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  1. 12:12AM BBT: BB turns the lights out in the HOBR. Kandi is in bed in the CBBR but isn't asleep. 12:30AM BBT: Kandi plays cards in bed. She may be using the cards to go over dates. 12:56AM BBT: Kandi leaves the CBBR and walks to the WA. 1:01 AM BBT: Kandi is back in bed, the lights are off and everyone is asleep in the BB House.
  2. 9:30PM BBT: Lolo, Dina, Tamar, and Kandi are upstairs talking about Air B&B's vs. hotels. Ricky is in the HOBR by himself. Lolo says she's tired of going to the ESPYS and not being nominated for an award. She says her goal is to host it. She's frustrated with models holding the awards. 9:40PM BBT: Lolo leaves the girls to go downstairs. Kandi reads off the tablet. 9:50PM BBT: Lolo walks into the HOBR. Lolo tells Ricky she talked to Tamar and Tamar is still on the fence. Lolo is a little frustrated, she says she told Tamar that Ricky is giving them a "second chance." Lolo says Tamar is "lucky" because she "escaped the block three times." 9:52PM BBT: Lolo talks about what it's like to be on the block and also have to compete in veto. She doesn't think Dina will be able to handle that. Lolo tells Ricky what she told Tamar, she says they all need the money except for Kandi. 9:54PM BBT: Ricky says he doesn't see the advantage of keeping Kandi at this point. He says she doesn't believe in alliances and that all she cares about is herself. He says her veto speech reflected that also. Lolo agrees. 9:55PM BBT: Ricky says he'll get blood on his hands for evicting Kandi. Lolo supports that, Ricky says they don't need Tamar to be on board with what they're going to do. Ricky and Lolo say it'll be the first tied vote of the season. Lolo says she doesn't want a "Marissa type situation," where someone who hasn't done anything wins the last HoH. "Plot twist!" Lolo says. 9:58PM BBT: Lolo tells Ricky that Tamar thinks Dina is going to win the last HoH. Ricky says he doesn't see how that will happen, but he says if she "pulls that one out, she deserves it." They talk about previous comps and how close Dina was to potentially winning. 10:00PM BBT: Lolo and Ricky agree to keep their plans as is. Lolo says she'll talk to Ricky tomorrow "right before." "We're going to split the vote!" Lolo says as she gets up. "I love it," Ricky says. Lolo leaves the HOBR. She says she's going to eat and then shower. Ricky says he wants to go to bed early and "get a good night sleep." Lolo is called to the DR. 10:04PM BBT: Lolo is back in the HOBR and changing so she can go into the DR. Ricky asks what the veto comp was yesterday, Lolo says it was "veto heist." Lolo wants to go over dates, Ricky says if he's still awake when she gets back they can. They briefly go over a few dates. Lolo leaves. 10:11PM BBT: Lolo is making a pizza. Dina is in the KT with her, Kandi is napping on the couch upstairs. Tamar is in the SR, there is a gift from POPTV. She exits the SR and says, "Hey Guys! We got a special gift from our friends at POP!" 10:13PM BBT: Tamar reads the card: "Congratulations to everyone for making it to the end! From your friends at POP." She says they have chocolate covered strawberries, cheese, crackers, figs, and wine. Everyone thanks POPTV. Everyone enjoys the gift. 10:20PM BBT: Kandi asks Ricky if he used to dance in the end zone. Ricky says "no, never." He says they were penalized if they did that back then. Lolo wants to "do a cheers." Ricky goes to get the glasses. 10:28PM BBT: The HGs toast, Ricky leads it. He says "Let's toast to all of our fallen brothers..." and they toast to the evicted HGs, themselves, and Big Brother. Tamar says "it tastes like communion," and then proceeds to gag. 10:30PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky are in the HOBR. Ricky tells Tamar he "feels much better now." Tamar says she doesn't. Lolo walks in. Lolo is frustrated, she doesn't want to "be up all night" doing her hair for the DR. Ricky and Tamar suggest a bandanna, Lolo says, "I guess" and then ties her hair back. Lolo tells Ricky he did a "good toast." They wonder if Joey is still watching. Ricky thinks Joey watches the show, but not the live feeds. Lolo leaves. 10:36PM BBT: Tamar showers, Lolo is putting her make up on in the KT and Kandi is playing solitaire. Dina sits outside by the fire for several minutes before going to play cards with Kandi in the KT. 10:55PM BBT: Ricky works on Tamar in the HOBR. Kandi and Dina play cards in the KT. Lolo is in the DR. 10:59PM BBT: Tamar asks Ricky if he and Lolo talked today. Ricky says no. Tamar says Lolo said Ricky is mad at her (Lolo) and that Dina thinks Tamar and Ricky have a final two deal. Tamar says Lolo would "set the house on fire," if Tamar told her "that." She never says what "that" is. 11:02PM BBT: Ricky tells Tamar that "between the two of them" they're good. They talk about how Marissa won. Dina is in the 5BR getting her things together to shower. Lolo walks into the HOBR. 11:05PM BBT: Kandi, Lolo, and Dina are all in the WA. Kandi takes her make up off and Lolo and Dina prepare to shower. Lolo makes a comment about the showers and how it's the "Big Brother experience." Dina likes the HoH shower. Dina says everyone was ok with her showering upstairs, except for Tom. 11:12PM BBT: Lolo says it takes her "two hours" to dry her hair. They talk about tomorrow's schedule. BB will wake them up at 8AM, they say good bye to the live feeds at 9AM and then lock down at 10:30. Dina asks if Ryan's wife is a model. Lolo says she's a "playmate." 11:16PM BBT: Dina realizes that the BB Live Feeds can see them when they shower. "Not cool," she says. 11:24PM BBT: Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are in bed. Tamar asks if "Dina knows she's staying." Ricky and Lolo say she doesn't. They want it to be a "natural reaction." They try to decide how it will go tomorrow, Ricky wants it to be a tie. Lolo thinks it'll be good for America if they keep Dina, because she's a mom and "52." Tamar says Dina isn't 52. Tamar doesn't like their plan, but she's a "team player." 11:27PM BBT: Tamar says "everything will go down the way it's supposed to," and Ricky and Lolo agree. Dina dries her hair in the WA. Kandi finishes her shower. Tamar wants Ricky to make her tea, he gets up to do so. Lolo and Tamar reminisce. 11:54PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo chat in the HOBR. Tamar says she wants to walk around the French Quarter and bar hop on Valentines Day. Lolo says they party in Baton Rouge for two hours and then drive to New Orleans and party for two more hours. Dina does her hair in the 5BR. Ricky returns with Tamar's tea.
