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  1. 5:57PM BBT: Cliff thanks Kat for trying to win. He says "us bottom feeders" need to stick together. Cliff tells Kat he's open to ideas on who to put up. Sam jokes they should put up Kat, she says "no!" and they laugh. Sam tells him to make a last minute decision and "go with your gut." 5:58PM BBT: Cliff asks Kat if she and Jess are OK. Kat says she thinks they are. Cliff says everyone is "just under pressure" right now. Kat says it's all "petty stuff." Cliff says this is their "only chance." Cliff and Kat leave the HOHR. Kat tells Cliff that she would not support Tommy going up. Cliff says Jack has to go home and he needs her input. They agree to talk later.
  2. 5:16PM BBT: Chirstie, Tommy, Kat,and Jessica are in the Camp Comeback room chatting. Christie says everyone has their "eyes" on her to use the power and save Jack. Christie says that Jack is Cliff's "real target" and she's worried who he would put up. "I don't have to decide this until tomorrow at 11AM," Christie says. 5:19PM BBT: Tommy tells Christie, Kat, and Jessica that he's not "married" to the six person alliance just because he's voted with them. Christie is worried that if she uses her power to put Bella up that it makes the rest of the house feel like she saved them. 5:20PM BBT: Christie tells the other three that Cliff doesn't want to break up a couple, he just wants to get Jack out. Christie says she could see Cliff "punishing" her if she uses the power. "Cliff would be gone next week," Kat says. Christie says she knows Bella wants her out. 5:20PM BBT: Bella leaves the TBR, leaving Jack and Jackson alone. Jackson says Bella knows she's in trouble because she "never comes in here." Jackson says she just sat down on the bed and started talking to him. "Too late," both Jack and Jackson agree. Jackson says she didn't talk any game and he has "nothing to say to anybody." Jackson says "actions speak louder than words." They talk about the comp. 5:23PM BBT: Tommy, Kat, Jessica, and Christie are still in the Camp Comeback Room. Christie is still worried. She isn't so sure that if Bella goes up she'll go home. Tommy says Cliff is a "gamer" and just wants to move forward. Jessica says Cliff isn't "malicious." Christie says she's scared to protect Jack. Christie says if Jackson was still on the block it would be a much easier decision to not use the power. 5:26PM BBT: Tommy tries to give Christie the pros to using the power. Christie wants to know what the votes would be if Bella is up there. Tommy tells Christie to talk to Cliff before she does anything. Sam and Analyse walk in. "Are you guys conspiring against us?" Sam asks. 5:26PM BBT: Jack and Jackson talk about Cliff and his calf. Jack says it looks really bad. Jackson talks about Christie using her power, Jack asks if she really will use it and then asks where she is in the house. Jackson says Christie said she would use the power if any of their alliance members won the veto. 5:27PM BBT: Jack says he hopes Christie doesn't back out of it. They both agree that if she doesn't use the power she could go up. Jack says Christie really wanted to play in this veto and was upset when she wasn't picked. Jackson says he wants Bella gone and to split up Bella and Nick. "F**k him," Jackson talks about Cliff and says he'll put Cliff up when he wins HOH. "Let's play Big Brother." 5:38PM BBT: Nick, Bella, and Cliff are in the BRL. Nick says they shouldn't be in the room together too long. Nick says Jack really thinks he's not going home this week. They talk about Christie potentially using her power. They agree that their plan will be good as long as she doesn't use it. Cliff is thinking about putting Tommy up next to Jack. Cliff thinks they might be able to get Kat to vote Jack out. "I want Nicole out bad," Nick says. 5:40PM BBT: Cliff says he's going to talk to Christie later. Nick doesn't think she'll use it and says she shouldn't use it unless she's at risk. Cliff says he's going to try to convince her not to use it. Nick tells Cliff he and Bella need to be "low key" around Cliff for the next few days. Nick doesn't want them to put him or Bella up. "We should not talk game until nighttime," Nick says. "Let's get out of here," Nick says and he and Bella leave Cliff in the BRL. 5:42PM BBT: In the BRL, Cliff says he "really messed up" his calf. Cliff looks like he's in quite a bit of pain as he does his best to move around on one leg. 5:43PM BBT: In the Camp Comeback room, Christie is talking to Jack, Holly, Kat, Jackson, and Jessica. Christie is really worried about using the power. She says it makes since in her heart, but she doesn't want to screw herself over. Jackson says they can leave Christie alone, but she says it's alright. She says "it's a personal decision" when it comes to using the power or not. "I want to know what Cliff's plan is," Christie says. She says she needs to make sure that Cliff wants Bella to go home. 5:44PM BBT: Jackson says he's going to leave Christie alone and go make slop. Analyse and Tommy are whispering in the TBR, Tommy is telling her about Christie and where her head is at on using the power. Jack walks in and says "Christie is having a Christie moment." Tommy says he has some thoughts and Jack asks if he wants to talk about it. Tommy says Cliff "chose that side because of numbers." 