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  1. 12:10AM BBT: Tyler finishes up in the WA, the lights are off in the BBR/PBR, JC and Kayce are in bed. 12:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB house and everyone is asleep.
  2. 10:10PM BBT: The 3 HGs look over the balcony and talk about all of the things they remember watching from up there. Tyler says it "feels like home." JC agrees. They talk about the stories they told up on the balcony. 10:43PM BBT: The HGs have moved to the KT. Kaycee drinks tea while Tyler plays with the inflatable bowling pin. JC wants to know why PopTV hasn't given them anything tonight. Kaycee and Tyler thank PopTV for everything. 10:47PM BBT: BB plays the Pecs workout song. They all get up and dance and sing along. 10:51PM BBT: BB tells JC to clean up the KT. Every laughs and JC says he hasn't done it all season, he's not doing it now. 11:06PM BBT: Kaycee thinks they should say goodbye to the live feeders now. Kaycee says "thanks for watching" and they all say goodbye. JC says he doesn't know what to say. They joke around and come up with various fake BB teases of their own for CBS. 11:08PM BBT: Kaycee gets up to stand and says they need to say something to the live feeders. They all sit at the counter. Tyler says this will be their official goodbye. 11:08PM BBT: JC's message: "Well guys, this was the best summer of my life. I'm so grateful for this experience, thank you so much for watching me for three months...I hope you were able to understand me. It was my pleasure to make it to the top three with these two ladies. I couldn't ask for a better top three, except maybe Rockstar and Steve." Everyone laughs. 11:09PM BBT: Kaycee's message: "Well live feeders, thanks for watching us. We really do appreciate you. I hope you guys enjoyed the peanut and all the health nut work outs. Don't be afraid to call me peanut if you see me out in the streets, it's ok. I love these two girls, I'm glad we could be top three together, I can't imagine with anybody else. Big Brother is the sh*t and I love this show. Thank you to all you amazing people out there, I love you and goodbye." Kaycee blows a kiss to the camera. 11:10PM BBT: Tyler's message: "Live feeders...oh this is tough...live feeders thank you for watching every single day, all you crazy people, every day for whatever reasons, just watching JC destroy everyone, mainly me. I really appreciate you guys watching, because if you guys weren't here there wouldn't be a show. You guys see it all, but you see the real deal and we appreciate you guys for watching every day. It's sad to see you go, but I love to watch you leave. If you see me or any of these two in real life, tell us you're fans of the show. I'll give you JC's phone number, but tell us you're a live feeder, not just a viewer. You lived with us if you're a live feeder. 11:12PM BBT: Big Brother asks the HGs if that's all they've got. They laugh and try to come up with more stuff to say. "Give them something else," Tyler tells JC. JC tries to rephrase his message. They laugh. 11:14PM BBT: Kaycee says "thank you so much" again to the live feeders and she also thanks PopTV. They all agree. Tyler encourages anyone who wants to be on Big Brother to "go for it." 11:20PM BBT: Tyler and JC head to the WA to get ready for bed, Kaycee is in the BBR. 11:24PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler are whispering in the BBR, they talk about tomorrow being "the day." They talk about telling JC tomorrow after the live feeds go off, right before it's over. Kayee says they'll tell him they're sorry. 11:26PM BBT: Tyler says JC will be "pissed." Kaycee says at least they'll be able to talk to him about it. Tyler says he's smart, he'll try to throw something out. They agree to tell him around three or four. They talk about what they're going to say to him. 11:27PM BBT: Tyler says JC's been here 99 Days and he doesn't deserve to be blindsided. They agree. They'll tell him at the very last minute, right before the show. 11:32PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler agree they're not worried about the jury or what they think, they're just going to give their speeches and what happens, happens. 11:44PM BBT: JC walks into the BBR/PBR and Kaycee walks out to the WA. Tyler is in bed. 11:55PM BBT: The HGs are joking around and talking about DR sessions, BB gets on to them a few times.
  3. 9:00PM BBT: Kaycee is in the BBR. JC and Tyler are chatting in the KT. JC asks Tyler if he would be on The Bachelor, Tyler says no. JC says he doesn't have to stay with the girl at the end and Tyler still says no. 9:14PM BBT: In the KT, Kaycee and Tyler talk about secrets in the BB House. Tyler says he wishes he had a cool secret, Kaycee agrees. JC sits alone in the lounge. 9:42PM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee are in the KT. Tyler says JC is "really confident" that Tyler is going to take him to the final two. Tyler tells Kaycee that he told JC not to cry on finale night. JC says he'll "be a man." 9:44PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler continue to talk about JC, they agree that JC will be shocked about the L6 Alliance. Kaycee says JC will understand because it's a game. She says they're still friends and their friendship is real, but it's just a game. 9:54PM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler talk about Rachel and how she must've felt so blindsided. They both agree that was really hard. Kaycee hopes Rachel doesn't hate her. JC walks through the KT to the BBR after he finishes his shower. 10:10PM BBT: PopTV has given the HGs another gift. Kaycee and JC bring out origami paper from the SR to the KT. They all laugh, Tyler says he's not doing origami, he's going to bed. They agree to do origami tomorrow and thank PopTV. 10:30PM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee are both in bed, JC is sitting in bed talking to Tyler. JC wants Tyler to entertain him, Tyler tells him to go to bed. Kaycee asks BB to turn off the lights. 11:00PM BBT: All of the HGs are in bed, the lights are off, and all is quiet in the BB House.
  4. 12:21AM BBT: BB spends some time zooming in on various parts of the house, recording B-Roll, while the HGs get ready and into bed. 1:00AM BBT: Everyone is in bed and the lights are off in the BB House.
  5. 10:16PM BBT: PopTV sent the final three HGs another gift. "Bowling!" Tyler says, they bring the large inflatable pins and bowling ball into the KT to play. They bowl for about thirty minutes. 11:00PM BBT: General chatting while Tyler and JC get ready for bed. Kaycee is called into the DR.