  3. 12:00AM BBT: Dina and Kandi are playing cards in the KT. Lolo and Tamar are in the HOBR. Lolo says the veto "doesn't mean sh*t" unless you with the next HOH. Ricky walks in. 12:04AM BBT: Lolo says her lungs hurt, they talk about having to pack tomorrow. Ricky just kind of hovers near the door. General conversation in the HOBR and the KT. Lolo and Tamar don't feel well. 12:11AM BBT: Ricky works on Tamar while Lolo takes her shoes off. "That boy is talented," Tamar says after Ricky is done. Ricky leaves the HOBR. Dina and Kandi finish playing cards. Tamar goes to sleep. 12:20AM BBT: Kandi is getting her things together to get ready for bed. Tamar is asleep in the HOBR. Lolo is showering in the WA. Kandi says she's going to shower upstairs in the HOHR. 12:22AM BBT: Kandi walks into the HOHR, but it sounds like Ricky is showering. Kandi plays pool by herself while she waits for Ricky to finish. 12:36AM BBT: Lolo finishes showering and gets her things together, she takes an armful of clothes and shoes to the SR. She gets into bed in the HOBR, BB turns the lights out. 12:56AM BBT: Dina walks into the HOHR with her bag, she's coughing also. The shower is occupied so Dina sits on the lounger and listens to music. Kandi finishes showering and Dina tells her she loves the song she's listening to. Kandi tells Dina good night and Dina gets ready to shower. 1:18AM BBT: Dina is out of the shower, she leaves the HOHR and goes downstairs to the 5BR. 1:27AM BBT: Dina blow dries her hair. All of the other HGs are in bed with the lights off. 1:33AM BBT: Lolo is up and out of bed while Dina continues to dry her hair in the 5BR. She walks to the WA before going to the KT to eat cereal. Dina gets into bed in the 5BR. 1:38AM BBT: Lolo talks to Orwell while she eats cereal. After she finishes, she takes Orwell upstairs and drops him off the balcony. "He dead," Lolo says. 1:40AM BBT: Lolo throws Orwell back upstairs. She finishes her cereal and walks to the LNG to tweet. Orwell is still on the ground upstairs. 1:45AM BBT: Lolo is back in bed, the lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet.
  4. 12:08AM BBT: Tamar snacks at the KT counter while Kandi sits with her. Lolo gets food out of the refrigerator in the SR. Tamar gets the bottle of wine from the SR. 12:18AM BBT: Lolo says she got a Hillsong album for her HOH. Tamar asks if she can listen to it tomorrow. Tamar asks Lolo to open the bottle of wine. Tamar and Lolo talk about church. Ricky is in bed in the HOBR. 12:46AM BBT: Tamar deals out cards on the KT table to help them with dates. She and Lolo go over dates. Ricky is asleep in the HOBR. 12:51AM BBT: Lolo and Tamar argue about dates. They can't agree about the first nomination ceremony and who was first on the block. 1:11AM BBT: Tamar and Lolo are still going over dates in the KT. Dina is getting ready for bed in the 5BR. 1:23AM BBT: Kandi and Dina join Lolo and Tamar in the KT. They talk about Ricky and the NFL. They talk about former HGs too. Lolo talks about flipping Jonathan and Ryan's photos off. 1:42AM BBT: Everyone starts to get ready for bed. Lolo and Tamar are in bed in the HOBR. Ricky is already asleep. Tamar tells Lolo that Kandi is "really competitive." Lolo says Kandi hasn't made anyone mad in the house. Lolo doesn't understand why Kandi would even want to win. "This is Vegas for her," Tamar says, "it's just about winning." 1:46AM BBT: Dina is in bed in the 5BR, the lights are off. Lolo is getting upset about Kandi, Tamar doesn't want Lolo to get upset. She tells Lolo that Kandi is just trying to be detracting. Lolo says "that's how Marissa won," because she didn't cause any problems in the house. Lolo thinks Kandi will win because she hasn't started any fights. 2:06AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet.
  5. 9:00PM BBT: Lolo is still cooking in the KT. Dina is in the CBBR, it appears she fell asleep reading her pamphlet. 9:08PM BBT: Ricky is cleaning the WA, Tamar is brushing her teeth and putting make up on and Lolo is cooking in the KT. Kandi sits at the KT counter and asks Ricky about when the veto ceremony will air. 9:19PM BBT: Ricky is still cleaning the house. Tamar starts to eat at the KT Counter, she talks to Lolo and BB tells her to put on her microphone. They wonder where Dina is. 9:24PM BBT: Ricky joins Tamar at the KT Counter. Lolo thanks him for picking up. Dina wakes up and starts reading again, Tamar wonders where she is. BB calls Tamar to the DR. 9:46PM BBT: Dina alternates between reading and napping in the CBBR. Ricky is cleaning the KT, Lolo and Kandi chat about the Olympics and documentaries at the KT counter. 9:50PM BBT: Ricky leaves the KT and goes into the HOBR. He lays down and reads. Dina walks into the KT where Lolo and Kandi are still chatting. 10:00PM BBT: Dina sits with Kandi at the KT counter and they chat. Lolo joins them and they talk about potential memory questions. Ricky reads in the HOBR. 10:04PM BBT: Dina says the backyard is open again. Lolo walks to the HOBR to tell Ricky. They may get into the hot tub. Dina puts on a coat to go outside. Lolo asks Ricky if he's thinking about his family. Tamar walks in. 10:18PM BBT: Lolo, Kandi, and Tamar are talking about clothing options in the HOBR. Lolo talks about the outfits her stylist picked out. Kandi wants to wear a dress on finale night, but she doesn't know if they'll let them wear dresses. 10:28PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo get into the hot tub. They talk about how on the last season of CBB no one got into the hot tub. Dina is laying in her bed in the 5BR. 10:52PM BBT: Dina is struggling while she packs, she and Kandi hug. Kandi wants to know when BB will give them their other suitcases. Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are in the hot tub. 11:03PM BBT: BB zooms in on Orwell sitting on the KT table. He has fake nails on. Kandi and Dina count the gems on the apple. Dina wants to go over dates. 11:16PM BBT: Lolo is out of the hot tub. Kandi and Dina are in the KT, Kandi says her stomach is upset. Dina says hers does too. She and Dina agree to play Crazy 8s. Tamar walks inside. Ricky is still in the hot tub. 11:42PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky are quiet in the HOBR. Kandi and Dina are still playing cards in the KT. Lolo walks into the HOBR a few minutes later. Tamar says she won't miss the BB House. Tamar and Lolo get their things together so they can pack.
  6. 10:01PM BBT: Tamar has a glass of wine, Lolo asks her how long the chicken is supposed to cook for. Tamar says she doesn't "touch chicken" and she doesn't eat chicken anymore. 10:05PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar in the HOBR. Lolo asks if Ricky talked to Tamar about going on the block. Tamar says he hasn't. Lolo proceeds to tell Tamar about her conversation with Ricky. 10:05PM BBT: Lolo doesn't like Ricky's idea because it guarantees Ricky a spot in the final. Tamar is confused. Lolo tells her that the deal is if she or Tamar win, they would take Ricky to final two. Lolo says Ricky's speech about his idea was good. But it doesn't "set right with her." 10:06PM BBT: Tamar agrees that Ricky's idea doesn't sound good. They both agree that it should be up to the person who wins HOH, not Ricky. Lolo says she'll tell Ricky tomorrow they're not interested in his deal. 10:09PM BBT: Lolo says she couldn't beat Kandi or Dina because they don't have any blood on their hands. Lolo thinks Tamar could beat Kandi. Tamar disagrees, she says Kandi is very likable and no one would vote for her to win over Kandi. 10:11PM BBT: Lolo tells Tamar she'll need to pray about who she takes with her if she wins the final HOH. Tamar says they're "f****d." Kandi and Ricky talk upstairs about the HOH comp. 10:13PM BBT: Ricky wonders if Tom using the veto on him was strategy or not. Kandi tells him she had a disagreement with Tom because she wouldn't vote Ricky out. 10:14PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo talk about second place prize money. Tamar tells Lolo that Kandi has a lot of money and doesn't need the prize money. She tells Lolo that Kandi makes ten "m's" a year. 10:18PM BBT: Tamar and Lolo agree that second place isn't too bad. Ricky and Kandi talk about Tom putting Ricky on the block. 10:21PM BBT: Lolo and Tamar forgive each other for all of the arguments they've had. They agree they trust each other now. Tamar thinks it's smarter for Lolo not to talk to Ricky tomorrow because he's HOH. Tamar says not to talk to anyone until after Veto is done. 10:23PM BBT: Ricky tells Kandi that being a pawn is the best position to be in. Because if you win veto, then someone gets backdoored. Ricky tries to use a chess analogy about being on the block. 10:26PM BBT: Ricky and Kandi agree that there is still "a lot more game to be played." "Until the end," Ricky says and then leaves Kandi upstairs. 10:28PM BBT: Ricky walks into the HOBR and asks if Tamar or Lolo are getting in the hot tub. They talk about different types of candy. 10:30PM BBT: Kandi is in the KT, she asks Ricky if everyone is outside. He says no. Ricky walks into the HOBR and tells Tamar and Lolo the hot tub is at 103. Lolo wants to go to one of Tamar's shows. 10:36PM BBT: Ricky, Lolo, and Tamar talk about the game and how to play it. Kandi plays solitaire in the KT. Kandi is called to the DR, Tamar is upset because she wants to go to the DR. Dina is in the SR. 10:45PM BBT: Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar are talking about the last live eviction and how fast everything went. Dina is in the 5BR. Kandi is still in the DR. 10:46PM BBT: The three in the HOBR agree they should have sent Tom home instead of Kato. Tamar wonders who the "real mastermind" was. Lolo says Kato didn't have any blood on his hands. "Kato got lucky," Ricky says. 10:49PM BBT: The three leave the HOBR. Lolo checks the chicken. Tamar and Dina look through the SR. 10:51PM BBT: Tamar is surprised at the amount of food BB gave them. "There's only five of us," she says. Ricky is going to get in the hot tub. Dina walks outside to check if it's too cold. Kandi is out of the DR. Lolo is called to the DR. Tamar begs BB to let her go next. 10:56PM BBT: Ricky gets in the hot tub, BB cuts the feeds. 10:57PM BBT: Feeds are back. Ricky is in the hot tub. Tamar and Dina are in the KT laughing. Tamar is getting the pork chops ready. 11:00PM BBT: Ricky is in the hot tub. Tamar, Kandi, and Dina talk about what they're going to wear on finale night. Dina wants BB to turn the fire on outside.