5:45PM BBT: Tommy say he's torn on what Christie should do, especially if Cliff has the votes to not send Bella home. Tommy tells them about Christie's debate on using the power or not. Tommy says Christie needs Kat and Jess on her side. Jack says Kat would vote Bella out. Jack says he's not going to say anything and he's not going to campaign against Bella. "I don't need to," Jack says. 5:46PM BBT: Tommy says he knows he's going up next to Jack. Analyse says she's going up and Tommy tells her she's not because he overheard that he (Tommy) is going up. "We'll see what happens," Tommy says. 5:48PM BBT: Sam, Cliff, and Bella are in the HOHR. They talk about Christie and if she's lying or not. Cliff says if Christie doesn't use it he's putting up Tommy. Bella says if Christie does use the power she's going up. Cliff says they need Jessica and Nicole to vote with them. Sam thinks they'll put Nick up, not Bella. They try to figure out what exactly her power does. 5:49PM BBT: Sam says if Christie uses the power it changes everything. Sam thinks it is smart to put Tommy up, but Sam is worried Christie will get "butt hurt" and then use her power. Cliff says he could put up Analyse instead. They try to figure out what Christie's deadline is for using the power. 5:55PM BBT: "All we have is trust," Sam says. Cliff tells Sam not to pressure Christie because she feels pressured. Cliff tells them about his conversation with Christie about using it or not using it. Kat leaves the Camp Comeback room and goes to the HOHR.
  3. 4:56PM BBT: Bella and Jackson talk about the show. "We're here because we love the game," Bella tells him. Jackson says if he came here to "play it safe," he would still be back home and waiting tables. Bella and Jackson talk about living together after the show before they get on their feet. Jackson talks about his foot, he says it feels really bad. He's happy he's still on his dad's insurance. 4:57PM BBT: "Are you and Nick ok?" Jackson changes the conversation, asking if Bella and Nick's relationship is ok. Bella says they're ok and Jackson says he can tell when a relationship isn't going well. Bella says it's just the fact that one of them could leave the house. They talk about relationships. Sam walks in. 5:00PM BBT: Sam, Bella, and Jackson talk about the veto comp in the TBR. The rest of the house is just chatting about previous seasons.
  4. 4:47PM BBT: Analyse and Jack are cuddled up under a blanket in the BRL. They talk about not understanding how Cliff did the comp so fast. "He's a pretty big guy," Analyse says. Kat walks in, she says she was "gunning to win." Jack tells her she did a "great job." Bella walks into the TBR where Jackson is in bed. 4:48PM BBT: Bella tells Jackson that she figured he would take himself off the block. Bella tells Jackson that he "responds well under pressure." Jackson tells her he "had to do what I had to do." He tells her he was worried about his foot. 4:50PM BBT: Jackson tells Bella about the veto comp in the TBR. Christie and Tommy are in the SR. Christie says everyone is celebrating because they know she's going to use her power. "You're in an unfortunate situation because they all know you have it," Tommy says. BB keeps cutting the feeds on and off. Christie wants to know if anyone else would use the power on her if they had the power. 4:52PM BBT: Christie says this is a big decision and she wants to be alone for now. She leaves the SR. All of the HGs are wandering around the KT eating and cleaning. In the TBR Jackson tells Bella he "lived to see another day." Bella says, "that's an amazing feeling." 4:54PM BBT: Jackson tells Bella in the TBR that he was just messing around during the last few comps and was just trying to get "air time," but today he played for real. "Comfort gets you killed," Jackson says. They talk about the "odds" of Cliff winning the banishment comp, Camp Comeback, and HOH. Jackson says he "respected his move" by putting him and Jack up.