  6. 1:53AM BBT: JC is out of the DR, he asks Tyler where Kaycee is, he says BBR. JC is with Tyler in the WA, he says the DR is "so much better" when you're not sobert. He says it goes by quickly. 1:55AM BBT: JC drinks his champagne while Tyler says JC was "f*****g pissed" because Tyler was "so solid" during the HOH Comp. JC laughs. 1:58AM BBT: Tyler and JC talk about breakfast tomorrow and where they'll be sleeping. JC says he's never closing the wall between the PBR and BBR because it reminds him of "Swaggy" and those "b*tches." Kaycee is called to the DR. 1:59AM BBT: JC talks about how he has all of these friends now. He and JC talk about the house and how they'll never see it like this again. JC says the HGs are his family now. He and Tyler talk about being closer to the HGs than their best friends at home. 2:02AM BBT: JC says he trusts Tyler 100% and he trusts Tyler will take him to final two. Tyler says, "you know me." Tyler manages to change the conversation to talking and joking around about previous comps. 2:08AM BBT: JC and Tyler argue about who is actually running the show. JC says he's the reason Tyler is still here and Tyler just needs to say "thank you." Tyler says if they had stuck with JC's plan, they may not have been here. JC says if it was his way, neither of them would've been on the block. 2:09AM BBT: JC says it doesn't matter because they're "top two." JC says Tyler will see when he watches it back how many times JC jeopardized his game for Tyler. 2:11AM BBT: JC says he was the one who got Brett and Faysal to go after each other. Tyler and JC go into the KT to drink. JC waits for Tyler while Tyler goes to change clothes. 2:14AM BBT: JC is in the KT alone, he says the champagne is "disgusting" and that it's probably a ten dollar bottle of champagne, or less. Tyler walks into the KT wearing Angela's hoodie, JC scoffs and rolls his eyes as he says, "really?!" 2:15AM BBT: JC and Tyler drink in the KT, they joke around and argue about who got who to the final three and who gets credit for various things. They cheers. JC says says Kaycee would have picked "f*****g Angela" over them if JC hadn't won that HOH. 2:18AM BBT: JC is shocked that Kaycee picked Tyler over Angela, he says, "I can't believe that," and then "I f*****g love her." Jc sighs and says he's happy Angela is gone and he can breathe again. Tyler tells him to shut up. 2:22AM BBT: JC talks badly about Angela for a few minutes and Tyler tries to defend her. JC runs through his "you're here because of me" speech a few more times. 2:25AM BBT: JC says all Tyler needs to do is "listen to" him. JC circles around to his usual speech about how he's in charge of everything. He and Tyler talk about being friends outside the house. 2:28AM BBT: JC and Tyler talk about the HOH comp. JC says he could've held on a little longer, he says, "don't even give me that f*****g crap." Tyler tells him to "shut up." JC says he "f*****g hates this place." 2:31AM BBT: JC and Tyler start to talk about the microphones and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. When they're back, JC is telling Tyler that JC has him "100%." 2:33AM BBT: JC says he's so happy that he made "final two" with Tyler. JC says he didn't make a "final two" with Kaycee. 2:34AM BBT: Kaycee is out of the DR, Tyler and JC change the conversation to the champagne. Kaycee walks into the KT to drink and snack with Tyler and JC. She says she ran into the DR door. 2:36AM BBT: JC laughs and yells for Sam to come clean up the kitchen and then clean the WA. Kaycee tells him to "shut up." They talk about drinking. 2:37AM BBT: Tyler is called to the DR. Kaycee and JC are drinking in the KT. Kaycee says she "had" the HOH comp. JC says Tyler looked solid. Kaycee says JC looked solid too. 2:39AM BBT: Kaycee says she's "confident" she can beat Tyler in the third round. JC says he's "got that" too. JC tells Kaycee she's "fine" and that "being top three" is a "f*****g celebration." JC tells Kaycee to "kill" the next two comps. 2:42AM BBT: Kaycee says she and JC have the best "social game" in the house. She talks about how they'll be able to win the third part of the comp because of that. The guess about what the next few comps will be. They talk about last season after. 2:46AM BBT: JC says all they need to do now is relax and enjoy the rest of the time. He says that "no matter what happens," they're top three. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds and JC is still rambling about top three when the feeds are back. 2:50AM BBT: JC says he's "hungry" and he wants to make a "feast." Kaycee says she's too tired and her fingers are numb. She says she needs to go to sleep. JC slurs in the KT while he picks through the food. 2:54AM BBT: Kaycee takes some medicine and brushes her teeth. She and JC hug and congratulate each other. Kaycee says "good night" and goes to the BBR. 2:55AM BBT: JC throws the champagne bottles away, he says he's "so hungry" and continues to snack in the KT. 3:01AM BBT: Tyler is out of the DR. JC is still in the KT eating, Kaycee is asleep in the BBR. Tyler starts to snack with JC. 3:04AM BBT: Tyler goes to the WA, JC walks around the KT mumbling to himself. He says he shouldn't have had so much to drink because he doesn't "feel good." 3:07AM BBT: JC walks into the WA to brush his teeth, he says he's going to be sober after the game. JC chokes while brushing his teeth. 3:10AM BBT: Tyler finishes and goes to the BBR. He tells Kaycee JC is so drunk he's talking to himself. Kaycee tells Tyler what she and JC talked about while Tyler was in the DR. They agree to make JC feel comfortable 3:13AM BBT: JC sings and talks to himself in the KT while Tyler and Kaycee are in bed. BB turns the lights out in the bedrooms, Kaycee and Tyler cheer. 3:15AM BBT: JC walks into the BBR, he starts yelling about the lights being off when only "60% of the house is in bed." He mumbles and sings as he walks around the two bedrooms. 3:17AM BBT: JC can't believe he's so "wasted" from the champagne. Tyler says JC is a lightweight. Tyler says JC only needs two drinks before he's "lit." 3:20AM BBT: JC says Tyler sleeping with Angela's pillow is making him uncomfortable. The three joke around in the bedrooms. 3:32AM BBT: The remaining HGs have settled down, the lights are off and everyone appears to be trying to fall asleep in the BB House.
