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  1. 9:03pm Natalie, Lolo, Ricky and Tamar are in the hotel bedroom. Ricky offers that Tamar and himself each vote for one person and allow the house to decide. Natalie says that Kandi has already told her she is voting her out, but that was before Lolo. Natalie says Tom has talked to her but does not know the real motivation. Natalie says if she had won the veto she would be safe and one of them would be up. Lolo is called to the diary room downstairs. Dina and Kandi are in the kitchen area then Dina heads upstairs. In the hotel bedroom Natalie says it might be better for her to go than Lolo since it would be difficult for Lolo to handle it mentally. She says the beast in her says she wants to pay. Dina and Kandi are at the billiards table. Lolo had a short trip to the diary room, she says Natalie will probably be called, but Natalie decides to go wash her face. Natalie and Lolo leave the bedroom and go to the kitchen. The counter is littered with pizza delivery boxes. Both girls pass the mess and go to the bathroom area where they begin make up removal while Tamar freshens up. Natalie tells the others that Dina and Kandi are upstairs, that they are working together, but have no real possibility of winning. Tamar goes into the bedroom, she asks Ricky if there is something she is not aware of going on. He tells her it is possible. Tamar says “If that is the case, she gotta go.”[she is not identified] Lolo tells Natalie she would like to go to the lounge and talk and pray with Natalie and Natalie accepts. 9:17pm Natalie stands at the lounge door and uses the mirror in the door to pick at her face until Lolo comes in. Lolo tells Natalie not to make any decisions tonight, they need time to pray. Lolo does not want to tear the house apart, she wonders if they should just let people vote how they vote, but she wonders if she wants to know before hand. Natalie mumbles agreements and I knows. Natalie claims mixed emotions about this, she feels that falling on the sword is not what she is happy with. She feels like she is good with this, and not good with this. She is questioning if she is quitting or being a team player. Natalie says she is not a quitter, and of all the positions they could be in this is the worst position to be in. She says allowing the house to decide, then having a life interview intimidates her. She says knowing would allow them to compose and digest. Lolo says Natalie has had the opportunity to talk to the others, she has not. Natalie believes Kandi and Dina will vote to keep Lolo. Lolo says Ricky shocked her with his offer, since it would be a possible tie breaker. She thinks they don't want blood on their hands. Lolo tells Natalie that there is only one person in the house anyone has issues with. She adds that losing the Olympics and then this is difficult. Natalie says they could tell the house to split the votes and let it come down to Tom, but that will allow Tom to decide. Natalie says Tom lies to her, she does not believe anything he says. Lolo says they need to ask everyone to decide. Natalie suggests a meeting where they all talk-with the exception of Tom- and ask them what they want to do. Lolo says”we either petition or we all out give.” Lolo does not like the idea of giving in, but Natalie tells her that could be the purpose of her being here....to do this for Lolo. Lolo wonders if God has put her here for a reason, but it is frustrating because it is out of her hands. She says “this is not the way any athlete wants to go out.” Lolo says if it was anyone but Natalie she would buck up her social game but because it is Natalie she is confused what she should do. Lolo says God has provided for me, the money is not life changing. She says that Natalie acknowledging her pain has meant the world to her. She does not want to feel like a piece of s^^t at the end of it, but they are stuck in a situation where the house is not decided. She blames Tom for being put in this situation.--[I love Lolo, but she has ended up here all on her own and I hope on retrospection she sees that and learns from it.] 9:33pm Tamar and Ricky are talking in the hotel bedroom. Ricky says if they had kept Kato they would not be in this position but Tamar says he was strong and could have worked those dice. Tamar believes Kato was the stronger player. They are discussing what the HOH will be tomorrow and which one would be more likely to win a question competition. Ricky says they should let the girls decide, but Tamar says they can't. Tamar says she thought Tom was putting her up, Ricky asks if she would go home if she were up against Natalie. Tamar says she does. Tamar tells Ricky they need to let the girls decide as he suggested and he agrees. Tamar leaves the room.