  5. 4:33PM BBT: In the SR, Holly and Kat agree that every "human" in the house knows Bella is "a b*tch." They talk about Bella self destructing without Nick in the house. They talk about Bella only being close with Sam because Bella is "Nick's girl." Kat tells Holly that she tried really hard to win the POV. 4:35PM BBT: Tommy walks into the SR and they're all very excited for Jackson's win. Cliff walks into the KT and says he needs to keep his leg elevated. The rest of the HGs are cooking in the KT. 4:40PM BBT: Kat tells Christie about the Veto comp in the KT. She says she doesn't know how she didn't win and she's very surprised that Jackson was able to win. Everyone continues to talk about the Veto comp and eat. 4:42PM BBT: Jackson tells everyone in the KT that his time and Kat's time were really close. Jackson says "there's no way in h*ll I'm wasting time in a pool swimming." 4:45PM BBT: Jackson is in bed in the TBR. He says "thank you God," and then "I did it for you, Mama."
  6. 4:22PM BBT: The HGs talk about the veto comp and what they did or didn't do. Christie asks Cliff about how he hurt himself. Jack congratulates Jackson in the KT. "Don't rely on nobody," Jack tells Jackson. Jackson says he's not talking to anyone. They talk about Bella going up now. 4:24PM BBT: Everyone talks about the comp,Jackson tells them about swimming during the comp. Holly says she's used to changing in strange places. Cliff congratulates Jackson. 4:26PM BBT: Jackson talks about riding a Jet Ski and then BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. When it's back Jackson is still telling his story. BB calls Cliff to the DR and he is limping. The HGs ask him if he's ok or needs help. Cliff says he's "alright." Kat tells Jackson that she tried so hard to win. 4:28PM BBT: Jackson and Kat are in the TBR talking. Kat is excited. Jackson says he's going to put Bella up on the block and tells Kat exactly what he's going to say when he does it. He says there's no way Bella is not going up. 4:29PM BBT: "Let's play Big Brother," Jackson tells Kat in the TBR. He says he's going to put Bella up on the block and then watch her "walk out that door." They hug. The rest of the HGs are in the KT eating. Holly and Kat are in the SR and they're so excited that Jackson won. "I'm voting her a** out," Kat says in regards to Bella going up. 4:30PM BBT: Kat tells Holly in the SR that she's always hated Bella from day one. "F**k her," Kat says, she doesn't think she can be nice to Bella anymore. "She's a f*****g cockroach," Holly agrees. They talk about what Bella did earlier in the day. Holly calls Bella "psycho." Holly says she's "shocked' Jackson won. Kat talks about their different techniques.
  7. 4:00PM BBT: The HGs are now into their 3rd hour of playing for the veto.
  8. 5:10AM BBT: Jackson continues to shower while Kat takes off her make up. Jackson asks Kat if she wants to just "f**k it and stay up all night?" "And do what?" Kat asks. "I literally don't know," Jackson says. "No let's go to bed," Kat says. "I was just kidding," Jackson says. Everyone else in the house is asleep. 5:12AM BBT: Jackson says he feels bad for David, but not for Kemi. Kat says Kemi can "go kick rocks," and BB immediately switches the cameras off of them. 5:25AM BBT: Jackson and Kat are still chatting in the WA. Kat says she's scared to win HOH because she doesn't know what her letter would say. Kat says she requested that Brett write her HOH letter. Kat says she doesn't want her parents to be disappointed in her. She says she's scared about what people think of their season. 5:31AM BBT: Jackson puts the dishes away in the KT and putting away leftovers. Jackson says he "loves cookin' but hates cleanin'." Kat says she loves to clean. Jackson says they're a "match made in Heaven." 5:32AM BBT: Kat asks Jackson where Holly is. Jackson says he doesn't know and Kat says she thought he would know. Jackson says he's "not controlling." Kat tells him about a dream she had about her and Jackson in the HOH shower while Holly was trying to find him. They talk about what Jackson may or may not be doing in the HOH shower with Holly. 5:35AM BBT: Jackson and Kat continue to giggle in the KT. Their conversation is suggestive and Jackson eventually says, "feeds!" 5:40AM BBT: Cliff watches Jackson and Kat in the KT through the HOH cameras. Jackson tells Kat he likes to make things "interesting in here every once in a while." Kat asks him what he did and Jackson tells her she'll get a kick out of it when she watches the season back. 5:40AM BBT: Kat leaves the KT and they exchange "I love yous." When Kat walks away Jackson yells "baseball." Kat turns around but we don't know what she says, Jackson says, "you did...already." 5:50AM BBT: Jackson is finally in bed and the last one asleep. The BB house is dark. 8:47AM BBT: All of the HGs are still asleep and the lights are all off.