  7. 12:01AM BBT: Kaycee and Tyler talk about the final HOH comp and discuss their plan of action. They're not worried about a physical competition, but they are a little concerned about a mental comp and JC winning. 12:07AM BBT: Kaycee says if Angela would have made it to top three and won, Kaycee would have gone home and Angela would take Tyler. They're both happy that their final two from Day Two is going to happen. "You and Me," Kaycee says. 12:10AM BBT: Tyler says he's happy he didn't have to make a decision about using the veto on himself or Angela. Kaycee says it "sucks" because they both "care" about Angela. Kaycee asks if Tyler's made it official with Angela, Tyler tells her to "shut up." 12:11AM BBT: Kaycee asks if Angela and Tyler are in a relationship, Tyler shakes his head no. Kaycee says Angela with understand. Tyler says Angela will understand in his GBM. 12:20AM BBT: Kaycee is up in the HOHR with JC. Kaycee gets into bed with him and tells JC they're almost done, "only six days left." The lights are off and they go to sleep. 12:55AM BBT: Angela is out of the DR and getting ready for bed in the WA. JC and Kaycee are asleep in the HOHR, Tyler is in DR. 1:30AM BBT: Tyler is out of the DR, he gets into bed with Angela in the BBR. Angela says it's "so weird" that it's just them in the BBR. 1:38AM BBT: Angela and Tyler flirt, cuddle and kiss in the BBR for several minutes. Tyler tells Angela about his conversation with Kaycee earlier, but he only tells her about Kaycee asking if they were in a relationship. 2:00AM BBT: Angela doesn't think she'll be able to sleep tonight. She and Tyler continue to chat and cuddle in the BBR. Angela jokes that it must be "karma" that she and Tyler are on the block after she put up Faysal and Haleigh. 2:35AM BBT: Tyler and Angela kiss in the BBR, Tyler pulls the sheets up over their heads, hiding them from the cameras. 2:52AM BBT: Angela uncovers them from the blankets, Tyler says that was a "nice discussion" about "politics" they just had. They cuddle. 3:10AM BBT: Tyler and Angela whisper back and forth for several minutes. They talk about GBM and being on the block together. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 3:15AM BBT: Tyler says they should "go to sleep." Angela says, "I wish." They cuddle in silence. 3:23AM BBT: Tyler gets up to get some water and then gets back into bed with Angela in the BBR. 3:30AM BBT: It appears all four of our remaining HGs are asleep in the BB House.
  8. 10:00PM BBT: JC and Kaycee are chatting in the KT. JC is rambling about tomorrow and Kaycee eventually says, "I don't know what the h*ll you're saying." Angela and Tyler are in the HOHR. 10:02PM BBT: BB takes us on a little tour of both the fish tank and tapes of last season for a few minutes. Kaycee is called to the DR, JC is sitting in the KT, staring off into space. 10:11PM BBT: Angela and Tyler leave the HOHR for 'tea time' downstairs. Tyler leaves the room first, Angela grabs a few of their water glasses and says "thanks for holding the door sweetheart," to an empty room as she leaves. 10:20PM BBT: General chatting in the KT between JC, Angela, and Tyler. Kaycee is in the DR. The HGs in the KT keep singing and BB keeps telling them to stop. JC tells BB to "shut up." 10:34PM BBT: Angela leaves the KT to put make up on for the DR. JC and Tyler are in the KT, JC asks Tyler how he feels. Tyler says, "ok." 10:48PM BBT: Tyler and JC are in the HOHR talking about BB fans. Angela is in the BBR, staring off into space. Tyler doesn't believe that JC has told him the truth the entire game. JC promises he told Tyler everything "straight up." 10:53PM BBT: JC gives Tyler advice on how to pitch to Kaycee to vote Angela out. JC says Tyler is welcome to use his name to try to convince her to keep Tyler. JC says the last few weeks have been "h*ll" for him. 10:57PM BBT: Tyler tells JC not to "pitch too much" for him to stay because it'll have the opposite effect on Kaycee. JC asks what Angela is saying. Tyler says Angela isn't going to pitch to Kaycee, that she's just going to let her pick. 10:58PM BBT: JC asks if Angela "feels hurt." Tyler says yes, but Angela is good at "keeping things in." JC says he's completely ruined her "top three" plans. 11:02PM BBT: JC says Angela is only in the house because of him. JC says he's been protecting Angela this entire time. Tyler says he was never going to put up Angela when he was HOH, JC switches the conversation to Scottie's HOH and all of the things he's done for Tyler. 11:03PM BBT: JC continues to remind Tyler off all the things he's done for him and how he's kept Tyler safe this entire game. He talks about the last several weeks and how he's saved Tyler. 11:07PM BBT: JC says this is all stressful and he's going to be in the top two. Tyler tells JC to stop stressing and not to worry. JC says he wants to leave with at least $50,000. 11:16PM BBT: Tyler leaves the HOHR and goes to the KT. JC watches him on the feeds. Angela is still alone in the BBR. Tyler joins Angela a few minutes later. 11:30PM BBT: Tyler tells Angela that JC says Kaycee told him that her vote is 50/50 on who to keep and who to send home. Angela hopes Tyler doesn't have to hear her GBM. 11:41PM BBT: Angela says she's usually pretty good at knowing when people are lying or not, but she never caught on to any of Tyler's lies, like how he told people he had only watched BB16. Angela teases Tyler. 11:51PM BBT: Kaycee is out of the DR. Angela goes to the DR. Kaycee walks into the BBR to talk to Tyler. Kaycee says this "sucks," but it's a "f*****g game." 11:55PM BBT: Tyler asks Kaycee if she knows what she's going to say. Kaycee says JC tries to give his input and that JC thinks he can beat "Tyler in a mental" game. Kaycee tells Tyler that JC thinks he has Tyler "in his pocket." 11:59PM BBT: Kaycee talks about her GBM and BB cuts the feeds. Kaycee and Tyler agree to keep JC comfortable, even though they won't be taking him to final two.
