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    Please don't hate me lol but.. Mr Nickson..What a nasty hateful rude son of a bitch. .if this jerk wins because of Queen weave Jessica's twitter desperado campaign then Big Brother and CBS will be responsible for giving some Bully jerk off who was the worst player ever on BB a large sum of money because of social media making him out to be worthy. .omg I respect his service as a Marine but All these Cody votes 100 times a Day per Person is pretty pathetic...I hope he can fix his pick up truck that he left on the side of the highway knowing that he won because of the idiotic superficial people obsessed with his Stupid showmane with an ass poking spoiled bitch who thought she was better then everyone else..she needs to keep her fingers out of people's orifices and stop helping herself to where she's not welcome..I can't stop ranting as this AFP is going to scumbags rather than to someone who made us laugh while secluded in a house being watched every minute for 3 months and playing this social experiment reality game we have all come to love called Big Brother and not Showmance lover..I'm done. .gnight