  2. 11:43pm Kandi is still cleaning up, Dina wonders if they should take Tom some food, she worries that he has not had anything to eat. She coaxes Kandi to go up and play billiards to lure him out, she doesn't like him being alone up there. She realizes the girls have their reasons, but she can't go along with that. Kandi and Dina go to the sky walk and set up their billiards game. Cameras go back to the bedroom. Tamar asks Ricky if he has the votes, he is not sure but plans to talk to Dina. Tamar says to be careful she will tell everybody. Tamar goes looking for Tylenol. Cameras return to the sky walk where the billiards game has started. Ricky comes up to the sky walk, says something to them, says thank you and leaves. The girls are yelling for Kandi to come and make bacon, she says she is finishing her game. She tells them she just cleaned up down there and not to make a new mess. Tamar is yelling for grits. She calls them liquid ambien. It looks like she is making them herself. Kandi wins the game, and they decide that the others are trying to split them up, so Dina racks the balls and yells that the game is over if anyone wants to come up and play. Lolo and Natalie join them at the billiards table.
  3. 11:17pm Dina and Kandi are still in the lounge discussing the game and the alliances. Both of them agree that if Ricky stays he would want to get Tom out. Dina says it would be a three to two vote if they could trust Tamar to not tell they were voting Natalie out. Dina says people have lied right to her face and she is not capable of doing things like that. She thinks if Ricky stays the girls would not want her here. Kandi says she had it figured out yesterday, but Tom threw a wrench in it today. Dina insists it is because he is isolated in the HOH room and alone with his own thoughts. Kandi says Ricky is easier to beat than Natalie. Kandi says talking to Ricky will not be helpful, he is on the block and has no weight on this situation. Dina tells Kandi if they ask, we should tell them we are voting Natalie out, and has already told her, she was trying to be honest when asked. If she changes her mind, Natalie better keep her safe. Dina says they should go play pool to see if Tom will come out of the HOH. They decide to go by the bathroom area on their way up. The others have come in from the pool, the cameras are in other parts of the house but we can hear them in the background using showers. 11:27pm Ricky is alone in the pool, he is relaxing in the jets. Tamar and Natalie are showering. Lolo isgetting her things ready for a shower. Dina is in the kitchen, she is making a snack, Kandi is also in the kitchen area repackaging the playing cards and cleaning the sink area. They are wondering if Kato is watching to see what happened. Dina says she is not sure she will watch. Lolo tells Natalie she will pack with her. Tamar found a gift for the house guests in the storage room, she says it is toys. Natalie calls them bracelets, they leave them there so I am not sure what it is. Natalie wonders if Ricky and Tom are working together, Lolo thinks it is a slim possibility but Natalie does not think that is the case. She says she only cares about getting off the block. Lolo says she works better under stress. She has freak out moments, and when Natalie says her athletic performance is under her control. Lolo says it is not in her control, that the Olympics has its own politics. Dina is eating a tuna sandwich in the kitchen. She has pickles and few chips with it and it looks really good. Lolo and Tamar say they are hungry, Tamar says she ordered lamb chops but they gave her the wrong thing. Natalie tells Tamar she feels sorry for the personal assistant that has to run around town to get her “lame a%% cookies. Natalie says they are in the home stretch, and they can't tell what Tom will do. Cameras move to the kitchen.
