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  1. Orange_Tic_Tacs

    Howie's breast cancer awareness charity

    Reality TV Chicks have the contractual license to market both Howie Gordon and James Rhine from BB6, James just signed on this week and we have 4 other contracts in the works at this moment. I have been on the phone and working with Howie on the Ts for a couple weeks now and he is truly a pleasure to work with. Howie gave me 3 shout outs on Fishbowl using my name Catherine if you want to check, and mentioned the Ts also and that the proceeds would go to Breast Cancer Research. If you go to www.howiegordon.com, Howie's website, he has a link on page one to our store for all the Ts, including his *raffle* regular autographed Ts where purchases are entered to win a phone call with Howie. Not sure what more verification you would need, but I am sure if you want to ask at www.howiegordon.com that the moderators will confirm these details. Catherine. http://www.myspace.com/catherinevanzyl
  2. Orange_Tic_Tacs

    Howie's breast cancer awareness charity

    Well, the American Cancer Society WAS approached first by myself and thought it was both funny in its context of Howie's character from BB6, and were humbled by the gesture quite frankly. ANY help they can get raising money for breast cancer research is welcome by them and in truth, this was a loving, serious sentiment by Howie and myself who designed the Ts for him. This was not done in bad taste, although some may think so. This was done as I said from Howie's heart as he is aware that this month is breast cancer awareness month. Furthermore, the American Cancer Society IS going to add the section of our store to their merchandise contributor's links section which I will post here when it is done. On a personal note, I had a breast cancer scare this month myself and am only 31 with 2 small children under 6. Last week I went through the mammogram/ultrasound, VERY upset that I too could be a victim of this disease.... and I haven't received the results back yet so could well be..... That said, it was I who designed the merchandise under contract for Howie and personally could only see the *GOOD* that this would accomplish. Purchases from American customers go to the American Cancer Society's breast cancer research fund.... http://www.cancer.org/docroot/GI/gi_2.asp Purchases from Canadian customers go to the Canadian equivalent.... http://www.cancer.ca/ccs/internet/frontdoor/0,,3225,00.html At this time we unfortunately cannot send proceeds overseas to other foundations. Catherine.
  3. Hi Everyone! Just a little note about Howie's breast cancer awareness Ts. Howie loves boobies and wanted a line of Ts where the proceeds would go to breast cancer research. You can find Howie's boobies Ts at the link below! October is breast cancer awareness month, so this is for a most important cause. Howie's breast cancer charity merchandise. - Catherine.
  4. Orange_Tic_Tacs

    Fishbowl Interviews

    Hello Everyone! Just a little notice that Howie is going to the live special guest on the Fishbowl network today! Come listen to our favorite Beefcake at 12:00PST! Here is a link: http://www.thefishbowl.com/fishbowl Also for Autographed Howie merchandise straight from Howiewood, come visit Howie's online shop at: http://www.cafepress.com/realitytvchicks/864979 Enjoy Howie!
  5. Then don't watch. I just find it odd that whenever there is a moment for you to bash Marcellas you do. Maybe you are the one who needs to get over it. I remember you bashing him last year during BB5 for heaven's sake!
  6. Are you serious!? Marcellas is awesome! He is the reason I watch House Calls. Oh, wait a second....that's right! You are that one who has the personal vendetta against Marcellas Neb....now I get it. Get over it already! Whatever it is! Geesh! Orange-tic-tac-chick.
  7. It was cute, and now he is invited to a party she is hosting....and more parties, and more.....gee, I wonder how many parties jho will be invited to? 0
  8. Orange_Tic_Tacs


    April's super whine - *I don't care!* That one gets a laugh out of me, stupid twit! But right now *bye-bye bitches!* is on the top of my list...
  9. Orange_Tic_Tacs

    Petition to save Kaysar

    I was wondering when a petition would come out......well, Kaysar fans, you had better sign it as it looks like your boy is going home.... Orange-Tic-Tac-Chick.