  9. 12:02AM BBT: Tyler goes down to the KT to make another drink and then comes up and sits on the floor of the HOHR, watching hte feeds while Angela showers. 12:04AM BBT: Tyler has a smile on his face and Angela wants to know "what else" Tyler has done. Tyler laughs and says nothing, Angela doesn't believe him. She wants to know why her face wash is in his pocket. He says he was bringing it to her. 12:06AM BBT: Angela has another bottle of face wash, Tyler is disappointed. Tyler gets in the shower while Angela looks around the HOHR, trying to figure out what Tyler's done. 12:08AM BBT: Angela throws cereal into the shower. She's still trying to figure out what Tyler has done. Angela takes Tyler's clothes and all of the towels. Tyler says he'll wear Angela's clothes and Angela asks him what he did. He says nothing. 12:16AM BBT: Angela gives Tyler a towel and he gets out of the shower. He keeps saying he didn't do anything, but she doesn't believe him. Angela gets back in the shower. Tyler grabs the baby powder and throws it in while Angela is showering. 12:24AM BBT: Angela is out of the shower, she's convinced Tyler did something. She doesn't understand why he had her face wash. She says she knows when Tyler is lying. 12:27AM BBT: Angela continues to ask Tyler what he did. They hug on the HOH bed, Tyler says, "love me!" They kiss and cuddle on the bed while Angela continues to ask what Tyler did. 12:39AM BBT: JC goes to bed in the PBR while Kaycee is in bed in the BBR. Angela and Tyler are cuddling in the HOHR, where Angela is still trying to figure out what Tyler did. 12:55AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are chatting now. Tyler says his favorite city is San Diego or Charlotte. Angela says that's random, she says she likes Newport Beach. 1:00AM BBT: Angela is upset that she can't get rid of the smell of butter. She sprays some perfume, turns off the lights, and then gets back into bed with Tyler. 1:01AM BBT: Angela wonders if people are wondering where Tyler is. He says probably and she asks him if he needs to go. He says no. They kiss and cuddle in bed. 1:19AM BBT: Tyler pulls the sheets up over him and Angela in the HOHR. He tells her she's "perfect." She asks if Tyler was in to blondes, he says no. 1:22AM BBT: BB changes the cameras away from the HOHR while Tyler and Angela are still under the sheets. All other HGs are sleeping. 1:54AM BBT: Cameras are back on the HOHR, Tyler pulls the sheets off of them and they kiss before talking about their day. They kiss some more. 2:08AM BBT: Tyler gets out of bed, grabs his towel and the mayo face wash, and tells Angela good night before leaving the HOHR. BB cuts camera one's feed. Angela gets back into bed. 2:30AM BBT: All of the HGs are in bed and asleep, the lights are off throughout the BB House.
  10. 11:40PM BBT: The HGs are cleaning up the KT after their food fight. They're laughing and chatting, having a good time. They mention how upset Sam would be if she saw this. 11:45PM BBT: The HGs are finishing up cleaning the KT, BB tells them "safety first" and "no horsing around." Everyone is laughing. 11:50PM BBT: JC is shaving and Kaycee is showering in the WA. Tyler walks in with Angela's face wash, a spoon, and a jar of mayo. He tells JC he was going to put mayo in her face wash, but he's not sure he could get it in there. 11:51PM BBT: Tyler goes to get the turkey baster while JC assures him, "we can do it." They start to put dollops of mayo in Angela's face wash. 11:53PM BBT: They test the face wash to see if the mayo comes out, but it doesn't. JC squeezes out the face wash and they try putting mayo in it again. 11:56PM BBT: Tyler makes a glass of ice cold water and takes it up to the HOHR. He tries to pour it on Angela in the shower, but he misses. She laughs.
  11. 12:00AM BBT: Angela walks into the BBR, JC says he's waiting for Angela to get her room so he can shower. JC talks about almost going to the 2012 Olympics. Angela says she didn't watch it because she was biter. She says her finals at the trials were bad and she choked. 12:08AM BBT: Angela leaves the BBR, so Tyler and JC are alone. JC says, "this sucks" and tells Tyler to "keep his mouth shut and win the veto." JC tells Tyler not to "f*****g do anything until" JC tells him to. JC says he's "hurt" and he "feels like crying." 12:09AM BBT: JC says Brett never would have done that to Tyler. JC says he's going home this week. Tyler says no. JC threatens to self evict. Angela walks in a few seconds later and the conversation changes. 12:20AM BBT: General chatting in the BBR about the comics and the competition. JC says he liked that comp. Sam is making her bed and unpacking in the HNR. 12:39AM BBT: Angela has her HOHR key, they all walk upstairs and JC says it's like a "funeral march." They all bang on the stairs as Angela opens her door and everyone cheers. 12:41AM BBT: The remaining HGs explore Angela's room, looking over her photos and basket. Angela reads her letter, it's from her friend Natalie. 12:45AM BBT: Angela has a whole cheesecake and "lots of sushi" in her refrigerator. Sam congratulates her on three HOHs. 12:51AM BBT: BB tells Tyler to go to the SR. Tyler walks downstairs to the SR, where his own HOH basket is waiting. He brings it out to the LR and everyone goes through it. 12:53AM BBT: Tyler is excited about his pictures, his letter is from his best friend/brother Kevin. He reads it and talks about his photo. Tyler says he's "so happy." 12:59AM BBT: Angela goes upstairs to the HOHR. Tyler joins her a few minutes later. Angela says everything is perfect. Tyler hugs her and says "back to back, just like you said." 1:03AM BBT: Angela and Tyler cuddle on the couch and listen to music. Sam, JC, and Kaycee are chatting in the LR about Haleigh's exit. They think it was sad when Haleigh looked around the house and then left. JC says he tried to "hate" Haleigh, but he couldn't. 1:07AM BBT: Tyler and Angela talk about a possible "twist" this week. Angela says Tyler knows all of her secrets, but she doesn't think she knows all of his. They talk about taking Brett out. 1:15AM BBT: Kaycee walks into the HOHR and says "what a day." Angela says Sam came up to her and called her a "b***h." Tyler tells them what Sam said to him in the HNR during the double eviction. 1:17AM BBT: JC and Sam are in the KT, JC says he can't win any competitions. Sam cleans the coffee pot. In the HOHR, Angela says sam has an attitude Tyler tells them JC is "so f*****g mad." 1:22AM BBT: The trio in the HOHR try to figure out how the rest of the days in the house are going to go. They figure out the finale will be on a Wednesday. "We're almost out of here," Kaycee says. 1:27AM BBT: Angela talks about her friends. JC comes up to the HOHR, he says it's "f*****g depressing downstairs." They talk about Angela's photos. 1:40AM BBT: General chatting in the HOHR, Tyler reads Angela's letter again. JC watches the feeds, he says "at least it looks clean," about the KT. Tyler talks about having to fly back home. 1:48AM BBT: Tyler is doing push ups in the WA, Angela offers her shower to JC or Kaycee if they want to use it. Kaycee leaves the HOHR and gets her bed in order in the BBR. Tyler turns on the shower. 1:51AM BBT: JC and Angela are in the HOHR. JC says he wants to take some advil for his head. He says he's depressed. They talk about not being able to watch anyone on the feeds because no one is here. 1:55AM BBT: Angela tells JC that "loyalty" is how you get to the final four. JC says, "and competitions." They talk about Brett, JC says Sam had a crush on him. 2:00AM BBT: Kaycee comes to the HOHR to shower, JC leaves the HOHR, Angela puts her face in her hands and says "oh my gosh." They talk about there not being anyone on the feeds. 