kitchen and is listening to Bella saying she hopes America knows they say snippy things but are nice people. (I could almost hear her eyes roll—Grannysue). Kemi walks away. 9:02pm BBT Sis, Jack, Holly, Tommy and Michie are whispering in the boat bed lounge. Holly says she heard Nick tell Kat she is not going up. Tommy thinks Nick might want Jess gone. Cliff comes into the room and talk stops. “Keep talking.” Cliff says, then he continues into the room as if he did not see the awkwardness at all and enters the conversation. Cliff says, “The game certainly got more interesting.” Tommy hopes Kemi is not being treated badly this week, and Jack says Nick has already said he does not want her (Kemi) in the HOH room at all. The others all say they are avoiding Kemi when she wants to talk. Ovi comes into the room and conversation continues. Christie lies to them, saying that she did not talk game to Kemi in the hallway. Then she goes on to say that Kemi says they are making it personal and petty, and that people were kind enough to talk to her after the vote. Christie continues to tell them she did not talk game but keeps sharing the advice she gave Kemi. Christie says Nicole is freaking out because the vote was not her, and the vote was done to pin it on her since she was defending Kemi. Nicole believes it was Nick or Bella. Tommy says it does not matter anyway. Christie says the vote did nothing, and they should not allow it to create paranoia. Holly and Sis say they are curious. They start talking about the missing items in the house, Orwell (he has returned), the white knife, someone's hat. Talk moves to what is in the house to eat, Christie says there is no bread, and Ovi says the baking mix is gone two. Camera moves to Nick and Bella talking to Jessica in the bathroom lounge, but leaves quickly. Back in the boat bed lounge house guests are talking about the possible battle back for Comeback Campers. Maybe the winner will be HOH. Camera moves to the storage room. David is looking for food, he says “Just something, it doesn't have to be body builder healthy.” He rummages through cupboards looking for something he wants. He finds a bag of rice and takes it out of the room. Back in the boat bed lounge the group continues to talk about the day. In the bathroom lounge area there is more general chatter.
  11. 9:40pm BBT In the rv bedroom Nicole and Jessica are having a conversation. Nicole says she is a straight shooter and she doesn't like it when people come to her and say nice things, when meanwhile their allies are talking about her in a different way. Jessica says she needs to think about who is talking. Nicole says she doesn't have an alliance or side, and she feels like she is on a totem pole and they can knock her off later. Jessica says that is exactly what they did to “me and Kemi.” David comes in, Nicole says she isn't feeling well, David asks her to try their corn dog snacks. She accepts one and compliments them. David leaves the room. Jessica tells Nicole that Cliff and Kat acknowledge her. Nicole says she has issues with people who tell her she is alone. Nicole says she is not happy that two of her friends are on the block, and she doesn't need reminded. Nicole says that Sam is on a limb too, and he shouldn't be. Nicole continues an assessment of her place in the game. Jessica says Bella has not talked to her at all but Nick has told her the vote will be unanimous. Jessica is disbelieving. When Nicole wonders what they would do if they win the HOH Jessica tells her, “you take the jab.” and “hope they don't come back.” Talking moves to generalities. 9:57pm BBT Sam and Tommy are in the boat bed lounge. Sam asks how many people are in jury, Tommy thinks it is nine. Sam says there are 4 couples including Tommy and Christie (Tommy denies this, saying that Sam and Nick are more of a couple than him and Christie). Nick, Cliff, and Christie come into the room, Tommy goes for more snacks. They are talking about going to bed early so they are rested for tomorrow. Cliff mentions Orwell and Sam asks him if he is still looking. Cliff says no. Maybe someone thought they would spend the day looking for him. Cliff says someone internal moved it and it wouldn't be hard to find. Christie says Julie will tell them on eviction night. Cliff says maybe someone got money to do it, he wishes America would have voted him to do mischief. General talk about past seasons. 10:09pm BBT Jack is locked out of the HOH. After a few minutes Jack gets the key to work. Tommy comes in with him. They check the room to make sure it is empty. Tommy mentions the Flaming Five, he says he isn't sticking to it. Jack says that Sam mentioned his association with Nick is a sinking ship. Jack takes credit for planting the seeds. Tommy says Sam was very quiet when it was formed, and when someone approaches you with an alliance you don't say no. Tommy says that Christie, Sam and he (Tommy) were quiet when it was formed. Tommy thinks that allowing Sam to move into the alliance because he is a good player and may win the game if they allow him to jump ship. Jack says they are forming alliances left and right. Tommy says around this time in prior years people start to go nuts and play too hard. He says it is stupid, that patience is a virtue. He adds that planting seeds just get back to everybody, let them do whatever they want to do right now, it won't matter. Tommy says he will stay true to Jack and the “6 Shooters”. Jack says he is worried about the “Sis” thing, Tommy tells him not to worry, no one cares. When Jackson mentions a few people, Tommy says not to worry about it. Tommy reassures Jack that the “Flaming Five” was formed shortly before everyone else came to the room and he has not had an opportunity to mention it to him until now. Jack asks Michie what he feels about Sam, Michie says he tested the waters and it went well. Tommy tells them that Sam told him Nick is playing too hard too soon. Sis comes into the room and crawls onto the bed. They start talking about pheromones.