  4. 10:04pm Camera moves to house guests playing cards. Patio opens and they check the temperature outside. Natalie and Lolo say it is cold, but the pool is 100 degrees. Tamar tells them to shut the door. Natalie says she doesn't care, she wants to run in the pool. Natalie goes to the pool and shouts for Lolo to come out with her. Lolo tells her she is coming out soon. Ricky comes in and takes Lolo's place in the card game. 10:50pm Ricky joins the girls in the pool, the card game is over, and Kandi is on twitter in the lounge. Dina joins Kandi in the lounge. They discuss tomorrow's activities. Dina wishes Tom would come down and join them. Dina whispers to Kandi. Kandi says Tom started it, Dina says it is his personality. Kandi says Tom is probably up there because Tamar cussed him out earlier, she says she did not hear what happened, she was in her room. She thinks if Tom puts Tamar on the block it will not go well. Dina wonders what Tom will do about the veto. Dina says she thinks he feels alone and does not trust anyone. She thinks Tamar is with Lolo and Natalie, but she is not sure. Kandi says no matter who he picks they all have something against him. Kandi says Tom wants her to vote for Ricky to leave, but it sounds like she plans to vote for Natalie to go. Kandi thinks Tom is mad at her because Tamar went against him. Dina asks if Kandi will vote out Natalie or Ricky If two people vote out Natalie and two vote out Ricky, Tom will break a tie. Dina says Tom did not have to do “that to us at all”. She wonders if she should have a conversation with him because both Kandi and her are cool, they have no alliance with the girls and Ricky. Kandi says Tom is preying on their loyalty to get what he wants. Dina wonders if he will flip back to Natalie. She says they need to decide what to do because both people on the block are strong players. She is upset because “anyone” sits alone in a room, she believes that is a form of bullying. Dina says the girls hang out and talk to Ricky, they are buddies. Dina says “no one likes the block. Kato put me there.” They laugh about being put out on the street and making real snow angels in New York. The competition name was “color blast”. Dina says she got 7. Earlier Tom said he rapped the colors so it must have been a Simon Says type of game. Kandi says they can only hope one of them isn't going on the block tomorrow. Dina laughs, she says Tom felt like he had extra time in the house and was surprised that Kato left instead of him. Dina and Kandi say they have to play the upcoming HOH like nothing they have ever done before. Dina says she needs to focus, she says she has always been a “crunch time” person, and it is “crunch time” now. Dina thinks Lolo is feeling insecure. Kandi says Lolo wants to make the most of this opportunity, it will help her a lot. Dina says that neither Kandi nor herself would want Kato and Tom to be mad at them. She says Tom is a better player, Lolo comes close. Dina says Lolo needs to build confidence in her personal life. Kandi says she will tell Tom she will do as he wants this time, but she does not believe it is the right thing to do. Dina says Tom has a thing about Ricky and Kandi agrees, saying Tom is not thinking clearly. Dina said Kato was good for Tom's game, he could get him out of his own head. Dina, “but we are still here” Dina wonders if Tamar is tight with Ricky, Natalie is not sure, someone told her that Tamar was going to put her on the block. Dina says “don't believe what you hear.” Both of them wonder if there is another twist, and they better win HOH and veto.
  5. 8:58pm All cameras are on the lavatory door. Silence in the house. All cameras are on Dina refreshing her hair and make up. A few minutes later we see Ricky napping while Dina is in the bathroom area. Still silent house. Camera moves to Tom in HOH room, he is staring into the dark Kandi has joined Dina in the bedroom. Kandi tells her all hell broke loose when she was sleeping. Cameras go back to bedroom with Natalie and Ricky. Natalie says “Things are crazy around here.” Ricky asks if she is upset, and she says she is not. He wonders if “she” will get put up.{she is not identified} Ricky seems to think he is being voted out. Cameras move to Lolo at table fooling with deck of cards. Dina, Kandi and Lolo begin a game of Crazy 8s. Cameras move around other rooms in the house where house guests are napping.
  6. 10:05pm Crazy 8s in the kitchen-Tom, Dina and Kandi. Natalie and Lolo in the bedroom. Ricky in diary room. Tamar cooking. Dina checks and the back door is open. They decide to finish the game before going outside. Tom is called to the storage room. POP TV has sent a gift. Awake bar and a congratulation for winning HOH. Tom thanks them and gives them thumbs up. He brings back the little box of chocolates with the owl on it. He says one piece is the same as an half a cup of coffee. He offers some to the others. Tom thanks POP TV again. Tom tries the vegan cookies Tamar ordered, she says they are the best cookies she has ever had, and Tom agrees that it is an amazing cookie. Tamar says Joey told her about them, it makes her feel like they are healthy but they are not. Tamar goes to lie down. Tom shows Orwell the camera to say hello to POP TV. 10:38 Tom and Dina go outside. Tom welcome viewers to his fireside chat. He describes the BB House. He asks Dina questions about her life in the entertainment business. He asks Dina about her favorite moments and people she has met during her long career. She mentions Meryl Streep and her daughters, she says they are all lovely. She also mentions Jane Fonda. Dina says she is anti-bullies, she says you see some of that inside the BB house, but it is strategic. She has met some amazing people, she gives shout outs to the house guests who have left. To see the interview, you can rewind to 10:45 pm BB time.
