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    Uk Bb

    Wow, housemates did an awesome job on their task. I can't believe that they learned the routine in this video so fast. The real video is shown up in the right hand corner for comparison. Cool! Check it out.
  2. SerenityNow

    Seinfeld Cast to Reunite on Curb Your Enthusiasm

    I read this the other day! Fantastic news! In fact...They're real! and they're spectacular!
  3. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    Actually, I googled Gidget and verified the Bradys. AND I know you won't believe this but I was going to guess Mr. Ed. It was pure guess and darn it all, I should have just went for it. 6 new questions? YIKES You know I stink at the questions. We still have one of RedStickMom's question....do you know the answer, Morty? "What to "The Goonies" and "One Day at a Time" have in common?"
  4. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    What is the Bunker's street address on All in the Family? 704 Hauser Street Rob and Laura Petrie 148 Bonny Meadow Road New Rochelle, NY Some great tv family 17230 Valley Stream Road Chatsworth, CA Oscar Madison and Felix Unger 1049 Park Avenue NY NY Jed and Granny Clampett, Jetthro and Ellie Mae 518 Crestview Drive Beverly Hills, CA Mr. and Mrs. Brady, and family 4222 Clinton Way Los Angeles, CA Gidget Lawrence 803 N. Dutton Drive Pacific Palisades, CA
  5. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    OMG OMG! First....YAY! Second...ugh at you..NO it wasnt an hour! Sheesh. LOL (Based a lot of my research on it being an hour long. uhh...you might have to sit on the naughty mat for that!) Thank you for the great question! (wonder if I could pull another out of him)
  6. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    Remember WENN ran for 56 episodes over 4 seasons. However, it was a half hour sitcom, not an hour...so hmmmm.... I loved the show Alice. Alice, Flo, and Vera are the waitresses I remember. I have no clue about Goonies and One Day at a Time.
  7. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    Huh? Anyway...back to Morty's trivia question. Someone, anyone take a stab! Here it is.. Identify the unique workplace one hour sitcom that took place in suite 1313 of an office building. In fact, I don't recall one of the 56 episodes that took place outside #1313. Additional clues: 90's cable show, not on Morty's classic tv list, and it has somewhat of a following still. I'm totally stumped. I wonder if I've even heard of this show.
  8. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    Thanks for giving us one we'll "never get". LOL leave it to you. I usually don't get your questions anyway. However, I enjoy trying to figure them out. I've spent some time on this one and haven't even a remote clue yet. I'm stuck on one hour sitcom. Really. How many of those are there? It's unheard of in the true sense of the word sitcom. Would it be classified as a "dramedy"? 56 episodes, so it had to be on for a couple and a half years. I keep coming back to moonlighting but that can't be it. hmmm...Great question. I'll keep working on it. oh..and tsk tsk! at you for breaking the rules. (lol, no problem actually....thanks for letting me know because I always start with your list) I've been looking at the wiki list of sitcoms to get this, but I'm almost through all of them and nada.
  9. SerenityNow

    Celeb BBUK 2009

    hmmm..interesting. It instantly reminded me of the US show with the celebrity has beens. They lived in a house together and had "challenges". I'm not sure if people were voted out every week. I don't think so. It was on for a few seasons I think. What IS that show??? Can't think of it. Hard to believe that Whitney Houston is going to be on big brother...hmmmm..again.
  10. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    Well, dang, Art! That WAS quick! LOL Somebody asked me that today and it took me a few beats to come up with it. I loved the Brady Bunch in its day. OK....ask away. Don't you wish Morty would come along and zap us with one of his cool questions? *sigh* Anyway, good going Art!
  11. SerenityNow

    Classic TV Trivia

    Well, I guess we'll never know the answer that kitten intended. I IMDB'd it and Jed, Granny, Jethro, and Ellie were in 274 episodes and Mr. Drysdale and Miss Hathaway were in 247 episodes. Sooooo, I guess it's them. Cousin Pearl was on 23 episodes, Art. AND Irene Ryan who played Granny passed away two years after the show ended. Moving on... I dare you to think about this and not google or wiki it. lol Think about it long enough and it'll pop into your head. Who was George Glass?
  12. SerenityNow

    'Grey's Anatomy'

    LOL pinkie! It's a stupid storyline but Grey's producers are trying to bank on everyones love of this character/actor. So, kudos to them for recognizing it. Izzy is going to have a tumor? I didn't kow. So, it sounds like Nicholas on General Hospital. His tumor allowed him to see his dead love. For awhile he refused treatment because he knew it meant he'd lose the visions and interactions with his true love. Finally, when he did get the treatment, the ghost went away. I surely hope Grey's doesn't go that far with Izzy's storyline. Just plain too outrageous for primetime soaps. But then again, maybe not. I tend to like more realistic storylines for primetime.
  13. SerenityNow