  9. 3:56AM BBT: The three in the HOHR talk about Jackson. Cliff says Jackson is the first on his list of targets to consider. Kat says Jackson made her lose the spinning log competition by "slicing" her hands off the log. Cliff says he was never targeting Analyse and Jack, so he doesn't know what that's about. Jess says Christie is paranoid, but a "straight shooter." Jess says Jack doesn't listen to women and wouldn't listen to Christie if she tells him to do something. 3:59AM BBT: They talk about Jack in the HOHR, Cliff says Jack is also on his list now. Cliff says it "bothers" him that Holly and Jackson voted against him, but he trusts them more than Nick and Bella or Jack and Analyse. He doesn't believe everything they're telling him. Kat says she and Holly "are close." Jess says Holly isn't the manipulative type. 4:00AM BBT: Cliff tells Kat and Jess in the HOHR that he's looking at Christie and Tommy and Jack and Analyse. He's not so sure about Christie now because of her power. Kat says Analyse is worse than Kemi. She says all the things Kemi did, Analyse does worse. Kat says Analyse never cleans, is always bored and wants to go home. They all agree Analyse is playing both sides with Bella and Nick and the six. 4:02AM BBT: Cliff says he loves Tommy, but so does everyone else and that's why Tommy could win. Jess says if Cliff puts Jack on the block and he stays up there, it would be an almost unanimous vote to send Jack home. Kat says Tommy is a floater. 4:04AM BBT: Nicole joins the trio in the HOHR. Nicole says she got out of the DR and had cereal. "How are we doing up here?" She asks. Cliff says they're "doing well" and having an "outcast meeting." Cliff says he'll talk to everyone tomorrow. He tells them that he won't be "intimidated into making decisions" and he'll do what's best for his game and their game. He's not targeting anyone who has already been on the block. 4:06AM BBT: Jess asks how Nicole's relationship with Bella and Nick is. Nicole says she "doesn't even know" and hasn't spoken with them at all. Cliff tells them his decision won't be personal and will be based on what will help their group move forward. "I haven't figured it out yet," Cliff says. 4:16AM BBT: Jessica says she doesn't feel like she's a big enough threat to deserve being put up twice on the block so far. Cliff says he trusts them but doesn't trust the rest of the house. "They'll screw us over," Cliff says. "We're the lowest on the pole," Nicole says. 4:25AM BBT: Cliff wants their group of four to "have a week" and not worry about being sent home. He says he can't help it if someone uses a power, but they'll "figure it out." Jess says anything that comes out of "Nick and Bella's mouth is suspect." "I know," Cliff says. Nicole says "Bella is good," and Cliff says he understands. He says Bella worries him more than Nick. 4:26AM BBT: The four in the HOHR talk about the powers and who has what. Cliff says he thinks Jackson has the power from the snake comp because it's the only time Jackson has talked about failing at something. Cliff says Jackson having a power could benefit them if they don't put Jackson on the block. 4:34AM BBT: The group in the HOHR starts to break up with everyone wanting to go to go bed. "We're survivors," Cliff says, "we'll talk later." Kat says she thought she was going to be called to the DR, but she hasn't been. They go downstairs to see what time it is. 4:38AM BBT: Kat is in the WA with Jackson, who is showering. She tells Jackson that he and Holly "are good." Kat says she'll "keep trying." Jackson wants to know what Cliff said upstairs. Kat says they had a "really great talk" but then Jess came up and she can't "talk in front of Jess." Kat says Nicole came up and it "f***ing sucked." 4:40AM BBT: Kat tells Jackson that Cliff is sick of the hierarchy in the house and he wants to get rid of that. Kat says she told Cliff not to put up Jackson or Holly and Cliff agreed to not do that. Jackson says he knows Cliff will put up him, Jack, Christie, or Tommy. Kat tells Jackson that Cliff may want to take a shot at an "alpha male" and it would be Jack. 4:42AM BBT: Kat says Cliff doesn't trust Nick and she would rather see Jack go than Jackson. Jackson says he's trying to go up on the block as a pawn to save Jack. They continue to whisper in the WA about what Cliff said upstairs. Kat says she's only worried about saving Jackson and Holly. 5:00AM BBT: Jackson and Kat are still whispering in the WA. Kat wants to know what Jackson's power is, Jackson says he "can't make up a power." He tells Kat that if he had a power he would tell her. "I don't have a power," Jackson says. "Ok," Kat says. 5:00AM BBT: Kat says she's going to stop standing "awkwardly in front of the shower." "It's not the first time you've done it," Jackson says, "and it won't be the last." Jackson then says, "help me out KitKat." He wants Kat to help him get on the block.
