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  1. LIVE SHOW: Rockstar was evicted 5-1 (Fessy's vote was nullified by Kaycee, and Scottie was the 1 vote for Rockstar to stay). 7:10 PM BBT Feeds are back to the HOH slip-and-slide comp. Fessy, Scottie, and Tyler appear to be in the lead (in that order). Looks like JC is the only one trying to fill the smaller tube, the others are trying for the HOH tube. JC's progress isn't great anyway. 7:12 PM BBT Brett's tube is looking good too. Fessy still in the lead. Scottie still in 2nd. 7:17 PM BBT Fessy is able to grab the ball out of the tube and FESSY WINS HOH. FotH (until they get everyone inside).
  2. 10:04 PM BBT Haleigh and Scottie are on the balcony playing chess and whispering. Scottie asks Haleigh why she decided to come clean today after everything's already set, because it makes it look like a last-ditch effort to save Bayleigh. Haleigh explains that she was afraid of how it would look on the outside, and that she was in the DR crying about it. She never meant for Bayleigh to take the fall. Haleigh says she would never jeopardize Scottie's game. She says she didn't know how close he was with Tyler which is why she didn't tell him about the hacker ahead of time. Scottie says all he does is argue with Tyler. Haleigh says it terrifies her that he's working with Tyler. Scottie says he would have gone for the veto if he thought Tyler wasn't going to win it. 10:08 PM BBT FotH briefly, then feeds return Haleigh tells Scottie she doesn't want him to feel like he has to choose a side, but obviously she wants him on hers. Scottie says he didn't know Tyler was working on the other side. Bayleigh comes up to say goodnight and hugs both of them, then heads back downstairs. Haleigh says she knew Tyler was working for the other side and wasn't sure where Scottie stood. Haleigh says JC is playing a smart game. She says she would have come to Scottie if she thought he was on her side. She says she never even questioned taking him off the block though. 10:12 PM BBT Angela and Bayleigh in the kitchen. Angela says she never meant anything personal against Bayleigh. Bayleigh says she will eventually forgive Angela, but that she was so quick to turn on her and it hurt her heart. She says Angela should have given her a chance to defend herself. Angela says everyone told her they didn't win the hacker comp, so how could she believe anyone. Bayleigh says Angela said nasty things about her. Angela says she never did that. Bayleigh says that as a friendship, she's hurt. Angela says she'll always have Bayleigh's back as a friend, and anything negative she's ever said has been on a game level. Bayleigh says Angela still should have come to her and not talked behind her back. Angela says she's still not 100% sure who the hacker was and how could she come to Bayleigh if she wasn't sure? Bayleigh is dumbfounded by this and says someone has admitted to being the hacker, how could Angela still question it? Angela says she can't believe or trust anyone right now. Bayleigh says Angela has treated her badly and not talked to her the past 2 days. Angela starts to walk away and says she's not going to have this conversation right now. They argue back and forth about how Bayleigh has been treated. Angela repeats she's not going to have this conversation right now and starts to walk upstairs. Bayleigh says of course Angela hasn't done anything wrong, she's perfect (being sarcastic). 10:17 PM BBT Angela enters the HOHR and retells the conversation to Brett and Tyler.
  3. 1:58 PM BBT Tyler, Kaycee, and Angela in the HOHR. Angela says she feels bad for Tyler because he just has to sit there and take it. Kaycee says Haleigh probably thinks she's a legend now. She says they probably think the whole thing worked and no one will trust Tyler, but it didn't. Angela says this shows that they all knew who was the hacker from the beginning and this was all a set-up. Kaycee says Bayleigh is the hacker, Haleigh is just a puppet, and this was a last-minute attempt to flip the votes. Angela says it just makes Haleigh a target. The three of them all touch the HOH key for good luck in the next competition. 2:00 PM BBT Tyler says he's worried about Sam because she ran to console Bayleigh but didn't try to talk to him. Angela says that Sam just consoles whoever is upset in the moment, but that they looked out for her and Sam knows that. Tyler says that Bayleigh thinks he, Sam, and Scottie are in a final 3 alliance. They plan on using that info to make sure Sam votes Bayleigh out.