  12. 8:50pm BBT Feeds return Nick and Jack in the HOH discussing whether they should send Kemi or Jessica home. Camera moves to Storage room where Ovi and Holly are goofing around combining their names and practicing a dance move. Camera moves to boat bed lounge Sis and Sam are discussing their positions in the game. Ovi starts to come in, Sam sends him away. He says he likes Nick and Bella but will not go down with that ship. Sam says he is watching that closely. Sis mentioned an alliance without Nick and Bella, Sam says no, he would go with the majority. Sis says she gets nervous with Nick and Bella and wonder if they did something drastic, then where would Sam be. Sam says he is not going to jeopardize hs game for them. Sis repeats that they will do something drastic, that her name was coming up, as well as people who are not in the majority. They have been putting out that people not in the majority should be encouraged to put up the power players. Sis says Nick told Nicole that she should go after them, and he was in the room. Sam realizes what she is talking about, and says that Nicole refused to give a name. Sam tells her that when Nicole refused names Nick was the one that mentioned Sis and Holly. Sis insists that she is not that close to Jack... Nick starts to come in, Sam tells him they are talking about “final 2” Sam wants to know why Nick is jumping the gun on going after people in the alliance. Sam asks if Jack thinks he (Nick) is associated with this, Sis denies. Sis tells him that she does not talk game to Jack, Sam says, “Well maybe you should.” Sis shrugs it off. Sam tells her to say they are pretending to be shady if anyone asks what they are doing in the boat bed lounge. Sis says that they are taking shots at Jack and Michie by going after her and Holly. Sis tells Sam that Nick told them in the HOH that Nicole said “Sis and Holly” when he was talking to Nicole, Sam says he remembers that Nick said it. Sis says she is not sure she can trust the majority when they are “saying my name.” She tells Sam he associates Sam with them because he is always around him. Sis promises to have Sam's back..... In the target bedroom Jack and Holly are talking, Michie is leaving the room. Holly wonders if “he” (?), is being too reckless... she says to ask Christie about it. She tells Jack that she believes that Nicole is good. Holly says she confronted Nick about insults her put out. (Calling her Sleepy Hollow and a B**ch) Michie comes back with medication for his ankle. Jack says he has talked to Nicole, but his game is not to pressure her. Holly says there was girl talk, and Nicole was expressing frustration with Nick. Michie is surprised to hear that Nick called her a b**ch, and says that is not cool. Holly says she is not here to flirt to get ahead in the game. She looks at Michie and says “except you.” Michie laughs and seems to be very happy about it. Jack is asking if Kat has formed alliances with Nick and Bella, Holly says Kat has done that. She says Kat tells her all kinds of things about her game, and repeats the “genius accident.” they talked about on the hammock two days ago. Jack says that Nick wants Kemi gone. Holly says Nicole is advocating Kemi to stay in the game, and that Kemi is not a danger to the guys. Michie says they should not even consider keeping someone the other side of the house wants to stay. 9:16pm BBT Holly repeats that Nicole wants Kemi to stay, and they should send her out because that will make Nicole more “dependent on us.” Michie says again that they should not keep anyone the other side wants. Jack says keep Kat out of things, she talks too much. Christie comes and tells them that the french toast is ready, one piece per person. Michie says someone can have his; he is full. (I swear he said it, I am old and hardly ever lie—Grannysue) 9:21pm Christie has joined Sam and Sis in the boat bed lounge. Sam tells Christie that he heard Nick pressuring Nicole about who she would put up, and that Nick suggested she would put up Holly and Sis. He thinks they planted a seed for her to do that. Holly says they (Nick and Bella) are working on Nicole because they see her as quiet and awkward. Christie says she knows Nicole is working with Cliff, and that Cliff is dangerous. She says if she wins HOH she would put Cliff up against Jessica. She says “no new blood.” She says Cliff gave her a reason to be his enemy. (she overheard Cliff Notes and found out he has a game plan) Sam plans to tell Nick when he asks, that they were just trying to make him mad. Sam says the game is getting fun. Christie is wondering about Orville. Last night they “relocated” it from the shower area to hide it from Cliff. They hid it in the HOH room. (Last I heard it is now in the Camp Comeback room, but that is not confirmed.) He may still be there because now Christie and Sam are wondering if “they” sent it out to get cleaned. In the target bedroom Michie, Nick, Jack and Kat are hanging out in separate beds. Just general chat, nothing game related. Camera moves to bedroom hallway. Holly is telling Tommy her woes about being called a “b**ch” by Nick. Tommy tells Holly that Nick flirted with him and he shut him down. Holly says being called that is “harsh”. They leave the area and go to the kitchen. General chat.
