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  1. 8:56 pm BBT Still in the Kitchen Omarosa, Marissa, James and Brandi are talking about the comps and how they put there all on every comp. Brandi said that she is still so so sore from the last HOH comp. Omarosa said they were live in 5 minutes so lets get excited. None of the three don't seem excited . Marissa said that she wouldn't get chuck eyes. Ari won the POV they said that they knew a girl would win..
  2. 8:47 pm BBT Omarosa says the only thing that will help her get over missing her husband is hard drugs and alcohol. James is eating his taco salad. Omarosa tells them that tonight is the last day to wash there clothes. They want have any more days. Omarosa said James will have a hundred million emails and then he will get back to them. We have fish again. We come back to James eating and Mark gets called to the DR. He says I'll go pee first. Omarosa is cooking in the kitchen with a blanket around her she must be cold. Marissa said that she left her phone at home but if her husband is there then she don't need it. Marissa tells Brandi she loves her wig on her.
  3. #BBCELEB 8: 43 pm BBT James says tomorrow will be the worst day tomorrow because they want have anything to do. Mark tells James it would be a crusher if they made it to the end. James tells Mark that his knees haven't felt right the past two days so that's why he is putting the ice on. Mark ask what's he making and he said taco stuff from the other day. Mark is eating popcorn and James is still fixing his taco food. James said he thing Saturday will be the long one if it's and endurance.
  4. 8:36 pm BBT Thanks for the time BB I got to see James and Omarosa in the kitchen. James was asking if they were going to open up the back yard for the after show. Now feeds are back and James is quiet. I see that James has two bags of ice on his knees one for each of them. Now he is up checking on his food that he is warming in the kitchen. Now he is back to sitting down with ice on his knees. James says that there is only 4 days and one night they have to skip.
  5. #BBCELEB 8:33 pm BBT They are all sitting around the pool table laughing. We have fish..
  6. 8:27 pm BBT Nothing really going on at the pool table. Just a lot of small talk and Ross and Ari attempting to play pool. Marissa and Brandi are sitting in the chairs making comments on how they are playing. Right now there is only one red ball left on the table. Ross is trying to hit the black ball in and didn't do it. Ross calls his pocket he is hitting it into but no luck. 4 rounds and the black ball still hasn't made it. Now Ari finally made the last play. Now Ross is going to play Marissa.
  7. 8:20 pm BBT Mark is in the HOH room listening to his music with his glasses on. He's just in there enjoying his HOH room. Ari, Brandi, Marissa, and Ross are at the pool table. Ross is playing Ari. Brandi must have got a punishment she is wearing gloves, brown wig, black hat, pink and gray pants. Haven't seen Omarosa anywhere in the feeds. All 4 want to go into DR together, they think it would be so funny.
  8. 8:11 pm BBT They are all talking about the book. I see Fifi is by the stairs wrapped in a blanket. They can't get over the nasty bathroom. Now Marissa is still reading about the instruction book.. Ross keeps telling them to follow Metta he knows where to go. Marissa keeps going on and on about the instruction book. Ross is looking in the refrigerator. Marissa wants them all to go to the movies. Marissa wants to make some cookies but nobody else seems to want any. Ari and Brandi are sitting there so quiet.
  9. #BBCELBE 8:00pm BBT Marissa, Brandi, Ross and Ari are sitting in the kitchen talking. Marissa is making there chores due to big brothers rule. The house guest have responsibilities such as cleaning the gym, the kitchen, windows, bathroom, living room, meal prep , tables and feeding the fish , trash removal, taking out the trash and vacuum the floors. Brandi has blonde hair and brown hair. She also has a black hat on. They said that they can't clean the bathroom. Now she is telling them where to be in an earthquake go outside thru the sliding glass door. Some how they have found the instrution book for the bb house and there duties.
  10. 1:53 pm BBT Ross tells Ari that he just can't confront Omarosa. Marissa said that Brandi and Ari wanted her and Ross on the block. Ross says that Metta came to her right before eviction that she couldn't send him home but when Ari yelled then Omarosa didn't have a choice then she had to send him home. Ross said that Omarosa told him that he was out first and Marissa said she had cried in the DR because she thought everyone was against her. Omarosa wants a girl to win the game. James tells them that it just isn't right or fair for a woman to win the game. They are talking about Shannon went home because she was trying to control the whole house . James says that Shannon was a bigger threat.The all agree that what ever Omarosa says you can't believe.
  11. 1:44 am BBT We have fish again.. Brandi and Omarosa are talking and now in the teal room Brandi says she wants her own time. She was unhappy in the other room. Omaroa goes out of the room and Brandi shoots Omarosa two birds. Brandi said she promised Metta that she would get James out and since he saved her she feels like that is her mission to get him out. Brandi thinks Metta was happy to go but she still promised him to get James out of the house. Brandi told Omarosa that they still need the numbers to get someone out. Brandi says she is trying her hardest to win . Omarosa says that it may not be her time to win.
  12. 1:39 am BBT Ross said he was happy for Mark but he really wanted to hear a letter from his mom. Ross said he is so happy Mark but if Ross had left he could be talking to his mom. Marissa told Mark that she was so happy for Mark and the letter felt like home. Mark told them I told you she was going to finish the kitchen. Mark is packing his clothes in a bag so they will wash his clothes. Mark ask them if they are going to be sad with out him in there. Ross said that the note was tough because he misses his family. Ari said that him and Brandi both were calm. Ari tells Ross she prayed for him and it worked that he got to stay.
  13. 1:33 am BBT They are excited about the marshmallows and sloppy joes. Mark says he is so excited about the letter his wife sent him. Mark is offering everyone any of his food he has got. Now Omarosa, Brandi and Marissa left the room to go to bed. Marissa and Brandi want a sweet letter like that one they are trying to get into the DR to gets meds. Ari , Omarosa, and Marissa are going to feed the fish since Mark is busy. Marissa says we have six more nights left. Omarosa tells Ari that they have the same flight to Miami. They are watching the food go down to the fish. Production tells them that Mark is the one to feed the fish .
  14. 1:22 am BBT Omarosa is laying down in the bed just about asleep. Everyone has been called to go to the HOH room. Mark is leading with Omarosa, Ross, James, Marissa, Brandi and Ari then we get fish again. They are all headed up the stairs sing something song. Now Mark says he is so excited to get into the HOH room. Here we go in, Mark is talking about what food he got and now they are looking at the pictures of his family. James is going thru Mark's box and he is so excited because he has some bottles of coke zero and some angry orchard beer. Now they are yelling letter, letter so he is fixing to read it and not going to cry. His wife tells him she missed him so much. She tells him the cabinets will in within the next two weeks. She has been doing some therapy shopping . She has booked a trip for his 50th birthday to Hawaii. She is giving him instructions on what to do in the house.
  15. 1:15 am BBT James said that Omarosa has peed off a lot of people game wise. Ross said but I like her then James says but she isn't playing a good game. Ross wishes Brandi would just have a couple glasses of wine and let it be ok but that's not her way. Ross is asking what time is it and is asking Marissa. Marissa is asking for her medicine. I think Ross and Ari are enjoying laying down in the bed together. Sounds like they have had a little to much to drink tonight they are acting silly and laughing about everything.James is getting a blanket to take up to Mark when he gets in the HOH room. They are telling him how nice it is for him to do that.