  7. 9:30pm Tom comes downstairs, says he has been playing piano. He is humming the tune. Bob says nothing. He says it is like Northern Ontario jazz as played by someone who is not very good. Kandi says it must be boring, Tom agrees and demonstrates with more humming. Bob says nothing. Camera moves to the bedroom where Natalie, Lolo and Ricky are napping Back to kitchen where Tom has stopped his concert. Tom says he was surprised he did not do well at the Gallagher competition. He say he knew weird things like the number of watermelon seeds or colored balloons there were. Tom says it was super cool seeing him, he was an inspiration to him when he was younger. Tom had a Gallagher VHS tape years ago that he watched over and over. Tom says he was a class clown and went to a comedy club to heckle, he says they were kicked out for distracting the comedian. There was an open mic night so they wrote down the number—with a pen and paper--. Tom left his name and number on an answering machine, he did a 7 minute routine. He was recognized as the kid who was kicked out the week before. The bouncer talked the manager into giving them a shot at it. Tom said he did pretty well for a 16 year old. The manager let him do the routines every week, and that's how he got started. They called him Little Tommy Green. Some of the people who were in this club became popular in United States later. Ricky is called to the diary room downstairs. Tom says Axle F was named about an Eddy Murphy role, Axle Foley... Dina and Tom are repeating lines from older movies. Tamar comes in and Tom offers to make her soup. He has famous soup for colds, his recipe is whatever there is in the storage room. Tamar says she will have steak. Tom says steak is very good for colds. Tamar goes back to the bedroom, Natalie says it seems like Kandi is on “his” team. Tamar tells her she feels like she is back in high school, where she did things to make people like her, and she is too old for that. There is no reason for her to try to make a friendship with someone who doesn't like her—Kandi-- Bygones will not be bygones. Tamar says no matter what she has done it does not matter to Kandi. Natalie makes comments about Kandi being “out there” with them in the kitchen Tamar says she is not willing to try more, and it seems blatant. Natalie says Four of us saved her a^^.” Tamar tells Natalie she is not going anywhere. Natalie asks if Kandi has talked to Kandi at all, and Tamar says she is avoiding Kandi she made her act crazy. They saved her and she ran to the other side. Natalie informs Tamar that Kandi had the power, Ricky told her. Tamar changes the subject. Natalie is angry because Tom told her she wasn't going up on the block, and she is on the block. All of them think Ricky is the target. Natalie and Lolo have broken the agreement with Tom, they told each other that Tom told them they are not the target. Tamar tells them if she wins veto she will not use it in case Tom replaces Natalie with Lolo. Lolo says they told Dina that if she votes to keep Natalie they will keep her safe until the final. [I think final four,,just a guess] Tamar says Dina is a floater, she will tell you whatever you want to hear. She is going to the kitchen to check on her steak. Lolo says they are faced with a situation where they don't know what will happen, will it be Ricky, or will Natalie go and then come back into the house. Natalie says if Ricky wins the veto and takes himself off they are f^^^^ed. Lolo asks if Natalie believes Ricky, and Natalie says she does believe him. Lolo says Ricky is p^^^sed, that they should have kept him out of the alliance and let him free float. Lolo says it would be amazing if Natalie wins tomorrow. Still Crazy 8s in the kitchen, Tamar is at the stove. Lolo says if she is back doored, there will be people in the house in their alliance. Natalie says she is not ready for her game to be up. Lolo says, “no of course not.” Natalie says she is still upset that Tom won, his chances were so slim. Lolo says he should have used his come back in a better way.