  7. 9:00PM BBT: Ricky and Kandi are upstairs playing chess. Tamar and Lolo are in bed in the HOBR. It sounds like Dina is in the KT. 9:14PM BBT: Lolo leaves the HOBR , she walks into the LNG, but then walks right back out and to the HOBR. She finds Dina in the 5BR and asks where everyone is. Dina tells her upstairs playing chess. 9:15PM BBT: Lolo asks Dina if Ricky talked with her already, because she says he needed to. Dina says she's a lot better right now. Lolo says she's going back to bed. Tamar wakes up for a few minutes. 9:17PM BBT: Dina says there are two bottles of wine in the SR. Lolo says if she drinks that she'll "be on her a** tonight." Dina thinks BB only has half of their production crew. Tamar wants make up remover wipes 9:20PM BBT: Dina wishes once you reached the final five they would let everyone have pictures of their family members. Tamar reminds her that only HOH gets those. 9:21PM BBT: Dina thinks they should give them hair and make up people for the finale. Dina, Tamar, and Lolo try to figure out what the celebrities wore last season on finale night. Kandi and Ricky are still playing chess upstairs. 9:26PM BBT: Tamar is called to the DR. Dina thinks about taking a shower. Lolo can't decide if she wants to get out of bed or not. She says if she does she'll play pool with Dina. 9:29PM BBT: Dina says it's "so boring now." Lolo says she'll play pool if she decides to get up. Lolo tries to convince Dina to get in the pool outside. 9:30PM BBT: Ricky is called to the DR. He leaves Kandi playing chess. Dina and Lolo chat in the HOBR. 9:38PM BBT: Lolo and Dina talk about the HOHR. Lolo sees the HOHR as a punishment since it's the "lock down room." Dina says she just wants the pictures and letter. Lolo walks to the SR. 9:40PM BBT: Kandi walks downstairs to the WA. She and Tamar start to whisper, Lolo asks "what are y'all whispering about?" Kandi says they aren't. Lolo and Tamar are in the WA now, Dina is in the KT. 9:41PM BBT: Kandi and Lolo are in the KT eating. Tamar is in the WA putting on make up. Kandi is surprised Lolo and Tamar slept so long, she says they'll be up all night now. Tamar disagrees. 9:42PM BBT: Tamar tells Kandi cantaloupe is mold. Kandi doesn't believe her. Dina does her nails at the KT counter. 9:46PM BBT: Dina doesn't understand why they can't know the results of the Super Bowl, the Grammys, or if the government is still partially shutdown. Lolo tells her it's part of the game. 9:47PM BBT: Dina says she'll vote for Lolo during the Olympics. Lolo wishes that's how the Olympics worked. They talk about the Olympics and age. 9:50PM BBT: Lolo talks about all the politics that happen behind the scenes for the Olympics. She airs out some dirty laundry about the Olympics. Dina eventually goes to sit in the 5BR. 9:58PM BBT: Ricky is out of the DR, he's excited they brought the two bottles of wine out of the SR. He goes upstairs to resume the chess match with Kandi. Lolo opens the wine in the KT while Tamar watches.
  8. 12:01AM BBT: Dina continues to talk to Tom. They discuss who knows what everyone else is doing. Dina says neither Natalie or Lolo know what she's going to 12:01AM BBT: Tom says if Natalie argues with Lolo enough, Natalie will leave. Dina thinks they want the sympathy vote. Dina says they "played" Tom. Tom disagrees. 12:03AM BBT: Dina keeps talking about how Natalie and Lolo have manipulated everyone. Dina also watches the feeds and talks to it from time to time. 12:06AM BBT: Dina leaves the HOHR to go get Kandi. Natalie, Lolo, Tamar, and Ricky are in the KT. Natalie doesn't understand why everyone is being "weird" because she and Lolo are on the block. 12:07AM BBT: Dina and Kandi enter the HOHR. Dina is still upset about the dirty house, she says Lolo is now finally cleaning and she hasn't seen her clean once before. 12:08AM BBT: Dina complains about the dirty house and how she's the only one who cleans it. Tom changes the topic to the game. Dina starts to get a little upset when Kandi tells her that no one is going to put Dina on the block. 12:09AM BBT: Dina and Kandi go back and forth, Dina is very agitated tonight and she argues with everyone. Tom watches the feeds and listens. They talk about the end of the game, Kandi thinks that once there are five people left they won't have anymore HOHs. 12:22AM BBT: Dina starts to argue with Kandi again. Kandi wants to know why Dina is "being so aggressive" with her. Dina thinks Kandi looks so nervous. Kandi disagrees, she says she's been "honest" with them and she's not nervous. 12:23AM BBT: Dina starts to argue with Tom about who he's going to vote out. Kandi says this is a "crazy" circle. Tom tells Kandi he just wanted to make sure that Ricky and Tamar didn't get in her head. Kandi says once she's made up her mind, "it is what it is." 12:24AM BBT: Dina makes Kandi swear that what they're talking about is "confidential." Tom says he wants Lolo to work with them once Natalie is gone. He wants Lolo to get made at Ricky and join with them. 12:31AM BBT: Lolo, Ricky, and Tamar are in the HOBR. Ricky says Dina is getting nervous. He thinks she's afraid she picked the wrong side. Ricky says Dina is in the middle and she doesn't know what to do. Tamar hopes "all three of them" are afraid. Natalie walks in. 12:32AM BBT: Tamar says Kandi and Dina are "rude" and have bad attitudes. "Same negative a** spirit Kato had," Tamar says. Tamar keeps asking why the group upstairs is "so mad." She says "they're being hardcore rude." 12:34AM BBT: Ricky wants to go upstairs and ask everyone "what happened?" And why they're so upset. Natalie wants to also, Lolo and Tamar aren't too sure. In the HOHR, Dina is still talking about the dirty KT. 12:54AM BBT: Natalie says "in twenty-four hours I'll be in my own bed." Lolo reads the Bible out loud. The group in the HOHR are talking about previous HOH votes. 1:07AM BBT: The lights are off in the HOBR. Kandi, Dina, and Tom are still in the HOHR. They're still talking about previous competitions and outcomes. 1:18AM BBT: Kandi says she wonders what people have been saying about her. Dina says she'll know when they watch the video tape. Tom hopes he'll win the next veto. 1:19AM BBT: Dina wants Kandi to talk to Tamar and then tells Kandi that she (Kandi) is scared of Tamar. Kandi disagrees, Dina argues that Kandi is scared of Tamar. Dina tells them that Ricky had the power. Tom agrees. Dina says Ricky told her that the power was already expired before they knew it was, Dina thinks Ricky had it. 1:28AM BBT: Dina argues about the "America's Vote" title. She says not all of America is voting, "it's not like the presidency," she says. Tom explains how "America's Vote" works. 