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  1. 9:27 AM Josh and Christmas whispering in bathroom about Elena saying that being on the block makes her feel disposable 9:30 AM Cody walks in and Josh and Christmas stop talking game. BB reminds them lights have to be on!! 9:33 AM Christmas is offering to cook Kevin anything he wants for breakfast since it is his birthday.
  2. I fell asleep and didnt get to post: Around 2:00 AM Mark Paul and Elena were talking and Mark said he was thinking of using the Veto on Elena . Paul told Mark that would be a great idea. and if he was willing to do that he would do anything he wanted for him for a entire day.(if Mark is that stupid I hope they vote him out) (I went back and reviewed the feeds it was at 2:00am) 2:15 AM Elena tells Mark if he doest use the power of Veto on her that their Romantic weekend in Dallas is off. Then she says she is just kidding (but really she seems serious) 2:24 AM Mark is whispering in Elenas ear about a graphic dream he had about her...(and she is teasing him about it) 3:20 AM Elena ask Mark to put his mic back on. Then she tells him that He deserves someone better than her. He tries to talk more but she keeps shutting him down. 5:30 AM all house guests appear to be sleeping in their normal beds .....Mark is in the HN room with Elena.....Cody with Jessica.....Matt with Raven
  3. 11:44 PM Kevin Josh Paul and Christmas ar in the bedroom talking about getting boners.....Paul says he can control his and Josh says he gets them all the time......Christmas says she tries to be modest in the house.
  4. 11:05 pm Paul is doing Elenas Make up in the Wave room and giving us tutorials As Mark watches. (like a bad Mary Kay commercial) 11:09 pm Mark leaves the room (even he cant take the makeup lesson...why cant we choose which rooms that production shows??) 11:20 Pm Alex Josh Christmas Mark and Jason are all in Hoh room talking Josh is having his nails done by Alex. Jason is telling stories about his wife. Jason says that being in the BB house is helping him become a better husband.
  5. 01:37 PM Josh and Raven in Hoh talking....Raven is talking about how she doesnt have long to live. She says she wants to make impressions on people so when she is gone people will miss her. Raven is talking how she wants to win Hoh next week and send Cody home 01:41 PM Alex Jason and Kevin are laying in the bdr talking and Mark walks in and he gets called out to go put on his microphone. They are just talking about the questions from the last game and general chit chat 01:45 PM Matt gets out of Hoh shower enters conversation with Josh and Raven. Matt and Raven Exit Hoh and go to the wave room and start whispering about if they get Hoh they are going to put up Cody Elena or Mark....but if somehow they get put up instead of being Hoh as long if they are up against Jason they know they wont go home.
  6. 1:12 PM Alex tells Jason that the best thing is for them to stick with Paul because he knows the game best and will get them the furthest. Jason agree .He says they dont have to listen and vote the way Josh wants them too.
  7. 1:05 PM Christmas is talking to Josh in the Hoh room She said she had to use her temptation because Paul knew about it. She is telling Josh that she can talk to Kevin because he listens to her, Josh says that Kevin and Paul are close ,,,,,Christmas tells Josh that Kevin notices that Paul floating sides. 1:07 PM Jason and Kevin are in talking Kevin is trying to convince Jason that it is a good ideal to work with Cody.
  8. 10:46 AM now we got Kittens! Im assuming the feeds will be down awhile since everyone other than Josh and Christmas plan to play in the comp. (It could take all day.......)
  9. 10:32 AM Cody Jessica Christmas Jason Josh and Alex are in the kitchen Josh is showing Alex some dance moves. Josh is talking about how bad Marks Fars smell he said he had to get up and shower after Mark farted in the room saying he felt dirty
  10. 10:23 AM Raven standing in bathroom talking to Paul Elana Christmas Matt and Mark that she died 2 different times on the operating table 10:25 AM Cody comes out of the bathroom ....Alex is asking if he flushed....Matt says he did and Alex says she didnt hear him...so She sends Elena to check it out
  11. 10:27 Maybe its just me but Im getting that the cameras are offline!!!! ughhhhhh
  12. 0:;06 am all the lights are off in the house but Elena is still up walking around from the HN room to the other bdr and talking to Josh. While every one else is trying to sleep. 02:15 am Elena finally lays down ...and starts tossing and turning (unhappy to be in her have not bed) 02:20 am The BB House Guest all appear to be asleep.