  4. 1:50 PM BBT (HN room) Bayleigh tells Brett that Rockstar told her she wants Bayleigh to stay. Bayleigh says she'll never say anything bad about Rockstar but it helps her to know she'd support her campaigning for herself. Haleigh peeks in to ask Brett a question then leaves. Brett says when he was on the block, it was hard to break down barriers. He says he just told people that they need to think about their own game. He says it's not possible to go to everyone and make a promise, but it's important to know who to target for campaigning. Bayleigh says she's not sure who she wants to talk to just yet, but that she genuinely feels bad for what happened between them, she likes Brett and won't use her power against him.
  5. 1:20 PM BBT Angela, JC, and Rockstar are in the kitchen snacking. Angela says there's nothing she can do now. They chat idly about food and Sam singing from the shower. 1:23 PM BBT Fessy and Brett are talking in the HN room. They don't know where JC stands. Fessy talks about how they could hear JC screaming in the HOHR after the meeting, when Fessy, Brett, etc were in the kitchen. Fessy wants to know what JC was so mad about. Brett says he thought the meeting was going to be a letter from Kaitlyn or something and expected it to be funny. He says JC got up to leave in the middle of the meeting probably because he realized the fight would make it on TV and JC didn't like his outfit. Brett and Fessy agree that the house meeting is definitely going to make it on TV because Bayleigh was bleeding. 1:26 PM BBT Bayleigh comes in and Brett tells her how he thinks they'll edit it to make it look like Bayleigh got hurt. Fessy walks out to let them chat. Brett asks Bayleigh what Haleigh meant at the meeting about Kaitlyn and Tyler. Bayleigh explains that Tyler told Kaitlyn his game plans and strategy, then Kaitlyn told Haleigh. Brett says it's hard to decipher what came out of Kaitlyn's mouth because she made up a lot of stories. 1:35 PM BBT Bayleigh says she wishes she got to know Brett sooner. Brett says he was trying to give her space this week because she was upset. Bayleigh says she appreciated it and didn't feel he was purposely avoiding her. Brett says it's hard to trust someone new this far in the game, but what happened in the past between Swaggy and Winston, etc, ended in both of them leaving and it isn't relevant now. Bayleigh says she and Fessy have talked about how they like Brett, but are concerned that Brett will use anything he tells them against them if he is on the block. She asks how she can trust that he won't do that. Brett says the difference now is that they would be working together. 1:41 PM BBT Brett tells Bayleigh that the one thing he learned from being on the block is that it doesn't matter who tells you they're voting for you. He's been surprised by every vote. Bayleigh says that if she leaves on Thursday, it is what it is. Brett says he always figured that he was just lucky to have been chosen to be here. Bayleigh says that no matter what, this has been a great experience. But if she stays, she's staying here with her back against the wall, because people still want her out, and she sees how it is now. They bond over how you learn that when you're on the block.
  6. 1:11 PM BBT Rockstar and JC are in the geometry room. Rockstar says that she does want to stay, win an HOH, etc. She says no one from the other side has been touched at all, they walk around with their noses in the air, and those are the people she would put up if she won HOH. She says she wouldn't put up Kaycee because she won't put up a gay person. She says she would put up Tyler. She says she obvious wants to win the game. JC says it's one step at a time. Rockstar says she just wants to stay. She says if she stays, she doesn't plan on being a Victoria. JC says she hasn't been a Victoria. JC says that Bayleigh flipping out is basically asking people to evict her. JC says that if he were in Rockstar's position, he would sit quietly and keep his mouth shut (basically let Bayleigh dig her own grave). Rockstar says she will stay quiet the rest of the day, but that she was not okay with how people were talking about and treating Bayleigh. JC says he's glad they are having this one-on-one because he wanted to know if she really wanted to stay. Rockstar asks who he thinks has the last power app, and JC says he has no idea, how can anyone know anything, Haleigh turned out to be the hacker! Rockstar says she thinks people throw her on the block because they think she's weak and won't go after them, and she's offended by that. Feeds switch.