1:34AM BBT: Dina leaves the HOHR. Kandi and Tom are talking about tomorrow. Dina returns. General conversation now. Tom is surprised Lolo doesn't have health insurance. 2:00AM BBT: The three in the HOHR just circle back on their conversations. They talk about the vote that sent Kato home after. 2:06AM BBT: Everyone gets up to leave the HOHR, they agree Kandi will talk with Tamar tomorrow. They walk downstairs. Tom wonders if everyone is asleep. 2:14AM BBT: Tom takes Orwell upstairs. Upstairs in the HOHR, Tom talks to the camera. He says his alliance with Kandi and Dina is strong. He says they're both "savvy, hilarious, and nice women." He says he's having fun. 2:15AM BBT: Tom says he's going on the block if Dina or Kandi don't win the next HOH. He has a monologue about winning the most comps and snacks. 2:24AM BBT: Tom is in bed and everyone in the HOBR is in bed with the lights off. Kandi is awake and praying in the 5BR. 2:42AM BBT: Kandi asks BB to turn the lights off. Eventually they do and all of the lights are off in the BB House. Dina gets up not long after, she checks all the rooms in the house before going to the WC. 3:23AM BBT: Tom is awake, he goes downstairs to the KT where he meets Dina. They talk, but there's no audio. Tom follows Dina back to the 5BR. He tells Dina, "don't do the thing tomorrow." Tom asks Dina if she wants to check under his bed for Ricky. 3:27AM BBT: Dina is convinced someone left the HOBR. Dina puts on her mic. Tom tells Dina not to tell Lolo what's going until "after the lock down." Tom tells her not to say anything to Lolo. He says the vote will be unanimous or 3-2. 3:32AM BBT: Tom is back in bed and the lights are off in the BB House. 3:41AM BBT: Natalie is awake, she walks into the WA. 4:00AM BBT: The lights are off and all is quiet in the BB House. 4:30AM BBT: There are sounds as if someone is up and moving around, opening drawers and bags, but all of the feeds show sleeping house guests.
  9. 9:19PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the LNG. Lolo tells Natalie she wants to pray about the upcoming eviction. They talk about being on the block. 9:36PM BBT: Tamar is in the HOBR with Ricky, Ricky says if they had kept Kato they wouldn't be in this position. Tamar disagrees, she thinks Kato was a stronger player. They talk about what the next HOH comp will be. 9:40PM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are still in the LNG. Lolo says she wants Natalie to be one of her bridesmaids. Natalie agrees. They agree to visit each other after the show. They talk about their friendship. 9:42PM BBT: Tamar walked into the HOBR. Tamar is confused as to why Kandi thinks Natalie is the biggest threat. "What does that mean," she asks Ricky. Ricky doesn't know. 9:50PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky are in their beds in the HOBR in silence. Lolo and Natalire are in the LNG, Lolo is still talking about their friendship. 9:52PM BBT: Tamar and Dina walk upstairs where Tom and Kandi are sitting and chatting upstairs. Tamar jokes around that all Kandi talks about is money and how much of it she has. They all sit on the couches upstairs near the pool table. 9:55PM BBT: Tom leaves the girls on the couches. They chat for a few minutes while he's gone. They talk about getting up early tomorrow. 9:57PM BBT: Dina says she doesn't know what to do tomorrow, because they're "best buddies." Kandi says she was already honest with Natalie about being the "best player." Dina says they can't make this personal. Kandi says hers is. 10:01PM BBT: Tamar tries to tell Kandi how it works when they only have a few people left. Dina says Natalie asked her what she was going to do, Dina says she doesn't know. Dina tells them Natalie told her and Ricky that it might be better if she goes home. 10:02PM BBT: Tamar is confused, because Natalie keeps saying she wants to stay, but also that it might be better if she left. Dina says she keeps "contradicting herself." Tamar asks Kandi and Dina if they're going to vote the same, they both say they don't know. 10:07PM BBT: Ricky joins the girls upstairs. Tamar asks Kandi why she thinks Natalie is a better player. Kandi says Natalie is mentally and physically strong and she's only had arguments with Tom and Kato. 10:13PM BBT: Dina says this late in the game you can't get "blood on your hands," because at this point "it's just a game." Tamar disagrees with her. Ricky tries to explain to Dina why it matters who goes home and who stays. Dina doesn't think anyone would be mad if she votes for the person who doesn't go home. 10:15PM BBT: Ricky tries to tell Dina that if she votes for someone who doesn't go home, and that person wins the next HOH, they'll probably put her up. Dina disagrees, she says that's now how she plays her game. She and Ricky continue to argue. Eventually Dina says she gets it. 10:19PM BBT: Dina leaves to change into more comfortable clothes. Ricky asks Kandi if she's "dead set" on evicting Natalie, or if she would be open to a conversation. Kandi says she's already been honest with Natalie about voting for her. 10:21PM BBT: Tamar and Ricky try to tell Kando how the finally three works and how the finally HOH works. Kandi doesn't think there will be anymore HOHs. Tamar and Ricky tell her there will be. 10:24PM BBT: Dina is in the KT. Tamar walks through as well. Natalie and Lolo are in the HOBR. Ricky walks in and tells Lolo and Natalie that Kandi and Dina are scared of them. "They should be, though," Natalie says. 10:25PM BBT: Lolo asks Ricky to pray so they know who will go home. Natalie says she just doesn't want it to be a tie and then Tom decides, because "f**k that guy." Tamar walks in and Lolo asks Tamar to pray also. 10:31PM BBT: Kandi is tweeting in the LNG while Dina sits and talks with her. Dina keeps asking "where's Jonathan" every time they need to decide something. She keeps saying she wishes they could talk to the guys who have been evicted and ask for help. 10:38PM BBT: Dina tells Kandi that Tamar is "ready to ditch" her because she wants to vote for Natalie. Kandi says she knows. Lolo, Natalie, Tamar, and Ricky are in the HOBR, both groups in the HOBR and the LNG are talking about "what he said, what she said," over and over again. 10:41PM BBT: Lolo keeps saying she needs to pray and she wants everyone else to pray. Tamar keeps telling Lolo that Dina and Kandi are going to vote Natalie. Natalie says they're only voting her out because they're scared. 