  10. 3:04AM BBT: Cliff asks Christie and Jackson, "how do I insure that I'm not going to be an immediate target" after his HOH is over. Christie says she understands. She tries to explain why she voted for him to leave. She talks about Nicole's conversation an hour before the eviction and how Nicole told them Cliff is the one that's going to come after them. Christie says it didn't "sit right" with her to vote Nicole out because she wants to go after big targets. Christie tells Cliff he won't be one of her targets after this week. 3:07AM BBT: Christie tells them their eight person alliance has "imploded" and that Cliff isn't even on their radar. Christie says he's not on Jack or Jackson's radar and the girls just go with the flow. "This stays here," Jackson says and then proceeds to tell him that Jack never had an issue with Cliff directly, it was just because Jack heard Cliff mention Analyse's name and Jack didn't want anything to happen to Analyse. 3:10AM BBT: Christie wants to know where Cliff stand with Nicole, but before Cliff is able to say anything Jackson cuts him off. "No one should be treated like that," Jackson then continues to talk about how poorly Nicole was treated and how "no one wanted to see her go." He says Nick and Bella didn't like Nicole, they like her. Cliff says he likes Nicole on a personal level, but she overplayed the game. 3:12AM BBT: Cliff says he thinks Nicole may have drug his game down a little bit. Jackson says Nicole didn't change Cliff's game. "I like Nicole," Cliff says, "I did not like Kemi." Christie says Nicole should be grateful they kept her instead of upset about Kemi being gone. BB cuts the cameras away when they start to bad-mouth Kemi. 3:14AM BBT: Cameras are back on the HOHR and Jackson, Christie, and Cliff are still talking. Cliff says he doesn't have a target right now and he's trying to figure out what to do. He says he doesn't want any blood on his hands and he needs time to "process" and "figure it out." Christie tells him to get some sleep and they'll talk tomorrow morning. 3:17AM BBT: Kat rings the doorbell and Jackson says "oh gosh." She enters the room and Christie tells her she's sleeping in the CBR. Cliff says he's happy to not sleep in the TBR. Christie leaves the HOHR and Jackson follows. Cliff says he's going to use the WC while Kat hangs out in the HOHR. She asks if he's ready for everyone to come up and make their pitches. "Funny how the tables have turned," she says. 3:24AM BBT: Kat tells Cliff in the HOHR to play for his game. "You know what I mean?" She asks. Cliff says he's looking at the HGs who are not coupled up and he says they don't need to be threatened by the couples and if they all get together they can get them out. Kat says she's worried for when the six-person alliance turns against each other. They both agree that the alliance wouldn't hesitate to get rid of her or Cliff. 3:27AM BBT: Cliff says he doesn't believe it when they tell him they decided an hour before the vote who to send home. Kat says Holly said an hour before that they were still voting Nicole out. She tells Cliff to talk to Jess. Kat says it's "really shady." They continue to talk about the vote. 3:31AM BBT: Jess comes up to the HOHR, she says Cliff has people "shakin' in their boots down there." Jess says it's nice that there's not a party happening up in the HOHR. Cliff says there are "consequences to every action" and they should be shaking in their boots. 3:38AM BBT: Cliff tells Jessica and Kat in the HOHR that he's going to visit with everyone. He tells them he won't be putting either of them up on the block. Cliff says there are powers out there and he doesn't know what they'll do. "All of us working together is our best chance to stay alive," he says. Both girls agree. Cliff says he doesn't want this game to end with the six-person alliance being the final six. 3:44AM BBT: Jackson is in the KT with Nicole. Nicole wonders who Cliff will put up. Jackson thinks Cliff will put him and Jack up. "one day at a time," Nicole says. Holly leaves the DR and Jackson asks what they said to her. BB immediately tells them not to talk about the DR. They talk about Holly's make-up. 3:46AM BBT: Jackson is called into the DR. Holly says she's pissed and going to bed. They hug and kiss and Holly tells him she hopes his DR session is quick. Jess, Kat, and Cliff are in the HOHR talking about Nick. Jess doesn't think Nick "is genuine." 3:55AM BBT: The three in the HOHR are talking about the votes and who wanted who to go home. Jess says Jackson is the "master manipulator" in this situation because of all his final two deals. They talk about Jackson having Ovi under a "trance."
