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  1. Brandi is a loose cannon. If they are supplied with n endless supply of champagne Im sure we will see wars between all esp Brandi. Im not sure why they are already being treated differently then the common folk that walk into the house. What happened the the no make up? Wonder what if they will ever have to eat slop? The slop will probably be cake or ice cream for a day lol in Brandis case they will more then likely tell her no booze is your punishment that would make her squirm lol.
  2. OK Ill admit it I have a BB addiction. I swore I wasnt going to watch this but Im hooked already lol. Ditto on seeing some familiar names here already. Already I am feeling CBS is already giving power to some of them. Amagroso should keep her mouth shut about President Trump along with anything thats going on in the White House. What a thing to say when the one guy asked should we be worried and her reply was yes. She seems to feel she is an authority on everything.