10:42PM BBT: Lolo stands up and says she needs to use the bathroom. She then asks Natalie to come to the bathroom with her. They leave and walk to the WA. 10:42PM BBT: In the WA, Lolo asks Natalie to turn the blow dryer on. Cameras switch back to Tamar and Ricky. Tamar is upset Lolo doesn't believe her when she says Kandi and Dina are voting Natalie out. "She's so sensitive," Tamar says, "she needs to grow up, she's 36 years old." 10:43PM BBT: Tamar is upset Lolo doesn't believe her. Tamar says "that's why Kandi's here." Ricky asks why and Tamar points to Lolo's bed and says because, "shit like that." 10:47PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR again. Ricky asks Lolo how she feels, Lolo says she's "annoyed" because she's losing one of her best friends in the house. She's fired up and upset. 10:48PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are in the KT now. In the HOBR, Lolo tells them that they have to work together for a common goal. They decide Kandi will go first and then Tom. 11:00PM BBT: The four in the HOBR talk about Dina and then they talk about previous competition. Lolo tells Ricky that they are her "ride or die," and she wants them to use their anger to win. 11:01PM BBT: Tamar and Natalie are in the WA whispering. Tamar gets into the shower and Natalie brushes her teeth. Ricky walks into the KT to make tea. Dina tells everyone they need to clean the house earlier because tomorrow is an early day. Ricky tells her they have "plenty of time." 11:05PM BBT: Dina and Ricky argue about when they should clean. Dina thinks the house is too dirty. Ricky says it's not and they'll have time to clean. Dina just wanders around mumbling about how dirty is, Ricky keeps telling her to calm down and they'll clean tomorrow. Ricky tells her not to "cry about it." 11:06PM BBT: Dina continues to talk about how dirty the house is, Ricky asks her what's up with her to make her this upset. Dina says she's tired, they argue some more and Dina leaves to go to the 5BR. 11:06PM BBT: Ricky walks into the WA. He tells them about Dina being upset about how dirty the house is. Natalie says Dina is "the messiest" and she's "cleaned up her shoes and the mud," so many times. She says she's always picking up after Dina. 11:09PM BBT: Dina walks into the HOHR and tells Tom she's tired of cleaning everything. She says she can't be stressed and tells Tom about how the other side of the house talked ot her about who to vote out. 11:19PM BBT: Dina tells Tom everyone is going to vote the same, she tells Tom they want him to think they're on his side, "but they're not," and they're coming for him, "and probably me first," Dina says. Tom says he's not on their side. Dina doesn't want them to manipulate Tom. 11:20PM BBT: Dina tells Tom about all her conversations today about who to vote out. Tom thinks if they keep Lolo, but vote Natalie and Ricky out then Lolo would work with them. 11:28PM BBT: Tom says it doesn't matter who goes home and that it "doesn't matter." Dina insists that is is, she tells Tom he doesn't understand. Tom keeps trying to talk, but Dina talks over him. She wants Tom to "have her back," now. 11:31PM BBT: Natalie, Tamar, and Lolo are in the KT cooking. Ricky walks over. Dina and Tom are in the HOHR, Dina keeps talking in circles. Tom says Kandi is the wild card. 11:38PM BBT: Dina keeps saying they have to win. Dina wants to bring Kandi upstairs so they can talk to them, Tom says no. He says Dina needs to talk to her somewhere else. 11:46PM BBT: Dina and Tom watch the feeds. Dina says if they weren't in the Kt, she would go to her room. Dina just says, "I don't want to be in their clutches." 11:51PM BBT: Tom tells Dina about his one on ones with Ricky earlier in the week. Tamar, Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky are in the KT chatting.
  10. 12:05AM BBT: Kandi and Dina finish their game, Lolo and Natalie join them upstairs for a new game. Dina wants to play teams. 12:30AM BBT: The game is over, Dina and Kandi chat upstairs. Lolo and Natalie are in the WA, Lolo brushes her teeth. Natalie says she's going to bed. Kandi and Dina play another game of pool. 12:42AM BBT: Dina and Kandi are finished playing pool. They're in the KT talking while Dina straightens up the KT. 12:50AM BBT: Tom is awake, the lights are on in the HOHR and he's watching the feeds. 12:57AM BBT: Tom eventually gets up and looks outside his door, he quietly walks out and downstairs to the KT. Tom hugs Dina and Tom says, "I just want you to know everything is fine and you're safe." Dina tells him she was worried about him. 12:58AM BBT: Tom says he doesn't want to talk to anyone, Dina cries, Tom says everything is ok and he hugs Dina again. Dina asks if they're voting out Ricky, Tom says, "everything is fine," and goes back upstairs and locks the door. 1:00AM BBT: Tom eats and watches the feeds. All four cameras are on the HOHR. 1:13AM BBT: Tom starts to talk to the cameras, he says, "I love delicious chocolate and peanut butter combined." He uses a "hydrating mist," on his face. He says it's feels "pretty good." He shoes us his "fancy trail mix." 1:19AM BBT: Tom wears the POV and the HOHR Key, he talks about being HOH and getting blood on your hands. He says people are angry with him. He has two allies, one is strong the other is a little up in the air. "It's a tough situation," Tom says. He thinks he'll be on the block next week. 1:20AM BBT: Tom says he intentionally threw the football veto comp so Natalie could win. He wanted to see if Natalie and Lolo would double cross him and they did. Natalie said she showed her "true colors." 1:22AM BBT: Tom says he was sure he was going home last week, but Kato went home instead. Tom tells us that was a "big mistake," because he turned around and won HOH and the veto. Tom says he's not going to tell us what he's going to do with the veto tomorrow. 1:30AM BBT: Tom says "people in this game get angry." Tom says it's hard to understand how quickly people get angry with one another until you're on the show. 1:35AM BBT: Tom is still giving his monologue in the HOHR. Ricky is working on Dina's back in the 5BR. Tamar is sleeping, Lolo and Natalie are talking in the HOBR about the veto. 1:44AM BBT: Tom is in the HOHR telling us what music he got for this HOH. He says he's listening to "A Tribe Called Quest" and that they are his favorite rap group. 1:52AM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR in bed and talking. Tamar is asleep. Natalie's microphone is off or she's on top of it so it's difficult to hear what she's saying. 2:00AM BBT: Ricky is still working on Dina in the 5BR. 2:27AM BBT: Ricky finishes with Dina, Dina says she could feel Ricky's "energy." They talk about it for a few seconds. Dina gets up and starts to get ready for bed. Ricky tells her good night. 2:34AM BBT: Dina is in bed, the lights are now off throughout the BB House and all is quiet. 4:07AM BBT: Lolo talks in her sleep in the HOBR.