    Wife Swap

    I don't think it'd be very interesting to watch if it wasn't somewhat 'exploitive' as you put it ImIn. If the family had the same way of life it wouldn't be worth the swap. Most of these families do come away having learned something about themselves. Editing makes it seem like it anyway. I'd like to know what you mean, Jenn, by you not applying for the show. Did you apply for another and they found you that way? Anyway, I hope that the experience in itself was overall good for you. I would also like to know when your show airs. It must be frustrating having no clue about how they're going to make you look. I'd like to know your take on it after it's shown. So please come back and let us know. Take care, and thanks for the post.
  14. SerenityNow

    Memphis - Runner Up

    From TMZ.com Big Bro's Memphis -- Destined for Brokeness Read and Watch the clip here.
  15. SerenityNow

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    Here's the first segment they did. The Q & A. Enjoyed it very much. Love this family. Watch Here
  16. SerenityNow

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    Hi Yana, I was thinking about the girls today too.... Wondering what they were doing for their birthday. I hope they had a fun day and did something special.
  17. SerenityNow

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    Did you catch this episode of Regis and Kelly...only it was Mark and Kelly for the day. They say they definately don't want to deliver anymore babies but would love to adopt. sheesh....I guess that once you have 8 tossing one more in the mix doesn't matter. Since Jon is Korean, I suppose that is why they are thinking of adopting a girl from Korea. Anyway, I thought it was a pretty chaotic interview. Jon and Kate didn't look very comfortable. BUT, I love seeing the kids. So cute. Jon, Kate, and the Kids on Regis and Kelly
  18. SerenityNow

    House on FOX

    Hey! Who you callin' sick?!? lol..hi Art! Thanks for the info Son. I'm glad they're going to go back to basics. I was one of those that didn't like all those new docs. There's a major scheduling conflict for me and this show. It's on at the same time as Lincoln Heights, and Lincoln Heights wins. Seeing I don't have dvr..tivo..any of those modern things. AND I'm way to lazy to set the vcr, I have a feeling I'm going to miss a lot of this show this season. I'll have to catch it in reruns.
  19. SerenityNow

    Jon, Kate Plus 8.

    That statement sounded like you are suggesting that people haven't been respectful in this thread. (They have been) Maybe you didn't mean it that way. I definately agree with you that there are no shortage of opinions on this family. The blogosphere J&K+8 war is in full tilt! I got caught up in reading all the crap that's out there for a few days, but I'm over it now. Back to enjoying watching the family as they make their way through this chaotic life. To comment about whether or not they should hang up the cameras. I hope not, because I really enjoy the show. It may be a crazy life, but it's their life. LOL and I love watching it all unfold. REALLY looking forward to the vow renewal episode! The kids look so cute in their little outfits. I wonder if they understood what Mom and Dad were doing. Oh...btw, welcome Carissa. I hope you stick around and post some more.
  20. SerenityNow

    Aussie BB

    Where are they now? One month on and where are the 2008 Big Brother housemates? What has happened to their dreams of further fame? What has happened to their in-house friendships? And what has happened to their deep tans and toned muscles? LIVENEWS.com.au gave them a call to see what they has to say for themselves, and more importantly what they said about each other
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    I wonder if his wife knows that?
  22. SerenityNow

    Dan - Winner BB10

    I must be out of the ~in the know~ loop about that. Or something just went *zoop* right over my head..lol Why do you ask? Here's a fun hometown article about Dan...mentions his father.Hometown Article about Dan
  23. SerenityNow

    Memphis and the 1969 Camaro

    After a test drive, he decided he didn't want the CAR anyway. (Click the "CAR" link for more)
  24. SerenityNow

    Jon And Kate Plus 8 "vacation Shows"

    I agree, Joyami. AND I sincerely hope that if anybody read what the sister had to say in her blog it didn't ruin the show for you. I almost regret posting it now. I took it as one side to a very multi-sided issue that is really none of my business. Nobody knows the whole truth but all of them. No amount of posting one side of an issue will come close to revealing the truth (that should have been kept private in the first place)..and like I said, it's not our business..it's theirs. I think it's wrong that such personal going's on were put on a public webpage. enough said... Of course, I'll continue to watch the tv show because I enjoy watching the children and Jon and Kate.
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    ABC Wednesdays 9/8c (starting Oct 1) Pretty good show, but I had a hard time remembering to watch it for some reason. So, I've only seen a few episodes. I think it centered more around relationships than the medical side of things. Anyway, the main character, Dr. Addison Montgomery, is played by Kate Walsh....gorGEOUS! The supporting women are quite attractive too, of course. Audra McDonald, yum! Oh, I guess there are probably some good looking guys to watch..Tim Daly amongst others. LOL ANYWAY...got sidetracked..Grant Show plays the brother of Addison. SO, I suppose it could end up being a permanent role if the audience 'takes' to him.