  7. 1:04 PM BBT Bayleigh joins Fessy and JC in the geometry room and says she's calm now. She says JC didn't even want to go to the meeting but he's probably glad he did now. JC says he thought the meeting was going to be Haleigh telling everyone to stop making comments about her and Fessy being a couple. Rockstar comes in and says Tyler wants to act like he had nothing to do with anything, but he had everything to do with all of this. She says Tyler knew what was happening, he was up in the HOHR putting ideas in Kaitlyn's head, etc. JC says this is too intense and he just wanted cupcakes. Bayleigh says hopefully this changes things. She says no offense to Rockstar but she hopes they will vote for her to stay now. JC laughs (uncomfortably? Because of the absurdity of all of it?). Rockstar the only thing she's mad about is if she has to meet Julie wearing the workout outfit.
  8. 12:58 PM BBT Bayleigh in LR (from DR) and says she blacked out in anger and her jaw hurts now. Rockstar says she composed herself well. Rockstar, Haleigh, Scottie, and Brett are on the couches. Rockstar says she's just an old lady with a fat ass that's about to meet Julie. She gets up to use the bathroom. 12:59 PM BBT Sam hugs Bayleigh in the WA and tells her she's so beautiful and strong. Bayleigh is laughing/crying and thanks her. Rockstar comes out of the WC. She hugs Bayleigh. Bayleigh gets some toilet paper to blow her nose. They're just joking around now trying to keep things light. Sam asks why no one questioned she was the doctor. Brett comes in and says it's because Sam's too pervy with her hands. Rockstar says that the weirdest thing about all of this is that she likes Brett now. She hugs him.
  9. 12:45 PM BBT JC and Fessy in the geometry room. JC tells Fessy Haleigh doesn't have his back. He says Fessy used the veto on Haleigh and Haleigh didn't even bother to tell Fes that she was the hacker, and put him at risk by changing the noms the way she did. Fessy says he's mad because Haleigh could have picked him to play in veto, instead of picking Kaycee. He says he still trusts her though and that she knows this was a dumb move. Fessy is trying to defend Haleigh and says this meeting was an attempt to save Bayleigh. JC asks how this will save Bayleigh. Fessy says it might sway Scottie. JC asks what will happen next week, Haleigh gets the hacker power again and does more random stuff? Fessy tells him not to worry about Haleigh. They count votes to keep Bayleigh to stay. They are counting Fessy, Haleigh, Scottie, JC, and maybe Brett. JC says he can't focus on this right now. He says he has to focus on his own game. Fessy says, "Here we go again with this speech..." He says it's not always about JC. He says that five people got called out at this meeting and JC wasn't one of them, here he is worrying about himself. JC tells him to go ahead and explain how Brett is going to vote with them. Fessy recaps his conversation with Brett last night about keeping Bayleigh over Rockstar if Bayleigh wasn't the hacker. JC says he doesn't trust Rockstar. Fessy says she's messing up Haleigh's game too. JC says that Haleigh still should have told Fessy about the hacker power. Fessy agrees on that point. 12:55 PM BBT JC says that these people (Haleigh, Bayleigh, Rockstar) are not good for Fessy's game. They are not sharing info with him. He says that there's a lot Fes doesn't know. Fessy presses him for that info. JC says Bayleigh and Haleigh were trying to convince Angela of a girl's alliance. He says that Haleigh is really close with Bayleigh, didn't tell Fessy about being the hacker, etc. He asks how Fessy thinks he's still a priority for Haleigh with all that going on behind his back.