  11. 9:00PM BBT: All cameras are in the WA as Dina refreshes her hair and make up. Ricky is napping. 9:22PM BBT: Tom is sitting in the dark HOHR. 9:30PM BBT: Ricky and Natalie are in the HOHBR, Ricky is awake and talking to Natalie while she does her make up. Natalie says, "things are crazy around here." Ricky asks if she's upset, Natalie says she's not. Ricky thinks he's going home. 9:40PM BBT: Dina, Kandi, and Lolo are in the KT playing cards. 10:00PM BBT: All four cameras are on Tom napping in the HOHR. Tamar, Ricky, Kandi, and Dina are playing cards while Lolo makes cookies. Natalie walks in, she and Lolo check the temperature of the pool. Lolo says the pool temperature is 100 degrees. 10:29PM BBT: Natalie, Lolo, Kandi, Dina, and Tamar are playing cards in the KT. Tom is still in the HOHR in the dark. 10:37PM BBT: Natalie gets into the pool and runs on the underwater treadmill. The card game inside starts to come to an end. 10:49PM BBT: Natalie is singing in the pool, Lolo joins her and takes a turn running. Kandi is in the HOBR, Ricky says he's going to go swimming also. 10:50PM BBT: Ricky gets into the pool with Lolo and Natalie. Kandi is in the LNG tweeting. Dina joins her a few minutes later. They talk about the veto. 10:55PM BBT: Dina and Kandi talk about Tom. Kandi says Tom is in the HOHR because Tamar cussed him out earlier in the day. Kandi says if Tom puts Tamar on the block it won't go well. Dina says she feels alone, she thinks Tamar is with Natalie and Lolo. 11:03PM BBT: Dina and Kandi try to figure out the votes. Kandi says she "doesn't know what to do." Dina thinks it could be a tie and then Tom would have to break it. She doesn't like that Tom has done this to them. She says he's stressed. Dina says she and Kandi need to have a conversation with Tom. 11:10PM BBT: Dina talks about meditating before the last competition. Dina says she needs to focus, she says she comes through on "crunch time." She tells Kandi, "it's crunch time, girl." Dina says she'll do what Tom asks, but she's going to let him know she doesn't think it's right. 11:17PM BBT: Dina and Kandi discuss the alliances in the house. They both agree if Ricky stays, he'll go after Tom. Dina isn't sure they can trust Tamar if they vote Natalie out. Kandi says Ricky is easier to beat than Natalie. 11:27PM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are out of the pool, Ricky is still relaxing in it. Everyone else is showering or getting ready to shower. 11:31PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are in the KT, Dina is telling Kandi she's afraid to watch the episodes back. She's worried what people will say and then they won't be friends anymore. Dina asks if Big Brother is on YouTube. 11:38PM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are in the HOBR chatting, Natalie doesn't think Tom will use the veto tomorrow. Lolo isn't so sure. Natalie tells Lolo if she was on the block, she would be stressing. Lolo says she stresses out before, not during. 11:43PM BBT: Dina is eating in the KT while Kandi cleans. Tamar, Natalie, and Lolo are in the HOBR. Tamar is hungry, she says she ordered lamb chops, but didn't get them. Natalie says she feels sorry for the PA who has to run all over getting Tamar's food. 11:52PM BBT: Dina and Kandi are upstairs playing pool. All four cameras are on them. Lolo yells something up to them from the KT.
  12. 9:00PM BBT: Tom and Dina are playing pool upstairs, Dina keeps whispering to Tom. Tom just keeps saying, "I don't even care." Dina talks about movies and asks if Tom gets to play in the next HOH. He says no. 9:06PM BBT: Tamar and Natalie are talking in the HOBR, Tamar says, "can you imagine how embarrassed I am right now?" Tamar is upset and feels like she was tricked. Natalie says Dina is too friendly with Tom. Dina is called to the DR. 9:08PM BBT: General conversation throughout the house, Ricky is in the KT playing solitaire and Kandi is at the Sink. Lolo is wandering around. 9:13PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie are in the HOBR, Natalie can't believe Tom had the nerve to talk to her after he lied to her face. Both are wearing their sunglasses because it blocks the light. Natalie thinks it could be a set up. Lolo says it doesn't matter at this point. 9:17PM BBT: Lolo and Natalie talk about Tamar, Kandi, and Ricky. Lolo says Tamar can't get Kandi out without Ricky's help, but Ricky isn't talking to Tom right now. 9:19PM BBT: Ricky enters the HOBR, they talk about studying the photos. Lolo says Tom gets up early and has lots of time to study. Ricky tells them Tamar is in the KT with Kandi. 9:30PM BBT: Tom walks downstairs humming, he tells Kandi he was playing the piano. Kandi is playing cards. Natalie, Lolo, and Ricky are in the HOBR napping. In the KT, Tom is telling Kandi he's surprised he didn't do well in the Gallagher comp. He says he had a VHS years ago that he watched over and over again. 9:40PM BBT: Ricky is called into the DR downstairs. "That means we're next," Natalie says to Lolo, who only grunts. General conversation throughout the house, Tom tells Tamar soup is good for colds. Tamar says she wants steak. 9:45PM BBT: Natalie is putting on make up for the DR. Natalie thinks Kandi is on Tom's team now. Tamar says she feels like she's in high school again and she's too old for that now. Natalie tells Tamar that Kandi had the power and Ricky told her that. Tamar changes the subject. 9:50PM BBT: Natalie is upset because she is on the block. They all think Ricky is the target and Natalie says they're "f***ed" if Ricky wins the veto and takes himself off the block. Tamar leaves the HOBR. T 10:00PM BBT: Tom, Dina, and Kandi are in the KT playing Crazy 8s. Natalie and Lolo are in the HOBR, Ricky is in the DR, and Tamar is cooking. Tom is called into the SR, POP TV has sent him a gift. 10:16PM BBT: POP TV has given Tom a package, he says "thank you very much." POP TV gave Tom awake candy. Tom thanks them repeatedly. "We're in the Big Brother House!" He cheers before walking to the KT with his chocolate. 10:19PM BB: Tom talks about his letter with Kandi and Tamar, he says he does have a letter from his girlfriend, but BB has it. He doesn't understand why they didn't give him that letter instead of the one he got. 10:38PM BBT: Tom and Dina go to the BY, Tom welcomes everyone to his fireside chat. He talks about the BB House, asks Dina questions about her life, and about her favorite moments and people. Dina tells Tom she's anti-bullies and she sees some of that in the BB House. 11:15PM BBT: Tamar, Lolo, Ricky, and Natalie are all in the HOBR napping, Ricky talks about his teacher. 11:30PM BBT: Tom and Dina finish their show and interview. Tom and Dina go upstairs to play pool. Dina tells Tom she wants to save Natalie, Tom says they have to decide who they want to keep. Dina tels Tom Natalie us upset Tom lied to her. Tom says, "I did lie to her," but, "they lied first." 11:40PM BBT: Tom tells Dina he doesn't like when people are condescending to him and he feels like Ricky is the source of that negative energy. He wants Ricky out and maybe everyone else with "lighten up." Tom tells Dina they don't really have to whisper anymore, because he put them on the block. It's not a secret he wants them out anymore. 11:49PM BBT: In the HOBR, Tamar tells Natalie, Ricky, and Lolo that "these people f*****g crazy." Tom and Dina are still playing pool, Kandi joins them. Tom starts to talk about the veto, Kandi says, "can we please not talk about the veto?" Kandi says it stresses her out. Dina is hungry.
  13. 12:05AM BBT: Ricky is talking to the girls in the HOBR about his first marriage, Dina is finding something to eat in the KT, and Kandi and Tom are playing pool upstairs. 12:18AM BBT: Tom and Dina are talking about the veto upstairs, Kandi tells them they're "worry warts." In the HOBR, Natalie is telling them about not drinking. She says her life has gotten a lot better and she doesn't have the urge to drink anymore. 12:30AM BBT: The pool game has finished and now Dina and Kandi are getting ready for bed. The four in the HOBR continue to chat. BB takes a few minutes to record video of Orwell in his POPTV Tux. 12:39AM BBT: Tom is in the HOHR listening to music with Orwell. Dina is showering downstairs. 1:15AM BBT: Dina gets into bed in the 5BR and builds her wall of pillows. The lights are out everywhere in the BB House and all is quiet.
