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  1. Josh is just as delusional as Raven. In the live feeds, after the Josh/Mark pots and pans incident, some of the HG told Mark they felt HE was the aggressor. He was very upset to be thought of as a bully. He had been overweight and bullied when he was younger and was very upset. He talked to Josh and apologized and it had nothing to do with game play. He was genuinely upset. Delusional proceeded to bash Mark and chastise him to his face, telling him he needed to try to grow from the experience. That was always Josh's MO. Sometimes other HG prompted him to do it but he was always talking on the live feeds about how he wanted to blow up on other HG. He would also rinse and repeat bragging about it. He is an immature little boy in a big man's body. He always talks to the camera saying how he is really a nice goodhearted guy but then turns around 30 seconds later and brags about calling people fat, bullies and babies. He and Raven both are so delusional.... they truly think that America loves them. They will both read every single thing written about their BB stay and will get quite the rude awakening. Then they will probably speak out in interviews and say they were edited to look that way.
  2. Every year they have a major ant problem. In previous years, the thing they hid was smaller and the HG did empty food out. This ear the house was nowhere near as trashed as previous years. Typically some of the HG trash it for the heck of it. They often target things of people they don't like or those who are super messy in the house. They trashed Raven's hairpiece and all the girl's makeup was scattered even though it was obvious nothing would be hidden in a makeup bag or in Raven's hair. They may have made them bigger to avoid that. It seems this years object was the biggest they've ever hidden. BTW...last year the last object found was hidden behind some artwork hanging outside the DR door. Most people didn't even realize something could be slid behind there. This years plaque wouldn't have fit behind there.
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