  13. :19pm BBT sounds like Bob announced an HOH lock down. Not sure, but we have kitty cam.
  14. 10:36pm BBT Jack and Nicole are talking at the chess board. Jack is telling Nicole he made choices made on the social happenings of the nominees and what was best for him. Nicole tells him she talks to both girls, but has no problem with it. Christie comes out, asking them what is going on. Jack says “We are playing checkers.” Christie tells him to bring it in the HOH and he tells her, “We are just talkin.” Christie parrots it (loudly) and goes back into the HOH. Jack asks Nicole if she has a reason for such a quiet game, she tells him she is learning a lot about herself here, and she is still figuring things out. She hopes to find her footing. Jack says she will break out of her shell and join the rest of them, but he can wait for that to happen. Nicole leads the conversation to generalizations. The HOH room is full of rowdy noise and laughter. Loud laughter coming from the kitchen and Bob says “Please stop singing...” Pot clanging, people laughing, banging noises from the kitchen. 10:56pm BBT Ovi and Sis are in the Camp Comeback room. Ovi is telling her that relationships have changed for him in the house. He says people don't want to talk game in front of him, that he doesn't want to be on anyone's radar. He says he talks to some people, but not much game. Sis says she does not know why Christie put him up, Ovi says it is in the past and it doesn't help him to be bitter. Ovi tells her that he feels really good about her, and she asks him if he really does because she feels like he doesn't. She tells him she couldn't change everyone else's vote. She didn't want to put a target on her back. Ovi tells her he believes she could have done something, but she tells him that she is too quiet, and could not have persuaded the house to keep him. He asks her how hard Jack and Michie worked to keep him, Sis tells him that they worked very hard for him. (Ovi knows this is not true). Sis insists no one would listen to her, but told her they knew she was very close to Ovi. Ovi tells her that he campaigned to stay in the house because he was told that he had a chance to stay and Sis was the last puzzle piece. He tells her that Jack and Michie said they would make a last ditch effort, but Sis and Holly were the last two people to ask. Sis says she was his number one, why would they say that. Ovi tells her that Jack and Michie told him not to talk to Sis, and Sis is shocked. She wants to know why they would tell him not to talk to her, unless they lied. Ovi says someone was pushing to get him out, he doesn't know who it would have been. He says he doesn't get good information. Sis tells him even if he doesn't come back she doesn't want terms like that. Ovi tells her their place in this house is different than it is outside, that here they are quiet. He says the two of them may have been bamboozled. David comes in and tells them that Jack kicked them out of the HOH and he has come to go to bed. Ovi and Sis leave the room and go to the tree house. Ovi tells her that she can trust Nicole and Cliff. After a few minutes of talk, Holly comes into the tree house followed by Tommy. Tommy leaves and Holly takes a seat. 11:25pm Nicole, Bella and Kemi in the boat bed lounge talking about food. Jessica, Cliff and Kat are in the rv bedroom. Kat is whispering to Cliff (can't hear her). Cliff says he thinks Jessica is good, but he is not in the inner sanctum. He tells her to work hard to win HOH because their stay may be short after this. Any one of the three of them are an easy target. Sam comes in and they tell him they are having Bible study. Sam tells them that the King James Bible is more accurate. He tells them he is looking for Sis. Cliff says they all know who is low on the totem pole, he wants to get through the ceremony and hope for the best. Cliff leaves the room, they all see Kemi in the other room rummaging through drawers, Kat seems to think she was listening Kemi says she is soooo sick and tired of this.... the girls say what????? Kemi says, “I can't find my tweezers.” Jessica goes overboard explaining Cliff's presence earlier.
  15. 10:36pm BBT Jack and Nicole are talking at the chess board. Jack is telling Nicole he made choices made on the social happenings of the nominees and what was best for him. Nicole tells him she talks to both girls, but has no problem with it. Christie comes out, asking them what is going on. Jack says “We are playing checkers.” Christie tells him to bring it in the HOH and he tells her, “We are just talkin.” Christie parrots it (loudly) and goes back into the HOH. Jack asks Nicole if she has a reason for such a quiet game, she tells him she is learning a lot about herself here, and she is still figuring things out. She hopes to find her footing. Jack says she will break out of her shell and join the rest of them, but he can wait for that to happen. Nicole leads the conversation to generalizations. The HOH room is full of rowdy noise and laughter. Loud laughter coming from the kitchen and Bob says “Please stop singing...” Pot clanging, people laughing, banging noises from the kitchen.
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