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  1. 10:26 PM BBT: Winston telling Rachel and Angela in the bathroom that he is not comfortable with Kaitlyn having Scottie saved with the POV and not him because he doesn’t know who has the power app and it might hurt him if he is still on the block. Winston is also afraid that Sam might use her power app. Doesn’t sound like he fully knows what her power is either.
  2. 10:15 PM BBT: Tyler finally out of the DR and joins Rachel and Kaycee in the bathroom. They are discussing how Tyler should tell Scottie that he is going to use the POV on him. Tyler says he is going to ask him about the power app, but will not tell him the about the plan to backdoor Swaggy because he is afraid Scottie will spill it to Swaggy. Apparently Rachel almost won the POV, so she is waiting for her turn in the DR to discuss it. Kaitlyn and Winston still talking in the SR about how mad Swaggy and his side of the house is going to be at her. 10:20 PM BBT: Tyler in the kaleidoscope room with Sam, Rockstar and JC talking about the veto competition. Tyler says it was confusing with phrases like “Hung out in the park, but hated squirrels” and “Loved sushi, but never went to the park”. Then there were pictures of former HG’s that fit those phrases and had to be matched. Sam says people always told her she resembled Christmas, but didn’t know who that was until she saw a picture of her tonight and took it as a compliment. Rockstar asks if Rachel’s punishment is here yet?
  3. 10:03 PM BBT: Swaggy and Angela in the kitchen discussing the 1st competition of the summer when they were on the surfboards. Scottie sitting with them, not talking much. Kaitlyn and Winston still in the SR. Kaitlyn is debating whether to assure Scottie he is safe this week or not because she is afraid he has the power app. Winston tells her if he does, it could be the power to freeze eviction night (no confirmation on who won the power app thus far this week). Kaitlyn going over her POV ceremony speech with Winston and tells him that Swaggy’s side of the house will be thinking she is putting Angela up. Winston gets really excited and says he will “pee himself”.
  4. 9:52 PM BBT: Kaitlyn and Winston in the storage room discussing how the plan couldn’t be going any better. Kaitlyn says Tyler will use the veto to save Scottie and Swaggy will go up against Winston. Winston says he is worried Swaggy might have the power app. Kaitlyn isn’t sure, but thinks Scottie has it. Kaitlyn is worried about hurting her friends in the house when she puts up Swaggy. Winston assures her that there is no totem pole on his side of the house. Winston says Faysal will be safe and that he gets along well with him.
  5. 8:25 PM BBT: Tyler, Angela and Rachel still in HOH room discussing what to tell Sam when she asks about the votes. They agree to tell her that Swaggy and his group are against her. Kaycee comes back in after getting the wheel for her costume after production told her to put it on. Now they are discussing what they think happened on the TV episode that aired tonight. Tyler says whoever gets Swaggy out of the house should win the money. Rachel says if she wins HOH, she will put up Bayleigh and Fes and then attempt to backdoor Swaggy because she isn’t afraid to make a big move. 8:35 PM BBT: Tyler says that the plan is for Sam to stay and Steve will be voted out on Thursday. He doesn’t believe Haileigh wants to win an HOH and that Kaitlin is only on the show to be on TV.
  6. 8:02 PM BBT: Tyler, Angela, Kaycee and Rachel in the HOH room discussing numbers for next week on each side of the house based on who can play in the HOH competition after this week’s eviction. All agree Scottie plays both sides and will side with whoever has the power that week. Tyler says that he is sure somebody in the else is not who they say they are. Rachel jokes she is Brittney Spears’ sister, Tyler jokes he is a brain surgeon and Angela jokes that it would be hilarious if Rachel was a 3rd grade teacher. Tyler says that everyone is sure Winston is a doctor. Tyler also says he wouldn’t be surprised if Swaggy C plays in the NBA. 8:18 PM BBT: Tyler, Angela and Rachel still in HOH room discussing what happened prior to veto meeting. Tyler says that Swaggy came up to the HOH room yesterday with some others trying to convince him to use the veto and put Angela up. Angela says that JC was trying to convince Faysal to use the veto, so Angela could go up. 8:20 PM BBT: Sam (human form) is laying on the hammock with Winston and Brett discussing their jobs in real life. Actually seems like the guys are trying to get to know her before she has to go back to being in robot form.
  7. 2:12 PM: James calls Mark into the SEL and asks him if he would be on board to flip the vote (vote out Chuck) if he could assure him he had the numbers to do so. Mark says he is in, but he needs to be assured as he does not want to be the only vote to save James. James and Mark fist bump as James tells Mark to leave before anyone notices and that he will talk with him later. 2:17 PM: Mark in the KT with Ariadna, Brandi and Keisha. Mark is trying on Brandi's sunglasses before he starts mopping the floor. Other houseguests are trying out the Snapchat glasses provided by Big Brother. Keisha tries to explain how they work. 2:22 PM: Shannon in the LBR with Marissa and Omarosa. Chuck comes in and tells them about the Snapchat glasses.
  8. 8:13 AM BBT: Feeds are back and Marissa is working out in the gym. Mark is washing dishes in the KT. Ross comes in as Marissa finishes up and comes downstairs. Ross asks if Marissa woke up before the music and she says that she woke up at 7:30 to say good morning to her son before he went to school.