  8. 8:43pm Cameras are on Tom and Dina playing billiards upstairs. Dina has whispered several times to Tom, we can't hear what she says, but Tom responds with “I don't even care.” Dina wonders what is on at the movies. Camera 1 switches to Kandi, who is napping. Riveting stuff. Just general talk for a few minutes and Dina asks Tom if he plays in the next HOH, he tells her she has to win the next HOH and the veto tomorrow. Dina wonders if there will be a twist, Tom hopes not. Dina says maybe he can put a third person on the block and Tom says that would be a good twist. Dina tells Tom that Tamar doesn't feel well. Camera 2 goes to bedroom Tamar and Natalie are talking about “her”--maybe Dina, but not sure--. Tamar tells Natalie that she tricked her. Natalie tells Tamar that Dina is too friendly with Tom. Dina comes into the bedroom and they leave the area.--she was called to the diary room. Cameras move to the kitchen and we get WBRB for just a few moments, then goes back to WBRB again. When camera returns it is to the kitchen where Kandi is at the sink and Ricky is at the dining table and Lolo is wandering around the island. Tamar is not on camera, but we an hear her. Ricky is snacking and playing solitaire—[Dina spilled the beans about Kandi using the cards to study days, so it could be that they have plotted to keep the deck busy] Camera moves to bedroom Natalie is talking to Lolo, says Tom has nerve to talk to her after he lied to her face. Lolo mumbles and puts on her sunglasses. Natalie puts her hood up, she wonders if it is a setup. Lolo seems to think it doesn't matter at this point. Ricky is still playing solitaire, Kandi is cleaning up in the kitchen and Tamar is sitting at the island. Natalie and Lolo are admiring their sunglasses look, Natalie with a hoodie and Lolo with the fringe from the blanket over her head. The girls are wondering what Ricky would do if he wins the game. Lolo says Tamar says she will buy a house, she says Tamar is on two TV shows, she doesn't get it. Lolo says Tamar can't get Kandi out if she doesn't have Ricky around and Ricky is not talking to Tom at all. Natalie says she is not talking to Tom either, but Lolo says she is a little. The girls are feeling sorry for Ricky, he will be going out. Lolo says Ricky has little hope of winning the veto. Lolo says she has noses, lips and eyebrows memorized and if it is that she can win it. Lolo says she hears leaf blowers out there, why would they need leaf blowers with pictures. Natalie wonders if Tom has studied, she says last season it was pictures at this time. Lolo says her favorite people were on CBB last year. Natalie wants to know what Tamar is doing, Ricky—he came in a few minutes ago—says Tamar is cooking, eating, cooking eating. She is with Kandi. Natalie and Lolo are talking about the games from last season, they are trying to remember what has not been played yet this year. Natalie mentions speeches and Lolo tells her it is her time to shine. Lolo asks her what she will say. Lolo makes a suggestion that makes no sense. “Do you want me to come back to this house as an enemy to you or a friend to you. Because I am coming back to this house.”--unless she is referring to Natalie's vote. Room gets quiet. Kandi now has the deck of cards and is playing old fashioned solitaire, they are not placed in rows of five she uses to count days.
  9. 9:19pm Tamar is holding her letter and talking about her boyfriend and her baby. Lolo didn't like the way BB dressed them for the last HOH competition, she says America will think she dresses herself like that. She laughs about Ricky wearing flannel. Natalie is called to the diary room downstairs. She puts in her earrings and fixes her makeup. Tamar is talking to her son's photo. Cameras get a close up of him and he is just adorable. He is wearing a chef's outfit. Tamar says he was watching a show while she was working and covered her mouth and the second photo is him in his pajamas after her shushed her. Kandi has gone to Tom, she tells him they need to break up the two of them. He says okay. [assuming Lolo and Natalie]. She slips back out to the kitchen to whisper with Dina. Dina says Kato walked out and said, 'Thanks a lot Dina.” She says Tom needs to think for himself. Kandi is whispering, can not hear what she I saying. I do hear her say, “I just want to walk into that room.” and she points upstairs to the HOH. Dina says something about “if those girls get paranoid” and “Tom's a better player.” She says Tom and Kato's ego was crazy. She whispers more, something about approaching Ricky. Dina and Kandi are talking about the way the show works in the next few days. They are also talking about days and the names of competitions. Kandi has 20 playing cards laid out in front of her. She is using them to study the days and dates of what has happened so far. It looks like a solitaire game and is not obvious. I don't think the value of the cards is being used, they just indicate positioning of days. Dina says if one of the others wins it will be Tom and between Kandi and herself going up. Kandi tells her everyone wants to keep her to the end. Dina giggles and tells her she is on a game show, but it isn't Family Feud. Kandi says she was on Family Feud and won the big money. She donated it to Kandi's Kids, her charity for scholarships. She said it was her aunts and mother and another person, and their answers were awful.
