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  1. I think it helps if you're torn between the ones left. It could be the thing that causes someone to vote him instead of the alternate.
  2. Is his site down for everyone or just my quirky computer? I figure if anyone knows, it will be someone here at Morty's :-)
  3. I'm hoping it will be John Rich and Marlee Maitlin for a rematch in the end. I was surprised by the large amount by which the women won last night, but thank goodness they finally did win!! lol I bet if John Rich does get the chance to redeem himself he'll be calling even more big hitters in Nashville. I think Trump had already decided Hatch would be the one to go even before all had been pulled into the Board room. In fact that's probably true in most cases, that he decides before anything is even told to the teams. Then he asks questions until it becomes logical that his choice is the correct one. lol I'm sure he's changed his mind or been swayed when on the fence with someone, but for the most part I think he knows what he's going to do before he even says who has won.
  4. I'm really hoping Marlee puts those mean ladies (Star & Dionne) in their place when she is project manager. She's the only female at this point worth cheering for. All the talk is that Nene and Star get into it at some point. That should make for some good TV. It really is a shame how the women's team seems so ready to pounce on each other while the men's team seems to pull together regardless of the manager. On the men's side I'm hoping John Rich takes it. I'm sure whatever the task is he'll wipe the floor with what's left of the women's team. By the way, the company with which I am partnered is being featured this Sunday on Celebrity Apprentice!!!! I wish I knew what the task was going to be but I don't. When you guys watch, I'd love to hear what you think about the company. If you like the services, please let me know. And if you want to know more about the company after the show airs, I'd be happy to answer questions or send more info!! It's kinda neat to be this close to reality TV for a junkie like me. lol
  5. I started out liking Brenda and Chase but not after last night's episode. In fact, they turned me off so much I'm actually hoping the other alliance can get it together and get at least Brenda voted off next. Nay is horrible as well. I'm bummed Sash is aligned himself with her and Brenda. I like Sash and hope he manages to make it to the merge. Fabio makes me laugh. Don't think he'll last long though. And I agree, he should have taken his socks back. lol
  6. Here's a link to the photog's facebook album. Fun to look at. Congrats Janie and new hubby!!!! http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=1785...a673bd1c1a870d6 Oops, didn't realize this was the same as the "and more pics" link above.
  7. I loved that TJ called Ev out on being a big baby too. that was great! I hope Landon wins.
  8. Just heard on the radio Bret is back in the hospital
  9. if i remember right, Jeff said in one of his blog's that it was sort of equal advantage/disadvantage for Russell not being known by the other all-stars. An advantage cause they wouldn't know his history (idol-king) and disadvantage because he would likely be voted off early because they wouldn't know/trust him. They were the ones that kept him around this long without knowing his game.
  10. Because Sandra knew Candace was voting Amanda, it was pointless for her (Sandra) to waste her vote on Parv. That would just piss the villians off more towards her and possibly cause them to target her next. She's very smart, Sandra.
  11. TiaDonut

    I don't need a definition of "outlast" Simply put, by failing to convince the jury to vote for him, he fails to outlast the other player. period the end.
  12. TiaDonut

    You forgot OUTLAST and that's where Russell is lacking. He can't "outlast" the other person(s) in the final 2/3 due to his lack of social skills. That's why he's not the greatest survivor ever in the world anywhere but in his own head. lol
  13. He was living with one for a while (forgot her name) but I don't think they ever married.
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