  14. 2:00AM BBT: The HGs are still in the KT eating and chatting. Tom is still in the DR. Lolo is telling everyone in the KT how to make fish. 2:06AM BBT: Tamar and Natalie agree that Lolo's fish is "really good." Lolo thanks them and says, "now we wait for the burger." Ricky is still seated at the counter and Tom is in the DR. 2:07AM BBT: Dina asks Ricky if the burger is a steak. Ricky says it's ground beef. "A sloppy Joe without the sauce," Dina says. No one says anything while they prepare their burgers. Lolo says a cheeseburger is her comfort food and she likes to eat them after races. 2:17am BBT: Kandi, Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar are eating around the counter. Ricky is seated at the table. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds here and there. 2:18AM BBT: The four girls around the counter are talking about Omarosa. Tamar says she's a good person and in "real life," she's not like that at all. Lolo says she was great last season. 2:21AM BBT: Natalie and Lolo are in the WA. Natalie says she likes Tom when he's being nice. Natalie thinks it's going to be better because Tom won't have "Kato in his ear." Tamar walks in. They try to figure out when their next live show is. 2:23AM BBT: BB tells Lolo and Natalie not to talk about production. Lolo says she needs BB "to be nicer." Lolo then turns the hair dryer on so we can't hear what she and Natalie are saying. BB cuts the feeds. 2:24AM BBT: Feeds are back and the hair dryer is off. Lolo is flossing and Natalie is sitting next to her. Tamar leaves the WA. They're whispering, but it's difficult to hear what they're saying, but it sounds like they're talking about Tom. 2:26am BBT: Lolo tells Natalie she just wants to have an "honest conversation" with Tom tomorrow. Natalie thinks Tom will be going after Tamar since Tamar put up both Tom and Kato. 2:28AM BBT: Lolo turns on the hair dryer again and she and Natalie are talking, we can't hear anything they're saying. BB tells Lolo to "stop it." Lolo says, "C'mon guys! Let us live!" She turns off the hair dryer and says BB is "PMSing tonight." 2:30AM BBT: Natalie leaves the WA, Lolo puts on make up. Natalie is in the HOBR, Tamar is sad and misses her family. Natalie tells her to "stop it," because Tamar had photos and a letter and she hasn't had anything. Natalie tells Tamar that Kandi is coming for her next and she's going next. 2:31AM BBT: Tamar is upset BB took her photos once she wasn't HOH anymore. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds and when it's back Tamar isn't yelling at BB anymore. Natalie is upset she didn't win HOH. 2:32AM BBT: Natalie tells Tamar she needs to "get it together." Tamar is really upset BB took her photos. Natalie hopes to win the veto, she thinks Tom will put her and Ricky up tomorrow. She asks Tamar who she would save if Tamar wins VETO, Tamar says she would save Natalie. 2:34AM BBT: Tamar says Ricky needs to start winning stuff, because they can't be carrying him. Natalie does her make up. Natalie wants to try to get Tom to put up Dina and Kandi. "He's not going to do that," Tamar says. 2:41AM BBT: Lolo joins Natalie and Tamar in the HOBR. Tamar says she wanted Natalie to with the HOH just as much as Natalie wanted to, Natalie says she's not "worried about it." Tamar thinks Kandi is "acting like a fool." "It's good for her game," Natalie says, Lolo agrees. 2:43AM BBT: Lolo says Marissa didn't really do anything last season and she won. Tamar says Kandi doesn't have any blood on her hands. Tamar says no one would vote for her in the final, Natalie said she would vote for Kandi over Tom. 2:44AM BBT: Lolo is upset that BB is keeping them up so late. She doesn't want to do a DR tonight because BB will just ask "the same f***ing questions" in the morning. Lolo starts to get angry and BB cuts the feeds. 2:45AM BBT: Feeds are back, Natalie, Tamar, and Lolo are talking about Tom winning. Natalie leaves the room. Lolo goes to the WA, Natalie sits down on the couch. 2:49AM BBT: Ricky, Kandi, and Dina are in the KT playing cards, Natalie walks in and sits down. Lolo is sorting clothes in the HOBR. Tamar is in bed and asks where Kandi is. Lolo says they're all waiting up to see Tom's HOHR. 2:54AM BBT: Lolo says her face is pretty much "done" with make up. Tamar says her face has stopped absorbing the make up. BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 2:55AM BBT: Tamar tells Lolo that BB took her photos. Lolo is shocked. Tamar is really upset about the photos. Lolo starts to talk to BB about opening the DR, they cut the feeds. When the feeds are back, Lolo is in the LNG tweeting. 2:57AM BBT: Ricky, Dina, and Kandi are in the KT playing cards, Natalie is sitting on the other side of the table, just watching them with her arms crossed. Tom is still in the DR. 3:07AM BBT: Tom is out of the DR and making something to eat. Ricky, Kandi, and Dina are playing cards, Natalie is watching. Lolo is tweeting in the LNG. Tamar walks into the KT. 3:12AM BBT: The HGs would like to go to bed. They say it's the latest DR they've had to do. BB tells Tom not to talk about the DR, he apologizes, but talks back to BB. 3:16AM BBT: Kandi thinks it's ridiculous BB is keeping them up this late. Lolo is in the DR right now. Natalie doesn't think Tom will get his room until 4:30. "They better let us sleep in tomorrow," Tom says. "I doubt it," Natalie says. 3:18AM BBT: Kandi wants Tom to go into the DR and ask BB how much longer it will be. Tom says Lolo is in the DR, but he wonders if he can go upstairs and push that button and ask. 3:21AM BBT: Tom hopes he'll have a letter from his girlfriend, if not, he'll be a "little worried." He tells his girlfriend he loves her and he's just joking around. 3:24AM BBT: Tom tells Natalie, Dina, and Kandi that after BB he's going on a cruise to do stand up from Tampa to the Bahamas with the Trailer Park Boys. 3:29AM BBT: Tom, Dina, Natalie, and Kandi are in the KT, Lolo is in the DR, and Tamar is in bed. Kandi tries to talk to BB about going to bed and BB cuts the feeds. 3:31AM BBT: Feeds are back and everyone is still waiting to go to bed. 3:32AM BBT: Lolo is out of the DR, she tells everyone in the KT that it won't be much longer, "soon guys, soon." Kandi wants details, Lolo starts to tell her and BB cuts the feeds for a few seconds. 3:33AM BBT: Kandi, Natalie, and Lolo are seated at the table. Tom paces around, Dina is at the counter. They all very much want to go to bed. 3:34AM BBT: BB calls Tom into "the Diary Room downstairs." Everyone hopes Tom will get his HOHR now. Lolo talks about how she can't run in fake eyelashes. 3:40AM BBT: Tom exits the DR and asks, "who wants to see my HOH Room?" Everyone says, "yes," and gets up and goes upstairs. Tamar and Ricky wake up and join everyone upstairs. 3:41AM BBT: BB switches the cameras wrong and instead of seeing Tom enter the HOHR, we see FOTH with audio from the house. It sounds like they've given Tom photos of him and his mom as a baby and photos of his brother. 3:42AM BBT: Tom's letter isn't from his girlfriend, he says his letter is from a friend Elle King. BB still hasn't worked out the cameras and it's FOTH with audio from the house. 3:42AM BBT: Tom's letter: "Dear Tom, I hope this letter finds you well. What an insane journey you are on right now. You're doing great and we're all on the edge of our seats. Do it for America, do it for Canada, California is warm and dreamy and we're all missing you so much. We're counting on you buddy, you're a champion and I wish you the best. I hope you're enjoying it. We love you, your friend, Elle King. Sent from a payphone." 3:43AM BBT: Still no cameras on the HOHR, we hear the HGs looking through Tom's room. He has pizza rolls, ice cream, soup, wine, and new glasses. Tom says anyone is welcome to anything in his room. 3:45AM BBT: Tom's going to save the bottle of wine for tomorrow night. BB finally gets the cameras figured out and now we can see the HOHR. Ricky and Tamar hug Tom and leave to go to bed. Kandi leaves also. 3:46AM BBT: Natalie says she'll stay up if Tom wants a glass of wine. Tom leaves to go get the wine opener and cups. Lolo says she'll stay awake too. Tom pours Dina and Lolo wine and Natalie has powerade. They cheers. 