2:15AM BBT: Kaycee is brushing her teeth in the WA, Tyler is putting lotion on. Angela is in the DR. Tyler tells Kaycee that "JC is so f*****g pissed" at him. They talk about the day. 2:19AM BBT: Kaycee is in the BBR with JC and Sam talking about earrings. Tyler is still getting ready for bed in the WA. Tyler walks into the BBR. Sam and JC leave, Tyler and Kaycee talk for a few minutes about his pictures and then say good night. 2:30AM BBT: The lights are off in the BBR. Sam is making coffee for tomorrow in the KT. JC is showering in the WA, Sam walks in and talks to him about cooking as she takes her make up off. 2:51AM BBT: Sam is in bed in the HNR, talking to the camera. She says she "can't take anymore." She points to one of the other saucers in the room and says she's going to "throw it into the window." 2:58AM BBT: JC is in bed in the PBR, the lights are on and he's just staring off into space. He looks upset. 3:30AM BBT: Angela is out of the DR and back in the HOHR, finishing her shower. The other HGs are asleep with the lights off. 3:46AM BBT: JC is up and out of bed, he uses the WC and then wanders around the LR before going back to the PBR and lays on top of the bed. He plays with his microphone and then gets up to go to the SR. 3:50AM BBT: Angela is up and watching the feeds in the HOHR. JC is back in bed in the PBR. BB turns out the lights. 4:00AM BBT: Everyone is bed and the lights are off. Tyler and Kaycee are asleep in the BBR and Sam is asleep in the HNR. Angela is awake in the HOHR and JC is awake in the PBR. 4:30AM BBT: All of the HGs are asleep in the BB House.
  12. 10:30PM BBT: Sam is in the kitchen, finshing up the dishes. Tyler, Angela, Kaycee, and JC are in the BBR talking about how many days they've been in the house. They think they've been in for 86 days, not 85 like Julie said. 10:30PM BBT: Tyler says when Julie appeared on the screen it was so loud and "scared the sh*t" out of all of them. They think the Outback competition is coming up. They talk about Angela going from top seven to top four in one night. 10:38PM BBT: Sam is still cleaning the KT and putting away dishes, the group in the BBR are talking about looking out the front door on eviction night. BB cuts the feeds. 10:40PM BBT: Feeds are back, Tyler is asking if Brett hugged everyone. JC thinks Brett felt disappointed. JC says it was scary that Tyler just kept "staring" at Brett. Tyler said he was just looking him in the eyes. 10:41PM BBT: Angela said after Faysal made his speech about her car and shopping with an engagement ring, he sat down and winked at her. JC starts to sing and BB cuts the feeds. 10:42PM BBT: Feeds are back, JC says he's going to sing all week. The group in the BBR wonder when they'll have access to the yard again. Tyler says it's going to be busy the rest of their time here, Kaycee starts to sing and BB cuts the feeds. 10:44PM BBT: Feeds are back, Tyler asks if it was a two hour episode, or an hour. He thinks it was a lot to fit into an hour. They talk about production and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 10:45PM BBT: The group in the BBR won't stop talking about production, so all four cameras are now on Sam talking to herself in the KT. 10:48PM BBT: The group in the BBR are talking about Robot Sam. Kaycee says no one took her seriously when she wore the rainbow uniform, she says one night she slept in the SR. They talk about the different costumes worn this season. 10:51PM BBT: Sam walks into the BBR. Angela says she doesn't like the pictures they put in the HOHR. Sam says she loves them. 10:57PM BBT: Sam is wandering around the house, straightening this and that before coming back into the BBR. Angela tells JC her secret about being a "track and field athlete." JC says, "so that's why your feet are like that?" Everyone laughs. 11:05PM BBT: Sam is unpacking in the havenot room. She motions to the camera. JC, Angela, and Kaycee are in the BBR, talking about the BB Comic books. 11:19PM BBT: Sam is staring into her open suitcase, she looks up at the camera and stares. The group in the BBR are chatting. 11:28PM BBT: Tyler, Angela, and Kaycee are whispering in the BBR. Angela says she "knew" she was going to win the HOH comp, she says she had "weird signs" and she knew. They talk about the double eviction going perfectly. 11:30PM BBT: Kaycee says she has to catch up to Tyler and Angela, since they've each won six competitions. Sam is staring off to space in the KT. The remaining members of L6 are trying to figure out what other secrets they can tell JC to "blow his mind." 11:35PM BBT: Kaycee, Tyler, and Angela are going to do "two truths and a lie" with JC to see which ones he actually did. Tyler says he thought JC was going to have a heart attack today when Tyler put him up. Tyler tells the girls what he told Brett in their short one on one. 11:47PM BBT: Angela and Kaycee are talking about Brett in the BBR. Sam is folding towels, JC walks into the BBR. Sam asks if anyone is sleeping in the PBR, Kaycee says JC is going to sleep with her. Sam says they can just close the wall to the PBR. 11:48PM BBT: JC and Tyler are in the WA. JC tells Tyler this was a "huge f*****g mistake" and he doesn't care how great Tyler thinks he is, tonight was a mistake. JC says Angela and Kaycee told him all this stuff about Brett just to "throw him off." 11:49PM BBT: JC says he and Sam are going on the block tomorrow, Tyler says he won't let JC go home. JC says they need to work together and Tyler says they have been. JC is upset. 11:50PM BBT: JC says "straight up," the only thing saving their game is if Tyler wins POV and uses it on JC. Tyler says if Brett were here instead of Angela, JC would be HOH. 11:51PM BBT: JC thinks the girls are going to go for a "big move" and take Tyler out. Tyler says that won't happen. He says he's sorry JC is upset, but JC needs to trust him. 11:52PM BBT: JC says Brett and Angela were going to go for each other and he, Sam, and Tyler could just sit back and watch it all, but now they can't. 11:53PM BBT: Tyler says Angela will take out Sam. JC says "listen to me," and then says Tyler's game move is not "ok." Tyler says JC always wants to make the decisions, but Tyler says he "had to do this." 11:54PM BBT: JC swears he was never working for Brett. Tyler says Brett was telling him everything JC was telling Brett. JC says he never told Brett anything. Tyler says he did, because Brett told him it all. JC is upset and wants to know what Brett was saying. 11:55PM BBT: Tyler gives examples as to what he's talking about when he says Brett told him everything he and JC talked about. JC says Tyler's game was never in jeopardy with Brett. Tyler says JC's was. JC says he would not be on the block if Brett were here and Tyler says he would be. 11:56PM BBT: JC says he never believed anything Brett said. Tyler says Brett never wanted to take out the girls, he wanted to take JC out. JC doesn't believe it. Tyler says Brett didn't think he could beat JC at the end because the jury hates him. 11:56PM BBT: JC is upset, he gets up and ends the conversation. Tyler says, "I get it," and leaves the WA. JC goes into the WC and Tyler is in the BBR. 11:59PM BBT: JC walks into the BBR. Sam is in the HNR and talks with Sam about all the pillows. Tyler sits in silence in the BBR. Angela is taking her stuff upstairs and Kaycee is in the DR.