  10. 8:47pm House guests are in the living room talking about the Super Bowl. They know who played but do not know who won and that Maroon 5 played at half time. Tom mentions two and a half hours til HOH competition, says he may just take a nap. Kandi is dozing on the sofa while Tamar cleans her nails and Tom has gone to the kitchen. The house is very quiet. Dina says “they said around 11:30.” Natalie comes into the living room with peeled orange segments and Tom has wandered away. Natalie wants to meet Joey's wife, she wonders if she is like Joey. She says she asked but he never answered. She says Joey is very private and being there was torture. She thinks it is easier for “us three” because they are used to putting “it” out there. The house is still quiet. Lolo says she had a good talk with Tom. She tells them that Tom told her he just wanted to have fun, and she told him he should not have gone crazy and tried to back door everyone it would have been better, and he told her he was just trying to be funny. Lolo keeps pointing over her shoulder, not sure who she means. Natalie says Tom never talked to her, she says needs to win HOH tonight. They are whispering now, can't hear them. Natalie says Tom will battle tonight, Lolo says “so will we.” Natalie, “i know” It sounds like BB gave the house guests Patriot cupcakes. Lolo starts talking and we get WBRB. Natalie decides to go lie in her bed and Kandi is still curled up snoozing on the sofa. Tamar is doing her nails. Lolo decides to go lay down, and ricky decides he might lay down too. Tamar comes into the bedroom. Lolo is in the storage room. They think the competition will be physical. Lolo comes in asking if they believe Tom when he says he did the interrogation to make the show more funny. They all says they do not. Lolo says the power got to him. They discuss Tom's antics.
  11. 8:48pm The ladies are in the kitchen around the table. General chatter then cameras go to WBRB 8:51 Feeds return. Ladies are talking about freezing their eggs. Natalie says she doesn't think she wants kids. Cameras are going back and forth with WBRB every few seconds. Nothing seems to be happening in the house, Kato and Tom are in one of the bedrooms talking, everyone else is in the kitchen. Tamar and Kandi say the price for the entire procedure of egg freezing and implant is about 25K. Lolo tells them that she does not do pap smears in order to preserve her hymen, she does not want a machine used. more WBRB Tamar is called to the diary room downstairs. Tom and Kato are talking about getting their stuff out of the house. They agree that they will make sure whoever leaves gets all their belongings with the last one of them out. They decide to go play billiards. As they pass the group in the kitchen they ask the others what's up. The others do answer. 9:09pm Tom and Kato are playing billiards, Tom tells Kato that when he is with his friends who are also comedians, conversations are about heavy topics with humor added. Tom says athletes and singers have very different conversations, but things like food and sleep are common. Kato adds, breathing air, drinking water and being earthlings. Tom was surprised that multiple people in the house had no idea what George Orwell's book, 1984 was and where the term Big Brother was penned. Kato says not to embarrass him, he is not sure he knows much about it either. Tom says the book is about futuristic time. They mention a few other works that had a futuristic theme. Kato says it will be hard to go until Friday. When Tom says Ricky is wondering what he has gotten into Kato disagrees. He says Ricky is like the king in the group of girls. Tom says there are only three males left in the house, men have been sent out first. The conversation downstairs is loud, but we can't hear what is being said, sounds like general loud chatter about non game related topics. Kato tells Tom he is leaving him to stay until Friday. Tom gets angle advice from Kato, they are talking about where to strike the balls on the table with the cue ball to manipulate where they go. They wonder if anything has happened in the world while they have been in the house Kato says if it were an assassination or something like that the show would have stopped. Tom says he was thinking more like Apple went out of business, or the guy went back to Verizon.