  10. 12:42 PM BBT Kaycee up in HOHR telling Angela and Tyler that everyone in the kitchen could hear JC shouting up here. She's not sure what everyone heard but wanted to let her know. Angela says this sets them up better for next week. Now they have a reason to get Haleigh out without getting blood on their hands. They wonder how much Scottie knows and if what they tell him is getting relayed to the other side. Angela says it was so quiet for days, and then this house meeting. She jokes that Haleigh felt like she needed to be relevant. Meanwhile, Haleigh and Rockstar are diffusing in the PBR.
  11. 12:23 PM BBT Everyone is gathering into the LR. JC asks if it's about Kaitlyn's clothes. Kaycee asks if Kaitlyn has sent a "message." Almost everyone has gathered now. Kaycee says she's excited. Rockstar joins them on the couches with Orwell and says he's a very important member of the house. 12:24 PM BBT Haleigh begins by saying she loves everyone, but that several owe Bayleigh an apology. She says she won the hacker comp, not Bayleigh. She says Tyler was an obvious target and lays out the reasons. She tells Angela she never wanted to take her power. She tells them that Tyler went to Bayleigh last week and asked her to backdoor Angela. Tyler interrupts and says that's hilarious. Bayleigh cuts in and backs up the story, telling Tyler to stop. Bayleigh says she tried to protect Tyler and he threw her under the bus, he's treating her like trash. She says she didn't come at him. Tyler asks why he would lie about that. They argue back and forth about what happened, voices getting louder. They go back and forth about it repeatedly. Bayleigh yells that Tyler treated her like trash, how dare he, when she protected him. She didn't go behind his back and throw him under the bus, but Tyler did that to her in front of everyone. She tells him to apologize like a man. Tyler says it's irrelevant if she's the hacker or not. Rockstar says Bayleigh's not the hacker, so it is relevant. Bayleigh says she didn't want to disrespect Angela by using her power, and she felt safe with her, so she didn't use it. She wasn't on a power trip. Tyler says tells Bayleigh congrats but he's still voting her out because of her power. Bayleigh yells at Tyler to shut up. Haleigh, still standing at the head of the LR, says, "Okay, that's all I wanted to say..." She says that if anyone has anything to say to her, they live in the same house. "Meeting adjourned." Tyler and Bayleigh keep going at it. Bayleigh says there's no excuse for how he's treated her. Tyler says he has nothing to apologize for and insists he didn't throw out Angela's name last week, that Bayleigh did it. They are really yelling at each other now. 12:30 PM BBT JC and Angela go up the stairs to watch from the balcony. Bayleigh is screaming. Tyler says she's taking it too far. Bayleigh slams the door to the BBR. Tyler, in the LR, asks how it got this far. He says he's not apologizing. Bay still screaming from BBR. Tyler goes up to the balcony with JC and Angela as they try to calm him down. Sam and Haleigh try to comfort Bayleigh in the PBR, she's sobbing.
  12. 12:09 PM BBT PBR. Haleigh just told Rockstar that she's the hacker. She told her she wants to call a house meeting and told her the whole speech she has planned. Rockstar says they should have the house meeting right now. Bayleigh joins them and they tell her that Rockstar knows now. Haleigh is giving Bayleigh the run-down of her speech. Haleigh says she's so nervous. Bayleigh says she's glad Rockstar took it well. 12:13 PM BBT Faysal is in the PBR with them now. Bayleigh yells at Fessy to put on pants so they can do the meeting. Bayleigh says the only concern is Tyler winning HOH. Haleigh says this will either be the dumbest thing, or the best thing. Bayleigh thinks it will be best thing. Rockstar is pumped and says if she was the hacker, she'd get up there and curse them all out. Haleigh practices her speech again so Fessy can hear it. Bayleigh says the speech is good and that Haleigh must have been practicing. 12:17 PM BBT Rockstar tells Haleigh to put on some lipgloss before the meeting. Haleigh hugs her and they say they love each other no matter what. 12:19 PM BBT Haleigh goes into the kitchen. Brett and Scottie are chatting. Meanwhile in HOHR, Angela is telling Kaycee about her talk with Bayleigh about wanting Bayleigh to be the first black winner of BB. She tells her about her talk this morning. 12:21 PM BBT Haleigh calls for everyone to get into the LR for the house meeting. BB asks Fessy and JC to put on their mics. Haleigh goes up to the HOHR to get Kaycee and Angela for the meeting.