  13. 3:27AM BBT: Brett hears Angela move and he sits up to listen.
  14. 9:30PM BBT: Brett and Haleigh are in the PBR talking about how Haleigh bites her nails. Haleigh says they were worse two weeks ago. JC is in the WA shaving and Sam is packing. 9:33PM BBT: Kaycee walks into the WA to talk to JC. JC says he's annoyed with Sam, but he isn't wearing his microphone so it's difficult to hear why. He talks about walking in on Brett and Haleigh talking, he says, "I can't." 9:34PM BBT: JC says he's wanted to talk to Kaycee all day, he says he's 100% tomorrow is a double eviction. Kaycee agrees. JC says he's just going to "go with the flow." He tells Kaycee he doesn't know where Brett's head is. 9:36PM BBT: Kaycee says tomorrow will be long and interesting. JC says he doesn't know where he is with Angela, he thinks he's been "ok with her" the whole game. JC asks Kaycee if he has her vote if it's a double and he's on the block. Kaycee says he does. 9:37PM BBT: Kaycee promises JC that she won't vote him out tomorrow during the double, if he goes up. JC says Angela has gotten "so weird." Kaycee agrees it's "hard to read her" because she's "vague a lot" and doesn't "say a lot." 9:38PM BBT: JC says he has no idea where Angela is, Kaycee agrees it's "hard to read her," but she assures JC he'll be fine. JC proceeds to talk about Angela and the Bayleigh vote. Tyler walks in. 9:40PM BBT: Tyler uses the restroom and JC takes his mic of to whisper to Kaycee. BB tells him to put on his microphone. Tyler brushes his teeth while Kaycee and JC talk about Sam aggressively packing. 9:41PM BBT: JC says Brett's been acting like a clown and he just "can't" anymore tonight. Kaycee says tomorrow will be a "good, but eventful day." JC asks Tyler what time it is. 9:42PM BBT: JC thinks tomorrow's show will be two hours, he and Kaycee talk about it for a few seconds and then they agree that it will probably just be an hour. JC says he wants to shower and Tyler leaves the WA. 9:45PM BBT: Kaycee says Haleigh told her that JC told Haleigh that "every thing will be fine" and that it's a "unanimous vote" to keep Haleigh. JC says he never said that. Kaycee says she "probably lied then." 9:48PM BBT: Kaycee and JC think Haleigh lies all the time and JC doesn't understand how she's stil here. JC says he doens't know what Brett and Haleigh talk about. JC tells Kaycee he doesn't know who Brett would put up if he were to win HOH. Kaycee says he won't. 9:50PM BBT: JC says he doesn't think Brett will go for Kaycee, he thinks he'll go for Sam because Sam "really annoys him." JC says Sam is in an "emotional place" and if she wins she'll put Brett up. 9:51PM BBT: JC says to just "let the boys kill each other" tomorrow and they can just go with it. JC says he's not talking with anyone in the house. Kaycee says she has his back if he has hers. JC promises he hasn't talked to anyone else. 9:52PM BBT: JC says Kaycee has been a good HOH and she's made everyone happy in the house. He then says Sam has been a "f*****g b***h" and Angela has been "so moody." JC says he's afraid Angela will snap at him, Kaycee says she understands what he means. 9:54PM BBT: JC talks about Scottie's eviction night speech and then asks Kaycee if Angela and Tyler are in a showmance. Kaycee says she doesn't think it's a "legit thing." 9:55PM BBT: Kaycee says JC has her vote and if she goes up tomorrow, she better have his. They talk about Brett needing to be attached to someone, like he was attached to Winston and now he's attached to JC. 9:57PM BBT: JC says he's "honestly concerned" with Brett winning HOH tomorrow. He says it's the "worst case scenario." Kaycee says she doesn't think Brett would put up JC. JC says Brett is good at lying and Kaycee says she "wouldn't put it passed him." 9:58PM BBT: Kaycee keeps assuring JC that he has her vote. They hug and say "good night." Kaycee leaves the WA and goes up to the HOHR. Sam is ironing her shirt in the SR and Haleigh is in bed in the PBR. 10:07PM BBT: Tyler and Angela are in their separate beds in the BBR, no one is talking. They hold hands. 10:17PM BBT: Sam is in the kitchen filling her water. Haleigh walks into the BBR to show Angela her nails. Angela says they look good, Haleigh leaves to go blow dry her nails. 10:19PM BBT: JC is trying to talk to Haleigh while she blow dries her nails, we can't hear anything he says. He leaves the WA to go put on clothes in the BBR. 10:20PM BBT: Sam is in the WA with Haleigh, she tells Haleigh that she [Haleigh] still has stuff around the house. Haleigh says she's not done packing. 10:24PM BBT: Haleigh and JC are in the lounge. Haleigh wants to know where JC's head is at for tomorrow. JC says he hasn't talked game with anyone today and he doesn't know where anyone's head is. 10:25PM BBT: Haleigh says Brett, Angela, and Tyler told her that they "want her here" and "want her to stay." Haleigh says Kaycee will break a tie in Haleigh's favor. 