3:55AM BBT: Natalie says she liked Tom's speech after he won the HOH. They talk about the HOH comp. 4:00AM BBT: Kandi joins Natalie, Lolo, Dina, and Tom in the HOHR. They're all talking about the HOH competition. Tom mentions numbers and Lolo thought Tom and Ricky would "go head to head." 4:04AM BBT: Tom doesn't understand how they only have ten days left but all of these people. Lolo says there will be double evictions. "It's gonna happen guys, I'm telling you," she says. 4:05AM BBT: Tom rereads his letter. They talk about Elle King after he finishes. 4:08AM BBT: The group in the HOHR keep singing, so BB keeps cutting the feeds. Tom talks about his musical career. BB cuts the feeds again. 4:11AM BBT: Feeds are back, Tom is trying on his new glasses. Lolo thinks since it's Celebrity Big Brother, they should get designer sunglasses. 4:12AM BBT: Lolo tells Dina she's rich. Dina insists she's not and then proceeds to talk about yacht hopping. Dina talks about her daughter. 4:17AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about there only being two guys left in the house. Lolo says Ricky is "retiring from all competitions," after he's done with Big Brother. They talk about Omarosa. 4:26AM BBT: The group in the HOHR talk about the last season of Celebrity Big Brother. They talk about Ross playing both sides. 4:30AM BBT: Lolo leaves the HOHR and tells everyone good night. Kandi, Natalie, Tom, and Dina continue to chat in the HOHR. 4:35AM BBT: Kandi says she's going to bed, she hugs everyone and says good night before leaving. 4:42AM BBT: The three in the HOHR talk about the power. Dina says she knows, but she's not telling anyone because she wants everyone to be surprised. 4:45AM BBT: Tom says they'll finish the wine and then go to bed. Dina still won't tell Natalie who she thinks has the power. Tom wants everyone to get together after the show. 4:46AM BBT: Natalie tells everyone good night and leaves the room. It's just Dina and Tom in the HOHR now. Dina tells Tom she's happy he won. "It's a crazy ride," Dina says. 4:49AM BBT: Tom and Dina leave the HOHR, Dina is going to bed and Tom is getting water. Dina's just talking about random things on the way down. Dina starts to whisper to Tom in the KT about Kato. Natalie is taking her make up off in the WA. 4:52AM BBT: Dina stands in front of the photo wall and touches the photos while she says, "I get it, I get it, I get it," over and over again. They talk about picking photos before the show started. 4:53AM BBT: Tom says he picked a "funny picture." Dina says, "no, it's a comedic picture." They talk a little bit about the production crew. Tom says he's forgotten where they are. Dina whispers a little about production. Dina hopes she comes off positive to the viewers. Dina talks about wanting to market everyone in the BB House. 4:56AM BBT: Dina and Tom hug good night. They hope BB will let them sleep until ten or eleven. Tom gets water and goes up to the HOHR. 5:01AM BBT: Tom listens to music in the HOHR while Dina gets ready for bed in the 5BR. 5:03AM BBT: Tom is dancing and singing in the HOHR. Dina is in bed in the 5BR. The lights are off throughout the house except for in the HOHR.
  15. 12:00AM BBT: Dina wants to know "what's going on," with the game and looks at Lolo and Natalie in their beds. Kandi tells Dina not to let anyone come between them, especially Kato. 12:06AM BBT: Dina is talking so loudly in the HOBR, she tells all the girls that they need to come to each other if other people start to talk about one of them. 12:07AM BBT: Ricky walks in, looking confused. The girls agree they're all good, Dina hugs every one and she and Kandi leave the HOBR. Natalie, Lolo, and Tamar try to figure out what just happened. They all claim Dina and Kandi woke them up. 12:09AM BBT: Tom and Dina walk into the HOHR, Dina says she doesn't like "people talking sh*t about," her. She says it's like high school. Kato joins them in the HOHR. Kato tells Tom Joey wants to be part of their final four group. 12:10AM BBT: Dina tells Tom and Kato they're both crazy. Dina tells Tom and Kato about what happened in the HOBR earlier. She says everyone was "honest." Tom laughs about how stressed out Kato is. 12:15AM BBT: Tom explains to Dina that Natalie was supposed to talk to him and Kato before deciding what to do with the veto. Kato says Ricky is smart and they agree he knows what's going on. Dina claims they're trying to get her in their alliance. Dina thinks Tamar has the power. 12:16AM BBT: Tom believes a power will be used to take Joey off the block and he'll have to put someone else on the block. Tom tells Dina and Kato that whoever he puts on the block to replace Joey, is who he wants everyone to vote to evict. Tom says it will be amusing. 12:23AM BBT: Dina says she will "win what she needs to win," she says the girls "aren't that good." BB tells Dina to center her microphone, Kato gets frustrated because Dina can't figure out her microphone and he helps her with it. 12:30AM BBT: Kato tries to get Dina to understand she can't talk about what they talk about with anyone else. "You can trust me," Dina tries to assure them. Kato starts to say Dina, "disobeyed" him. Tom makes a joke. They try to talk to Dina, but she talks over them. 12:44AM BBT: Dina says she thinks there is an "intelligence factor" with this game. She says Tom and Ricky are smart, Kandi "street wise gets it," and Dina says she gets it and that's it. Dina doesn't like how the others play. 1:03AM BBT: Tom and Dina watch the feeds from the HOHR. Dina says she can "read lips" and she tries to figure out what Ricky is saying in the KT to Lolo and Natalie. Dina thinks they're talking about her and wondering where she is. They're actually talking about water and Lolo's training. 1:19AM BBT: Ricky starts to move towards the stairs, Dina runs out of the HOHR to the GYM and hops onto the elliptical machine. Ricky walks in a few seconds later and asks if Dina is ok. Ricky says he's checking in on her, Dina says she's fine and she and Kandi are good. 1:21AM BBT: Dina claims she's been in the GYM for ten minutes and she can't sleep. She wanders around the GYM while Ricky watches. She asks if Kandi is asleep, Ricky thinks she is. They leave the GYM. 1:23AM BBT: Ricky walks into the HOBR, he says he went upstairs and heard the door to the HOHR open and then the door to the gym open and close and saw Dina on the elliptical. He knows she ran from the HOHR to the GYM when they saw him walking up. Ricky says Dina is "losing it." 1:24AM BBT: Ricky says Dina's kids "should have known better," and not let let Dina come on this show. Tamar says it's not their fault, Natalie wants to know who's fault it is then, because Dina is playing with a "bunch of kids," and is getting "mother f***ing schooled" and "back stabbed," because they're "here to play." Natalie says she has no problem "putting a mom on the block." 1:26AM BBT: Tamar wants to know what Dina and Tom were doing up there that they were so afraid they would get caught. Natalie and Ricky think Dina and Tom are drunk, or at least tipsy. 1:38AM BBT: Ricky, Tamar, Lolo, and Natalie are laughing in the HOBR. Joey is reading the Bible in the 5BR. You can hear the group in the HOBR laughing from the 5BR. Dina just keeps saying "keep going kids," and she talks about the power. Dina tells Joey that Tamar, Ricky, Natalie, or Lolo have the power. Dina keeps talking to Joey while he's reading, he looks frustrated when Dina interrupts him. "I was born at night, but not last night," Dina says. 1:45AM BBT: Joey closes the book and tries to go to sleep. BB turns off the lights in the 5BR and the HOBR. 2:13AM BBT: Tom is in bed in the HOHR. It looks like he fell asleep watching the feeds. The lights are still on. 3:00AM BBT: The lights are off in the BB House and all is quiet.
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