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  1. Someone needs to pick up slack in this thread …
  2. 10:01 PM bbt Raven ranting about her scars. Only Paul and Matt are listening. About to go to bed so if someone can take over that would be great. These threads have been lacking a bit.
  3. 6:36 PM bbt Josh and Christmas going over what the eviction order should be after Mark: "We're going to have to go over this with Paul."
  4. Can't stand her. After the last PoV I really want her out. She's entitled and annoying. Only there for publicity to help her career. If she were smart she wouldn't curse the HoH and would have took the veto because, hello dumbass, you're a target and on the block. Hope somehow Cody stays and she goes.
  5. Lilly81504

    Alex Ow BB19 Houseguest

    She's just biding her time. Mark my words she's going to be the one to turn on Paul when the time comes.
  6. Elena to Mark: We are the new Jess and Cody and Matt and Raven are the new us.
  7. 4:56 PM Marlena in the Rose Rm discussing the fight and what was said. Elena tells Mark she never told Christmas the thing about separating from him if he wins HoH.
  8. 5:06 bbt- Paul joins Maven in wave room for a whispering session. Paul whispering. Matt nodding. Paul: If we get to 6, I know what we can do.