10:26PM BBT: Haleigh says she doesn't want to be blindsided and asks JC to tell her if he hears anything different. JC says he will. Haleigh asks him what he wants to do, he says he wants to keep her. 10:27PM BBT: Haleigh doesn't think Tyler would lie to her face. JC doesn't say much, but asks what Tyler said to her. Haleigh says Tyler made it seem like she "would be fine." JC says, "ok." 10:28PM BBT: Haleigh is trying to pull information out of JC, but he's having none of it. He just keeps saying no one has talked to him and he doesn't know. JC says people will decide tomorrow. 10:29PM BBT: JC and Haleigh sit in awkward silence. JC says the worst case scenario for Haleigh is that "the whole house votes" her out. Haleigh says they're talking to her the same way they talked to her the last two weeks. More awkward silence. 10:35PM BBT: JC asks Haleigh why Faysal told Scottie to "be careful with JC." Haleigh says she thinks Faysal was just mad. Angela is brushing her teeth in the WA. 10:37PM BBT: JC tells Haleigh not to freak out. More awkward silence follows. 10:42PM BBT: Tyler is sitting in the KT, playig with the popcorn bowl. He gets up to look through the refrigerator. JC and Haleigh are still sitting in silence in the lounge. 10:45PM BBT: JC leaves Haleigh in the lounge and runs into the LR to talk to Tyler. JC says Haleigh wants to talk to Tyler after his DR. Tyler rolls his eyes. JC says she just keeps asking him what he's going to do tomorrow. 10:45PM BBT: JC says Haleigh says Tyler is going to keep her and she thinks it's going to be unanimous. JC tells Tyler about her short conversation with Haleigh and then what Kaycee told him in the WA. JC says Haleigh is "playing games." Tyler says he didn't tell Haleigh she was safe. 10:46PM BBT: JC says she wants to talk to Tyler to make sure. JC says Haleigh wanted him to "run and tell Tyler" that she wanted to talk to him. Tyler says, "ok" and then goes into the DR. BB cuts the feeds. 10:47PM BBT: JC is in the WA, where Sam is brushing her teeth. He uses the restroom. Angela is in bed in the BBR. 10:49PM BBT: JC gets into bed with Brett in the PBR. BB eventually turns out the lights. 11:02PM BBT: Sam and Haleigh are in the WA. Sam is trying to decide if she wants to was her hair tonight or tomorrow. Sam says she painted her nails so she wouldn't shake Julie's hand with a "bear paw." Sam gets in the shower and Haleigh leaves. 11:05PM BBT: Haleigh goes back to sit in the lounge to eat left overs. Tyler gets out of the DR and goes in bed in the BBR. Tyler whispered something to Angela and she laughs. Tyler changes clothes and leaves the BBR to go to the WA. 11:08PM BBT: Tyler uses mouthwash and Sam tells Tyler she's leaving her hair product here. Tyler shakes his head and then pops pimples. Haleigh is looking through the refrigerator in the KT. Tyler and Sam laugh and joke around. 11:10PM BBT: Tyler says he's happy Sam has stopped smoking, Sam wonders if her mom knows, Tyler says she does. Tyler leaves the WA and walks into the KT. Haleigh asks him if he's going to bed, Tyler says "yeah." 11:11PM BBT: Tyler says JC talked to him, Haleigh says JC was probably "dramatic." Tyler asks if Haleigh has talked to everyone, Haleigh says she doesn't want people to tell her one thing and do another and that's why she wanted to talk to Tyler. 11:12PM BBT: Haleigh says Brett is voting to keep her. Tyler says he hasn't had a chance to talk to anyone. Haleigh asks what Angela is thinking, Tyler says Angela and Sam don't really get along. 11:13PM BBT: Haleigh says everyone has been positive so far, but she doesn't want to bother anyone. Tyler says she's not bothering anyone. He says he was going to tell her something, but he can't remember what it was. 11:14PM BBT: Haleigh tells Tyler that this is "going to mean a lot to her," if he keeps her. Tyler says he knows that. Haleigh says she has Tyler's back. They talk about Scottie. 11:15PM BBT: Tyler says he's going to bed, he says "expect the unexpected," and then says "good night." Haleigh cleans her chopsticks and then eats. 11:17PM BBT: Tyler is back in bed in the BBR, he and Angela whisper back and forth. Tyler says something about someone hearing what he said. He then throws his dog at the camera. 11:22PM BBT: Angela and Tyler are in bed in the BBR, just looking at each other. Haleigh is in the lounge alone, drinking tea, and Sam is showering. Eventually BB turns off the lights in the BBR. 11:35PM BBT: Haleigh is still alone in the lounge drinking tea. Angela and Tyler are whispering in the BBR. Tyler tells Angela she's "so stubborn." 11:38PM BBT: Angela tells Tyler to "promise not to tell." She leans over and whispers her "secret" into his ear that she's "in love with" him." Tyler says they have the same secret, Angela asks, "really?" 11:50PM BBT: Tyler and Angela whisper back and forth for several minutes. Haleigh is still in the lounge alone.