  12. 9:45pm Tamar comes out of the diary room, singing HOH room. She is very excited. When she asks where people are, Lolo says “Everyone is up here” [Tom and Kato are not] Tamar goes to the storage room, she is checking the fridge, it looks like she is going to cook. She takes lamb chops to the kitchen and asks if anyone else wants some. Tom asks Kato if he wants to go do weird late night stuff, Kato declines, and Tom says he may go put on hats and make mashed potato piles like Richard Dreyfus in Close Encounters. Kato seems very upset at the way Tamar's win was celebrated by the others. Natalie says “one of them will go home.” Tamar, “pack. Pack your s^^t” She says she is tired of it. Natalie says she can't wait to see Tamar's letters. Ricky is listening to the conversation. Lolo comes to the kitchen. General chatter, nothing new, no plotting. Kato and Tom are headed to the kitchen. Tom stops by and tells the people in the kitchen that they should smile and laugh the last few days. -very cold reception.--He goes upstairs where Kandi and Dina are playing billiards. Kandi tells Tom everyone has been acting crazy, and it is uncomfortable. She tells him not to stress, but to “do you” Ricky comes up and hands something to Tom. Tom thanks him and Ricky leaves. Tom tells Kandi the others are upset because he didn't want to be in their alliance. Kandi and Dina end their game and Kandi offers to play with Tom. He accepts. Ricky and Natalie are in the bedroom, Ricky is upset because he believes Tom and Kato were doing a show in the HOH room that made fun of the house guests. He decides to discuss wanting an apology from Tom and Kato with Tamar. Ricky comes back to the bedroom with Lolo, they are whispering a little. Ricky tells her to take the positive momentum and move on. He specifies everybody and mentions a hug. He says he gave Tom a fist bump upstairs [what I saw him give Tom was that fist bump] Ricky thinks they believe Tom and Kato believe everyone is upset because they tried to back door Ricky, and maybe they need to know it was because of the way they behaved. Again Lolo expresses her happiness that she did not win the HOH competition. She has no one to get a letter from and the rest of them do. Ricky tells her the joy of winning is more than just that.
  13. 9:05pm Lolo and Natalie are in the lounge while Lolo does twitter. Tom and Kato are playing at the billiards table Ricky and Kandi are playing chess. Natalie calls Tom rude, and they mention some posters that were in the competition. Natalie says they have to win the veto to keep themselves safe. She says the alliance of five was destroyed over the power. Natalie blames Tom and Kato for flipping the script because she did not use the veto. She is unhappy that they wished her good luck before the HOH competition. Lolo says today wore her down because she is “over it”, and “she” does not believe I like her”. Natalie clarifies that Lolo is talking about Tamar.--new HOH WBRB A few minutes and feeds come back to the sky walk. Tom and Kato playing billiards and no game talk. Tom and Kato leave the sky walk, and acknowledge Ricky and Kandi as they go past. Tom laughs when they get downstairs “No one speaks to us any more.” Kato leave the living room and Tom goes to the bedroom and is sorting through his duffle bag. No one else is in the room. He settles himself on the bed and relaxes, still wearing his sunglasses. All cameras are on this riveting scene. At 9:20pm cameras 1 and 2 switch to the lounge. Natalie, Dina and Lolo are talking about getting in the hot tub, Natalie is egging her on to talk about Tom. Dina says she hasn't seen it, and does not comment. Lolo claims she was this close to Tamar, she doesn't know what she would have done if she had won. She says she decided to let someone with kids win and it worked out in the end. --[granny knows bull hockey when she hears it but I digress]. They continue to talk about the competition. Kato joins Tom in the bedroom. Tom says the whole theme of the show is to pit people against one another and he is still having fun. He says if Kato had won they would just go the HOH room and be funny. Kato says he lost, but the celebration scuffed at him a little. Tom says the others believe that Kato and him are bad people, that they lied. Kato says, “we did not lie, they did.” Tom says the celebration was not in sportsman like spirit. Tom tells Kato not to worry about what Tamar and the others are saying, that CBB cuts away from all that crap, they want it to look like they are having fun. [ohhhh Tom]. WBRB