  11. 1:37PM BBT: Analyse and Tommy are in the TBR whispering. Tommy tells her they "have to" get rid of Cliff and what matters is how they handle the after. They agree that Bella and Nick will want to blow everything up. Analyse says Kat is going to vote Nicole out and they need to tell her the real plan. Tommy tells Analyse that "it's tonight" and then says tonight is the eviction. 1:37PM BBT: Tommy says they asked him in the DR "who do you want to go home tonight" and that's why he thinks tonight is the eviction. "Oh, it's f***in' tonight," Analyse agrees. Tommy says he told them he wants Cliff to go home. He says he's trying not to talk too much about it. Analyse says their group needs to talk. 1:38PM BBT: In the HOHR, Nick is talking to himself, he says, "I doubt they flipped the vote." He doesn't think they've managed to flip it to keep Nicole and send home Cliff. "Because I'd be pissed and lines would be drawn. I don't think they're going to do that yet." He says it would be "f***ed" if they flipped it because then it would be 6 vs. 6 in the house. 2:00PM BBT: Nicole is talking to the camera while she packs in the CBR, other HGs are in the KT eating and cleaning. Just general conversation. 2:14PM BBT: Analyse, Tommy, Christie, and Jack are in the BRL chatting. They're discussing if they should let Kat in on the plan or not. Christie says the truth is always the best. Tommy says Jackson doesn't want to tell her. Christie thinks tonight and tomorrow will both be live. Christie says it doesn't matter if they tell Kat or not, they'll still have the votes. 2:16PM BBT: Christie, Tommy, Analyse, and Jack all agree that they will be voting Cliff out so Nicole will stay. They talk about a bad smell, they think it's farts. "The whole house smells like farts," Tommy says. 2:20PM BBT: The four leave the BRL because the smell is getting so bad. They walk to the TBR and find that it still smells. They say there is a bad smell everywhere.
  12. 12:18PM BBT: Holly and Analyse are putting on makeup in the area outside of the CBR while Ovi sits there. They talk about showmance names. Holly says she had someone ask her about her showmance name and then BB switches cameras. 12:59PM BBT: Nicole and Ovi are in the CBR, Nicole is looking down, she tells Ovi she just wishes she "knew" one way or another. She doesn't like not knowing and it's driving her crazy.
  13. 11:50AM BBT: Tommy and Jackson are in the SR. Tommy wants to confirm the plan to evict Cliff and keep Nicole. Jackson confirms it. Tommy asks if they have the votes, Jackson says yes and goes over them. He says all they need are "six" votes. "It's a done deal," Jackson says and then leaves Tommy in the SR. 11:50AM BBT: "I know it's time," Tommy stops Jackson just outside of the SR and Jackson turns to look at Tommy. "You do?" Jackson asks. Tommy nods and says, "I can't say more...but I know." "Holly told you?" Jackson asks. Tommy nods and Jackson asks, "what did Holly tell you?" Tommy says, "tonight." Jackson nods, says "Holly...yeah..." and then walks off. 11:50AM BBT: Nick walks up to Jackson in the KT and Jackson says "it's time...Tommy told me it's time." "How would he know?" Nick asks. Jackson says "Tommy," and Nick says, "Oh...ok." A few seconds later Nick says, "makes sense." 12:00PM BBT: Kemi and Jessica are whispering in the CBR, trying to figure out who told Jack that Kemi would put him up if she won HOH. They talk about the cooking comments also. In the TBR, Cliff and Tommy are talking. Cliff is a little frustrated about what people have been saying. Cliff says being on the block is a "character builder," while he packs.
  14. 11:00AM BBT: Jack, Jackson, and Nicole are talking in the WA about the Camp Comeback battle back. They think it will be a separate comp. Jack hopes he gets to watch, but doesn't think they'll be able to. There is another group of HGs up in the HOH talking about Nicole and the Fellowship of the Zing. Tommy is called to the DR. 11:30AM BBT: Jack is in the shower talking to Christie, Kat, Nicole, and Nick in the WA. Jack is upset about the Camp Comeback players talking game and says he will make them take all of their stuff up to their room and stay there when he's HOH. Kat says she thinks they're battling back tomorrow night and there won't be a week delay for them to do that. The four and Jack all agree that they're "agitated" with those in Camp Comeback. 11:31AM BBT: Jack is showering, the others ask him about his green glove. He says it's an exfoliating glove for his legs because he shaves them. He says Jessica gave it to him.
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