  13. 10:03 AM BBT: Kaycee's song comes on for at least the fourth time this morning. She and Sam are in the kitchen, then Sam heads into the BY for a cigarette. Bayleigh is out there on the bike. Angela passes through the kitchen and goes back upstairs to HOHR. 10:06 AM BBT: Scottie is called to the DR. 10:08 AM BBT: Tyler comes out of the WA and joins Kaycee in the kitchen. FotH. 10:11 AM BBT: Feeds return. In the BY, Kaycee is now out there with Sam and Bayleigh. Bayleigh enlists Kaycee's help lowering the awnings. Sam goes inside. Meanwhile Scottie is pacing around the KT then the SR, contemplating his breakfast options.
  14. 9:40 AM BBT FotH for the last 40 minutes for a long wake-up call, but feeds finally return. Angela is doing her hair in the HOHR. Fessy is sleepily pacing around the downstairs, then hops in the shower. Kaycee is in WA putting her hair up when her peanut song comes on and she performs, though complains she can barely open her eyes. The song comes on again one minute later. Just ADL's and Kaycee dancing so far. 9:50 AM BBT Kaycee's song comes on again while she's in the BBR. Rockstar walks by. Most HG appear to still be in bed. FotH probably for another wake-up call.
  15. 2:32 PM BBT Kaitlyn is curled up on the couch in the WA. Fessy comes in and sits on the other end of the couch. They sit in silence for a minute. Fessy: “Talk to me.” Kaitlyn: “I don’t know what to say.” Fessy: “This is the position we’re in.” Kaitlyn: “We?! I’m the one on the block. I’m the one that might have to go home.” Fessy: “We’re all gonna have to ‘might go home’ sometime.” Kaitlyn says Fessy is being insensitive. Fessy says he just wants her to be strong. Kaitlyn says she was strong, but he scared her. Fessy says he’s scared too, that he might go on the block. Kaitlyn rolls her eyes. Kaitlyn starts to get upset and asks why he wouldn’t want to save her. She says she just wants to go home, she’s sick of this. Fessy tells her not to give up. Kaitlyn says that Fessy can’t look at her in the face and tell her what he’d do with the veto. “How is that supposed to make me feel?” Fessy says he doesn’t know how he’s supposed to feel either. Kaitlyn keeps pushing him, asking him to say that he’ll use it on her if he wins. She says he could tell her that yesterday, as she was in his arms crying, and now he can’t even look at her. She says again that she just really wants to go home. She leans against the WR door crying. Fessy gets up to hug her. They hug for a long time, then Kaitlyn breaks away and says, “Why? Like, why? What changed?” Fessy says he’s not saying either way if he’s saving her. He doesn’t know. He says he’s been real since he walked into this house and he’s not going to be fake now. He has so many thoughts in his mind and he won’t lie to anyone’s face. In the middle of Fessy talking, Kaitlyn’s had enough and walks out of the WA. 2:48 PM BBT Kitchen. JC says Kaitlyn wants to talk to Fessy in the geometry room. Fessy peeks his head in there, where Kaitlyn is now curled up. He says he'll be in there in 2 minutes, he's making food. She doesn't respond. As he leaves, the camera operator pans over to a lone hand print on the pin wall. [I'm out for a little bit, but you look like you've got it covered Goldylucks! -NotFornia]
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