again Tom says they should go to the HOH room and congratulate Tamar, and he hopes that Kandi will make her realize that she should move against Natalie and Lolo to save herself later. Kato says he thinks Ricky will go after Natalie and/or Lolo. He thinks Tom and himself will be on the block. Tom says they have always been wrong, so just wait and see what happens. Tamar can nominate them, or two of the athletes who are gunning against everyone in the house. He says they can talk to Tamar, he is not ready to quit the game yet. Kato says we do that and the screaming starts, Tom agrees that there will be a few more scenes like that. He mentions that Tamar and Lolo were fighting about sea bass earlier today. He tells Kato that one of the two of them may be home in a few days on the sofa. Tom says Dina will not make it long after him and Tom are gone. He says on the last day he can meet Kato for a beer, then come and hang out with the producers. He says the money is nice to win, by why not leave a lasting impression. Kato gets called out for his microphone and realizes it is not even with him, he has been on the bed microphone the whole time He jokes as he leaves to get it. When Kato comes back the two of them talk about seeing their girlfriend, whoever goes out Friday... Kato tells Tom it is too early to talk to Tamar, let her enjoy winning He tells Tom Tamar will avoid him anyway. Both of them agree they are done in the game, and will meet outside the house after they are evicted. Kato says he will never see these people again with the exception of Tom and Dina. He tells his girlfriend he will see her Monday or Friday. Tom tells his girlfriend hello, Kato tells both girls they are going to go to Tom's after the show. Tom says going first would be a drag. They count remaining players and laugh about not doing as well as they could have. Tom expects that Natalie and Lolo will be knocked out shortly after Kato and himself are evicted. He says they should all be thinking what the best end would be for them.
  14. 10:46pm Tom hears Kato coming upstairs and he meets him at the HOH room doors. They enter. Cameras move to other parts of the house, following Joey, who is alone. He seems to be ready to take a shower and begins removing his outer clothing. The shower takes over all the other sounds in the house and Joey steps into the shower stall. --he does not use the HOH shower tonght. Cameras remain in the bathroom area, even though it is empty. Joey starts talking to Lolo about making a point when you confront someone, a few seconds into it the Cameras move again, this time to Ricky sitting alone in the hot tub/pool thing outside. Whatever has happened is going to be difficult to put together. So far I have heard Tamar yelling, someone saying “he” was rubbing his jaw, I have seen Tom alone and visibly upset, and Joey mentioned confrontation. Clear as mud.
  15. 10:02pm All cameras are on the bedroo with Dina, Kandi, and Ricky. Dina and Kandi are talking, Ricky is listening. Tamar and Joey come into the room and the camera moves to the kitchen area. Lolo and Natalie have moved from the lounge to the kitchen area. WBRB 10:10pm Joey, Ricky, Kandi and Tamar are in the bedroom still talking, other cameras show Tom and Kato on the sky walk resuming their billiard game. Several house guests are in bedroom,, Natalie is talking but cameras move back to the sky walk where Tom and Kato continue their game. 10:27pm Cameras move to other parts of the house, Natalie and Ricky are in the living room, we can hear Tamar but cannot hear her until she yells, “You should be ashamed, Matter of fact I am shamed for you.” During this time the cameras are on Joey, who is alone in the bathroom area and the living room Dina comes into the bathroom area with Joey, Joey mentions his beard as Dina leaves the room. Cameras move to Tom alone on the sky walk. He is sitting alone. He has his head in his hands, and it is possible he is in tears or at the very least, his position indicates he is really upset. He is twisting his hair with one hand while the other elbow is resting on his knees. He looks at the camera for a few seconds and then keeps his face lifted with his hand on his chin. Eventually he leans back, but does not communicate with the cameras. We can hear sounds coming up from the kitchen, Joey and Lolo's voices carry, they seem to be talking about the pool temperature and eating, and possibly sealing food. Tom lets out a huge sigh, but still does not talk to the camera.
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