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  1. You just couldn't keep your mouth shut. You had to add the part at the end to spoil it for the rest of us. What a Jerk
  2. Is tonight's airing of BB, a recap of the season with nothing new?
  3. I did not get a warning and would not do this intentionally SORRY
  4. According to this link, Christmas worked for Paul's mother. The plot thickens........... link removed due to possible Malware
  5. That is what I thought and surely the HG knew that and they still trashed it. They could have hid it and not trashed the house. It is good TV, but the HG have to spend hours cleaning. Not a very good idea in my opinion.
  6. A few weeks ago, they had this Comp where they hid a card of some type in the house and the house was trashed as a result. Anyone know if the Houseguests had to clean it up or did Production?
  7. An introvert is someone who does not express themselves very much (Kevin), not someone who does not speak due to anger issues.
  8. How could Matt want to be around Raven? It has to be all sexual. There is nothing above the shoulders.
  9. That amount is in the ballpark. It is his job to participate and make the show and he just sits. Did you see how he snapped at Matt when Matt was just trying to involve him in the conversation.
  10. Did you hear that MENSA had a 50% discount on acceptance scores the year Raven got in.
  11. When they were in the Jury House tonight, Cody would not even talk. He is being paid big bucks to sit around and discuss the game and he refuses. He is a sore loser and also has a mental problem.
  12. The first comp always has the three HG standing in a circle and they either take a step forward or backwards depending on the answer. I don't recall the other two comps, anyone?
  13. The Final Three Events don't have any physical events if I remember correctly so Christmas will play.
  14. I would not say that Josh owns his business. He sales Mary K, that is fine to make extra money but I would not call it "Owning my own business". I went door to door with magazines. Does that make me part of Fortune 500?