  15. 12:00AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are in the BBR whispering. Angela says she doesn't trust JC and she thinks he's "up to something" and Brett might be in on it. Tyler says, "just win" and they won't have to "worry about it." 12:03AM BBT: Haleigh and Kaycee hug in the BY and Haleigh says, "everything is going to be fine." Kaycee agrees. JC walks out and complains about the humidity. 12:06AM BBT: Kaycee is in the HOHR with Brett, she tells Brett about her conversation with Haleigh. Kaycee says she needs to tell every one she told Haleigh she would vote to keep her in a tie, so they don't think she's lying to them all. 12:07AM BBT: Tyler asks Angela if she's an introvert or an extrovert. Angela says she thinks she's an introvert, but she likes both. Tyler doesn't think anyone is "strictly one or the other." He says he's an introvert. 12:09AM BBT: JC and Sam are in the WA, JC says Thursday will probably be a double eviction. JC says Sam has a "big chance of getting HOH." JC says they won't have anytime to talk and they all have to know what to do if they win. Sam asks what to do, JC says she's a smart girl. 12:11AM BBT: Sam says everyone thinks she's "stupid" and "not good at competitions." She's worried she'll be on the block again. JC says, "at least we tried." JC says Sam will "know" who to vote out when she "sees" them on the block. 12:12AM BBT: Sam asks if JC or Brett wins, if they'll have her back. JC says, "what do you mean?" Sam asks if he can't say that. JC doesn't answer the question. 12:13AM BBT: JC and Sam change conversations, JC brushes his teeth. Angela, Tyler, and Brett are in the BBR chatting about watching the show. Brett says he's only watching the parts he wants to watch. 12:16AM BBT: Sam joins the three in the BBR and are still talking about watching the season back, Brett says he's interested in seeing what Kaitlyn was doing. 12:17AM BBT: Angela asks if they show people "f*****g" on Big Brother. Brett says they show a little bit, Tyler says he doesn't want to talk about that. JC walks in and says he wants to watch Swaggy and Bayleigh's relationship. 12:23AM BBT: Brett has the wig, he says he's going to wear it on Thursday. He puts on the wig and says "this is going to make national f*****g television." 12:24AM BBT: Brett changes clothes to go better with his wig. He has Angela's jean jacket, he says his name is "River Dan, the handy man." 12:26AM BBT: Brett says he's going to enter the WWE, but then decides he's going to a Kid Rock concert. "Keep on keepin' on!" Brett yells as he walks through the house to the BY. 12:27AM BBT: Brett walks outside where Haleigh is and says, "Hey Girl!" and she laughs and asks him "what the h*ll" he's doing. She laughs some more. 12:28AM BBT: Angela and Tyler are talking in the BBR while Brett is outside with Haleigh. Sam walks in and Tyler asks if she's seen "River Dan, the handy man." Brett shows his outfit off to everyone. 12:32AM BBT: Tyler goes upstairs to the HOHR to talk to Kaycee, they laugh about Brett. Kaycee tells Tyler about her conversation with Haleigh and Tyler tells Kaycee about his conversation with Haleigh. 12:36AM BBT: Tyler tells Kaycee that "the sh*t is true," and that Tyler talked to Brett and how Brett asked who would be easier to beat, Kaycee/Angela or JC/Sam. 12:38AM BBT: Kaycee calls Brett a "f*****g b***h" for thinking of going against their alliance and voting Kaycee/Angela out. Kaycee asks when this conversation took place, Tyler says today. 12:40AM BBT: Kaycee asks Tyler if they should "take a shot" at Brett since he's wanting to go against their alliance. Tyler suggests it would be easier to beat Sam/JC. 12:42AM BBT: Kaycee asks if JC knows, Tyler says yes and he doesn't know if JC would put up Angela. Kaycee is shocked Brett would suggest putting up her and Angela, she calls him a "f****r" over and over. 12:44AM BBT: Kaycee promises not to say anything, she says she's glad Tyler told her. Kaycee says she doesn't give a "sh*t" now that he's going against their alliance and that they can beat JC and Sam more than they can beat Brett. 12:45AM BBT: Kaycee confirms with Tyler that Brett is thinking about going against their alliance and Tyler confirms it. Tyler says Brett may have said it to see if Tyler would tell Angela. 12:46AM BBT: Tyler says in the event that Brett wins HOH and puts up Kaycee and Angela, Tyler will win the veto, take Kaycee down, vote out whoever he has to put up as a nomination and then vote him out next week. 12:47AM BBT: Kaycee says this is "crazy." Tyler says he's been suspicious, but it was confirmed today. Kaycee says, "he would be the one to go." Tyler is concerned Brett could try to pin it all on Tyler. 12:52AM BBT: Kaycee says Brett has to go "sooner than later." Meanwhile, Brett is still in his River Dam costume in the BBR. 12:53AM BBT: Kaycee asks Tyler what he thinks. Tyler says if JC or Sam win, Angela and Kaycee are going up on the block. Kaycee is surprised. They run through the votes, deciding who would vote for who. 12:55AM BBT: Tyler and Kaycee try to figure out what their plan for Thursday is. They decide to try to backdoor Brett since he's thinking about going against their alliance. "He's f*****g with the wrong alliance," Kaycee says. 1:06AM BBT: Kaycee says Brett is out. She says "bye bye" and then calls him a "f*****g b***h." She calls him a "rebel" and then she guesses this is his only chance to try to win. 1:16AM BBT: Kaycee says he's pumped up and "excited." Tyler leaves the HOHR after he and Kaycee hug. They agree that "everything will be ok." 1:17AM BBT: Tyler joins Brett and Sam in the WA. Tyler comes in laughing about Brett's River Dan costume, he says he went upstairs to use the restroom. 1:25AM BBT: Tyler and Angela are in bed in the BBR, the lights are off. Haleigh and Brett are in the PBR, messing with the moving walls, JC is in bed. JC says they need to go to sleep so they will "turn the f*****g lights off." 1:32AM BBT: Sam is in the havenot room, fixing her pillow. Brett and Haleigh are talking about tea in the PBR. BB cuts the feeds on and off for the next few minutes. 1:40AM BBT: Feeds are back, BB turns the lights off in the PBR. The lights are off throughout the house and everyone is in bed. 2:09AM BBT: Brett is out of bed and walking through the dark house. He sits in the dark KT at the counter before going to sit at the table and watching the wall for several minutes. 2:14AM BBT: Brett walks outside and sits on the edge of the hot tub with his feet in the water, drinking tea. He says the tea is "hot as f**k." 2:45AM BBT: Brett walks back inside, the lights are on in the house. He gets back into bed with JC in the PBR. Brett is restless for a bit. 3:00AM BBT: BB turns the lights off throughout the house and everyone is asleep.