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  1. Just got to watch first episode last night, looking forward to new season. All the tribes seemed equal in challenge, Joe from Healers and Alan from Heros appeared to be conformational and a little off tiltar. Liked the early alliance of Ryan and Devon. FYI I do think Alan could be one of those people who throws way all the rice!
  2. Glad to see that hatchet got buried and not in each other's back. Read somewhere Paul didn't go to after party because Jody was there. Anyone else hear that?
  3. I agree love reading these posts looking at situations from someone else 's perspective can make you think and I enjoy reading these.
  4. I think Jess and Cody can exist in their own little bubble but I don't see either one fitting into the other's world.
  5. I think Josh thinks he has a bunch of fans. He believes the jury respects his game play (the screaming, yelling and crying). When Josh was giving his final speech I was sitting here thinking Josh just sit down and shut up before you start pissing people off. OMG I have some of Paul in me!
  6. I wonder what Kevin's reaction was to this. When Josh and Kevin had their "fight" he got angry when his family was brought up. Don't know if he was just trying to avoid fact of taking $25k or was really mad.
  7. Has anyone seen any hg comments on Cody winning AFP? Don't know how close votes were but I think Jason comment about Kevin 's wife and kids cost him a lot of votes.
  8. Now Victor was some real eye candy even for a "Gram" and a real sweetheart.
  9. Josh is an a$$ but Josh spilling the beans in good bye messages was a blindside, a cowardly blindside but one that Paul deserved. But the funniest part was Josh was who Paul instigated into screaming, yelling, banging pots, staying in his room, kicked him out of the room and out of conversations, give him a little slap. Before the final Paul would have said it was a toss up on who is the best puppet Raven or Josh? I think Paul's biggest mistake was underestimating his closes ally.
  10. Yeah I would like to see the diary room also what is asked of people and their answers. More so on BBAD, That is a part of the game also. I would like to see more of the round table on BBAD. It is really boring watching the last three players no matter who they are. Omg it was painful watching those three try and play cards. I wanted POP to send them a deck of old maid or go fish.
  11. I thought the jury would not know how mean Xmas was but at one point of the round table I think everyone said she was a joke and they would not vote for her.
  12. I thought at the round table Cody said Paul and Josh were both scum but Josh was scum to his face.
  13. How much more could they rig this? Paul had 3 weeks of safety, 7 friendship bracelets, he told Josh that the golden apple was ment for him, oh yeah ready, set, don't go. Cody did get to put 5 people for eviction in during his first HOH. BTW l did hear Josh say Cody called one of the hg a b..ch and he could never respect that kind of a person, but being a superfan he had to know Paul called Meech a c..t.
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