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    Does Cbs Really Count Votes For Ap?

    Still, it seems like the results generally match message board sentiments, so I'd like to keep telling myself that CBS is on the up and up (mostly anyway).
  2. Not sure which is more gross: Boogie himself or that he would go on TV about this. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q18a8V7xcoo
  3. Sassy

    Is Jen Pregnant?

    She has made comments in the past that she feels pregnant and looks pregnant after she ate some meals. Nothing more is probably behind it.
  4. I agree somewhat. Why someone else from another season has never thought of doing what she did the past few days is beyond me. I'm not sure it's "cheating," since, as much as everyone may not like it, it IS a game of lying and deceiving in many ways. Sheesh!
  5. Hope I did this right. Vote, people, vote!
  6. Sassy

    Paper Found By Dick

    Dinados ... where do you get your info that Boogie was popular? I think not.
  7. Sassy

    Eric Week 6 - America's Player

    There were quite a few people claiming they were "sick" in the past few days also. So maybe Eric's "sickness" was catching?!
  8. Yes, Yana, it truly has been beat to death. Perception is each person's reality on this topic, so no one is really wrong. But I am so over the subject as well. Sigh ...
  9. Well said, djb, well said!
  10. America's vote for Jessica to have the silent treatment probably had more to do with revolting against Eric than with disliking Jessica. From my travels on boards and such, Jess is a fairly popular houseguest. At least, that's what my vote was for anyway ...
  11. Sassy

    Jessica Week 6 H O H

    Eric's not in a bad position to switch now. Either way he goes, I think the two sides will believe there are much bigger targets who need to go before him. And I agree Jessica will follow what he does, if he talks about it.
  12. Maybe, just MAYBE, this is the week that Eric "gets" the hint, since it's likely Dustin's name will be on that card.
  13. When I vote, I'm not thinking about "hurting" Eric. I'm thinking about who I want to get the boot next and how I can get closer to making that happen. That's all. I'm not trying to "screw up" Eric's game -- Eric's game is MY game, and YOUR game and everyone's game because he is America's voice (or, the voice for the majority of the voting audience). He's actually playing pretty well for me so far, as he is still there and still doing my bidding. His only challenge is getting himself out of the situations created because of what America chooses. That's where he gets to show what he's made of. Other than that, he doesn't get a say (but he does get to rake in some cash anyway). He knew going into the house that he was sacrificing any official planned strategy - his family even said as much in the beginning. Still, he's $10,000 richer already so I don't feel sorry for him one bit. As far as "screwing" Eric - I actually think little of him until vote night. Since he's getting more cocky and ridiculously vile in his comments, I make sure to forget him as quick as I can after I cast my votes.
  14. I also agree with those who think America HAS NOT screwed up. To me, the whole AP concept to me isn't to get Eric the furthest in the game -- if that's the way it works out for him, great for him. The whole AP concept to me is to get Eric to do my bidding as if I were a player in the game. And so far he has because the votes have directed him to. I don't care if it isn't what he wanted -- he signed up for this and he's made more off it than I will. I also disagree with those who are saying America has screwed up his game, and will screw it up further if we vote for Dustin. Part of good gamemenship is getting yourself out of the tough situations. And Eric has been fairly savvy and successful (or just lucky) to do so each time. That means he is working his angles decently anyway, with or without our vote. If America chooses to evict Dustin this week, I don't think he's screwed. I think the house is ready to turn the other way and there are other targets in his way. Eric is smart, and remember he has been watching this show for ages so he knows he has to -- and probably will -- win his contests at the right time. It's coming.
  15. Sassy

    Week 3 Faves

    All the ones I wasn't sure about are now fully growing on me: Dick, Eric, Jen. Still like Dustin and Danielle. Props to Nick since I'm from Minnesota too. Do NOT like: Kail and her toddlers. Although the tots earned points for straying in the vote. Thumbs-up! What's that, you ask? What about the others ... really, are there others??? Oh wait, yes, there's the one who cries a lot. her I could do without as well.